teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else11:19
ChinnoDogHi swift11021:49
swift110how are you?22:51
swift110how are you waltman22:51
waltmanSo my issue yesterday with not being able to login to the new kernel? Turned out to be my nvidia driver. The nvidia installer only put its modules under /lib/modules/4.8.0-32-generic.23:34
waltmanI uninstalled it and reinstalled it using the packages in a semi-official ppa. Hopefully those can handle kernel updates better.23:35
waltmanAnyhow, I'm now rocking 4.8.0-34.23:35
rmg51now you can go back to the forums and answer your own question23:36
waltmanRight! But after dinner, I think. :)23:36

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