Ben64neeca: ln -s ~/PATH/do.sh ~/Desktop/00:00
prometI am running the repo driver, does anyone know if a proprietary Nvidia driver might expect to see some practical change in compiz' function?00:00
neecaBen64: ty :300:00
Ben64neeca: may or may not work00:00
gustavohmsilvaanyway, now, that he is working, I'm thinking in a way to make him like a daemon... Just change him automatically when I turn the laptop into a tablet. So, since the keyboard get's disabled when I turn the screen, I was thinking that this would be the way to go... The problem is... Althrough the keyboard stop working, there's no message when this happens in the dmesg...00:00
gustavohmsilvaDo anyone know another way to check if a onboard keyboard disapear on the shell?00:01
gustavohmsilvaThis may be the way to go when solving this automation, since the laptop doesn't have an accelerometer00:01
tatertotspromet: apt list --installed|grep nvid|nc termbin.com 999900:02
tatertotspromet: open terminal and run the command above, then share the url/link here00:03
promettatertots, roger that, standby; and thank you00:03
coffeeguyAnyone run Xeoma in Ubuntu 16.04.1?00:04
bazhang!info xeoma00:04
ubottuPackage xeoma does not exist in yakkety00:04
bazhangwhat is xeoma00:04
promettatertots, http://termbin.com/2eca00:05
coffeeguyip cam security software00:05
bazhangwhats the real question00:05
coffeeguyWant to set up motion detection my ip cams00:06
coffeeguyyou know like blue iris or iSpy00:06
tatertotspromet: hmm looks kinda interesting there, you might want to install inxi, it can be found in software manager, and because it's in the official ubuntu repository you can install it using your favorite install method.00:07
promettatertots, thanks! I will check inxi out...00:08
gustavohmsilvalspci lsusb and dmesg show no change when the keyboard get's disabled and enabled00:08
Ben64gustavohmsilva: it's probably a hardware thing then00:08
tatertotspromet: let me know if you get it installed, you should definitely take a look at your config00:09
promettatertots, roger, roger...00:09
bazhang!info zoneminder00:09
ubottuzoneminder (source: zoneminder): video camera security and surveillance solution. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.30.0+dfsg-1 (yakkety), package size 4372 kB, installed size 27495 kB00:09
gustavohmsilvaBen64: damm, if that is the change, there's no way to change the screen orientation automatically00:09
FoeHammeredFound it. Found an *applicable* log, which was harder than it should be for reasons best not described, and followed the log.00:09
bazhangtry that coffeeguy00:10
gustavohmsilvaBen64: This really is a bummer! No way to automate the screen orientation :/00:10
FoeHammeredAgain, nacc, Walex, thanks.00:10
gustavohmsilvaif anyone use a reversible laptop as well, here is the repo: https://github.com/gustavohmsilva/Screen-Rotation-Script-for-Acer-Aspire-R-1100:11
gustavohmsilvaI would appreciate any feedback00:11
promettatertots, it is very "feature rich", I'm thinking -G (graphics) and -v "mouthiness" are there any other flags that you like, just off the top of your head?00:13
tatertotspromet: in terminal do the following00:13
tatertotspromet: inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999900:13
tatertotspromet: press enter00:14
tatertotspromet: share url/link here00:14
tatertotspromet: the link contains nothing unique to your person00:14
bjrohanI had proxychains 3 on my system, which ran when called by proxychains. I have uninstalled it, and made proxychains4, which gets called by proxychains4, how can I changed it to get called by proxychains instead?00:16
VulcanJediI'm following these instructions (https://www.bonusbits.com/wiki/HowTo:Add_Missing_or_Custom_Display_Resolution_on_Ubuntu) to fix my resolution problem, but received this message attempting to add the new resolution "cannot find mode "1280x1024_60.00""00:16
bjrohando I make an aliea in .bashrc?00:17
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promettatertots, hmmm, seems to be a nouveau complaint: http://termbin.com/h41k00:17
tatertotspromet: yes i knew something was wrong00:19
tatertotspromet: would you like to stop now or do you want to continue?00:19
prometIf you have an instinct about nouveau, I'd love to hear it. I formerly used proprietary, but got tired of re-upping at kernel changes00:20
tatertotspromet: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|nc termbin.com 999900:21
promettatertots, yes, 'drm': http://termbin.com/2jla00:22
ubuntusaI'm trying to install ubuntu on a custom comp with a maximus v gene motherboard. I get to the options menu via the installer on usb. After that the screen loads and then turns black. Tried nomodset00:23
ubuntusaCan anyone help me get this installed?00:23
tatertotspromet: ubuntu-drivers list|nc termbin.com 999900:25
prometHmmm seems not to like that, reports. "Use netcat" and an io.TextIOWrapper - Broken Pipe00:27
tatertotspromet: ubuntu-drivers list > ~/nfo.nfo00:28
tatertotspromet: you won't see anything just let me know when it's been completed00:28
tatertotspromet: your installation of the proprietary nvidia driver did not complete successfully00:29
promettatertots, http://termbin.com/yhyb00:30
promettatertots, thought I had properly removed it before I "resorted" to nouveau. I will have a second look at that though...00:30
prometby removed I mean "uninstalled" via the proprietary ncurses dialogue00:31
tatertotspromet: (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)00:31
tatertotspromet: also a normal healthy proprietary nvidia driver installation would show more here http://termbin.com/2eca00:33
tatertotspromet: dmesg|nc termbin.com 999900:33
promettatertots, http://termbin.com/ymo300:34
Speirosubuntusa Hi mate.  So what's happening?  And what do you mean by options menu via USB installer?  Is that the option to run from disk or to install?00:35
Speirosubuntusa I mean, the options to select from either of those two?00:36
ubuntusaSpeiros hey. So I selected to run without installing. Thought it might be the usb so I'm trying to find another. It won't let me format to fat32 and is taking about bad sectors00:37
zacky83hi everybody , is syslog writing in memory or on a disk file ?00:37
ubuntusaGive me a sec, sry00:37
tatertotspromet: nouveau and the nvidia proprietary driver cannot co exist, and in your system you still have some left overs from a previous proprietary nvidia installation.00:37
Speirosubuntusa No problem.  It makes sense.00:37
promettatertots, you think a proper uninstall from the propietary install script might clear those?00:38
tatertotspromet: i would think you would have noticed poor performance using GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on NV11700:38
tatertotspromet: but if you don't do any heavy 3d stuff you maybe wouldn't have noticed00:39
promettatertots, the performance hit, seems to be recent, to me, and manifests mostly as buggy compiz00:39
promettatertots, likely00:39
tatertotspromet: well yeah i bet it's crappy with GLX Renderer: Gallium 0.4 on NV11700:40
zacky83??? nobody can help me on syslog ?00:40
promettatertots, so your basic thought would be to remove leftover proprietary drivers pieces?00:40
tatertotspromet: first clean up all the left over nvidia stuff from your computer, reboot, make sure no more errors are present in reference to the proprietary driver00:40
tatertotspromet: like this one (EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module does not exist, 0)00:41
promettatertots, roger that, let me give it a go. Thanks very much for your help!00:41
tatertotspromet: once you get all that cleared out and reboot we can determine if nouveau still complains on your inxi00:41
Bashing-omzacky83: The logs - for the most part are in /var/log/ . syslog is there .00:42
tatertotspromet: no problem00:42
zacky83Bashim-om: is there a way to read syslog not in a file on disk but in memory ?00:42
Bashing-omzacky83: Memory is 'dmesg' .00:44
zacky83Bashim-om: can you explain me that ? because I also see a log file with dmesg00:45
Bashing-omzacky83: That is both .. dmesg also writes out to files . Terminal command 'dmesg' will write to standard out (display) what it has presently .00:47
zacky83Bashim-om: in fact I need to retieve the warning and notice from asterisk in Java00:48
ubuntusaSpeiros hey I'm back00:48
ubuntusaSpeiros so I have it on a new usb00:49
zacky83Bashim-om: but I don't know how to get the output of asterisk console in java00:49
tatertotspromet: either remove them or reinstall the proprietary nvidia driver, which you may want to do anyway if you do any video games or 3d acceleration stuff00:49
SpeirosOk, I've never done personally a USB install, but I've heard the principle is the same.00:49
Bashing-omzacky83: I do not know java or where it writes to .00:49
ubuntusaSpeiros should I try nomodeset?00:49
Speirosubuntusa I don't know what that does sorry.  Someone else in here would though.00:49
ubuntusaCan someone help me install ubuntu on my computer? Getting black screen after a quick flash of a login screen (terminal)00:51
ubuntusaIf I boot with no acpi and acpi = off I get hung up on a message that reads, "end kernel panic"00:53
Speirosubuntusa Here's a link that has a bit of info on it, if it helps. https://askubuntu.com/questions/139157/booting-ubuntu-with-acpi-off-grub-parameter#13917400:55
ubuntusaThanks speiros00:56
Speirosubuntusa That is regarding the acpi being off.00:56
SpeirosLet me know if it helps:)00:56
ubuntusaNothing seems to be working :/00:56
Speirosubuntusa What reason are you turning acpi off?00:57
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ubuntusaSpeiros trying to get past this black screen. I'm trying to install ubuntu and get a black screen after I select to either install directly or boot live00:58
Speirosubuntusa I see, so it's happening both if it is and isn't on.  I didn't realise that.00:58
ubuntusaIdk what to do00:59
Ateugreetings from brazil00:59
SpeirosOk, Hopefully there's an article already written, which hopefully I can direct you to.00:59
SpeirosHello Ateu:)00:59
ubuntusaThanks speiros00:59
ubuntusaI don't have a computer to look around with right now lol01:00
Ateuhello Speiros, where are you from?01:00
bazhangubuntu support issue Ateu ?01:00
DreamSh0tis this an appropriate place for a question regarding remmina?01:00
Ateudo you like my land ubuntusa?01:01
Speirosubuntusa Try this link, and see if it's useful mate. https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=211351601:01
bazhang!ot | Ateu01:01
ubottuAteu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:01
bazhangubuntusa, ateu please take the chat to a social channel01:02
Speirosubuntusa It's an older one, so hopefully I can find a more uptodate one, but still, I wonder if it helps.01:02
DreamSh0twhere can i ask a general question regarding remmina?01:02
bazhangDreamSh0t, what is the remmina issue you are having01:02
DreamSh0ti just would liike to know whether remmina encrypts VNC connections01:03
DreamSh0tbefore i use remote deskto to my Mac over the internet01:03
ubuntusaSpeiros it just says to use nomodeset01:05
Speirosubuntusa Ok...01:05
ubuntusaSpeiros sry. All ready tried that and I get the same result01:05
ubuntusaIs the fact that I'm using a geforce 1080 relevant?01:06
ubuntusaI feel like my gpu might be too new01:06
Speirosubuntusa I'm not sure about the new bit, but when you get a black screen, I take it there are no options on there, yes?01:06
Speirosubuntusa Here's one which is addressing your problem, I think, but I think if you look, you'll see it clearer.  https://askubuntu.com/questions/162075/my-computer-boots-to-a-black-screen-what-options-do-i-have-to-fix-it01:08
d3ngarHi, I seem to have a problem with my PGP key, I cannot seem to sign something as my key isn't found. Anyone's got experience with that?01:09
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Speirosubuntusa There's another one too.  Sorry, but I can only direct you to the pages, as I personally don't know the answer.  https://askubuntu.com/questions/470492/ubuntu-14-04-black-screen-when-installing01:20
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Speirosubuntusa Apparently, one person recently had success by changing their USB ports to the back.01:25
sh0rtbusok, i could use some help, anyone there?01:39
guyFromWebhey, can i ask a question that is not associated with Ubuntu? i figured you guys could know how to do it01:39
guyFromWeboh well01:40
guyFromWebhey, i know this is not the perfect place to ask, but you guys know computers so i'm gonna try. we have our Chromebooks in school that have some blocked websites, and we liked to play this game called "Happy Wheels". the totaljerkface.com is blocked, but we found a site that worked ( (cannot guarantee site safety)), but was blocked recently. my question is, how was that site i provided made? it's like the offi01:40
bazhangtry #ubuntu-offtopic guyFromWeb01:40
bazhangsh0rtbus, did you have an ubuntu support issue01:41
golden_ticketI'm trying to get Ubuntu to recognize an HDD I just plugged in via sata and it doesn't seem to be able to see it.01:41
golden_ticketAny ideas?01:41
sh0rtbusthis is my second attempt to get the f%&# away from windows, last time i installed ubuntu the screen constntly flickered to the point of a headache, tried to switch to nvidia driver and screen blacked out and that was the end of that. had to remove ubuntu which i did wrong and created a seperate headache (deleted grub menu), figured out how to fix that mess but i want to try again now, would01:46
sh0rtbusrather have a little help this time before i even start. im not extremely tech savvy. i have a usb bootable drive but dont want to install without the help to fix the flickering, yes the "try ubuntu" still flickers01:46
sievertHi all! I have a question, if i input in terminal "sudo apt full-upgrade", this command upgrade my system from 16.04 to 16.10?01:46
Bashing-om!upgrade | sievert01:47
ubottusievert: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade01:47
Bashing-omsievert: Sorry wrong bot ping . shoet answer is no - dist-upgrade only updates installed packages . a release upgrade is a different command ,01:48
sievert<Bashing-om>, thank you!01:49
sh0rtbus? shoet =short?01:49
bazhangsh0rtbus, ubuntu support issue?01:50
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, what seems to be the problem?01:50
sh0rtbusthe flickering01:50
golden_ticketNeed help installing or what?01:50
golden_ticketAh okay.01:50
golden_tickettell me about your hardware01:50
sh0rtbussuch s, is there an easy way or i gotta type it, also what do you need to know01:51
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, is the screen flickering while you use chrome, or  all of the time?01:51
sh0rtbusfrom the start it flickers before and after install01:52
sh0rtbusseems random01:52
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, so ubuntu is not installed?01:52
sh0rtbusnot this time yet01:52
sh0rtbus i will if i get help01:52
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, so it flickers and then what? Black screen?01:53
golden_ticketDoes it ever successfully install?01:53
sh0rtbusnah just flickers, sometimes it stops for awhile but starts again01:53
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, nah what? nah it doesn't install? Does the screen stay black or does it just continue to flicker?01:53
