cmaloneyjcastro: Jesus: https://twitter.com/castrojo/status/81932589716145766400:01
jrwrenlol @ jcastro server.00:25
shakes808_hey guys,  i am looking to go to penguicon.  how do i purchase tickets? or is it free?01:36
jrwrenits not free.01:46
jrwrenyou wait until reg is open and you buy tickets :)01:47
shakes808_when does that happen?01:58
cmaloneyI think the tickets are already on sale02:48
cmaloneybut you'll want to get a hotel room02:49
jrwren21:48  cmaloney| I think the tickets are already on sale03:04
jrwren21:49  cmaloney| but you'll want to get a hotel room03:04
jrwrenshakes808_: ^^^03:04
cmaloneyApologies, I don't have join / part messages on by default. :)03:08
shakes808_jrwren: thank you.03:17
shakes808_cmaloney: thank you03:17
shakes808_wolfger: I was there and didn't see anything but buying ribbons03:19
shakes808_so if i buy one ribbon for $4, that is my entrance fee?  Or am I not seeing something?03:20
shakes808_cmaloney: .... thank you?!  is that in a different menu option?   When I go to registration, it only has the Ribbons available.03:24
cmaloneyYou have to click on the "registration" link, not the "ribbons" dropdown03:25
shakes808_Ah, thought that was just the top of the category and the sub categories were the only thing clickable.  :( n00b, sorry03:26
cmaloneyNah, it's just bad design03:28
cmaloneyYou get used to it03:28
shakes808cmaloney: I know you know some mysql :)  Question14:12
shakes808I am trying to get entries before 5PM current day14:12
shakes808My WHERE clause is: AND from_unixtime(timefield,  '%Y %D %M %H:%i:%s') < curdate() + '17:00:00'14:12
shakes808didn't seem to work for me.  any hints?14:13
cmaloneya: What time zone is your database set to?14:17
cmaloneySELECT @@system_time_zone; //from this you can get the system timezone14:17
cmaloneyshakes808: ^^14:17
cmaloneyAlso: you appear to be converting a time field into a "datetime"14:24
cmaloneydon't do that. :)14:24
cmaloneyYou'd be better off creating variables of the UNIX timestamp from midnight to 17:00 for the current day and comparing that.14:25
shakes808So my time zone is EDT.  which is good, but how am i going to get 5pm current day?14:25
cmaloneyYou'll need to determine if your unix timestamps are UTC and adjust accordingly14:26
shakes808cmaloney: alright, thank you.  I will see what I can do14:52
cmaloneyhave fun14:52
shakes808i am sure that they are EDT times.14:52
shakes808woot woot14:52
cmaloneyVerify that14:52
brousch__Some of our Python stuff is moving to Go. rick_h isn't that what you use?15:26
jrwrenbrousch__: don't do it. fight it tooth and nail.15:31
brousch__Heh, well not really my fight to make15:31
jrwrenbrousch__: go is the biggest mistake and disaster and snake oil to happen to the industry... possibly ever.15:31
jrwrenbrousch__: find out who is making the decision and try to educate tehm.15:31
brousch__What's wrong with it?15:33
jrwrensooo sooo much.15:34
jrwrenbrousch__: here is a good start: http://nomad.so/2015/03/why-gos-design-is-a-disservice-to-intelligent-programmers/15:36
cmaloneyUm, they're not convincing me with this example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23787332/ <- the D-language version15:58
jrwrencmaloney: what is wrong with that example?15:59
cmaloneyIt's not more readable. ;)15:59
cmaloneyand there are certain concepts that are hidden to non-D-developers15:59
jrwrencmaloney: more readable than what? the go equiv?15:59
cmaloneyeg: to!15:59
jrwrencmaloney: its more concise for sure.15:59
cmaloneyThe examples of Go remind me of Pascal / Modula216:00
cmaloneywith C thrown in for good measure16:00
jrwrenits not just about the go code though.16:00
jrwrenRob Pike's lesser programmers thoughts are a problem.16:01
cmaloneyThough I think the bigger problem is how to make Java developers productive16:01
cmaloneyand develoeprs that have only been exposed to Java / C++ using STL16:01
jrwrenat google, they are very productive. so productive that they make the java compilation process slow, and go needed to be made.16:02
cmaloneyand Python / Scripting developers.16:02
jrwren#1 reason Go exists, is to solve google's single checkout slow compile times. I has nothing to do with a newer better language for developers. Its a simpler language for a simpler compiler.16:02
jrwrenIt is the ultimate of making humans serve the machien instead of the machien serve humans.16:02
cmaloneyAt Google that's probably a better way to look at it. ;)16:03
