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happyaronhikiko: hey morning06:35
* happyaron had a bad hair cut, :-(06:36
hikikohi happyaron!06:36
hikikoPhoto or didn't happen06:36
happyaronok didn't happen lol06:38
hikikoI was kidding, no worries,your hair will grow again06:39
flexiondotorgMorning hikiko happyaron08:58
TheMusoHey flexiondotorg, hikiko, happyaron, willcooke.08:58
flexiondotorgTheMuso Hi :-)08:59
willcookemorning all08:59
flexiondotorgwillcooke Morning08:59
seb128hey flexiondotorg TheMuso willcooke09:00
seb128hey Laney09:04
seb128how is everyone today?09:04
Laneyheyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy seb1288888888888888809:06
Laneydoing good!09:06
Laneyseems the weather forecast changed and there's no snow on it for today now09:07
* Laney sad09:07
davmor2Morning all09:07
flexiondotorgMorning Laney seb128 davmor209:07
seb128doing good as well, no snow it either though according to some forecast it might come09:07
seb128less windy than yesterday09:07
hikikohi TheMuso flexiondotorg willcooke Laney seb128 davmor2 happyaron desktoppers09:08
seb128I went for an hour to the mixed-groups play at tennis yesterday, so much wind the game was quite random09:08
seb128on one side of the court the ball was almost stopping and it was going out on the other side :p09:08
Laneykeeping you paying attention ;-)09:09
seb128yeah, there was some serves from the other side where I was standing 1m away from the ball and didn't touch it, I was just waiting for the bounce and for the ball to come forward and it bounced and went almost backward :p09:10
seb128how was your evening?09:10
didrockshey flexiondotorg, TheMuso, willcooke, seb128, Laney!09:10
seb128lut didrocks!09:10
larsuseb128: do you switch sides in tennis after a match?09:10
larsualso, hi everyone!09:10
seb128larsu, you switch side on odd-numbered games09:11
seb128so like every 5-10 minutes09:11
larsuah, right09:11
larsuthat makes it fair at least (but probably not fun)09:11
Laneyseb128: started watching 'man in the high castle' season 2 & did some cooking, so nothing too wild :P09:11
Laneyhey flexiondotorg hi hikiko ahoy didrocks yo larsu!09:11
larsuhi Laney! 'sup?09:11
seb128it also means you can't really adapt to the wind :p or you adapt, change side and need to redo the learning!09:12
larsuhaha, indeed09:12
larsuplay inside!09:12
seb128hey larsu btw, how are you? where are you, back in Europe?09:12
seb128I wish they had indoor courts09:12
larsuseb128: I'm great thank you!09:12
larsuyeah, in Berlin09:12
larsuhow are you?09:12
TheMusoNight folks.09:33
seb128night TheMuso09:33
seb128larsu, I'm good thanks, sorry didn't see the question before!09:33
larsuseb128: no worries :) IRC is async!09:33
seb128happyaron, hey, you are around?09:39
happyaronseb128: yep09:41
seb128happyaron, I saw your n-m 1.2.6/xenial SRU bug, what's the status of 1.2.6 in yakkety-proposed and 1.2.4 in xenial-proposed which are currently not validated?09:42
happyaronseb128: the one in yakkety-proposed work for me, 1.2.4 in xenial-proposed has regression09:42
happyaron1.2.6/xenial work for me09:43
seb128k, so you confirmed the regression and 1.2.6 should replace the current xenial SRU?09:43
seb128can you get the yakkety proposed version verification-done?09:43
seb128do we have people using yakkety here that could it a go?09:44
happyaronI can reinstall my test machine if nobody is using it, :)09:44
happyaron(should do a triple boot, now only xenial/zesty dual boot09:46
seb128we should keep a table somewhere of who in the team is having access to what distro serie/arch09:46
seb128can be handy when verification of something is needed09:47
seb128happyaron, how is the nm-applet update going? that should be easier to test/less changes and has no current SRU09:50
happyaronseb128: haven't pushed yet, had a bad hair cut this noon and is now verifying it09:51
seb128is the hair cut easy to fix? or is it too short and you need to wear an hat for a while until you get enough to have another cut? ;-)09:52
happyaronalready fixed but cost me several hours back-and-forth... it was too long and people near me just can't stop laughing when it was first done, :p09:54
happyaronah I meant verifying the nm-applet, \o/09:54
Laneyyou told the hairdresser that it was ok though?09:55
Laneyare you secretly british?09:55
Laney"yeah, fine thanks" *pays* *runs to the next place* "LOOK AT WHAT THAT IDIOT DOWN THE ROAD DID"09:56
happyaronhaha, I can hardly communicate with hairdressers...09:57
* happyaron feels hungry, and goes eating...10:00
seb128happyaron, enjoy the dinner!10:04
happyaronseb128: hey, wonder if we want to upgrade to 1.4.x for nm later in xenial, or just stick to 1.211:57
happyaronand nm-applet has been pushed to git12:12
happyaronbug #161935412:13
ubot5bug 1619354 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "[SRU] network-manager-applet" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/161935412:13
Sweet5harklol, booking.com is seriously confused by me looking up Bruessels hotels and stuff in February and sends me spam: "Bjoern, escape the chill of January -- head to Bruessels!"12:37
Sweet5harkThe comfy warm and sunny beaches of Brussels in February that I always dream about!12:38
Laneyssh, don't reveal the real reason we want to go :D12:39
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Sweet5harkwhat is wrong with "ubuflu training excerise in the muddy dirty half-molten snow with a big bunch of nerds"?12:41
Laneynow there's a booking.com slogan to use12:42
seb128happyaron, hey, stick to 1.2, new major series of n-m are not SRU material12:44