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, clearly describe the problem and I'll brb01:54
golden_ticketGo into full detail01:54
golden_ticketSo I can properly help you01:54
sh0rtbusnah = no black screen, i can install it and come bck but igotta use windows for mirc01:54
sh0rtbusits like a strobe light on ubuntu01:55
sh0rtbussince youre there ill install it and come back in a few golden_ticket01:56
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, so you did install it.01:57
sh0rtbusonce before i did01:57
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, if you have a phone just install an irc client on it and connect01:57
sh0rtbus"crashed it" tryin to fix the flicker01:57
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, are you using a usb for install?01:57
golden_ticketsh0rtbus, boot into the usb and hang tight01:57
golden_ticketI need to turn my computer off for a moment01:58
apesUsing Ubuntu 14.04 I have two search domains in my /etc/resolv.conf, but only the first one seems to work, anyone know what the deal is? Works in 16.04.01:58
golden_ticketuse your phone to get an irc client, connect here and wait for me to return01:58
sh0rtbusok, ill try to find a phone irc, never tried before though01:58
ov3rwatchokay im getting super annoyed. no matter swhat i do, i cannot get jar files to open using java instead of the archive manager.01:59
ov3rwatchi have jre 6 and 7 and i alwasy choose 7 in the context menu, my other applications option does not have a button for make default02:00
ov3rwatchand no matter how many time s i do it in right click i cannoy make jre7 the default02:00
ov3rwatchanyone have any suggestions?02:01
apesLooks like it's actually a networking permissions issue02:06
waltmanThis bug happened to me last night after installing the 4.8.0-34 kernel. Looks like a repeat of the bug I cited in there. I don't even have kwallet installed! https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=234913202:10
waltmanIt also seems really strange to me that a point release to the kernel should have such an effect on my ability to log in via the desktop.02:12
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Phaneswhere is ubuntu on the path to LSB 5 compliance? i know it said it dropped the standard but how off is it02:18
ZJAYim trying to install mpd does anyone know where a .deb or other binary might be for 16.04 or 16.10 or howto install boostlib02:24
ZJAYalso anyone know if conkyWeather still works or works again02:27
sh0rtbusgolden_ticket bailed huh?02:28
ubuntu-mate_ golden_ticket bailed huh?02:29
Ben64watch the language in this channel02:30
ZJAYubuntu-mate_ What was with that possible malicious file you just tried to push to me/02:31
ubuntu-mate_just testting xchat02:32
ZJAYplease dont do it again..02:32
ubuntu-mate_any prob02:32
ubuntu-mate_where r u from02:32
Ben64!ot | ubuntu-mate_02:33
ubottuubuntu-mate_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:33
sh0rtbusim gonna install it, hope i can get some help when ubuntu turns into my own personal strobe light02:34
ubuntu-mate_is ubuntu stabe02:35
kankushtgood evening02:35
ZJAYanyone know howto install Music Player Demon (aka MPD) on ubuntu?02:36
sh0rtbusbe back soon02:36
kankushtdoes anyone know how to get rid of or deactivate the kiosk mode on ubuntu studio?02:36
ZJAYsorry daemon02:36
Ben64ZJAY: sudo apt-get install mpd02:36
Bashing-om!info mpd xenial | ZJAY02:37
ubottuZJAY: mpd (source: mpd): Music Player Daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19.12-1 (xenial), package size 369 kB, installed size 1168 kB02:37
ubuntu-mate_may I use RedHat for personal cumputing02:55
cfhowlettredhat is not ubunretu  so is not supported or discussed he02:56
jeffcassome help with ubuntu 16.01 console ?02:58
cfhowlett!help | jeffcas02:58
ubottujeffcas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:58
Speirosubuntu-mate_ try #redhat03:00
jeffcasi type seems like ^R ^O ^O ^T or whatever. I've try leave tty. some help03:05
Bashing-omjeffcas: ' exit ' ?03:06
jeffcaswhatever I type seems like ^T ^H ^I ^S03:07
mukluksjeffcas: are you holding down CTRL?03:08
cfhowlettjeffcas, all type everywhere or only in the terminal03:09
jeffcasonly in the terminal03:09
jeffcasim not holding down ctrl03:14
mukluksjeffcas: is your CTRL key stuck?03:15
MyoguiAnyone know how to get a Linksys AE2500 wireless adapter to work on ubuntu?03:15
cfhowlett!details | Myogui03:16
ubottuMyogui: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.03:16
Myoguiusing ndiswrapper?03:16
MyoguiI followed the instructions said driver was successfully installed just don't have internet03:17
Myoguiubuntu desktop03:17
MyoguiI downloaded both wrapper and windows device drivers03:18
jeffcasmukluks: keyboard is working good.03:19
Myoguidoes anyone know of any commands that I can use in ubuntu like wifi network and such?03:19
sh0rtbusim looking for help03:21
sh0rtbusinstalled ubuntu and the screen constntly flickers, ive done nothing yet to see if i can get help first, any takers?03:22
tatertotsMyogui: hi03:23
tatertotsMyogui: do you have internet on the computer from other means, like wired connection?03:23
avisis it true on mac mini you can install a iso from grub and boot from it if you DISOWN aesthethics ?03:26
aviseven on grub2 64bit efi ?03:26
avisi'd like to help with ubuntu development how is its progress ?03:28
aviscouple days03:29
Bashing-omavdi: Maybe : see; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot . on a MAc I do not know though .03:30
cipher6Ben64, You on here and willing to explain a bash concept?03:31
cipher6Or tatertots: ?03:31
Morinoi am new here. Can anyone help?03:32
cipher6Can someone explain what $: cat << EOF > Foofile.txt does?03:32
jeffcasmukluks: I reboot the server and it's fine again. Nothing was working with the issue03:32
cipher6Morino, what's up?03:32
mukluksjeffcas: how do you connect to the server? keyboard? ssh? vnc?03:34
MorinoI am good Cipher. You?03:34
cipher6Morino, Good, how can we help you?03:35
cipher6Morino, Also, to make the IRC client call out to a user when you msg them, type their name then a : (I think)03:35
MorinoI am totally new to backbox and what it entails and so I will be glad to learn03:35
Bashing-om!tab | Morino cipher603:36
ubottuMorino cipher6: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.03:36
fayedanyone one?03:37
jeffcasmukluks: vnc03:37
Morinohello fayed03:37
cipher6Morino: Unfortunately, this is an Ubuntu support room. I'm not sure what help we'd be for BackBox...03:37
fayedhello morino....where youre come from?03:37
mukluksjeffcas: vnc probably thought the CTRL key was held down, can probably just restart VNC next time03:37
sh0rtbusno help at all?03:37
cipher6Morino: Looks like BackBox's support goes through a forum at https://backbox.org/community03:38
fayedheyy morino are you newbie in backbox03:38
muklukssh0rtbus: screen flickers.. hmmm03:39
mukluks!details sh0rtbus03:39
Morinoyes I am @fayed03:39
sh0rtbusyea i wanna get away from windows but this is stopping me03:39
cipher6Bashing-om Can we run backbox help through this channel...?03:39
Morinobut Ciper, can you help? pls03:39
cipher6Morino: How did you end up here?03:39
muklukssh0rtbus: what video card?03:40
fayedmorino where you come from?03:40
Bashing-omcipher6: No backbox here03:40
ubottuBackbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.03:40
sh0rtbusmukluks gimme a sec to get exact info03:40
Morinoi read computer science and heard about kali linux and backbox and decided to  learn about it and what it is used for03:40
cipher6Morino: Idk anything about BB. If you tell go to #backbox they should be able to assist03:40
MorinoI dont really get your question @fayed03:41
Morinowhat do you know about @cipher603:41
cipher6Morino: I know about Ubuntu, ;)03:41
fayedI dont understand about this backbox because I am newbie03:41
sh0rtbusGeForce 8200M G mukluks03:42
MorinoOh okay. Do you mind teaching me?03:42
MorinoOh okay Fayed> I guess you are like me then? newbies03:42
cipher6Morino: Do you have a copy of a linux disk?03:42
sh0rtbusubuntu is using a different driver mukluks03:42
cipher6Fayed: Do you have a copy of a linux live disk?03:42
fayedhey cipher6 I have do it03:43
muklukssh0rtbus: have you tried System Settings / Software & Updates / Additional Drivers ?03:43
MorinoI can download it if i get the link03:43
MorinoWhat's the link03:43
cipher6Morino: Go to the private chat you sent me03:44
Morinofayed, cipher, can i pm you both? pls?03:44
Ben64!pm | Morino03:44
ubottuMorino: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.03:44
Ben64although, you are in the wrong channel03:44
cipher6Ben64 they're asking for assistance re: BackBox, it wouldn't benefit the channel03:44
cipher6Yeah, what you said lol03:44
Ben64i read backwards03:44
cipher6Ben64: Can you help me understand a line?   $:cat << EOF > Foo.txt03:45
cipher6I know that > sends output/strings to a file.03:45
sh0rtbusmukluks ill try it, last time the screen went black and i couldnt fix it. ill jump on with another laptop and try it again to see see what happens, gimmie a sec03:45
cipher6And I know cat "concatenates" a file (displays the output)03:45
Ben64cipher6: that's missing something03:45
cipher6Ben64, I just ran it, it works fine,03:46
Morinookay @ ubottu03:46
cipher6But why does it give me >'s after each return, and then only end the file when i type EOF? I don't understand why it works, only that it does03:46
Ben64cipher6: missing context03:47
cipher6Ben64: If I run $: cat << EOF > Foo.txt, it drops to the next carriage and has a >,03:48
cipher6If i enter text and hit enter it will send it to Foo.txt, and give me another >.03:48
FrostyByteswith "<< EOF" you started a "here document"03:48
cipher6It will continue to add lines until I put in EOF,03:48
FrostyBytesit will accept all lines until "EOF" and feed them into cat03:48
cipher6FrostyBytes: Yes, that! What is a "here document"03:48
cipher6and what is the << telling cat to do?03:48
Ben64cipher6: yes but it seems like you're leading to something else with this03:49
streetwitchMy netbook lost the "up" key. Could anyone tell me how to reprogram another key to act as if it was the "up" key?03:49
cipher6Nope, this was an example in my course and Idk why it works,03:49
FrostyBytescipher6: http://www.tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/here-docs.html03:49
cipher6they were just showing that you could send out to a txt or other file03:49
cipher6Thanks FrostyBytes03:49
jeffcasmukluks: thanks03:50
cipher6So FrostyBytes Any word could replace EOF? it's not a special word?03:50
Ben64EOF stands for end of file, but in this case it doesnt really mean anything03:51
hggdhcipher6: any word.03:53
streetwitchAnyone have the answer to my question?03:53
cipher6hggdh: regarding what sir?03:54
cipher6hggdh: wait, you're answering my question, nvm, thank you03:54
hggdhheh. Indeed03:55
FrostyByteschipher6: you can use any word (that doesn't appear by itself in the document)03:55
FrostyBytesdespite being the prototypical example of a here document, EOF is not a terribly good choice. I sometimes use the output of pwgen -s 1603:55
cipher6so I could pwgen -s 16 << EOF > foo.txt?03:56
cipher6FrostyBytes: I don't have a man for pwgen?03:56
hggdhcipher6: pwgen (r, as another option apg) will generate, as an option, wtrings that can be used as passwords. You have to install the packages03:58
hggdhurgh. As usual, my typing is horrible03:59
adhocadhocAm I wrong in thinking that SCP will fail while running Ubuntu terminal in Windows because it's sandboxed and independent of my Windows environment?03:59
sh0rtbusmukluks ,changed laptops and trying it now. i'll let you know if it fixes it in a min04:00
cipher6hggdh: Thanks mate04:00
muklukssh0rtbus: good luck04:00
sh0rtbusrestarting now04:01
excelsiorahow do I get the build-dep's from a PPA?04:03
cipher6excelsiora: I usually try "at gunpoint" but adding the ppa to your lists can help04:06
cipher6what package are you looking to build?04:06
ubottucipher6: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».04:07
darkwind_Hey, student here. Quick question on Vim in ubuntu, does ":wq!" force write a file compared to ":wq"? I was reading the documentation and it said that ":wq" will fail on read-only, but it mentioned nothing about it for ":wq!".04:09
cipher6darkwind_: I'm sending you a PM w/ a VM cheat sheet04:10
sh0rtbushey mukluks the screen hasnt flickered yetr and its using the nvidia driver but the laptop seems to lock up after a minute now, frozen pointer, frozen screen04:10
muklukssh0rtbus: hmmm04:12
muklukssh0rtbus: what model laptop?04:12
sh0rtbushp g60-127cl if you need more info lemme know04:13
sh0rtbuser mukluks  hp g60-127cl if you need more info lemme know04:14
phionaI can't find the Change Case plugin in gedit 3.18.3 installed from repo in Ubuntu. Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. Is it gone? It also seem not to be packaged with gedit-plugins.04:16
kulelu88Hello all04:16
cipher6phiona: gedit>preferences>Plugins>change case04:17
kulelu88if the path to my executable is /user1/package/bin , is the following the correct code to add to .profile : export PATH=$PATH:$home/user1/package/bin04:18
muklukssh0rtbus: you might not have enough RAM04:18
muklukssh0rtbus: how much do you have installed?04:19
cipher6phiona: Actually I don't see it either....04:19
sh0rtbus2gb not enuff huh?04:19
sh0rtbusmukluks 2gb not enuff?04:19
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muklukssh0rtbus: hmm should be enough04:20
muklukssh0rtbus: can you restart it in safe mode [hold shift during boot] and see if it lasts longer than a minute?04:20
FrostyBytes2gb is enough ram ... if you have 32gb swap04:20
phionacipher6: Told you so.04:21
cfhowlettsh0rtbus, technically, 2gb is enough but performance will be underwhelming.  suggest you lighten the load by using a (much!) less demanding desktop environment.  you can easily test them without a complete reinstalll04:22
cipher6phiona: But the man pages say it should be there :(04:22
cfhowlettsh0rtbus, sudo apt install lxde xfce4                 then logout, choose your session and login04:22
phionacipher6: yeah, but where is it?04:23
sab_HI i need to upgrade php 5.3.10 to php 5.5.9 on our live site server. just got this http://askubuntu.com/questions/565784/how-do-i-upgrade-php-version-to-the-latest-stable-released-version04:23
sab_i only need to upgrade php04:23
excelsioracipher6: I'm trying to build emacs from the latest source.04:24
bobdobbssab_: just wondering: is there a reason why you aren't upgrading to 7?04:24
sab_wont sudo apt-get upgrade  will install all latest version of installed softwares?04:24
cfhowlettsab_, no04:24
cfhowlettsudo apt full-upgrade or sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:24
bobdobbssab_: depends on the repos. iirc, 7 isn't in the default repos04:25
sab_bobdobbs: ther will lot of depreciation error/warning messages and dont want to take a risk on live site04:25
bobdobbssab_: fair enough04:25
bobdobbssab_: have you considered upgrading on a staging site first?04:25
mukluksbobdobbs: switching major versions, especially in a lang like php will break a lot of stuf04:25
bobdobbsand maybe silently logging warnings?04:25
bobdobbsmukluks: truedat04:26
sab_bobdobbs:  there isnt a staging site on linode i guess04:26
bobdobbssab_: why not make one?04:26
cipher6night all04:26
bobdobbssab_: part of the point of hosting on linode and similar providers is that you get the freedom to create your own staging sites04:27
