inetprogoeie more05:42
chesedodag inetpro and all others05:54
Kilosevening superfly 06:14
Kilosbed time for you06:14
Kilosmorning everyone else06:14
chesedohi oom Kilos06:21
Kiloshi chesedo 06:21
paddatrappermorning theblazehen, chesedo, Kilos 06:36
Kiloshi paddatrapper theblazehen inetpro 06:38
inetprohi Kilos06:52
inetproyou are late06:52
Kilosyeah was outside killing ants06:53
Kiloshouse was riddled with ants everywhere now slowly i getting rid of them06:53
inetprocool, how are you doing it06:54
Kiloscypermethrin and sugar water poured into every nest06:55
inetproants are a real big problem06:55
inetprobut how do you find the nest?06:55
Kilosthis way you get rid of whole nests at a time06:55
MaNIjust follow the trail? lol06:55
Kilosyou find an ant carrying some food back to nest and follow him and see the whole he goes into06:56
inetproah, so that is where you spend all your time these days?06:56
Kiloswhen i got here you had to eat a sarmy immediately or it go cover in ants, now even a chocolate can be left open on a table06:57
Kilosim trying to clear the whole surrounding area as well06:57
Kilosthe tings were in the walls and ceiling even06:58
inetprowell done!06:58
Kilosevery crack in plaster and paint and every tiny hole had ants in06:58
inetprosjoe, sounds real bad06:59
Kilosthey even bore through plaster them little thing06:59
Kiloslekker inside now but they like making new colonies in paving every few days so its an ongoing battle07:00
MaNIyou should try the borax/sugar thing - apparently they take it all back to the colony with them and then it kills them from the inside07:01
Kilosi gotta be away a bit07:02
Kilosian needs teamviewer07:02
Kilosyay done07:09
Kilosill look into the borax thing ty MaNI 07:09
nsnzeromorning all07:50
Kiloshi nsnzero 08:04
inetproKilos: just go after the queen08:14
inetprothe queen is the only ant that can lay eggs08:15
Kilosyes inetpro but she is deep in the hole and im not digging to hunt08:31
Kilosbetter just kill the whole nest08:32
LangjanHi everybody09:20
LangjanKilos, did you sort the welders out?09:28
inetprogoeiemore Langjan09:29
inetprohe's probably hunting ants09:30
LangjanHello inetpro how are you doing?09:31
inetprogood and yourself?09:31
LangjanVery well thks09:31
LangjanBosveld s pragtig na al die re├źn09:31
inetpro01/12 08:52:46 <inetpro> you are late09:31
inetpro01/12 08:53:07 <Kilos> yeah was outside killing ants09:31
Langjanyou were right about the ants inetpro 09:32
inetpromooi man, hoop ons kry nog opvolg reen09:32
LangjanJa, amen!09:32
LangjanKilos, you must weld their burrows09:32
LangjanA q for the geeks plse re backup utility09:34
Kiloswhats the prob Langjan 10:07
Kilosthere is dejadup10:07
LangjanHi Kilos Yes its about dejadup10:12
LangjanIt stores backups in a compacted format10:12
Langjanthen its difficult to find anything10:13
Langjanyou seem to have to restore everything - seems like an overkill in many situations10:14
Langjangotta go have lunch quickly10:14
LangjanSeems much easier to just manually backup home folder10:25
Kilosi used dejadup once and it worked well i think10:26
Kilosnot sure how it did the backup but i was impressed10:26
LangjanImpressed by what?10:29
Kilosit did a good job iirc but forgotten how i used it10:32
Kilosit backup up everything i think including passwords etc10:32
Kilosand settings10:32
LangjanOK well it seems to be a waste of time because all that is done when I back up home folder10:33
LangjanLmga, but seriously!   10:34
Kiloshow do you backup /home10:34
jerit_mv -f /home /backup ?10:35
jerit_or maybe10:35
LangjanCopy and paste.10:35
jerit_sudo mv -f /home /backup10:35
Kilosi use rsync10:36
LangjanI just right- click on folder and copy 10:36
Langjanthen paste where I want it to be backed up, external or storage drive10:36
Kilosand next  week?10:37
Kilossame thing into same place?10:37
Kilosrsync syncs the changes10:37
jerit_who has the money to buy enough storage to backup every week10:38
Kilosrsync just adds changes to same backup10:38
LangjanDepends, if there is something I want to keep like .thunderbird, I can paste it separately the delete home and replace with new version10:38
Kilossudo rsync -av /home/ /media/miles/backup/10:39
LangjanI usually do it once a month and in between do what comes up10:40
LangjanWhat does that do Kilos ?10:40
