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Sander^homeHi. Anyone know how the ubuntu cloud is integrated with phones theese days?04:21
Sander^homeIs that file cloud for desktop still possible to get up again for using on phones?05:03
elkySander^home: ubuntu one was scrapped quite a while ago05:10
Sander^homeIs the code ok? I heard it was due to not beeing that popular at that point.05:12
elkyi don't know05:12
elkySander^home: there are other options which will work fine like owncloud/nextcloud and even adhoc federated options like syncthing05:12
Sander^homeTried owncloud a few years ago.. the websync was depending on the webservers stability and config which made it not work with high load..'05:26
Sander^homenextcloud I didnt try tho.05:27
Sander^homeHave you trid any of them?05:28
Sander^homeWOndering what they can sync.05:28
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david89Hello. Are there any emulators of old game consoles on ubuntu touch?22:44
dobeythere's a couple in the store i think23:00
dobeyoh he left23:00

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