bobdobbsI mean, it's not a pushbutton process. but best practice for managing a webapp is to have a staging version04:27
bobdobbs( I use the term 'webapp' very broadly)04:27
fayednight too chiper604:27
Speirosjeffcas Did you end up working the problem out?04:28
bobdobbspersonally, I think that if you managing an app on linode you should be capable of creating a staging version. cos with linode you get enough power to shoot yourself in the foot pretty badly04:28
bobdobbsI don't mean to sound abrasive. and you have to do what you have to do. But I'd strongly advocate both creating a staging site and also upgrading to php 704:29
sab_bobdobbs:  ahhh... if i create staging site, wont the operating system b shared between live and staging site. i mean both will b on same common ubuntu operating system, there wont b another operating system for staging site . right?04:30
bobdobbssab_ if your staging site is on the same machine, then you can just create your staging site on a new virtual host04:31
bobdobbsbut you probably want to create your staging site on another machine04:31
bobdobbsespecially if you want to upgrade php. which I think yuo should.04:31
sab_bobdobbs: hmm.. but we are just having one linode account, and dont want to go for another additional resources04:32
bobdobbsin theory you could serve them both from the same machine and with a different version of php. But at your level of experience that's probably not the thing I'd suggest04:32
phionaI can't find the Change Case plugin in gedit 3.18.3 installed from repo in Ubuntu. Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS. Is it gone? It also seem not to be packaged with gedit-plugins04:33
bobdobbssab_: is that because of a budget limitation?04:33
sab_bobdobbs: virtual hosts will b using the same common live server os04:33
bobdobbssab_: the thing is, at some point, you will have to upgrade your php. And that point will come sooner than you think. By that time, you should have tested your app.04:33
sh0rtbusim not extremely tech savvy and a complete noob to linux and only internet help i find online is for ubuntu, hate to try something else and have to pester you guys over "dumb" questions although i may already be doing it:)04:33
bobdobbssab_: iirc, the php5x series is no longer being actively supported.04:34
Speirossh0rtbus You won't know unless you ask mate.04:34
sab_bobdobbs: yes kind of, the client will be shifting later to amazon server. later i mean (not sure when it will happen but soon)04:34
bobdobbssupport ended last december. it only gets security updates now. and those will end dec 201804:35
bobdobbssab_: ah, I see04:35
bobdobbssab_: and I assume that someone else will be managing it then?04:35
sab_bobdobbs: so while shifting to amazon ec2, we can think of php7 before we actually point to amazon hosting04:36
sab_bobdobbs: we can manage it.atleast  for now dont want to upgrade to php704:36
muklukssh0rtbus: how did safe mode go04:37
bobdobbssab_: fair enough04:37
bobdobbsI'm running ubuntu 16.06 on my desktop. Sometimes when I move the mouse, my desktop changes to a view where all the applications are laid out like cards.04:38
bobdobbsHow can I stop this from happening04:38
sab_bobdobbs: so just wanted a proper way to only upgrade from php5.3.10 to php 5.5.9. without affecting apache server or other settings04:38
sh0rtbusmukluks ok, i still have windows alongside ubuntu and get a grub menu. i tried the shift at every point i could and got no safe mode. also tried the sudo command someone else mentioned and seemed to fail04:38
bobdobbssab_: you won't know if your application still runs as expected until after you switch. which is why you should to the upgrade on a staging site first04:39
sab_bobdobbs:  so sorry not so used to ubuntu actually, thats why am here04:39
bobdobbssab_: I just googled "ubuntu upgrade from php5.4 to 5.6" and got a ton of results.04:40
sab_bobdobbs:  we are having amazon ec2(that is our hosting not of clients). there we are having php v 5.5.9. and the same site code works well over there04:40
Bashing-omsh0rtbus: EFI system ? then it is the escape key that grub looks for . 3 second window of oportunity spam the escape key as soon as the firmware screen clears .04:40
bobdobbsdid you look through the google results?04:40
bobdobbssab_: ok.04:41
sab_bobdobbs: yes, i had sent one url on the chat http://askubuntu.com/questions/565784/how-do-i-upgrade-php-version-to-the-latest-stable-released-version04:41
sh0rtbusmukluks is there another way to enter safe mode or is it part of the advanced options on ubuntu grub menu?04:41
bobdobbssab_: and did you look through the other material on the web?04:41
bobdobbsif you did, then you'd have a mental model for how to move forward. In which case you should be stuck on another problem by now04:42
sab_bobdobbs:     sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ondrej/php5; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install php5.5.9;        these commands shud work well i guess?04:42
bobdobbssab_: looks sane. but you won't know until you test04:43
sh0rtbusmukluks in the advanced menu i get.... generic ... generic (upstart) ... generic (recovery mode)04:43
bobdobbsunfortunately, we can't really say if those commands will break your system or not. because we haven't tested your system04:43
bobdobbssab_: just outta curiousity: are you new to sysadmin stuff?04:44
muklukssh0rtbus: recovery mode04:44
bobdobbssab_: like, you sound like you might be the guy in the organisation who isn't the expert, but has to do it because everyone else is even less qualified04:44
sab_bobdobbs: hmmm. i had ubuntu on ec2 and setup lamp and birtual hosts04:44
bobdobbsI mean, I don't mean to sound mean or anything. But generally sysadmins know that they really should be testing, either on a local or staging environment04:45
cfhowlettsab_, this might be better asked in #ubuntu-server04:46
bobdobbsThe thing to avoid here, is breaking stuff badly and then having everyone in your org blaming you04:46
sab_bobdobbs: am just not sure about this upgrade thing, and just wanted to confirm if someone else has done so . as this is going to affect live server04:46
sab_bobdobbs:  thats true04:46
bobdobbssab_: at the very least, you should be telling the people in your org: "if you can't give me the resources to do this job properly, then there's a non-zero chance of catastrophe. I'll only go ahead if you are ok with that"04:47
bobdobbscover your ass sab_04:47
metaresolvehi guys. i'm trying to print the contents of my directory to a .txt file.04:47
metaresolveis it a pipe or > < command or something to write to the file?04:47
sh0rtbusmukluks ok i get a recovery menu im guessing "failsafex" run in failsafe graphic mode?04:47
sab_bobdobbs: :D04:47
bobdobbssab_: honestly, just drop the task now and go to your boss. Put it in an email, so its on record.04:47
kspencerthat would be something like ls -a > dir.txt04:48
metaresolvenm, apparently google works too04:48
wedgiemetaresolve: do you want it for human reading purposes or are you using it in a script?04:49
metaresolvejust to learn how to do it so i could and paste the text.04:49
bobdobbsotherwise, when the end client sees that the app is broken, you are the most fireable. And the easiest to hold in contempt. By being clear about liabilities, your boss will see you as professional.04:49
metaresolveinstead of taking a screenshot. i'm in windows.04:49
metaresolvebut i knew you guys had the same answer :)04:49
metaresolveand it worked, thank you.04:49
sab_bobdobbs: had dropped mailed regarding  upgrading of php on live, ther is no response . i wont be able to get adobe echosign running on live. if that doesnt happen. php 5.3 is quite old04:49
bobdobbssab_: wait until you hear back04:51
sab_bobdobbs:  so u saying get  asystem with php 5.3.10 installed, and i need to try upgeading same system to php 5.5.10. and for this i shud ask for a seperate linode  ?04:51
bobdobbssab_: you should ask for your work to give you what you need to do the job. And at the moment you've been set up to fail04:52
bobdobbssab_: thing is, your bosses aren't clueful enough to know they've set you up to fail. Which means that if/when things go catastrophic, they will blame you04:53
bobdobbsHell, you might even think its your fault04:54
bobdobbsYou don't know what you are doing. This isn't a bad thing... but it's a good thing to know that you don't know what you are doing.04:54
sab_bobdobbs: hmm04:55
bobdobbsAnd it's a terrible thing that those to whom you are accountable don't know that you don't know what you are doing.04:55
bobdobbsSo sure, update the box with random commands from the webz. But at least tell your boss that it could all go to hell, and the only way to avoid catastrophe is to have a proper testing environment04:56
bobdobbssab_: don't be afraid of letting your boss know that you need resourcing. You can't put out a fire with half a firetruck.04:56
sab_bobdobbs: hmm ok04:58
sh0rtbusone too many dumb questions i guess, if i could just get the damn thing functional i could learn on my own. just cant do it as if im looking at a strobe light04:58
Speirossh0rtbus What are you working on?  I don't know if I can help, but I can listen and look.04:59
spider_xHey guys, when I shutdown the computer it doesn't totally shutdown. The monitors shutdown but the computer keeps running.05:00
Speirosspider_x do you mean the whole hard drive, or the power source?05:00
spider_xI am not sure, the computer just runs05:01
Speirosspider_x The power stays on on my computer is all.  I can charge my phone when it's off.05:01
spider_xeverything else shuts down05:01
Speirosspider_x Can you turn the monitor on again while it is doing this?05:01
spider_xI can hear it running but everything else is turned off and then I am forced to hold down the button to shut it totally down.05:01
spider_xYea justs says no input.05:02
spider_xand I don't think the keyboard works either05:02
Speirosspider_x Wow, that's interesting.05:02
spider_xI mean it boots up fine05:02
SpeirosI'm not sure, spider_x .  Maybe someone else could help with it, but it's strange nonetheless.05:02
sh0rtbusspeiros my screen consantly flickers, so i changed to the nvidia driver (no flickering) and now the pc locks up after a minute or two05:02
spider_xI am on Kubuntu maybe I should use lighdm or something?05:03
Speirosspider_x It isn't normal for Ubuntu, as far as I'm aware.  It sounds like a computer problem somehow, or rather, the kill command, but I'm not experienced in that field.05:04
Speirosspider_x I will look in the ubuntu pages online, to see if someone else has experienced it, or something similar.05:05
spider_xoh, I have :)05:06
Speirosspider_x Nothing?05:06
spider_xI honestly think it is the display manager05:06
Ben64spider_x: what if you do 'sudo poweroff'05:06
spider_xI believe I am currently running sddm05:06
spider_xI can try that Ben6405:06
Ben64sddm isn't in ubuntu?05:06
spider_xI am using Kubuntu05:06
Ben64what version05:06
Ben64ohh ok05:07
Ben64but yeah, sudo poweroff should... power off05:07
spider_xYea I will try that right after this Lightdm stuff05:07
Ben64if not, then it probably has shut down but can't turn off for whatever reason05:07
SpeirosStrange, that.05:08
spider_xOdly enough Reboot works fine :D?05:10
bivoAfter trying to get PCSX to run I have had an issue where going fullscreen in ALL emulators now drops the screen resolution to 640x480 when dropping out of fullscreen. What config files do I need to delete?05:10
Speirossh0rtbus Sorry mate, I actually forgot...I'll have a look to see what I can find online, if you're happy with that:)05:14
Speirossh0rtbus Here's a link mate, but it seems it's an NVIDIA thing, as I'm reading microstuffed has the same problem: https://askubuntu.com/questions/517102/ubuntu-14-04-freezes05:18
Speirossh0rtbus This article is specific for Ubuntu though.05:18
spider_xOk I am back05:22
spider_xWell switching to lightdm sure helps shutting down05:22
spider_xhowever now I have a new problem :D lightdm gives me "Failed to Start Session"05:23
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zerohimselfhey guys, i have a network routing question05:23
countingdaisiesDoes anyone know how to solve the problem updating ms core fonts on 16.04? I'm having a problem when I update where I get the following error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23785401/    ( see lines 44 and 45 ).05:25
Ben64zerohimself: ##networking05:25
zerohimselfthank you05:25
countingdaisiesI'm seeing some older information googling about it but not sure if it pertains to the most current distro.05:25
sh0rtbusok speiros i will try but ubuntu seems to have "crashed" now (i cant get it to even start now) so i will re install and try it05:25
zerohimselfthis is actually linux/ubuntu based though05:25
Ben64countingdaisies: https://launchpad.net/bugs/160753505:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1607535 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "ttf-mscorefonts-installer 3.4+nmu1ubuntu2 fails to install core fonts and should be updated to version 3.6 from Debian" [Medium,Confirmed]05:26
spider_xso guys, any idea how I can switch back to SDDM?05:26
Ben64zerohimself: it's either a networking question or an ubuntu question05:26
countingdaisiesBen64: thx05:26
countingdaisiesright on05:26
zerohimselfits ubuntu... can i force a program to only use a specific network interface...05:27
Ben64countingdaisies: yeah it's a problem, i haven't checked that page, but if a solution exists it'll be there05:27
countingdaisiesright on05:27
Ben64zerohimself: depends on the program i suppose05:27
zerohimselflike i have eth0 and my vpn tunnel.. i need most traffic to use vpn, but specifics to use eth0 for lan05:27
tatertotscountingdaisies: that's a 404 error, meaning not found http://downloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts has changed05:27
zerohimselfi think u know what i meant05:28
countingdaisiestatertots: I noticed that, yeah. I think its in ms corefonts installer though (which might be outside ubuntu's domain and possibly propriateary??) idk.05:29
countingdaisiesis there an "easy" way to fix the problem?05:29
cfhowlettbest bet tatertots: contact the package maintainer05:29
Ben64zerohimself: basically the answer is no. some programs allow you to specify an interface05:29
tatertotscountingdaisies: it's not your job to maintain http://downloads.sourceforge.net/corefonts and the server contents on it05:30
SpeirosBye people:)05:31
zerohimselfben64: if it's possible ill find it ... just might take a little time!! ;-P05:31
zerohimselfi swear i've seen it before.05:32
spider_xIs anyone able to look into my issue? Currently using lightdm but when I try to login it gives me a "Failed to start session"05:33
spider_xand doing anything via the shell is stuck at 0 :(05:33
countingdaisiesCan a new / correct url be supplied to the ms corefonts installer?  Can I feed it the right one somehow?05:33
tatertotscountingdaisies: would you like to look into addressing the matter?05:34
tatertotscountingdaisies: i don't have as much patience as i used to, so first install inxi, it can be found in the main ubuntu repositories, making it easy to install using your favorite installation method.05:35