Kilosit syncs whats missing into your backup10:40
LangjanOK handy gadget10:41
Kiloscan be done daily even for totallly up to date backup10:41
MaNIwith a dedup filesystem you could in theory backup quite frequently without it bloating completely out of proportion10:41
Kilosyeah dejadup had that function to do it automagically iirc10:42
LangjanOK guys going to charge my batteries, playing a competition this afternoon, take good care  10:44
Langjanthks Kilos 10:44
Kilosgood luck10:44
Kilosplay well10:44
Kilosain properly10:45
LangjanWill try but those bowls keep going skew...10:45
Kilosyes man thats where you gotta member how much they turn and where10:46
LangjanKeep forgetting10:46
Langjanwhats the name of that condition?10:46
Kilosgo rest10:46
Langjanmooi loop my vriend10:46
Kilosjy ook dankie10:46
Langjanso iets10:46
Langjanwat nou weer?10:46
Kiloshmm... scrappy net connection11:54
jerit_Since my bitcoin investment doubled, I withdrew my initial deposit (deposit = x, value reached x*2 so I withdrew x) ... basically gave me x value invested for free and so now that I've got my initial commitment back, I find I'm not so worried anymore about how the investment is doing12:01
MaNIthats usually a good strategy for things that are similar to gambling :)12:03
jerit_Gambling would be if I'd invested with the hope that it'd become profitable after I put my money in12:07
jerit_as it is, it was already profitable when I put my money in12:08
jerit_wish I had more income so I can buy property to rent out. Easy R6k income per month12:12
MaNII wasn't specifically saying it was gambling, bitcoin is a high risk investment, not gambling, though there are some parallels between the two.12:31
MaNIwas just saying that this strategy works also in gambling situations, and isn't a bad one to employ on a high risk investment either.12:32
jerit_MaNI how weird is that then... My first ever actual investment is in a high risk vehicle haha13:48
jerit_and I even crushed it as well13:48
jerit_Didn't have a lot to invest so I haven't made a lot of money either but still, I'm up at least 200 bucks which given my cashflow situation as a whole, is not insignificant13:48
MaNII've made quite a bit on bitcoin myself, so it is pretty nifty13:56
MaNIbut nonetheless high risk, think of the people who bought while it was up at R16500 - they definitely aren't happy right now, hehe13:58
MaNIbeing somewhat sensible helps a lot though13:59
jerit_if they didn't sell when they saw it drop, they deserve to lose it14:22
Kilossigh, bad bad internet, and telkom says they are investigating it. since december already17:00
Kilosmore is nog n dag17:00
LangjanHi guys, just been watching Voetspore in Madagascar on TV2, interestingly Johan Badenhorst and his team are using Ubuntu.  19:11
LangjanOn their laptops19:11
LangjanAlso check this: https://bartongeorge.io/2017/01/09/welcome-the-new-ubuntu-based-precision-line-up-mobile-workstations-plus-a-new-all-in-one/19:12
Kilosclever van der merwes19:29
LangjanHi Kilos jys seker reg vir die bed oom19:30
Kilosja lankal maar ian is nog ie tuis nie en ek het die groot hek se remote19:31
Langjanek ook, lang dag19:31
Kilosmy internet was siek vandag19:32
Kilosure af gewees19:32
LangjanDis lastig19:32
Kilosja groot pein19:32
Kiloshoekom is jy so laat wakker19:32
Kiloshet jy gewen?19:33
LangjanEk slaap nooit voor so 10:30 na 11 nie19:33
Langjanons het altwee gewen dankie19:33
Kilosoh ja hulle se ouer mense het minder slaap nodig19:33
Langjanparespel mans en dames19:33
Kilosmooi so man19:33
Langjanjy sal weet...19:33
Kilosgoed gedoen19:33
Langjan finals on tuesday19:34
Kilossjoe dan moet jy goed uitrus19:34
Kilosseker lam in die arm19:34
LangjanSpeel die naweek teen Mpumalanga in Witrivier19:34
Langjanry more 09:30 19:35
Kilosbesig ne19:35
Kilospc kry kans om te rus19:35
LangjanJa hou ons uit kattekwaad. kon jy die sweisers regkry?19:35
Kilosnie eers ou weer lekker19:36
Kilosnie vandag gekyk nie19:36
Kiloswas ietwat moeg19:37
Kilosmaar nou weer lekker19:37
Langjanhoop Ian kom gou latjy kan gaan slaap19:37
Kilosek ook ja dankie19:37
Kiloskinders dink nie19:37
LangjanOk sterkte daar gesels weer later19:37
Kilosok damkie oompie19:38
Kilosgoed rus as jy gaan slaap19:38
Langjanmy plesier seuntjie19:38
Langjandankie jy ook19:38

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