cmaloneyThe machines seem to get pretty testy. ;)16:03
cmaloneyjrwren: So what are your pain-points with Go?16:06
jrwrenI'll give Go a bit of credit. The 1 way of style formatting is nice. So nice, javascript has tools to do the same now: https://github.com/jlongster/prettier16:07
ZimdaleI've been having a hell of a time with package management in go though :(16:07
cmaloneyZimdale: that is a problem of any language less than 10 years old16:07
jrwrenZimdale: that is too bad. godeps is the tool we use, and I actually like it. Its great and I've had very little package management issue.16:08
cmaloneyPython managed to solve that after years of churn16:08
ZimdaleI was just over spoiled with npm16:08
jrwrenpython solved it? wut? when? where was I? :)16:08
ZimdaleI haven't tried godeps16:08
Zimdaleused govendor a bit and it was rough16:08
jrwrenha... hahaha... npm?  oh my. I should have guessed.16:08
cmaloneyjrwren: la la la la, can't hear you.16:08
cmaloney.whl FTW. ;)16:09
jrwrenya know... I guess npm DOES work... once you adopt it fully.  its just so foreign from a diff BG... and npm -g is still evil.16:09
jrwrencmaloney: how does that work on windows? :)  does pypi have the wheel?  :)   Sorry... so sorry... ugh.16:09
cmaloneynpm is OK, save for the dependencies on packages for everything under the sun16:10
jrwrenya know... i hated on npm for a long time... but htese days... I agree. it is pretty great.16:10
cmaloneyjrwren: Honeslty most of the problems of Python disappear when you tell Windows users to GTFO16:10
Zimdaleit works for what it's meant to do16:10
jrwrencmaloney: exactly!16:10
jrwrenZimdale: exactly!16:10
cmaloney"I can't compile MySQL libraries" <- GTFO16:10
cmaloney"I can't compile SDL" <- GTFO16:11
ZimdaleThat sounds like most languages cmaloney16:11
jrwrenthe trick is learning that the way python, npm, and go use packages are each different and so what it is meant to do is different in each case, adn tehn you want something that one does but doesn't and filling the holes becomes necessary.16:11
cmaloneySounds like OO in JavaScript16:11
jrwrenMSFT gave up and made Subsystem for Linux and Ubuntu for Windows16:11
ZimdaleI am actually pretty glad I got a job that isn't just js all the time.16:14
ZimdaleSo many horrible practices :(16:14
ZimdaleIt's javascript ¯\_(ツ)_/¯16:18
jrwrenthe community members I know all have pretty great standards and practices.16:18
jrwrenI think because its 20yrs old now, there is a lot of legacy bagage and so a lot of old bad stuff.16:18
jrwrena lot like C, C++ and Perl16:18
cmaloneyhttps://www.dropbox.com/s/7rvx4wx39seb5or/Screenshot%20from%202017-01-12%2011%3A17%3A37.png?dl=0 <- I love argument by Wikipedia links16:19
ZimdaleThere's a lot of standards and stuff we followed but it took so much effort in testing just to make a solid system16:19
Zimdale'bout to do some xml parsing in go16:21
jrwrenlol... do what ya gotta do. I do too.16:22
jrwrenfor js folks... have you seen nabs?  it looks really great.16:24
Zimdalethe yaml thing?16:26
wolfgerjrwren: did you just call Perl "bad stuff"???16:28
cmaloneyPerl lost the plot for a while16:29
wolfgerOh, I read it (slightly) wrong.16:30
wolfgerPerl is full of legacy baggage and bad stuff....16:30
wolfger<shrug> I suppose it probably is.16:30
jrwrenwolfger: I LOVE perl. don't get me wrong... but... its old and crusty and it took many years to find its way to being better and so there is a lot of perl code out there which could have been written much better.16:30
jrwrena lot like C and C++ in that regard.16:31
wolfgerI initially read that as "it's full of bad stuff: C, C++, and Perl".16:32
cmaloneyany language with a history is going to have bad stuff16:32
cmaloneyI'm sure there's Ruby / Python code out there still in use that isn't up to par16:33
cmaloney(probably more Ruby code than Python because of the heavy churn during the Rails era)16:33
cmaloneys/Rails/early Rails/g16:34
jrwrenespeically given python 2.x GC changes.16:34
jrwrenobject lifecycle best practices changed <2.5 to >2.516:34
cmaloneyYeah, i actively tried to blacklist python 1.5 from my machine16:34
jrwrenugh... 1.x...16:35
wolfgerLOL... any language with a history has bad stuff. Languages without much history, even more so!16:37
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jrwrenfeels good man.21:11
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