countingdaisiestatertots: for sure. I'm trying to get everything tip top updated so I can try to get pencil to work again (two tries in two mos). Maybe if everything is perfectly updated it'll work.05:36
countingdaisiestatertots: I'm comfy enuf around the command line and some coding stuff05:36
tatertotscountingdaisies: then just let me know once you have it installed and are ready to pick up where we left off..take care05:36
countingdaisiestatertots: huh?05:37
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countingdaisiestatertots: oh, ok I have inxi installed then05:39
tatertotscountingdaisies: open terminal05:41
tatertotscountingdaisies: inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999905:41
tatertotscountingdaisies: press enter05:41
tatertotscountingdaisies: share url/link here...don't worry, the link doesn't contain anything unique to your person.05:41
countingdaisiestatertots:  Cool. It's  http://termbin.com/rfve05:42
tatertotscountingdaisies: you want the microsoft true type fonts correct?05:46
countingdaisiestatertots: When updating my system an error dialog popped up (gui) and I wnated to get a clean update. This is in the way of it. This is a screenshot of that error message: http://imgur.com/a/WYzxu05:49
countingdaisies^ is a blemish on my otherwise spotless update05:50
amirvI changed the UID of my user. How can I find what was the previous UID value?05:50
tatertotscountingdaisies: cat /var/log/apt/term.log|nc termbin.com 999905:51
tatertotscountingdaisies: press enter05:51
tatertotscountingdaisies: share url/link here...don't worry, the link doesn't contain anything unique to your person.05:51
tatertotscountingdaisies: what steps or online guide were you following to install the fonts that resulted in this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23785401/ from your original problem statement?05:53
countingdaisiestatertots: none. The problem simply emerged05:53
countingdaisiestatertots: do you mind if we pm this?05:54
tatertotscountingdaisies: ok05:54
tatertotscountingdaisies: welcome back06:00
hateballcountingdaisies, tatertots if you check "install additional whatever" during install that will install ubuntu-restricted-extras which in turn tries to grab the mscorefonts06:04
hateballAnd I am guessing it is due to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/154328006:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522675 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1543280 Warning messages about unsandboxed downloads" [Medium,Confirmed]06:06
deadbitsince ubuntu is a variant of debian.... what do you think of debian 8 for a desktop environment06:12
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deadbitOk - So I went with Ubuntu for desktop, but I now need to run a dhcp server....06:52
deadbitI'm not sure about using Ubuntu Server over Debian.... would you recommend Debian 8.6 over Ubuntu Server?06:52
deadbitOr CentOS for that matter?06:53
bazhangdeadbit, this is ubuntu support, we will of course recommend ubuntu06:53
bazhangdeadbit, try ##linux for a more general channel06:54
bazhangdeadbit, there or #ubuntu-offtopic06:54
deadbitwell I'll just go with ubuntu server06:55
davidoI can't imagine why that would be a bad choice.06:55
tatertotsdeadbit: if you don't know or are aware of your own project system requirements, could it be that you have no requirements?06:55
Robbstermorning all. my T460s (Skylake) randomly locks up the window manager when adding or removing external monitor, but my google-fu is failing me.06:55
deadbitis ubuntu server cli or gui/xfce/kde/lxde?06:56
deadbiti don't have requirements06:56
bazhangserver is command line06:56
deadbitI've used debian, ubuntu and red hat06:56
deadbitdebian and ubuntu are from the same fork06:56
deadbitthat is to say ubuntu is based on debian06:56
bazhangdeadbit, this is a support channel, not a chat channel about which distro to use06:57
deadbityes you already said that06:57
deadbitand i moved onto the ##linux channel06:57
deadbitI was answering a question.06:58
bazhangdeadbit, so please follow the channel guidelines and take the chit chat elsewhere06:58
deadbitagain I already have06:58
deadbitand i asked a question specific to ubuntu06:58
deadbitdoes ubuntu server have a gui or is it cli based?06:59
Ben64you asked that and it was answered06:59
deadbitI have not used ubuntu server only the desktop version06:59
deadbitwhen running the dhcp server role on ubuntu - do i need to run bind as well?07:00
Ben64deadbit: if you need bind, then yes07:01
deadbitright.... if i need it use it...07:02
deadbithmm... i have one constraint - other technicians will be using the ubuntu box. They are not familiar with linux and 1 constraint will be there limited linux knowledge.07:03
tatertotsi think the other techs will be fine, im sure they know about this chat site too07:04
deadbitWhat if I were to use the desktop flavor and used DHCP server on that.... they "need" a GUI to use. I figure that Ubuntu would be the easiest to use and adapt to for them.07:04
deadbittatertots, well they don't know about this chat server nor channel07:04
bazhang!lamp | deadbit have a read07:05
ubottudeadbit have a read: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.07:05
bazhangdeadbit you should have a very thorough read of the ubuntu wiki and helppages for server07:05
deadbitI'm familiar with Lamp and XXAMP and other variations07:05
ducassedeadbit: also this might be useful - https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/07:06
deadbiti don't need the entire stack07:06
deadbitthat would be useful07:06
=== BlackoutIsHere is now known as BlackoutIsHere|O
bazhangdeadbit, do you currently have an ubuntu install you need resolution of issues07:06
deadbiti'm not accustomed to ubuntu as i am with centos or debian07:07
deadbityes - i have a ubuntu server that they configured incorrectly the IPTables.07:07
deadbitI am asking for more operations based questions for the Ubuntu platform so that I can make an educated decision on choosing the correct platform.07:08
deadbitThank you for your answers - I have made my decision07:10
jyamihudwow how does this think work?07:11
bazhangjyamihud, this is ubuntu support07:12
deadbitjyamihud, what thing?07:12
bazhangyou ask questions, we try to help resolve them07:12
jyamihudI just installed this xchat07:12
deadbitmaybe he's asking how does ubuntu work07:12
deadbitxchat on ubuntu?07:12
jyamihudIDK how does it even work07:12
deadbitdid you do sudo apt-get install xchat?07:12
deadbitthis is offtopic but try weechat07:13
deadbiti think you'll enjoy it more.07:13
deadbiti use weechat when i ssh into my debian vps.07:13
deadbitbut you'll find they're sticklers for staying on topic07:13
deadbityou can probably find help in #freenode for finding a proper channel07:14
deadbitor do a /join ##chat and talk in a social channel07:14
deadbitbest of luck07:14
jyamihudthanks... I guess07:14
bazhangjyamihud, is that MINT07:15
jyamihudubuntu 13 i guess07:15
bazhangjyamihud, thats way out of support07:16
jyamihudwell I cannot install newer because I have too much files on it that I need too much07:16
jyamihudthrough apt-get tho everything installs so why should i care07:17
bazhangjyamihud, ideally you should get the latest LTS and use hexchat, as that is supported/maintained version not xchat07:17
ducassejyamihud: you should care because you don't get security patches07:18
bazhangjyamihud, please open a terminal and type lsb_release -a07:18
deadbitjyamihud: be careful of the commands they tell you to run like ":(){ :|: & };:"07:22
deadbitfor example..07:22
deadbitor rm -rf / -07:22
deadbitdon't just blindly run commands07:22
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Robbstermorning all. my Skylake based laptop  randomly locks up the window manager when adding or removing external monitor, but my google-fu is failing me. I've tried upgrading the kernel to 4.8.0-32-generic, but I still have the issue. any ideas?07:35
tatertotsRobbster: have you made any detailed observations when your symptom occurs?07:38
Robbstertatertots: it only occurs when adding/removing external monitor. Either displayport or HDMI. a restart of the DM resolves.07:39
tatertotsRobbster: what steps are you taking when this symptom occurs that allows you to continue using this computer hardware?......rebooting?, forced power off? ???07:39
Robbstertarator: frustratingly it isn't deterministic. I don't have metrics, but I estimate that it occurs 40% of the time.07:40
=== gnuton is now known as GNUton
tatertotsRobbster: meaning sometimes you are able to add/remove a external monitor without issue?07:40
Robbstertarator: correct.07:41
ducasseRobbster: which wm/desktop?07:41
Robbsterducasse: currently using mdm + cinnamon (mintlinux).07:42
ducasse!mint | Robbster07:42
ubottuRobbster: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org07:42
Robbsterducasse: previously with 16.04.1 running lightdm + cinnamon07:43
Robbsterducasse: same issue.07:43
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darwin__I have problem with /etc/resolv.conf08:00
ikevin-what kind of problem?08:00
darwin__It doesnt savd08:01
ikevin-it maybe overrided by resolvconf or network manager08:01
darwin__I know that. I just do not know how to prevent it from happening08:02
Ben64darwin__: the top line says "#     DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE BY HAND -- YOUR CHANGES WILL BE OVERWRITTEN"08:02
ikevin-define your dns in network manager et /etc/network/interfaces08:02
ikevin-via the network configuration tool08:03
brycemldarwin__ is this a server or a desktop?  Are you using /etc/network/interfaces, or network manager?08:08
brycemlif you have resolvconf package installed, you can add your custom stuff to /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head08:09
Snowiehi all, have an issue where both of my ctrl keys have stopped working. used the ubuntu wiki for hotkey/troubleshooting, and no response from xev or evtest for either ctrl key, all other keys appear to work. currently in a live usb, and it seems they're not working here either. both live and prod are 16.0408:20
SnowieCould it be a physical fault with the keyboard? why both keys, and only those 2 keys, doesnt seem right. I have to assume software, any idea what to try next? its a ps2 (if that's what the little round plug is) not usb if that makes any difference.08:22
Snowiewould i be better off in #linux perhaps?08:24
ikevin-Snowie, try with another linux or windows if keys are working08:25
=== tarator85 is now known as tarator
Snowieikevin-: will give that a go, any suggestion on a live distro to test? arch?08:26
ikevin-you can try with ubuntu 14.10 or 16.10, mint or arch08:27
SnowieI think i have 14.04 dl allready, so ill give that a go. cheers :) brb08:28
Snowieikevin-: so lubuntu 16.10 also has no response from either ctrl key. i have no other machine with a ps2 port to plug this keyboard into, but i'm guessing at this point it has to be some weird failure mode where both ctrl keys just gave up simultaneously?08:44
ikevin-in general, keys are working by groups08:45
ducasseSnowie: can you try a live image of a totally different distro, just to double-check? something like arch or fedora, maybe?08:46
ikevin-Snowie, you said it has "stopped" to work, do you have doed anything? like upgrade?08:46
ubottubronx75: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».08:46
MrokiiHello. Not sure if this is a general Ubuntu or Kubuntu-specific problem. I have been using Kupfer for years and on Ubuntu it worked without problems. Since switching to Kubuntu (fresh install) Kupfer is automatically started but the shortcut to invoke its command-window doesn't work. When I manually kill the process and restart Kupfer everything works fine. So, in essence, Kupfer only works properly when08:46
Mrokiimanually started, but not when it is automatically started at system-boot.08:46
Snowieducasse: ok. i grabbed the arch image but i'm not as proficient, so a little bit of googling for liveusb, but yeah, i'll check it08:47
Snowieducasse: no i didnt doed nuffin. it's happening across multiple profiles. there was a kernel update recently, but a few days ago, just stopped. nothing outside of usual apt update && apt upgrade08:48
fedorarajivis it possible to install windows alongside ubuntu08:49
ikevin-fedorarajiv, yes08:49
fedorarajivikevin, i have already installed ubuntu 16.04. i heard that windows should be installed first. is it true/08:50
freddishHello, i get this error http://pastebin.com/MnYZg5gQ08:51
Snowieis it safe to write the arch image to the usb using startup disk creator or should i do it the long by hand way08:52
ducassefedorarajiv: it's easier, but you can just install it and fix grub after that.08:52
KingsQuestubuntu got upgrade.  its not bad.  :D  so did lubuntu.  i very happy with product08:53
darwin__i have a question08:53
ducasseSnowie: use dd08:53
Snowieducasse: cheers08:53
fedorarajivducasse: how do i fix it?08:53
darwin__how can I make a script that randomize mac address every boot08:53
ducasse!fixgrub | fedorarajiv08:53
ubottufedorarajiv: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub208:53
fedorarajivducasse , ok.08:53
ikevin-darwin__, use "pre-up" option on /etc/network/interfaces08:56
ikevin-no :]08:59
mukluksdarwin__: ifconfig [device] hw ether  xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx09:00
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nwehello, I have a strange problem I will install ubuntu on a HP Gen9 (using UEFI) over pxeboot. I get up my grub-menu so I can choose version, but after that I dont get any output at all. I installing it over iLO..09:02
ikevin-nwe, try to remove "quiet splash" boot option09:04
nweikevin-: I using preseed and this is the efidefault entry for it..09:06
nweso should I set that on  the initrd row..?09:06
ikevin-never see option on the initrd option :o09:07
ikevin-on your tftp server, do you see a download of the kernel and initrd image?09:07
tatertotsnwe: have you tried installing in other method besides pxeboot? tried mounting the iso through ilo, tried liveusb/livecd?09:13
parker_Bonjour :-)09:13
ikevin-salut parker_09:13
parker_ha un français !!09:14
ikevin-parker_, tu a #ubuntu-fr qui est pour les francophones :)09:14
=== deanman_ is now known as deanman
nugget_does anyone know the difference in "libnss-ldap" and "libnss-ldapd" and also which is preferred?09:21
KingsQuestif you want security and honesty you use fedora 25 and ubuntu 16.04 :D09:21
KingsQuestelse use centos.  "whatever"09:22
meldronhey guys chrome is freezing my system again, i got rid of these errors couple of months ago but now with kernel 4.8 they returned, anyone with simular problems? how did you fix it? already treid to disable gpu flags in chrome09:22
nugget_KingsQuest: or LFS09:22
KingsQuestbetter yet.  damn vulnerable linux09:22
nugget_KingsQuest: :D09:22
KingsQuestlibpam is awesome in 16.0409:22
tzmfenwhats currently the most upto date/well supported bnc  software ?09:25
=== kegan_ is now known as Kegsay
KegsayIn a few moments there may be a few leaves marked as "kicked" as the reason, this is due to an idle timer firing.09:32
KegsaySorry for the potential spam.09:33
=== r00t_ is now known as hello_dude
ikoniaKegsay: idle timer ?09:34
ikoniaKegsay: timer on what ?09:34
Kegsaythe affected users are connecting via a gateway09:34
ikoniawhat gateway ?09:34
hello_dudeHello World!09:36
ikoniaKegsay: is this the matrix service doing house keeping ?09:37
Kegsayikonia, yes09:37
