m0nkey_Anyone here watch Better Call Saul?00:02
m0nkey_It seems a character from Breaking Bad will be joining the cast.00:03
daftykinsi do!00:03
daftykinso rly00:03
m0nkey_Seems Gus is back :)00:05
daftykinsyou just can't keep a bad guy down00:05
m0nkey_But look at the background around 14 seconds00:06
daftykins14? that has the two guys in the kitchen, one in the foreground with his arms folded00:06
m0nkey_the guy in the background00:07
m0nkey_bald head, beard00:07
m0nkey_Heisenberg :)00:07
daftykinstoo young00:12
knightwisemorning everyone07:27
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brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:03
brobostigonmorning SuperMatt09:04
davmor2Morning all09:07
SuperMattI trust everyone here is well?09:08
popeywaiting for snow09:10
brobostigonhopefully it will snow and or rain while i am work, so i dont get wet.09:10
SuperMattAny sign of snow in London, and I'll be straight on the tube home, otherwise I'll never make it back to my bed this evening!09:11
SuperMattAnd with that, the london overground service just reported severe delays09:16
davmor2SuperMatt: no snow in Wolves as of yet09:19
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Thursday, and happy Poetry At Work Day! 😃09:38
SuperMattroses are red, violets are blue, OSX sucks, at least let me use ubuntu09:39
SuperMattI THANK YOU09:39
davmor2Oh god SuperMatt thinks he is Dave Gorman ;)09:46
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMWGXt979yg I think the opening covers us but then there is this too which is Poetry at work https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8JJH7ZL_Fk09:48
DJonesDoes anybody have any suggestions on how to diagnose/fix a laptop charging problem.  I've got an Asus A52F laptop which runs fine on mains supply, but the battery light was flashing red and not charging, replaced the battery and seemed ok, still a red battery light, and when booted into windows 10 or Ubuntu 16.04 shows 0% charging, but it never takes any charge.  If left switched off, its still got a red light and still doesn't charge. The ...12:32
DJones... battery was replaced with new manufacturer one, but that has the same issues. In Windows, I've deleted the ACPI battery driver and let that reinstall without any success12:32
foobarrywhat if the battery is removed?12:33
foobarryand left out?12:33
DJonesWorks fine on mains no matter what12:34
davmor2DJones: new laptop?12:39
DJonesdavmor2: No, its about 5 years old12:39
davmor2DJones: okay so not something that would be fixed by a bios update then so I can only assume a dead circuit board somewhere12:40
DJonesIts had a replacement power brick about 2 years ago which doesn't seem to have any issues/frayed cables etc12:40
DJonesThat was the thought I'd had about a motherboard fault12:40
davmor2DJones: no in the laptop there might be a small power board that is fired12:41
DJonesThe battery gets detected ok in both windows & ubuntu12:41
DJonesAH right, might open it up to have a look to see if there's anything obvious then12:41
davmor2DJones: yeah the battery gets hot under charge so 5 years of that and it might just of unsoldered a capacitor or something just follow the path from the power in to the battery12:43
DJonesCheers, will see what I can find12:43
Shaggy_does anyone here use mint?15:44
SuperMattI gave up on it a long time agao15:58
DJonesShaggy_: You might better using the #linuxmint-help on  irc.spotchat.org15:59
DJonesSeems like that is the main support channel for mint15:59
Shaggy_I cant thats why im here i got z-lined for some unknown reason15:59
Shaggy_said I was ban evading15:59
Shaggy_just wanted someone to ask what happened16:00
Shaggy_ive emailed them but that could take days16:00
SuperMattwell we're not going to know anything about that here16:01
Shaggy_while im here I might aswell ask what the latest version of xubuntu is16:03
Shaggy_could do with a new install16:03
diddledanomg it's snowing16:09
Laneyrather it didn't16:12
* Laney would quite like to cycle to town in 2 hours :-)16:12
Laneywithout falling off or getting frozen toes16:13
popeydiddledan: whereabouts?16:16
popeyjust rain here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIkddwEk5_U16:17
foobarrygot pulled by the police :(16:17
popeyAlright Mr Mansell16:17
foobarrybrake lights were'nt working (top one was), side ones weren't16:17
foobarryjust pulled off the M1 after a long journey, 200 yds from hotel room16:18
popeyi once stopped a police car because his brake lights weren't working :)16:18
popeyHe wasn't impressed :)16:18
foobarrygot it fixed today, but then the guy told me he wasn't an MOT test station so i need to take it to a test station and ask them to stamp the form16:18
