praisethemoonGood morning.08:07
praisethemoonelacheche, how are you?09:09
elachechegood praisethemoon, u09:23
praisethemoonelacheche, i'm good as well my friend :)09:23
praisethemoonelacheche, how about you learn a real programming language?09:24
elachechekodo? x)09:28
elachechewhat's wrong with python and shell! :p09:29
praisethemoonelacheche, i'm being asked by the guy from ISIMM if I know an opensource trainer10:03
praisethemooni'm thinking about you and nizarus10:03
elachechenzoueidi: My nagios plugin is PEP8 checked now x) I love VIM x)10:53
elachecheThere is a unit_testing lib, that you can use in python to create tests and run the cmd to make tests over your test, or if there is no unit test you can run it with --pep8 arg to check for PEP810:57
fwhcatil est pas la praisethemoon ?11:06
elachecheHe'll come back fwhcat, how can I help you?11:08
fwhcatI want to make a 3d engine and a game with it11:09
fwhcatand I need his expertise xD11:09
elacheche"make a 3d engine" you mean CREATE, like DeVELOP your OWN engine?!11:10
fwhcatnot exactly, use a 3d engine and make a game engine *11:12
elachecheCool :)11:13
elachecheStay here fwhcat, he'll come back11:14
elachechenzoueidi: An other good feedback https://jeena.net/why-i-switchedfrom-osx-to-linux12:15
elacheches/ nzoueidi / nizarus /12:17
nizarusthx elacheche :)12:23

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