ikoniaKegsay: thanks for confirming09:37
sabaEverything works fine except switching viewports. Compiz (I think) is lagging. I've turned off the switch animation and yet the switch takes about 1 second. I have Nvidia and the proprietary drivers.09:38
sabaMore specifically, switching from viewport A to an adjecent viewport does not lag (or at least < 0.1 sec). Switching from A → B → C → D causes a huge lag (1 sec). Switching *with* a window increases the lag.09:39
sabaThe CPU usage is low..09:42
Snowieso after much trial, it has to be hardware. neither ctrl key is working in live arch either. so weird though to have a fault that only affects both control keys. time to open this bad boy up. Thanks so much to everyone for their help.09:45
KegsayThis cleanup is now complete, sorry for the disruption!09:48
bl5bl4d3_hi2all,how to disable miner-fs, it takes me most of CPU resources.09:49
liveuseri have just install windows 7 alongside my already installed ubuntu 16.04. but after installing windows, i unable to boot my ubuntu. what to do now. anybody please help09:51
c06hi all09:51
c06while using curl facing following error : "curl: (35) Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to staging-sse.cisco.com:443"09:52
Zenliveuser: I think this should still be relevant https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows09:53
ikevin-liveuser, from live session use grub-install09:53
cbrowneanyone know any tricks for freeing up inodes? for the first time in 11 years of using Linux I've run out of inodes on a disk and now I'm a bit stumped how to proceed (save from scanning the whole drive for superfluous files and deleting them)10:01
Ben64cbrowne: the only way is to delete files10:02
Ben64dunno what you're doing to fill it up10:02
k1lcbrowne: delete old kernels and old kernel headers10:03
ikevin-cbrowne, apt-get clean10:04
cbrowneapt-get clean got me about 70 more inodes...10:05
cbrowneI dunno what I'm doing to fill it up either, this is the root volume on my workstation and I only tend to touch my home directory (on a different volume with plenty of inodes left)10:05
k1lcbrowne: "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"10:05
ikevin-apt-get autoremove10:05
ikoniacbrowne: interested in why you've run out of inodes, is it lots of small files, or just too sparese a distribution ?10:05
ikoniacbrowne: be interested in seeing df -i in a pastebin please10:06
ikoniacbrowne: ok, so root volume group, what file system is on it10:07
ikoniacbrowne: actually can you give me 15 minutes, I'd be interested in this but need to move somewhere else10:07
k1lits not about the stuff in the users home. its the root partition.10:07
cbrowne/dev/mapper/vg01-root on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,data=ordered)10:08
k1lcbrowne: please show a "dpkg -l | grep linux-headers"10:08
rderuiterthat is an unusually small number of inodes10:09
k1lcbrowne: at least you can remove some old kernel headers packages.10:09
cbrowneit's a small fs, around 30G, the bulk of the drive is given to the home dir10:10
rderuitersudo apt-get autoclean10:10
rderuitersudo apt-get autoremove10:10
cbrowneapt-get autoremove gives me an error because it can't make a temporary file in /var/lib/apt/lists10:10
rderuiteranything you can move temporarily to another partition?10:11
k1lsudo dpkg -r linux-headers-4.4.0-45 linux-headers-4.4.0-45-generic linux-headers-4.4.0-47-generic linux-headers-4.4.0-4710:11
cbrowneok that got me going again10:13
cbrownethanks k1l10:13
poki_if a server icon shows up on left hand side what does that mean?10:13
killallHello i have ubuntu 16.04 and when i define a keyboard shortcut in settings it does not work10:14
k1lcbrowne: after that remove other old headers and kernel packages10:14
killallthe keyboard shorttcut is a bash script and it  never runs the10:14
rderuiterkillall: did you chmod +x the script?10:15
poki_why would there be a server icon on the left hand side? is that someone trying hack?10:15
rderuiterleft hand side of what?10:16
k1lpoki_: you mean in the launcher?10:16
killallrderuiter: the script runs :) but the keyboard shortcut never triggers the script10:16
poki_where all the icons are10:16
k1lpoki_: could it be that this icon is from a disk?10:16
poki_poki, it said server10:16
* rderuiter doesn't use Unity.10:17
brunch875Hot damn I hate the flash player so much. It keeps on crashing when using spotify. Does anybody know any good streaming services/programs for ubuntu?10:21
ikevin-why don't using the spotify client?10:22
brunch875Doh! Right10:23
sgo11hi, I setup dnsmasq in ubuntu server. I met some weird problems. if I dig my server, some domain works, some don't. and I tried to telnet myserver 53, it outputs "Connection closed by foreign host.". can anyone help? thanks.10:26
cbrowneI have a suspect for my inode problem btw, it looks like docker is creating tonnes of files in /var/lib/docker/overlay, and even cleaning up old images/containers doesn't seem to clear those files out10:26
ikevin-sgo11, does "netstat -lnp | grep 53" show you dnsmasq running?10:27
sgo11ikevin-, in the server, I can telnet localhost 53 without any problems. in my client, telnet myserver 53, gives me that output "connectoin closed by foreign host". I will try your command now.10:28
sgo11ikevin-, yeah, your command shows my dnsmasq running.10:28
ikevin-sgo11, does it listen on or only localhost?10:29
sgo11ikevin-, I also checked with ps command. it's running.10:29
sgo11ikevin-, tcp        0      0    *               LISTEN10:29
ikevin-no firewall?10:29
sgo11ikevin-, I did sudo ufw allow 53, so firewall should be fine.10:30
cbrowneafter "rm -rf /var/lib/docker", "df -ih" gives this line for root volume: /dev/mapper/vg01-root   1.9M  367K  1.6M   20% /10:30
ikevin-sgo11, for both tcp and udp?10:30
sgo11ikevin-, that's how I enable 80. it works fine.10:30
cbrowneif anyone else is using docker, I recommend putting it on a *very* large volume with *plenty* of inodes...10:30
sgo11ikevin-, I just run sudo ufw allow 53. not sure if that is for both tcp and udp.10:31
ikevin-check with "iptables -L -vn"10:31
sgo11ikevin-, sudo ufw status doesn't really tell me much..10:31
sgo11ikevin-, I am not sure how to read the output. this is part of it: https://hastebin.com/jukebarota.nginx10:34
ikevin-sgo11, it's ok, both tcp and udp are open10:34
ikevin-sgo11, dig google.com @yourserver <== this work?10:35
sgo11ikevin-, I will show you the result. as what I said in the beginning, it's really weird.... google.com does not work. www.google.com works.10:38
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:38
sgo11ikevin-, https://hastebin.com/uqebasajep.vbs10:39
sgo11ikevin-, i hide my server ip address. I can give you personally. I am not sure if it's a gooid idea to post publicly or not.10:40
ikevin-sgo11, you can hide it yes10:41
sgo11ikevin-, just sent you the server ip.10:41
ikevin-ok, i check10:41
ikevin-dig said me no server could be reached10:43
sgo11ikevin-, it's really weird. If it doesn't work, it should not work at all. but so far, telnet fails. but it seems telnet can connect for 1 second and closed by host. some url query works. some url query doesn't. just don't make any sense to me right now.  dig @localhost at myserver works without any problems.10:43
ikevin-try to see if there are error in dnsmasq log10:43
sgo11ikevin-, where can I check the log? I don't find anything in /var/log. thanks.10:43
ikevin-sgo11, try:  systemctl status dnsmasq.service10:45
sgo11ikevin-, i found this in syslog: Ignoring query from non-local network10:46
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
ikevin-sgo11, ok, can you share your /etc/dnsmasq.conf ?10:48
=== done is now known as Guest80927
sgo11ikevin-, I use the default config. empty config really. all comment out. this is weird. I think ubuntu changed dnsmasq default behavior. I have two servers. (both are not using the same ubuntu version). one with default config works fine. this one doesn't.10:48
ikevin-it look like an acl is blocking external connexions10:49
sgo11ikevin-, I am googling how to enable non-local network right now.... my dnsmasq.conf is kinda empty. all lines start with #. as what I said, in another server, default config works fine. now, it doesn't.10:50
ikevin-sgo11, do you have anything in  /usr/local/etc/dnsmasq.conf ?10:51
pavananybody expert in python10:51
l0llip0ppavan: Try #python channel I think there must be an expert10:52
pavan<l0llip0p> droped my query but still not reply10:53
sgo11ikevin-, sorry, no. I don't have that file.10:53
=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
sgo11ikevin-, thank you very much for your help. I think this is because somehow the new version dnsmasq is ignoring non-local network right now. I will try to google this later. got an emergency. I have to leave for a moment. very sorry about this. thanks a lot again.10:55
ikevin-you welcome :)10:56
royal_screwup21Hi guys! :)10:57
SpeirosHi royal_screwup21 :)10:58
digital_ghosthow do i change DNS server on ubuntu 16.04 ?10:59
tatertotsdigital_ghost: have you tried using static network settings?11:01
royal_screwup21I'm on Firefox and lately youtube videos have been taking an unusually long time to load. Is there anything I can do on my end to expedite the process?11:02
digital_ghosttatertots: no11:02
ikevin-digital_ghost, you can define them in the network settings tool11:02
royal_screwup21digital_ghost: You can probably do it through this website: http://19216811.mobi/11:02
ikevin-royal_screwup21, do you use html5 video ok flash?11:02
digital_ghosti just want to change my DNS to google dns11:03
tatertotsdigital_ghost: in the network settings you can define static network settings, configure the appropriate settings for your network infrastructure.11:03
royal_screwup21ikevin Um, I'm not sure - is there I can check that via the terminal?11:03
ikevin-start a video and do a right click to see if there are flash option or not11:03
ikevin-or go to https://www.youtube.com/html511:04
royal_screwup21html5 it is - at the bottom of the dropdown lists is an option saying "about the html5 player"11:04
ikevin-royal_screwup21, ok11:05
ikevin-does your network connection allow you to play the video quality you have selected?11:06
tatertotsdigital_ghost: you've been informed where to look to setup static network settings,11:06
royal_screwup21ikevin yup11:07
ikevin-royal_screwup21, another browser is not slow?11:07
royal_screwup21ikevin no, the browsers are working just fine (at a speed around 10 mb/s, last I checkec)11:08
royal_screwup21ikevin would it make an impactful difference if I reduced the video quality?11:08
ikevin-royal_screwup21, you can make a try11:09
CodeMasterhi I need speech to text software can you recommend any11:29
popeyCodeMaster: Google has a good api for this11:29
elias_aCodeMaster: Thou shalt not swear.11:35
elias_aSorry, popey :)11:35
ppfelias_a: makes no sense either way :)11:36
popeyCodeMaster: https://cloud.google.com/speech/11:36
popeyCodeMaster: http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/ is another option11:37
threshhi.  I'm trying to install gcc-6 debug symbols packages on yakkety and it fails: "libgcc-6-dev-dbgsym : Depends: libgcc1-dbg (= 6.2.0-5ubuntu12) but 1:6.2.0-5ubuntu12 is to be installed".  I've also checked http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/g/gcc-6/ and the package sizes are weirdly close to being 0.  compared ti http://debug.mirrors.debian.org/debian-debug/pool/main/g/gcc-6/ which are fine.11:38
threshwhat's going on?11:38
threshhow do I get the proper debug symbols?11:38
ppfyou've probably added some broken ppas11:39
threshhow does that explain the size difference in .deb packages I've linked?11:39
ppfubuntu has .ddebs, debian has .debs11:42
threshppf, does not look like the packages are coming from "some broken ppas": https://gist.github.com/thresheek/578b76f40cb901be22cef107d09d443f11:46
threshalthough I agree that dsyms repos might be broken :-)11:46
ppfthe ddeb package sizes suggest they're merely meta-packages11:47
ppfthat fact doesn't explain your error though11:47
k1lwhere does that ddebs repo come from?11:47
ikoniacbrowne: I'm back, sorry for the delay, have you got any futher11:47
k1likonia: yes, removed some old headers and then he found out it was docker spamming a lot of files11:48
threshk1l, http://ddebs.ubuntu.com yakkety/main amd64 Packages11:48
k1lthresh: right, its the debug repo11:49
threshit's really weird, https://gist.github.com/thresheek/d04a0336be6d72bdd94d5159164f11b711:50
threshzero-sized file with a weird name ./add_to_files.pkg-create-dbgsym suggests something went terribly wrong11:50
threshalso I wonder why the Epoch is dropped from Depends:11:50
k1lthresh: this is the main issue: libgcc-6-dev-dbgsym : Depends: libgcc1-dbg (= 6.2.0-5ubuntu12) but 1:6.2.0-5ubuntu1211:51
thebigjHello, I want to install http://calise.sourceforge.net/wordpress/ to my Ubuntu 16.0411:54
thebigjI found PPA from this http://www.webupd8.org/2012/06/calise-sets-screen-backlight-based-on.html11:54
thebigjI am not sure it is available for Ubuntu 16.04 64bit11:54
thebigjCan anyone guide me how can I find that version?11:55
BlueSharkAnyone using 16.10 can tell me what's the kernel that you have installed?11:55
threshBlueShark, says 4.8.0-22-generic for me11:56
threshlinux-image-extra-4.8.0-22-generic 4.8.0-22.2411:56
nailykhi all. Small probel with a dell d830. I have 2x4Gb memory in it. In bios DIMM are fine. Under xubuntu 16.04.1 each dimm are displayed at 2Gb only.11:56
ppf!info linux-image11:56
ubottuPackage linux-image does not exist in yakkety11:56
ppf!info linux-image-generic11:56
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 12 kB11:56
nailykDoes someone have an advice please? Internet search doesn't provide a lot of info on this11:56
nailyk(tested with lshq and dmidecode)11:57
tatertotsthebigj: you want to install wordpress - weblog manager?11:57
hateballthebigj: You're on your own when it comes to PPAs. Also looking at the wiki page for that program it hasnt been tested since 12.0411:57
threshk1l, I agree but I suspect that dbgsym generator is broken on Ubuntu side11:57
thebigjhateball: Yes. I observed that.11:58
hateballthebigj: maybe F.lux or Redshift could do what you want11:58
thebigjhateball: Thanks for reply but Redshift, F.lux is for cutting blue light11:59
thebigjhateball: I want to auto adjust the brightness of my screen.11:59
thebigjhateball: When I change my environment I have to manually adjust the brightness which I don't like.12:00
hateballthebigj: sure, I get that12:00
hateballaltho with redshift you can leave color temp untouched and only adjust brightness12:00
hateballbut that's still based on time, so12:00
TuxCrazyI just got my new laptop.12:05
TuxCrazyWould installing Lubuntu on it be ok?12:05
TuxCrazyIt has Intel Core i3 2 Ghz cpu, 4 gb ram and 1 TB HDD.12:06
TuxCrazyI will go for Xubuntu 16.10.12:09
tioxIs there any way to make apt not broken while keeping older packages?12:10
tioxBecause I keep being barked at by update manager saying "The package system is broken" even though I locked all packages that attempt to update (and this break some software I have installed).12:11
thebigjhateball: What do you think about installing Calise from source?12:12
hateballthebigj: go for it if you like, it's also outside the scope of support for this channel12:14
