clivejoanyone alive?13:24
tdr112some of us13:52
slashbelbut i don't think there's much life in Ubuntu Ireland these days13:53
tdr112Ubuntu Ireland is a mailing list now that no one posts too13:58
clivejothats a shame14:15
clivejotdr112: are you in Ireland?14:17
tdr112clivejo: I am, in Dublin14:17
clivejoare there any LoCo meetups?14:20
slashbelnot since 2011, iirc14:20
tdr112not any more14:20
tdr112clivejo: Are you a new Ubuntu user ?14:22
clivejonope, I been around for quite some time14:22
clivejoIm a Kubuntu user ;)14:23
czajkowskiclivejo: aloha17:02
tdr112clivejo: I stuck to unity17:14
clivejoI'm not a fan of unity17:19
czajkowskiI foudn once I got used to and understood the hud life was very good17:32
czajkowskibut the good thing about Ubuntu is all the flavours17:32
czajkowskiso eveyrone has an option17:32
clivejoI used to like it, but just as they introduced Unity, the early days felt like the interface was working against me17:47
clivejoIm a creature of habbit, my system should work for me, not against me!17:48
czajkowskiwell that's true18:05
czajkowskiand it's a funny one as they did so much usability testing and found the opposite18:05
czajkowskibut I tihnk thats the case for a lot of things18:05
czajkowskiits always going to suit one group and not the other18:05
czajkowskibut that's te good thing there is choice and features you cna change18:05
clivejothats why I love Open Source19:09
clivejoif you dont like it, you have choices19:09
clivejoreally dont like it, code your own!19:09

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