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mterrySaviq: is there a way we could have CI run on MPs that are WIP?  (maybe with an opt-in or opt-out...)  I would find it helpful to have CI run the tests for me and make sure the MP is all-green before unleashing it on reviewers (I can run locally, but it's not always the same and takes some of my time to babysit them)13:37
om26erHi! How far along are pointer friendly indicators ? Are they expected to appear anytime soon ?14:20
cimiom26er, hi, yeah they should happen soon https://bileto.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/229114:32
Saviqmterry, it's just software, wonder if it's a common enough use case to warrant the added complexity?14:50
Saviqmterry, in any case, lp:jenkins-launchpad-plugin14:50
tsdgeosSaviq: mterry: why not doing what you did in https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/unity8/slm-test/+merge/313546 ?15:02
tsdgeosi seems to have worked since noone reviewed that branch :D15:02
mterrytsdgeos: it still creates noise15:03
tsdgeosmterry: well, then you can just run the CI "manually", no?15:03
tsdgeosotoh that's also a bit cumbesrome15:03
mterrytsdgeos: not as user friendly yeah15:03
mterryThis isn't a huge pain in my ass.  Just trying to streamline my flow and avoid situations where reviewers (you for example) wait for me to get green lights.  I guess I can run tests more locally but that's not as nice as CI doing it for me15:04
Saviqmterry, I think that's probably the most interesting thing - improving the unity8-ci job so that it takes just the MP link and finds all it needs itself15:11
Saviqinstead of having to pass branch and MP link and revision...15:11
Saviqyou can already pass only the branch, it will work, just not report anywhere (of course)15:12
mterrySaviq: oh that's part of it being user unfriendly.  But also a normal MP gives me an email from LP when it's done, automatically kicks off on a simple bzr push, I can see the history of the job runs in the MP, etc.15:13
Saviqmterry, sure, lp:j-l-p is the thing that's deciding which MPs to run CI for15:14
mterryI might poke at it, yah15:14
Saviqmore important, IMO, is so it runs on top-approved MPs than on WiPs, but I suppose this might be easier15:14
Saviqmterry, as for "maybe opt-in or something", that would suggest LP should have a new status between WiP and NR15:15
Saviqnot sure I'd go as far as that15:15
SaviqI'd probably just do --include-wip15:15
Saviqit only runs for branches owned by trusted people anyway15:15
Saviqthere's not so many WiP ones15:16
Saviqand it's just a matter of adding a "Work in Progress" string to a list15:16
Saviqtop-acked are a bit more tricky, because you want to un-ack them and make sure the top revision is what's approved15:16
mterrySaviq: maybe -- or you could opt in by setting Description to "ci-plz" or something hacky...15:17
Saviqoh and yeah, git ;)15:17
mterryBut all CI could work too15:17
mterryI mean15:17
mterryAll WIP could work too15:17
SaviqI'd be ok with that15:17
Saviqthere are not so many of those15:17
Saviqand it'd be a per-project decision15:18
tsdgeoswe actually have kind of a lot of WiP15:18
tsdgeosbut almost noone commits to them15:18
tsdgeosso that's "fine"15:18
mterryIf anyone complains about the extra churn, I'd also be happy if it just did WIP on mterry branches  :)15:18
Saviqtsdgeos, yeah that's what I meant, there's little movement on them15:20
Saviqwhen we turn this on is when things will be busy for a while, but it will settle down15:21
Saviqand most of them will probably die in conflicts to start with15:21
tsdgeosi wouldn't complain if we enable for trusted-WiP  either15:21
tsdgeoscan enable it on a friday so all the busy stuff is done over the WE15:21
* tsdgeos did a bit of french there15:21
mterryjosharenson: so I looked at the arrangement branch a bit...  nothing jumped out at me as obviously wrong.  I tried to back up the branch to find where it went wrong, but Mir dependencies made that hard.  no insights yet17:07
josharensonmterry: I'm in the same place.. there is only 1 small thing I noticed17:08
josharensonmterry: I have all kinds of Keys.onPressed scattered through out the code17:08
josharensonmterry: and there was a weird thing with the app drawer... If I typed ~3 characters in the search bar, there were hundreds of key events triggered17:09
josharensonmterry: which was suspicious... but I backed out the changes to the shell and the launcher and saw no improvement17:10
josharensonmterry: I even replaced the greeter with a blue rectangle and didn't see any change17:10
josharensonmterry: Heres one for you... Log in (with a passwordless user since you can't type) and then lock the session... Greeter works perfectly afterwards.18:03
* josharenson has an idea or two now...18:03
mterryjosharenson: that's odd19:31

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