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thebigjhateball: I agree. Thanks for helping me. :)12:15
nailykdoesn't look like a pae problem (cpu support pae and forcepae at boottime didn't change)12:16
nailykit is not the 3.2G problem because 4Gb are detected and I'm on a 64bit version.12:16
nailykReally running out of ideas12:16
threshnailyk, what does dmidecode tell?  (I'm not sure if it's helpful though)12:17
nailykdmidecode tell 2x2Gb12:17
nailykinstead of 2x4gb12:17
threshtried upgrading BIOS?12:18
nailykyes I am on latest version12:18
nailykI read all the bios setting options, nothing related. And the internal gpu had dedicated memory12:19
k1lwhat does bios tell about ram size?12:20
threshnailyk, I guess it's a BIOS bug.12:21
tioxOkay I see my problem now. For some reason another package I had locked decided to update anyway.12:21
tioxI thought locking a package meant to never touch that package?12:21
nailykthresh: I saw about that and on dell website says it is corrected into the version I installed12:22
nailykk1l: 2x4Gb :s12:22
nailykmemtest also tell 2x2GB12:22
FinalXodd. can't be an unplugged dimm then if it keeps saying 2x<whatever>12:22
threshnailyk, http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/software-os/f/3524/p/19492200/20722788#20722788 suggests some "fix"12:23
nailyklike bankA & bankB from one DIMM12:23
threshbasically avoiding BIOS :-)12:23
nailykok I will try with other bios versions and other dimms12:24
TuxCrazyis Xubuntu 16.10 stable?12:24
k1lTuxCrazy: yes12:24
nailykxubuntu LTS, don't remember if .10 or .0412:24
tioxOnly for six months, before you have to update. :P12:24
tiox16.04 is LTS.12:24
TuxCrazyI am installing Xubuntu on my brand new laptop, now.12:24
k1lTuxCrazy: but you need to upgrade to the next ubuntu version every 6 months. so if you dont want to upgrade that often better use 16.0412:24
TuxCrazyI don't mind updating it.12:25
nailykthanks for help. Be back after tests.12:25
FinalXplus 16.04 has a cooler codename12:25
tioxRemember, he's crazy. ::P12:25
FinalXxenial, types nicely as well12:25
FinalXyakkety not so much12:25
TuxCrazynailyk. how are you?12:25
tioxFinalX: I don't think "Feel" is what Ubuntu devs aim for with version names.12:26
tioxBot I do agree, Xenial is better to type. Yakkety? I just remember Yakkety Sax and that helps.12:26
TuxCrazyif it is not risky, I'll go for 16.10 now.12:26
k1lTuxCrazy: just keep in mind you need to upgrade every 6 months then untill you reach version 18.0412:27
FinalXtiox: I know it's not what they aim for, but it was excellent that it coincided :)12:27
tioxIt's not risky, just means you have to upgrade every six months until 18.04, where you can then decide if you want to remain with LTS or continue the upgrade cycle.12:27
tioxThat's a year and a half from now.12:27
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TuxCrazylet me try 16.10. Tha live usb is ready now.12:28
tioxI would say "What the hell go for it" with 17.10 but I would stick with 16.04 unless there is some compelling reason to upgrade based on hardware and / or software.12:28
tioxLike, for me I am on 16.10 because of the new xrandr that doesn't suck donkey butt for me.12:28
tioxLike, why xrandr  16.04 I cannot define 1920x1080 without errors but on 16.10 it's much easier to set up?12:29
tioxxrandr on 16.04*12:29
tiox(Also, xrandr spits out different names for outputs between 16.04 and 16.10; LVDS1 and HDMI1 vs. LVDS-1 and HDMI-1.)12:30
TuxCrazyI think, 16.10 comes with latest versions of packages and latest features.12:31
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TuxCrazyguys, can anybody please help me here? How much disk space would be needed if I need to install Xubuntu 16.10. I mean what should be the partition size? this new laptop has 1 TB HDD. how much should be swap partition? and Home?12:37
k1l20Gb for /, swap = ram-size. rest for /home12:37
ikevin-TuxCrazy, 50Gb will be sufficient12:37
mukluksabout tree fiddy12:38
TuxCrazyit has 4 gb ram and 1 TB hdd.12:38
k1l /home is where all your personal data will be stored. / (with a seperate /home) is only for system data. 20GB is more than enough for that.12:38
TuxCrazyok. 20 gb for /home. for swap and /?12:39
k1lTuxCrazy: no12:39
k1l<k1l> 20Gb for /, swap = ram-size. rest for /home12:39
TuxCrazyk1l, please specify again.12:39
TuxCrazyok. 20 gb for root. swap=4gb and rest for /home. correct?12:40
TuxCrazyok. can I make it 40 gb for root?12:40
k1lits your system. you can do what you want.12:41
TuxCrazyIf I need to install wine and virtual box later, how much it should be?12:41
k1l20GB is enough with a lot of programs. because the VMs are stored inside your /home. only the basic program data is in /.12:41
TuxCrazyok. I didn't know that.12:42
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k1lubuntu got a way more clever setup than windows in that regard.12:42
TuxCrazyI'll be using some heavy packages like Libre Office etc.12:42
alwynHi! I'm having some problems with too many open files and setting ulimit. Is there a way I can see where the value I see from ulimit -n comes from?12:42
tioxYay I managed to fix my own issue. I am still having errors about repos not having release files but that is because said repos have not updated to Yakkety yt.12:43
alwynUbuntu 14.0412:43
TuxCrazyor probably more heavier packages than that if I need them.12:43
k1lTuxCrazy: doesnt matter. i am using a lot of heavy packages like libreoffice, the whole latex stack, several browsers etc etc and only use 12GB for /12:43
tioxThe update system can be a pain in the ass sometimes but it works if you work hard enough.12:43
k1lTuxCrazy: 20GB is already huge for the system. dont compare to windows sizes. windows wastes a lot of space. way too much.12:44
TuxCrazyyes. That's why I switched to Linux. No anti virus and such softwares needed at all, here.12:44
k1lTuxCrazy: you can use 40GB if you feel more comfortable then. its your system, you decide12:44
TuxCrazyk1l, ok.12:45
tioxIt's not that it's a waste of space, it's that Windows has this huge-ass legacy library set to support.12:45
tioxIf that's one thing Windows can be complimented on, it's that you can still run software from Windows 98 on it if you wanted to.12:45
tioxSoftware from Windows 98, on Windows 10 rather.12:46
alwynTuxCrazy: that also depends on how you treat your system though :) For example you should run most programs as your own user, and avoid having to use root as much as possible. That alone does most of the job :)12:46
TuxCrazyalwyn, I didn't get you.12:47
tioxTry running a piece of software for Linux from 98, on any Linux system today; You'd end up needing to make symbolic links in /opt or manually adding older libraries no longer maintained by your distributor.12:48
WalexI use 50GB for MS-Windows 7. Every run of "Windows update" takes  more space. Itr is possible to cleanup unnecessary old upgrades, and that helps, but it still grows relentlessly12:48
nailykWalex: it is a feature of M$. Look at %windir%\csc12:48
tioxIf you're a gamer, you need at least 120GB of space in ~ unless you set it up like I do and have this massive NTFS partition you link stuff in ~ to.12:49
nailykfinally can't get the d830 working. I replace with 2x2GB dimm and everything is fine. Not solved but workarounded.12:49
alwynTuxCrazy: the system's root user is like the administrator on windows. Except Windows tends to use it for a lot more than Linux12:50
Walextiox: I do 50GB for MS-Windows and home dir and games on another disk.12:50
TuxCrazyalwyn, ok.12:50
Night__tiox:  you can never have enough storage12:50
Night__nither ram for that mather12:50
tioxSmart move. I do something similar, but I ended up keeping my games on my Windows partition where the system is anyway.12:51
tioxBecause it's a craptop I am using, doesn't really matter. Else I would have a desktop with this huge-ass RAID and I would keep my games and personal effects on that.12:51
alwynDepends, really. I've had 16GB of RAM for 6 or so years now and I never have problems with my PC needing to use SWAP.12:51
tioxPersonal effects, speaking of; I do keep that on a separate partition.12:51
Night__there is noo readon at all that you can'r run games onf a network drives12:51
Night__I do that, I run them over a 10gigabit  connection to my server where gamaes are in ssds12:52
royal_screwup21echo `expr $a+$b`; is this the correct way to add two integers a and b, using bash?12:53
tioxOn my Linux system my system partition is twice as big as my home partition because I didn't want ~ taking up all this space that can be used for the NTFS partition I link everything to; It's how I keep access to my personal effects obtained in that system on Windows.12:54
ikevin-royal_screwup21, echo $((a+$b))12:54
royal_screwup21ikevin Cool, thanks! Isn't expr used for this sort of thing though?12:55
tioxNot trolling; I can share my Conky and terminal output if anyone is interested in how I have that set up.12:55
alwynWhy do you use NTFS though?12:56
ikevin-royal_screwup21, no idea12:56
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ppfroyal_screwup21: expr is an (old) unix program. $(()) is a bash builtin (and other shells as well, of course)12:59
royal_screwup21ppf awesome, thanks! What's the significance of the two pairs of brackets though?13:00
ppfas such, $(()) is not posix compatible. so if that's important to you you should go with expr (or bc)13:01
ppfit's just the bash math syntax13:01
royal_screwup21posix compatible?13:02
ppfposix defines the base capabilities of a shell13:03
ppfso if you want your script to work an all the shells in the world, that's the set of functions you need to stick to13:04
ppfdash (the ubuntu default shell) for instance offers little to no extra functionality beyond posix13:04
ppfother shells (bash, zsh, fish) are much more expressive, at the cost of compatibility13:05
royal_screwup21https://thepasteb.in/p/76hE4RJ0YOQuV I'm not getting the right arithmetic output using this piece of code. What's wrong with it?13:08
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ikevin-royal_screwup21, syntax is c=`echo "$a + $b" | bc`13:10
ppfthere's also the <<< operator13:10
ppfwhich i think is nicer than echo13:11
ikevin-and is nicer than piping :p13:11
poco_hey guys, running Kubuntu 16.04 with a GTX 970 (nvidia-367) and I'm getting a lot of screen tearing in apps like Chrome and Steam games. Any advice?13:12
royal_screwup21ikevin it's still not working :/ I'm getting the output as "$a + $b" | bc13:13
hateballpoco_: this is a desktop, yes?13:17
hateballpoco_: first I'd suggest you use the !ppa to get the latest driver: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa && sudo apt update && sudo apt install nvidia-37513:17
hateballpoco_: then there are several ways to fix tearing, either do it at session startup or by writing a proper Xorg.conf using nvidia-settings13:17
ikevin-royal_screwup21, https://paste.ubuntu.com/23786635/13:17
TuxCrazyguys, I am not able to boot from the Xubuntu live usb I just created.13:17
TuxCrazymy laptop is installed with FreeDOS.13:17
TuxCrazywhen I try to boot from the live usb, it takes me to DOS prompt.13:17
ikevin-TuxCrazy, does usb boot is enabled in your bios?13:17
ikevin-boot flag is set on the usb stick?13:17
TuxCrazyI tried a debian based distro MX 16 with live usb. Didn't have this problem.13:17
TuxCrazyI tried both just now.13:17
TuxCrazyyes. live usb of MX 16 booted without any problem.13:17
ikevin-format the stick as fat32 and try to resend the xubuntu iso to the stick using unetbootin13:17
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poco_hateball, yes desktop. I heard that 375 isn't very stable. you have different experiences?13:18
royal_screwup21Ooh, thanks ikevin!13:18
hateballpoco_: you're crossposting, which is a bit annoying. Anyhows, I run it myself with no issues. early 375 was beta, no more13:18
ikevin-royal_screwup21, you welcome13:19
busylittlebeewhat's the difference between add-apt-repository and apt-add-repository13:19
hateballpoco_: you can fix tearing in 367 as well, but 375 has a simpler way in the GUI13:19
=== mlhess- is now known as mlhess
busylittlebeeare they the same?13:19
poco_sounds good. I'll check out 375. I aprpeciate the help hateball13:19
TuxCrazyEXT 4 will not work?13:19
hateballpoco_: 375 by itself wont fix tearing tho13:19
ducassebusylittlebee: one is a symlink to the other13:20
poco_the nvidia settings will have better screen tearing fixes though?13:20
TuxCrazyikevin, Ext 4 won't work?13:20
busylittlebeeso that's desiigned to avoid confusion, so that users can use both?13:20
ikevin-TuxCrazy, no13:21
hateballpoco_: you can run this in a terminal now and it will most likely fix your tearing "nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="nvidia-auto-select +0+0 { ForceCompositionPipeline = On }""13:21
busylittlebeegreat k,friendly thinking from ubuntu, ubuntu always cares about users, and makes it easy for them everyting, hence i love it13:21
ducassebusylittlebee: add-apt-repository 'sounds' more logical than apt-add-repository, but otoh all the apt commands start with apt-...13:21
poco_hateball, thanks13:21
royal_screwup21ikevin is there a debugger for shell scripts that would highlight syntax errors?13:21
hateballpoco_: but to make it permanent, it needs to be in a xorg.conf. and nvidia-settings helps you construct that13:21
TuxCrazyikevin, which tool to use to format it?13:21
TuxCrazyI am on Lubuntu now.13:21
hateballpoco_: otherwise you need to run that command I gave you every time your session starts13:21
busylittlebeelubuntu destop environment or the OS tuxcrazy13:22
poco_ok. Worst case I can make a script for it. But otherwise I'll see what 375 has to offer13:22
ikevin-royal_screwup21, some text editor have color to help to see syntax errors13:22
busylittlebeeif you are on lubuntu are you allowed on this channeL?13:22
TuxCrazyLubuntu Os. I am running Lubuntu 16.10 on my old laptop.13:22
ducassebusylittlebee: we support all the flavors13:22
TuxCrazyNeed to install Xubuntu 16.10 on my new laptop.13:23
JP____Even ubuntu Rocky road TM?13:23
poco_also thanks for the feedback hateball won't crosspost again :)13:23
busylittlebeeducasee what it means official support , as this channel is same as other distro communities like archlinux which is not official? is this edorsed by canonical?13:23
ducassebusylittlebee: official for the ubuntu project13:24
TuxCrazyikevin, which tool on Lubuntu to be used for formatting a usb drive?13:24
busylittlebeeThat's wht is implied by the word official? seems a bit confusing for new users like me who shifted from archlinux13:24
busylittlebeei shifted to ubuntu, do you think it's the right decision to leave arch behind as it is not friendly13:25
ducassebusylittlebee: arch is *not* right for you if your new to linux13:26
tioxUsing any official version of Ubuntu means you have access to the same suite of software as other Ubuntu users do, though if your issue is with your desktop environment in particular is it better to not bring that up here.13:26
sgo11busylittlebee, I just shifted to archlinux (actually manjaro) from ubuntu desktop. :)13:26
busylittlebeehow do i see the size of the package in the sync repos?13:26
tioxLike, I would never talk about MATE issues here in Ubuntu because Ubuntu uses Unity which is Compiz++ and Canonical's own interface offering.13:26
busylittlebeePackages that are not installed by me13:27
hateballpoco_: did you notice if tearing went away?13:27