foobarrypc plod was telling me he checks his brake lights once a week in his garage16:18
foobarry"i live i london , i don't have a garage, only the reflections on other parked cars" i said with my inside voice16:19
popey"and I have no friends who could stand behind the car"16:19
foobarryand "i take the train to work and only use the car once a week to drive 1 mile"16:20
foobarryand "i though t it was working before the journey"16:20
popeyi have spare lamps in my boot :)16:21
popey"oh, I'll fix that right now" :)16:21
popey(they came with the car)16:21
popeyI'm not that good.16:21
diploI always keep spare bulbs in the car, ever since having to travel to france16:24
diploJust replace them when I use them16:24
diddledanthere was something that the EU mandated for the continent that you had to have at least one of them in your car and you can only use them once so to be sure of always remaining compliant you had to have at least two of them so you still had one once you'd used one16:26
diddledanI can't remember what it was though. maybe breathaliser?16:26
Seeker`diddledan: why do you have snow in basingstoke? Haven't got any here yet :(16:30
diddledanSeeker`: because Basingstoke is Amazingstoke16:31
Seeker`Boringstoke more like16:31
Seeker`Also, to make people feel old, I've been here for over 10 years now.16:31
diddledandidn't you need to pee?16:32
Seeker`I don't actually know who was here when I joined actually, other than popey16:32
diddledanI have no idea how long I've been around - I came and went and came back again16:32
popeygary was here before me i think16:32
popey16:32 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Information on popey (account popey):16:33
popey16:32 -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Registered : Apr 09 12:34:28 2004 (12y 40w 1d ago)16:33
popeyaround then, sometime16:33
popeyactually, i have a mirror of the irc logs16:33
* popey greps16:33
diddledanmine says: Registered : Feb 09 17:16:33 2007 (9y 48w 3d ago)16:33
Seeker`I think gary, daviey, X.3N, ubottu and Myrtt.i were here16:34
diddledanI started using Ubuntu around 200616:34
diddledanI remember installing 6.0616:34
diddledanI was a leet gentoo user before that :-p16:35
Seeker`5.10 was my first ubuntu, joined here in Nov 200616:35
Seeker`FC2/3 before that16:35
diploI was playing with 4.10 ? had it on a work machine, using some 3rd party app to auth with AD, can't remember its name16:35
diploMine was Redhat and AIX previous to that16:36
diddledandiplo: likewise?16:36
popeySeeker`: you joined the launchpad team 2006-11-2816:36
popeyooh, AIX16:36
diploThat sounds about right diddledan16:36
diploYes AIX :(16:36
diploHow I got into *nix16:36
Seeker`-16:36:38- -NickServ(NickServ@services.)- Registered : Nov 20 23:44:23 2006 (10y 7w 6d ago)16:36
Seeker`I was here for a few days before I registered16:37
* diplo still has all the manuals, only recently just scrapped the IBM M80 box we had running it16:37
diploRegistered : Sep 18 08:50:32 2005 (11y  17w 0d ago)16:38
diploI was a quakenet person before that though16:38
popeytime flies :)16:50
diploI'm teaching myself windows now as well, just setup an AD / dns / file server and a couple of linux boxes and see if I can interact between the lot16:52
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SebthreeBQM10HDQuestion Time should be good tonight21:07
m0nkey_Spending cash now21:14
daftykinso hai21:14
daftykinsyou are? what on :D21:14
m0nkey_$3200 flights to England for 2xAdult 2xChildren21:14
m0nkey_And I'm looking at car hire21:14
daftykinsmakes you want to put a kid in a suitcase, i bet21:15
m0nkey_Hertz have a car for two weeks, $429.21:15
m0nkey_daftykins, that's cheap.21:15
m0nkey_Most carriers don't charge less than $4k21:15
m0nkey_I want to get an Auto transmission, so the wife can drive, but it's a $200 premium.21:16
m0nkey_Thankfully I can drive manual :)21:16
daftykinsi'm still chasing Air Canada about getting €600 back for free since i was on a flight with them that was massively delayed due to a technical fault21:16
daftykins:> but you'll be on the other side!21:16
m0nkey_How massively delayed?21:20
m0nkey_Just got confirmation from the wife, she wants me to book the flight.21:24
daftykins6hrs at the ultimate destination21:25
daftykinsEU law has it count to be worthy of a refund21:25
daftykinswell, that value reimbursement21:26
daftykinsdiddledan: emergency kitten! https://www.dropbox.com/s/z42y2hyp4j3vptx/IMG_20170112_173438.jpg?dl=022:04
diddledanaww <322:05
m0nkey_Flights & car are booked22:22
m0nkey_The car booking said they would only take a deposit. Seems they took the full amount :/22:39
m0nkey_Oh well22:39
m0nkey_Anyway, got to go, dinner then gym.22:39

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