rabbitdewDoes anyone know of a light-weight utility that would listen on a TCP port, so I could continually check connectivity from another server? My first thought was netcat but I don't like how the daemon reads anything from stdin and can't get it to sotp00:05
rbasakrabbitdew: inetd has built-in "discard" and "echo" servers. Are they any use to you?00:37
cncr04suse the ping command?00:38
rbasakAlso "daytime" and "time".00:38
rbasakAnd they're all "standard" TCP protocols :-)00:39
rabbitdewrbasak: Wow, I've never heard of those, thanks for giving my something to look at. cncr04s: I'm trying to look out for what I believe is a network problem but not long ago one of the servers were totally borked and ping still worked for some reason01:12
cncr04sidk, just ssh into the server, if it fails, well, it fails.01:17
DammitJimso, I am definitely doing something wrong when I install Ubuntu 16.04.1 server and I am defining the logical volumes (instead of just the root default)02:36
DammitJimis there a good document I can follow to do this?02:36
Ben64really depends on what you're wanting02:38
DammitJimwell, I went through the process of creating the volume group and then the logical volumes, but after an apt-get upgrade and a reboot, the system wouldn't find the volume group02:42
DammitJimcan any of you test this?03:19
DammitJimok, weirdest thing04:39
DammitJimwhen I create a logical volume for var during a ubuntu 16 install04:39
DammitJimafter a do an apt-get upgrade and reboot, the system hangs during the shutdown04:40
DammitJimif I don't explicitly create a var logical volume, it doesn't have that problem!04:40
DammitJimcould this be related to unattended upgrades being shut down?04:40
PryMar56 /var/run symlinked to /run04:41
PryMar56 the pid files are not found and nothing shuts down04:42
PryMar56chances are /var/run is full of orphan PID's04:42
PryMar56ls -al /var/run   /var/run -> ../run05:03
DammitJimwhat's that?05:04
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lordievaderGood morning.08:57
nugget_does anyone know the difference between "libnss-ldap" and "libnss-ldapd" and which is preferred?09:23
nugget_also i have read this:  https://wiki.debian.org/LDAP/NSS09:59
nugget_which does seem relevant09:59
nugget_but doesn't really explain the differences between the two in great detail10:00
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zulcoreycb: os-vif is in dep wait right now13:47
coreycbzul, ok13:48
cpaelzerstgraber: currently cleaning old bugs - wanted to ping on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc/+bug/154952414:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1549524 in lxc (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/lxc-info:11:strlen:prune_init_scope:try_get_abs_cgroup:do_cgm_get:cgm_get" [Undecided,New]14:55
cpaelzerstgraber: likely close-by-out-of-date, but I'd want tyou to decide14:55
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DammitJimare you guys aware of any ubuntu 16.04.1 server hanging on shutdown for defined logical volume for /var ?16:23
DammitJimit's the strangest thing and I don't know how to troubleshoot it16:23
lordievaderDammitJim: Ah, I wanted to ask you what you did after creating the lv.16:24
lordievaderSince just creating the lv should change nothing.16:24
DammitJimlordievader, I actually just finished upgrading a server from 14.04.5 to 16.04.1 and the same behavior shows16:25
DammitJimthe 14.04.5 server has been running for over a year!16:25
DammitJimwhat do you think I should do to provide more information and pin point what the root cause is?16:26
DammitJimlogs don't say anything (I wanna say logging seems to be already disabled at this stage of the shutdown) but maybbe I'm wrong16:26
beisnercoreycb, python-oslo.privsep promoted to uca newton-updates re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/161624016:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1616240 in python-oslo.privsep (Ubuntu Zesty) "Traceback in vif.py execv() arg 2 must contain only strings" [High,Fix released]16:26
lordievaderDammitJim: Please answer my question ;)16:26
DammitJimoh, what do you mean after I create the lv?16:27
beisnercoreycb, and swift promoted to uca mitaka-proposed re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/swift/+bug/164253816:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1642538 in Ubuntu Cloud Archive ocata "swift-ring-builder rebalance - endless loop" [High,Fix committed]16:27
DammitJimit let it finish creating the LVs and configure the hard drive16:27
lordievaderDammitJim: Like I said, just creating a lv changes nothing.16:27
DammitJimmind you, I am doing this during install of Ubuntu 1616:27
lordievaderDammitJim: Ah, I thought you had a running system already.16:27
DammitJimit finishes the installation and the server will reboot just fine many times16:27
DammitJimbut then I do: apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade16:28
DammitJimand the thing will hang from that point on16:28
lordievaderHow is /var mounted then?16:28
lordievaderWhat options?16:28
DammitJimlordievader, is that something I look up in fstab?16:29
DammitJimjust like usr and home: /dev/mapper/template16--vg-usr /usr ext4 defaults 0 216:30
pmatulisDammitJim, better to look at output to 'mount' command16:52
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lordievaderLike pmatulis says, take the mount output.17:10
pmatulisDammitJim, command 'mount'17:10
pmatulistype 'mount' in a terminal17:10