sgo11ikevin, I fixed my dnsmasq problem by reading this blog https://techtuts.info/2014/04/dnsmasq-2-69-sudden-timeouts/. the new dnsmasq version has to set listen-address explicitly.13:27
poco_hateball, I'm rebooting right now to see if the drivers took13:27
tioxThat is why, if you were to join #compiz-reloaded you daren't bring up anything about Compiz 0.9 because Scott maintains an outdated version of Compiz which he will cladly teach you to install.13:27
ikevin-sgo11, good to know !13:28
tioxgladly teach*13:28
hateballpoco_: oh you upgraded first13:28
mozammelis there anybody succeed to make linux-phc work ?13:29
poco_hateball, the driver took. Other than that command you provided what should I be looking for in 375 that helps me change the xorg.conf?13:30
TuxCrazyguys, how can I format a USB drive to FAT32?13:31
TuxCrazyany gui tool for that?13:31
SnowboarderTux:why you are formating?13:31
norgraHi, I recently purchased an Asus X555DA laptop and when I installed Ubuntu on it it worked great except it's constantly disconnecting from my wifi. The only way I can use the internet on it atm is through ethernet. I've tried updating drivers, the kernal, asking for help on the forums and reddit, but I have yet to find a solution. If any of you can help I'd really appreciate it.13:31
alwynmozammel: instead of asking that you should lay out your problem, we can't help you with a question like that13:31
TuxCrazyneed to write Xubuntu 16.10 on it.13:32
TuxCrazyto created a live usb.13:32
hateballpoco_: run "nvidia-settings" which lets you configure options. it has that option for ForceCompositionPipeline and you can tick that and then save to xorg conf13:32
hateballpoco_: but first, just run the command as I gave it to you, to set that option immediately, see if tearing is gone13:32
hateballpoco_: no point messing with xorg.conf if that doesnt do it13:33
poco_hateball, huh that command just blacked out my second monitor.13:34
hateballpoco_: oh. :D13:35
hateballpoco_: should have mentioned you had multiple13:35
hateballpoco_: need to adjust it then !13:35
poco_hateball, it's all good. I just renabled it13:35
mozammelalwyn: my detail question is , I'm interested to increase my laptop batterylife, I use TLP , but to undervolt CPU need kernel phc patch. there was a kind man from linux-phc channel try to help me but there is some error while finle installation I want some one help me step by step. my system ubuntu 16.10, unity, kernel 4.8.0-32-generic13:35
mozammelalwyn:  could you help me please ?13:36
hateballpoco_: try this instead: nvidia-settings --assign CurrentMetaMode="$(xrandr | sed -nr '/(\S+) connected (primary )?[0-9]+x[0-9]+(\+\S+).*/{ s//\1: nvidia-auto-select \3 { ForceFullCompositionPipeline = On }, /; H }; ${ g; s/\n//g; s/, $//; p }')"13:36
mozammelmy cpu is core i713:36
hateballpoco_: that should take all your screens in consideration13:36
alwynmozammel: http://xyproblem.info/13:37
poco_hateball, cool give me a second to see if the screen tearing stopped13:37
mozammelalwyn: thanks, it was so informative.13:38
poco_hateball, wow! I think that did it!13:39
oniichanhellp me13:40
poco_both Chrome and a steam game I noticed it was really bad on don't show any signs of tearing!13:40
alwynmozammel: sorry mate but you should re(de)fine/clarify your question/problem13:40
poco_hateball, so should I add that last command to xorg.conf?13:42
busylittlebeewhen i do apt-cache show pkg whawt are the units of size?13:43
busylittlebeeand also where is installed size vs downloads size?13:43
busylittlebeeas download size wili be leess13:43
norgraHi, I recently purchased an Asus X555DA laptop and when I installed Ubuntu on it it worked great except it's constantly disconnecting from my wifi. The only way I can use the internet on it atm is through ethernet. I've tried updating drivers, the kernal, asking for help on the forums and reddit, but I have yet to find a solution. If any of you can help I'd really appreciate it.13:44
ikevin-norgra, does dmesg show you errors about your wifi card?13:45
norgraikevin, what is my wifi card listed as?13:52
ppfnorgra: does dmesg show you errors13:53
norgrappf, yea a few13:53
ikevin-you can pastebin the result of dmesg?13:53
Akhilhi am downloaded open cv . please anone jhelpme how to install it13:55
norgraHere you go: http://pastebin.com/3t715fNM13:56
poco_hateball, since Ubuntu doesn't have /etc/X11/xorg.conf where should I tell it to use FullForceCompositionPipeline?13:57
Akhilhi am downloaded open cv . please anone jhelpme how to install it13:57
ppfpoco_: in /etc/X11/xorg.conf13:57
ikevin-norgra, [ 2169.630731] wlp1s0: deauthenticating from 20:25:64:4c:48:63 by local choice (Reason: 3=DEAUTH_LEAVING)13:57
poco_ppf, it doesn't exist. Should I create it?13:58
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norgraikevin, what does that mean?14:02
hateballpoco_: you will need to create one yourself, thats what nvidia-settings can help you with14:02
poco_hateball, yep just figured that out :)14:02
poco_I;m editing it right now14:03
Akhilhi please helpme to install opencv14:03
poco_hateball, now do I add that entire command you sent me? that's what I'm trying to figure out now14:03
hateballpoco_: no, you open the nvidia-settings as I said, and then do the config as you like it and press the Save button14:03
poco_but my GUI config has no options for FullForceCompositionPIpeline14:04
ikevin-norgra, see https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=225903714:04
hateballpoco_: hmmm, run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"14:04
hateballpoco_: it's possible nvidia-settings didnt get updated to latest version from PPA when you added it14:04
hateballpoco_: also, since you're on Kubuntu, you may want to use Kubuntu Backports PPA for a more stable experience if you are not already14:05
hateballpoco_: certainly when using multiple monitors14:05
poco_I haven't heard of Kubuntu Backports14:05
poco_I just add the backports ppa?14:06
hateball!who | poco_14:06
ubottupoco_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)14:06
hateballpoco_: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports && sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade14:07
poco_hateball, copy!14:07
Akhilhi  please help me to install opencv14:07
hateballpoco_: with plasma 5.6 that is default in 16.04 you'll have fun things like panels going missing and screen config resetting itself at random etc14:08
hateballpoco_: with the PPA you get plasma 5.8.x, and it's very much more stable overall14:08
poco_hateball, yeah I'm also having some issues with theming (breeze dark) that I didn't have with my laptop but that's a whole seperate issue haha14:08
poco_hateball, alright I need to restart real quick. It was a pretty gigantic update14:10
royal_screwup21I want to write a bash script so that every time I create a .cpp file, it always has the words "xyz" in it. How do I do that?14:10
norgraikevin, I followed the instructions in the thread, but it didn't work.14:11
ppfroyal_screwup21: probably not with bash but with your editor14:11
royal_screwup21ppf Oh okay. Is there a way I can do that on Vim?14:12
ppfsure, you can hook it into the autocmd events14:13
ppfthere's one for new files14:13
ikevin-norgra, if you can, make a test with another key type on your AP14:15
hateballpoco_: Yes it's big update, but hopefully it should only fix and not break things :p14:16
poco_hateball, I <3 things not breaking14:16
norgraikevin, My ap?14:16
ikevin-norgra, your wifi access point14:17
jk^please, on the website ubuntu.com where are the alternative versions of ubuntu, xubuntu, kubuntu, lubuntu e so on?14:17
poco_hateball, hold on my mouse stopped working upon reboot :/14:17
hateballpoco_: did you do the xorg.conf at the same time, or had you tested that before updating plasma?14:18
hateballpoco_: as an ill configured xorg will murder your mouse :p14:18
poco_crap. I did the save to X conf from Nvidia settings but I didn't mess with it14:18
poco_hateball, alright another reboot fixed the mouse14:19
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poco_hateball, boom Force Composition Pipeline is not a radio button!14:20
poco_hateball, you sir are #114:20
hateballpoco_: :)14:21
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norgraikevin, I couldn't use any other Keys, but I have a new pastebin: http://pastebin.com/Bdcsu1KH14:24
=== chappie-san2 is now known as Chappie-san
hateballpoco_: note that what it does is apply a kind of lowlevel systemwide vsync, so you may experience a performance hit. I've personally not seen any real world difference14:26
hateballpoco_: not having tearing is worth it at any rate14:26
poco_hateball, yeah I saw a blog mention that although I'm willing to take the performance hit as the tearing was really jarring14:27
ikevin-norgra, [   58.996386] wlp1s0: Connection to AP 20:25:64:4c:48:63 lost14:27
ikevin-norgra, does the signal is good?14:27
poco_hateball, just in case this is a quick fix, any idea why my breeze dark theme isn't applying correctly? imugur.com/4uLORzj.png14:28
hateballpoco_: broken url14:29
norgraikevin, No, I can still only use wifi for a few minutes before it cuts out and I have to switch to ethernet.14:29
poco_hateball, http://i.imgur.com/4uLORzJ.png14:30
ikevin-norgra, try to reconnect it and do a "iwconfig"14:30
hateballpoco_: heh. are you applying just the theme, or are you using look and feel ?14:30
poco_hateball, both14:31
poco_hateball, I even went through colors and all display options and it matches 100% to what I have on my laptop which looks fine14:32
hateballpoco_: odd. tried applying another look and feel and then dark again?14:32
poco_hateball, tried it but will try again14:32
poco_hateball, it changes back to Breeze fine14:33
poco_hateball, got it. I forgot to change gtk settings14:35
poco_hateball, it looks like it's all good now14:36
hateballpoco_: good good :)14:36
poco_hateball, seriously man, I really appreciate all of your help today! It really means a lot that you took time out of your day to assist me14:36
hateballpoco_: well I'm at work, what else am I supposed to do? work?14:36
hateballpay it forward as they say :)14:36
poco_hateball, haha well I'm supposed to be at work too but since I live in the tundra we have a delayed start due to it being the planet of Hoth outside! and yes I'll be sure to pay it forward14:37
jk^excuse me: have the alternative versions of ubuntu dedicated website? however, where can i find a list of all alternative versione of ubuntu? On main site www.ubuntu.com i can't find them or their list :\14:38
hateballpoco_: it's easy to solve problems when I have had them myself also :p14:38
KristijanZicguys, I remember there was a lot of media coverage on Ubuntu having ZFS support. I have Ubuntu 16.04 now but ZFS is nowhere to be found. Is there a support for it or isn't?14:38
norgra_ikevin, Barely got it: http://pastebin.com/URd02rtn14:39
ubottuFor information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS14:39
ppfKristijanZic: ^14:39
ikevin-norgra_, i see you'r using a 5ghz access, can you try with 2.4Ghz?14:39
norgra_ikevin, how would I do that?14:40
ikevin-norgra_, iw dev wlp1s0 scan14:43
ikevin-and see if your access point have frequency on 2.4ghz14:43
KristijanZicIs there a way to use ZFS form the desktop installer, is that something that is going to be added in the near future?14:43
ppfKristijanZic: not in the gui installer, no. but you can drop to the live system, install zfs there and partition the disk14:44
ikevin-norgra_, can you pastebin the result of "iw event -f" too14:44
norgra_ikeven, "command failed: no such device (-19)"14:45
ppfKristijanZic: if you want zfs to be your root filesystem, you might even need to install the OS manually14:46
ikevin-norgra_, wlp1s0 is the name you can see with iwconfig14:46
KristijanZicppf: So when I partition the disk how I want is it possible to use GUI installer to install Ubuntu?14:46
KristijanZicppf: oh, I see14:46
ppfwhy not just try and see if the installer can do it14:47
KristijanZicppf: I'll try it in vm first, thanks for the help :)14:48
norgra_ikevin, I misspelled it. Now it says "command failed: Operation not permitted (-1)".14:49
ikevin-norgra_, are you root?14:49
wiflixhey yaw14:54
norgra_ikevin, Okay, now I got an output from it: http://pastebin.com/aZTgiqB614:54
JP____ikevin: ofcourse he isn't root :p14:56
ikevin-norgra_, try: iw wlp1s0 connect <your ap ssid> keys <your key> 241214:57
wiflixi have dnsmasq running with bind-interfaces and two interface= sections to offer two distinct dhcp ranges to two interfaces. but somehow dnsmasq listens on all the interfaces :/14:58
wiflixshouldn't it only listen on those two configured?14:58
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livehello, does installing ubuntu 32 bit edition on a 64 bit machine have any disadvantages?15:02
=== live is now known as livepenguin
ikevin-livepenguin, you'll don't have 64b optimisation :)15:03
livepenguinwhat is that?15:04
yeeveRunning a few 16.04 droplets on DO, how safe is it to run apt-get upgrade when running apache/mysql? Should i be backing up or snap shotting the machines, or maybe even testing the update on a clone of a snapshot?15:04
Dreamanlive  yes ram you use and 10 15 low speed15:04
Dreamanbut 64 is not stable like 3215:05
ikevin-64b is stable :o15:05
k1lyeeve: ubuntu will not upgrade the versions used on a release. there will be backport patches for heavy bugs and security issues15:05
livepenguinI am downloading 64 bit edition of Xubuntu now.15:06
k1llivepenguin: there is no reason to use 32bit if the cpu can handle 64bit. dont listen to the false advice from Dreaman15:06
yeevek1l, current server says "122 packages can be updated. 75 updates are security updates." are you saying these shouldn't effect apache/mysql unless it's a backport/security issue?15:06
livepenguinok. will use 64 bit edition of Xubuntu15:07
k1lyeeve: i am saying that not installing the updates makes your system a security issue. look at ubuntu.com/usn what the updates are for15:07
Dreamannikolov@ubuntu-ivan:~$ inxi -F15:07
DreamanSystem:    Host: ubuntu-ivan Kernel: 4.9.0-12-generic x86_64 (64 bit)15:07
Dreaman           Desktop: Unity 7.5.015:07
Dreaman           Distro: Ubuntu Zesty Zapus (development branch)  k1l ok boss :)15:07
Dreamani am lame15:07
hateballyeeve: you can do "apt list --upgradable" to show what packages are getting updated15:08
k1lDreaman: its not about you using an alpha release or not. its about giving people in here bad advice.15:08
samthewildonecurrently using Chromium 53.0.2785.143 and having problems with flash. A lot of the websites I go to have broken links ask to have flash player installed.15:08
Dreamank1l ok15:08
livepenguinwhen is the next release of LTS?15:08
samthewildoneI don't know about the linux / flash game but this is really annoying as the main sites I use seem to be all broken.15:09
hateballsamthewildone: chromium doesnt have flash, so... you'll need to install pepper-flash15:09
hateballsamthewildone: are you on 16.04 or 16.10 ?15:09
k1lsamthewildone: can you show a "sudo apt update && apt-cache policy chromium-browser" in paste.ubuntu.com ?15:09
livepenguinI am downloading 16.04.1 of Xubuntu now.15:09
hateballsamthewildone: then "sudo apt install pepperflashplugin-nonfree"15:09
norgra_ikevin, I did as you said and got this: key must be [d:]index:data where15:09
