randallcould we please change the message of the day to something like "if you ask a question and immediatly leave,, we'll mercilessly mock you for it"? or something to that effect?04:31
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raspzellhow to install java?06:46
raspzellI want to init Cisco ASA 5506-X firewall from ASDM on Ubuntu Linux for RaspberryPi306:47
raspzellsudo tar zxvf jre-8u111-linux-i586.tar.gz07:01
raspzellI use this command07:01
raspzellcreate /usr/java/jre1.8.0_11107:01
alkisgraspberries are not 58607:02
alkisgthey are arm07:02
alkisgYou downloaded the wrong file07:02
raspzellyes,it's armv707:04
alkisgif you read that web page i linked, it will download jdk-9-ea+151_linux-arm32-vfp-hflt_bin.tar.gz07:04
alkisg..which says "arm" in the name, not 58607:05
raspzell9b140+9b140arm-1~webupd8~3   i should download this one07:05
alkisgNo, you should read the page...07:06
alkisgIt has instructions07:06
raspzelli see it07:09
mate|26087I installed mate on ubnunty yakketty, how do I start it?09:50
on6fvwith raps3 very slow09:53
raspzelli have finished install the oracle-java9-installer11:15
raspzellbut when i open asa5506 firewall(,i click run asdm,the site can't work11:15
raspzellhow to Run ASDM in Ubuntu Linux?11:17
leon_3ds not linking with laptop ?12:14
haguI used to have auto-log-in. I just changed this so that I log in to every session with my password, in order to not be prompted for the keyring password and use the keyring by default with Chrome (I guess Chrome does use keyring, doesn't it?).12:22
haguSo my question is: Do I have to reenter all my passwords in Chrome and Thunderbird for them to not be plain text?12:22
gandahello, im newbie in ubuntu, how to change the look of the desktop into sperti macintos?13:21
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leon_Sd card wont mount. Something to do with command line ?21:50
ubuntu-matehi everyone22:10
lafleurdubienI cannot start/stop/restart any services on my CentOS 7 box and I can't figure out why! Somebody please help! :(22:39
bpauserso i just install ubuntu mate23:25
Astro7467@lafleurdubien: other than confirming you are using sudo or root acct, this IRC is not CentOS related23:37
lafleurdubienI understand that this is not the place to discuss CentOS7. Does systemd work differently between ubuntu and rhel?23:39
DarkPsydeLordlafleurdubien: have to pull different strings but yeah pretty much the same23:40
DarkPsydeLordo/ mate|5529723:41
lafleurdubienJust so everybody knows, if I had my way, we would have installed ubuntu, not centOS!23:54

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