Sweet5harkLaney: they better have all their tracing cookies in a row because misfiring that one at the wrong audience will lose them customers I bet.12:44
Laneyeffing mutexes12:45
Laneyy u deadlocking12:45
Sweet5harkLaney: you cant pronounce "recursive mutex" without "curse"12:47
Laney"ahh I'll just quickly optimise this code by adding a mutex"12:48
Sweet5harkLaney: optimise? when did mutexes ever made anything faster?12:50
LaneySweet5hark: Was trying to replace a main loop12:51
Sweet5harkLaney: ah, k12:51
happyaronseb128: k13:06
JanCSweet5hark: there is a Brussels Beach, but not in February indeed  :)13:23
ogra_the move it away during winter ?13:23
Laneyit *can* be nice in brussels!13:25
LaneyThey have flower displays and other nice things in the Grand Place too13:25
andyrockhey all13:30
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seb128andyrock, good morning, how are you today?13:34
andyrocki'm good thanks but my legs not :D13:34
andyrockseb128: what about you?13:34
seb128what did you do?13:35
seb128I'm good :-)13:35
desrtmoin moin13:36
andyrockrunning too much13:42
seb128hey desrt!13:43
seb128andyrock, exercice is good for you ;-)13:43
desrtgood morning seb13:48
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seb128Laney, willcooke, flexiondotorg, is one of you having a physical yakkety install? if so it would be nice if somebody could give a try to network-manager from yakkety-proposed17:17
seb128trying in case but I guess most people are on xenial and/or zesty17:17
flexiondotorgseb128 I can do that tomorrow.17:17
seb128flexiondotorg, thanks!17:17
willcookeseb128, I can make one too.  Will install it on my test laptop tomorrow morning17:20
seb128willcooke, flexiondotorg, don't bother too much, I was mostly trying to see if somebody is still on yakkety and could easily try it on a real config17:21
flexiondotorgI have a yakkety install.17:21
LaneyMe too, I'll do it tomorrow as well17:22
seb128Laney, mdeslaur, I hope it's not a hot topic but what's the status of the gstreamer update/xenial SRU (seems it was hijacked by some security update, is that done, what's needed now?)17:26
mdeslaurI don't know, /me looks17:27
LaneyDon't know, I got a bit fed up of rebasing it all the time17:27
mdeslaurlooks like gst-plugins-bad1.0 is missing a bunch of security fixes17:32
mdeslaurgst-plugins-good1.0 has the latest security fixes17:32
mdeslaurboth packages in -proposed need to be respun17:32
seb128mdeslaur, should we wait for the first one to get another security upload then? to avoid another rebasing dance?17:36
mdeslaurit's in universe, someone has to do the work17:37
mdeslauror just promote the gst-plugins-bad1.0 package that's currently there17:38
mdeslaurand someone else can fix that one once it's in -updates17:38
seb128mdeslaur, thanks for checking17:38
mdeslaurso, to recap: gst-plugins-good1.0 needs a respin, gst-plugins-bad1.0 can be promoted to -updates17:39
seb128Laney, ^17:39
seb128night Laney!18:04
seb128happyaron, willcooke, reviewed the nm/nma SRU candidates, mostly good just need some small tweaks (mostly to the changelog to detail a bit more why some of the changes are wanted as a SRU), so maybe another tweak/review round tomorrow and it's going to be +1 for upload18:05
seb128then on that note I'm calling it a day, have a nice evening desktopers!18:06
willcookethanks and night seb12818:06
willcookeoff too18:06
jbicharobert_ancell: good morning21:27
robert_ancelljbicha, hi21:28
jbicharobert_ancell: I'd like to update gnome-software to 3.22.421:28
jbicha(for zesty) I'm wondering about the workflow for that though21:29
jbichaI'd prefer to just carry the patches in debian/patches and use a regular 3.22.4-1ubuntu1 version number like we do with other pkgs21:30
robert_ancelljbicha, yeah, the delta is probably small enough now we can do that21:31
jbichahave you used 'gbp pq' before from git-buildpackage?21:31
robert_ancelljbicha, no21:32
robert_ancelljbicha, I've only really used bzr-buildpackage21:32
jbichayeah, I really like bzr-bd for packaging; I don't feel git works quite as well21:34
jbichaanyway, gbp pq is neat because it applies the patches to master in a patch-queue branch as separate commits and any new commits you make are added as patches when you "gbp pq export" which also puts you back in the master branch21:36
jbichamaybe in 2017, the Debian GNOME team will switch to git; we've been talking about it for years21:39
robert_ancelljbicha, oh yeah, it's still using svn right?21:46
jbicharobert_ancell: did you want to take a look at lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-software/ubuntu or should I just upload?21:49
robert_ancelljbicha, I'm fine with you uploading21:49
jbicharobert_ancell: oh I was too slow, Laney already uploaded21:54
jbichaannoying version number though21:55
jbichasince 3.22.5 hasn't been tagged upstream yet21:56
jbicharobert_ancell: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/3.22.5+really-3.22.4-0ubuntu1 ask hughsie to release 3.22.6 if you want a prettier version number :)22:18
flexiondotorgrobert_ancell Hi22:30
robert_ancellflexiondotorg, yo22:32
flexiondotorgJust settling in for some late night work on Ubuntu MATE and saw you here :-)22:32
robert_ancellflexiondotorg, yeah, I'm back22:34
flexiondotorgExtended end of year hols?22:34
robert_ancellI had some leave balance so I took about three weeks22:34
flexiondotorgI've just had the longest year break for 15 years, and only actually took 3 days annual leave.22:40
flexiondotorgRunning bid data centres wasn't conducive to time off :-(22:40
jbichagood for you!22:46
jbichawait, you were running data centres since you were 10 years old? ;)22:46

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