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DammitJimok, running mount spits this out for var: /dev/mapper/template16--vg-var on /var type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)19:01
lordievaderSeems rather normal.19:21
DammitJimI know!20:09
DammitJimI wonder if there is something else that is accessing the volume or whenever in the shutdown sequence, it unmounts it and now something else is looking for that resource?20:09
DammitJimI saw something about unattended-updates running20:09
lordievaderIn what state is the apt process when it hangs?20:14
Seveasa sad state20:14
DammitJimlordievader, how do I find that out?20:18
lordievadertop, ps, something else.20:20
DammitJimlordievader, this hang happens when shutting down20:20
lordievaderOr is the entire box frozen?20:21
DammitJimyou know, when you see your screen starting to print: STOP this, STOP that, SHUTDOWN this, that20:21
DammitJimit's not frozen20:21
DammitJimit just hangs for like 8 minutes20:21
lordievaderYou were talking about apt hanging earlier...20:21
DammitJimhhmmm... I might have, but I don't recall20:22
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pmatulisDammitJim, to summarize, you created a logical volume, formatted, and mounted it. then when you shut down the system hangs?20:26
DammitJimpmatulis, I installed Ubuntu 16 (new VM). During the installation, I selected to use LVM, then deleted the root logical volume (since it was using up ALL the storage), and then created the logical volumes for root, home, usr, and var. Finished the install and the system would reboot no problem20:30
DammitJimThen I performed an apt-get upgrade and every time I shut down the system, it hangs for like 7/8 minutes20:30
lordievaderOn what service does it hang?20:31
DammitJimI don't know... it just says: Stopped LVM2 metadata daemon20:33
pmatulisDammitJim, did you add encryption anywhere?20:33
DammitJimso, whatever is after that (which is not getting printed)20:33
DammitJimno, no encryption20:33
lordievaderSounds a bit like something is in use and systemd is waiting for the process to die and release the resource. Ultimately giving up.20:34
pmatulisDammitJim, does 'sudo vgscan' complete quickly?20:35
DammitJimI also shortened the timeout in20:35
pmatulisDammitJim, after the problem was detected?20:36
DammitJimbut it doesn't help20:37
pmatulisDammitJim, did you do *any* other futzing around? configuration changes? any at all?20:37
DammitJimclean install20:38
DammitJimyou can try it20:38
DammitJimand like I said, the only difference I saw was that if I don't add the /var logical volume, it doesn't do this20:38
pmatulisDammitJim, provide output (pastebin) to 'df -h'20:38
lordievaderJust speculating, would some process want to write to /var after lvm stopping (some log or something).20:39
DammitJimbut how do we get eyes into that situation?20:41
pmatulisDammitJim, still waiting for output. obviously you looked at your logs right?20:41
DammitJimyeah, but I can send thm20:42
DammitJimI don't see anything peculiar in there, but I'm not that smart20:42
DammitJimhold on... let me do df -h on a window I can copy from20:43
pmatulisDammitJim, also, does it pause at bootup?20:43
DammitJimthere is a short pause on a line that talks about mounting /usr20:43
DammitJimwhat is the preferred pastie on this channel?20:43
lordievader!paste | DammitJim20:44
ubottuDammitJim: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:44
pmatulisnice one20:44
DammitJimand btw, the same behavior is there when I upgraded a 14.04.5 system with logical volumes for var,usr,root, and home20:45
pmatulisDammitJim, not that it matters but this layout reminds me of ~13 years ago working with slackware. slicing up storage like this was all the rage. it's not normally done anymore afaict. i wonder if testing is not catching a buglet because of that20:48
DammitJimcould be20:49
DammitJimare you saying I shouldn't be using logical volumes?20:49
pmatulisLVM is fine. it's just the number of them20:49
lordievaderDammitJim: Do you have a requirement for a separate /var?20:50
DammitJimI do20:52
DammitJimthere is variable data that goes on that partition20:52
lordievaderWhy cant that be shared on / ?20:52
DammitJimand we would hate for /var to get full and halt the system if it is on /20:53
DammitJimyou know, one of the premises as to why we wanted separate partitions a Looooong time ago20:53
lordievaderYou could isolate the process/directory which fills quickly and put that on a separate volume.20:54
lordievaderIf that allows the server to reboot ;)20:54
DammitJimI know and I appreciate the feedback, but that's all a workaround21:16
DammitJimthere is something fundamental here that I'd like to address21:16
DammitJimI have over a hundred servers that I would have to change for that var thing21:17
DammitJimwhen I upgrade from 14 to 1621:17
DammitJimit's one more thing to worry about21:17
lordievaderTrue, more research to the cause is needed, I suppose.21:18
naccDammitJim: if you want, i'd file a bug (perhaps against lvm for now) with very clear reproducible steps?21:19
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coreycbjamespage, b2 is ready to promote when you get a chance.  we're at 9 tempest failures.22:32
coreycbjamespage, I'd like to hold off on promoting horizon though, as upstream b2 is not in good shape.  i just tried out a snapshot from today and it seems better so far. i may upload that tomorrow.22:33

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