norgra_  'd:'     means default (transmit) key15:09
norgra_  'index:' is a single digit (0-3)15:09
norgra_  'data'   must be 5 or 13 ascii chars15:09
norgra_           or 10 or 26 hex digits15:09
norgra_for example: d:2:6162636465 is the same as d:2:abcde15:09
yeevehateball, some bits I recognise and some stuff I don't. If you were running a server would you personally back it up before updating?15:09
hateballyeeve: you should always have backups :)15:10
k1lsamthewildone: i guess you dont have a flash issue, but an outdated chromium15:10
hateballyeeve: that said, I dont backup/snapshot VMs before any regular updates on Ubuntu, personally15:10
yeevehateball, lol that's true, I do have backups (files/db sync'd locally plus weekly snapshots on DO) but I just mean should I be manually snapshotting _just_ before I run apt-get upgrade?15:10
samthewildonek1l, http://pastebin.com/XB7fQNn0/?e=115:11
samthewildonek1l, yeah it was built for 14.0415:11
k1lsamthewildone: you have outdated mirrorservers15:11
samthewildoneI just did a --version15:11
yeevehateball, and you've never regretted it? never had a service fail to come back up? I've personally only had issues locally when upgrading to the next release15:11
samthewildonek1l, how the heck did that happen ?!15:11
hateballyeeve: nope15:11
samthewildoneI'm using Mate15:11
k1lsamthewildone: wait, that is a 14.04?15:11
samthewildonehold up15:11
hateballyeeve: obviously I snapshot before do-release-upgrade15:11
hateballbut that's something else entirely15:12
samthewildonek1l, how do I check again15:12
k1lsamthewildone: wait, there was a bug and it was fixed for the 16.04 and 16.10 with the chromium 55 version15:12
samthewildoneI don't even remember what version of ubuntu this is15:13
hateballat any rate, if the site requires flash, Chromium does not have that by default15:13
yeevehateball, you've reassured me a lot :) I'll make sure I've got a weekly snapshot on DO and that the sync backups are definitely running but I'll just bite the bullet and see what happens :P15:13
samthewildoneit has to be 16.0415:13
hateballsamthewildone: cat /etc/issue15:13
ikevin-norgra_, try: iw wlp1s0 connect <your ap ssid> key 0:<your key> 241215:13
samthewildoneWHAT THE15:13
samthewildoneUbuntu 14.04.5 LTS \n \l15:13
k1lhateball: there was an issue where flash got broken. it was fixed again with the 55 version on newer releases.15:13
samthewildonehow did I go sooo WRONG!15:13
samthewildoneno wonder half the programs on here don't work15:14
hateballk1l: yes I know, you still have to have flash tho :p15:14
samthewildonek1l, this is embarrassing15:14
k1lhateball: yes15:14
hateballk1l: and it wasnt clear if they had it at all15:14
* mukluks laughs at samthewildone15:14
samthewildonehow did I do this wrong, I had this installed for like 2 weeks solid.15:15
samthewildonekids... stay away from beer15:15
Dreamansamthewildone  64 bit ubuntu just install google chrome15:15
norgra_ikevin, Ok question, is the key you're talking about my wifi password?15:15
samthewildoneDreaman, now why would I do that.15:15
samthewildoneDreaman, I prefer chromium15:16
samthewildonek1l, is it possible to find the install date ?!15:17
samthewildonek1l, from when the system started initially? Like a ground zero date for the os.15:17
hydrajumpwhen I try booting a MacBook Pro 2016 with Ubuntu 16.04.1-desktop-amd64 I get the grub menu, but when I select "try ubuntu" all I get is a black screen.15:17
ppfsamthewildone: ls -lt /var/log/installer15:18
hydrajumpI've googled and tried setting `nomodeset` but that didn't help. Any suggestions15:18
ikevin-norgra_, yes15:19
samthewildonek1l, ^15:19
samthewildoneyep I messed up15:19
samthewildoneI think there might be a reason why I went back to 14.04 though.15:20
k1lsamthewildone: you can upgrade from 14.04  to 16.04 on the LTS upgrade15:20
norgra_ikevin, Well in that case, I got the same result as last time.15:20
ppfyou forgot that you installed another ubuntu version ?15:20
samthewildonek1l, nah I prefer to do a clean install, I had enabled the i386 repos and installed a lot of 32bit libs15:20
samthewildoneppf, I think there was a reason I did it though, I think it was because of the AMD drivers15:21
ikevin-norgra_, a simple things, when you use the ubuntu wifi configuration tool, do you see your network twice?15:21
ppfthe release upgrade will disable those, if necessary, and/or upgrade your 32bit libs accordingly15:22
ppfsamthewildone: ^15:22
norgra_ikevin, No, and sometimes it's not even there at all.15:22
ppfso you might need to reenable/reinstall these extra things afterwards15:22
samthewildonethis is still a fairly fresh install about 2.5 weeks15:23
ppfit will tell you during upgrade, though, which packages will be upgraded or removed15:23
ikevin-norgra_, have you tryed to use another firmware image?15:23
norgra_ikevin, no15:23
Dreamansamthewildone radeon video card or not work15:24
norgra_ikevin, How do I switch to another firmware?15:26
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KristijanZichi, I have installed zfs on ubuntu 16.04 with "$sudo apt install zfs" now I want to format an external disc in zfs but neither "Disks" app nor "GParted" display ZFS as an option. Why? I'm not familiar with working with ZFS but is there a way to do it from cl? Any "for dummies docs"?15:42
ppfKristijanZic: that's not really how zfs works15:42
FinalXKristijanZic: ZFS is a sort of "manual setup only" thing15:42
FinalXand indeed, what ppf said15:43
KushagraSir i have to ask that in my pc ubuntu is support15:43
FinalXZFS is not just a filesystem, it's also software raid15:43
FinalXso you feed it partitions and it'll create the filesystems automatically when you create a dataset15:43
FinalX(or feed it disks)15:43
Kushagrahelp me15:43
ppfKristijanZic: read this for more info https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/ZFS15:44
k1lKristijanZic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Reference/ZFS15:44
FinalXKushagra: best way to find out is to download the live CD / USB-stick stuff and start your PC from it. Then you can see if it works OK or not.15:44
dioodio porco15:45
zhou_xingyuhi guys15:46
FinalXdioo: why the hell are you dcc'ing me some random file15:46
zhou_xingyuI want to know I just delete my windows10 and now just ubuntu,can i mount another sda to home?15:46
FinalXwith a as source IP?15:46
KristijanZicppf FinalX k1l does Ubuntu have the same implementation as freeBSD, can i also use their docs?15:46
zhou_xingyumy home is 70g,and delete win10 i have 370g15:47
k1lKristijanZic: its using zfsonlinux. i dont know where its different15:47
FinalXKristijanZic: the commands are pretty much the same. you can also use the original ZFS docs of Oracle. but to get it working from the Live CD you have to do things that are Ubuntu-specific.15:47
ppfthe implementation of course is not identical. but the tools have mostly the same interface15:47
FinalXdoes !ops work here? :p15:47
KristijanZicok, thanks again15:48
ppfFinalX: i think15:48
FinalX!ops dioo Fake dcc sends when he joined, from
ubottuFinalX: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:48
FinalXguess not :P15:48
k1lit works, but the user already left15:48
FinalXoh, right15:48
FinalXKristijanZic: keep in mind that the one in BSD is more feature-rich.15:50
FinalXsome features might not exist on the ZoL version Ubuntu has15:50
KristijanZicFinalX: yes, I figured that is the case15:50
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neecahuhu, what do i have to add to 'Exec=gnome-terminal' if i want it to start snapped at bottom of the screen? (height?)16:04
=== liohfb is now known as kang0
zhou_xingyuhi,guys I want to know may I delete the /boot/efi?16:07
zhou_xingyuI just delete the windows.I want to delete the windod boot manager to16:07
ikevin-zhou_xingyu, if you delete /boot/efi that will remove ubuntu bootloader too16:08
zhou_xingyuikevin-, thank you ,how can I delete the windows boot manager in my grup?16:08
zhou_xingyuikevin-, MY boot/efi is fat32,may I delete it and rebuild the ubuntu boot loader?16:09
ikevin-zhou_xingyu, i don't know, i'm not a efi user :x16:10
zhou_xingyuthank you16:10
ducassezhou_xingyu: no, it needs to be fat3216:11
zhou_xingyuducasse, oh I see,thank you16:11
zhou_xingyuducasse, I almost delete it.so luck16:11
zhou_xingyuducasse, but how can i remove the windows boot manager ?16:12
=== BobbymuthafukinD is now known as Guest37592
ducassezhou_xingyu: see the man page for efibootmgr16:12
zhou_xingyuI just do it16:12
zhou_xingyuI will reboot my pc and see the result16:13
kang0How to install additional drivers16:16
kang0In live Linux pen drive16:16
ikevin-kang0, what kind of driver?16:17
kang0May be touch or camera ikevin16:17
kang0Or Wifi  blutooth or similar16:17
ikevin-depending of the driver, some time you can use apt, and some time you need to download and compile them16:18
kang0Will it be installed on same live Linux pen drive? ikevin16:18
kang0How to find drivers?16:19
ikevin-kang0, it will be installed in ram, and you need to reinstall them at every boot16:19
kang0How to compile? Which tools would be required for it16:19
jgehey all, anyone else seeing "your connection to this site is not secure" when you go to gmail or do a google search using Chrome?16:20
jgeI know it's related to SHA-1 being phased out but wondering if it's just me that I didn't notice all this time16:20
ikevin-kang0, it depend of the driver, generaly, when you need to compile, a file called "README" give you the list of tool needed16:20
kang0Okay that may be the case of live Linux usb drive; what if I have opted vm/qemu16:20
kang0(kang0) How to find drivers?16:21
Ziberiushas anyone managed to enable flash in opera?16:28
ZiberiusI've downloaded the libflashplayer.so and put it in every opera/plugins directory i can find16:28
Ziberiusand nothing16:28
royal_screwup21html5 vs flash?16:30
Ziberiusroyal_screwup21, what?16:32
royal_screwup21sorry wrong channel, my bad16:32
royal_screwup21I was just wondering though, are there any tangible benefits from using flash instead of html5?16:33
Ziberiusroyal_screwup21, don't think so except for the small amount of sites that still require it16:34
Ziberiusspotify web and deezer still use it :-(16:34
TuxCrazywhy I am not able to boot from live xubuntu usb?16:35
pakcjoHello, I'm having problems getting a core dump in ubuntu 14.04, I have a small program that seg faults, i do ulimit -c unlimited; ./myprogram, it says core was dumped, but I can't make apport to show it, there-s nothing in /var/crash/16:39
ducassepakcjo: anything in your current dir?16:43
theoceaniscoolpakcjo, This is not the channel for those tipes of problems. That said, try in the owrking directory16:43
pakcjotheoceaniscool: which is the channel for those type of problems?16:44
pakcjoducasse, theoceaniscool ok I do have it in my PWD, thanks16:44
ppfthis channel is fine16:44
pakcjoI guess it is not possible to use apport and also modify the core pattern right? (i'd like something more than just "core"16:46
ppfwhat would you like?16:50
RaulwynnDoes anyone have some experience with dd?16:50
ikevin-Raulwynn, yes16:50
TuxCrazyhello, I am having some problem in booting with Live Xubuntu usb.16:51
ubottuparr: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:51
TuxCrazyI have already created the live usb 3 times.16:51
TuxCrazyI won't boot from that. I doesn't get detected at all.16:51
freddishHello, when i try to update from the terminal i get these messages http://pastebin.com/2EQjdGaM16:52
Raulwynnikevin-, I am trying to burn an ubuntumate image onto a flashdrive. It's saying that access to /dev/sdf is denied. It's not mounted, fyi.16:52
ikevin-TuxCrazy, your bios don't have a specific key to be pressed to access to boot menu?16:52
TuxCrazyI have a new laptop which is pre installed with Free DOS.16:52
ikevin-Raulwynn, don't mount your device, and be sure to do it as root16:52
TuxCrazyyes. I have set the boot priority.16:52
TuxCrazyby pressing F2 key.16:53
Raulwynnikevin-, I wasn't doing as root.16:53
Raulwynnlet me try again.16:53
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TuxCrazyikevin, I created Xubuntu 16.10 live usb and tried to boot from it. But, was unable to.16:53
Raulwynnikevin-, Thank you sir! I knew it was something silly16:54
TuxCrazyAs instructed here, I formatted the pendrive to FAT 32 and burned the image file on that.16:54
TuxCrazyikevin, but, still unable to.16:54
ikevin-TuxCrazy, the solution is maybe in your bios settings16:55
TuxCrazyikevin, what could be wrong here?16:55
ikevin-be sure that usb boot is enabled and usb stick is defined before hdd in boot sequence16:55
TuxCrazyikevin, I have another pendrive of MX 16 live usb. I can boot from that pendrive.16:56
TuxCrazyikevin, but not from this Xubuntu live usb.16:56
ikevin-TuxCrazy, see with gparted if the stick has a boot flag16:57
TuxCrazyI can boot this live usb on my old laptop. But, not on my new laptop on which I am trying to install Xubuntu.16:58
freddishHello, when i try to update from the terminal i get these messages http://pastebin.com/2EQjdGaM . What can i do to fiox this ?16:58
ioriafreddish, there is no yakkety version of this ppa https://launchpad.net/~noobslab/+archive/ubuntu/themes16:59
ioriafreddish, the latest is for xenial, you may need to remove that16:59
Raulwynnikevin-, Hey so I did dd right? My USB is not showing up anywhere now.16:59
ikevin-TuxCrazy, that mean it's a bios configuration problem :)16:59
ikevin-Raulwynn, unplug it an replug it17:00
TuxCrazyikevin, what can I do now?17:00
ikevin-TuxCrazy, <ikevin-> be sure that usb boot is enabled and usb stick is defined before hdd in boot sequence17:00
freddishioria, how do i do that ?. What command can i use ?17:00
ioria!info ppa-purge | freddish17:00
ubottufreddish: ppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr63 (yakkety), package size 6 kB, installed size 24 kB17:00
Raulwynnikevin-, I have. I check in gparted and it's not there either.17:01
TuxCrazyikevin, but, as I said, on my new laptop I don't have any problem booting from MX 16 live usb.17:01
TuxCrazyikevin, boot sequence is correct. I can boot from another pendrive.17:01
ikevin-Raulwynn, see in dmesg what append when you plug it17:01
ikevin-TuxCrazy, perhaps your bios don't support your key17:02
freddishioria, i dont understand what i need to do.17:02
alkisgTuxCrazy: which live usb has the issue? distro/version/method of creation?17:02
TuxCrazyikevin, what is that key?17:02
ikevin-TuxCrazy, try to use the key who work17:02
ioriafreddish,  you need to purge that ppa17:02
freddishioria, how do i do that ?17:02
ioriafreddish,  with the ppa-purge pkg, i linked you17:03
TuxCrazyalkisg, Xubuntu 16.10. Created using Unetbootin after formatting the pendrive to FAT 32.17:03
Raulwynnikevin-, It shows it disconnecting and reconnecting there.17:03
ikevin-Raulwynn, so no info about partition detected?17:03
alkisgTuxCrazy: it's quite possible that unetbooting has issues, can you try with dd instead? or with rufus?17:03
ioriafreddish,  http://www.ubuntubuzz.com/2012/02/newbie-guide-how-to-use-ppa-purge.html17:04
alkisgTuxCrazy: i.e. it may create usb sticks that are not bootable in all computers17:04
Raulwynnikevin-, It showed the dd completed. I closed it out. I opened gparted and nothing was there. I checked in Tunar and no mounted drive and when I plug it in, I get these meessages; (I will pastebin)17:04
ikevin-Raulwynn, you have dd the ubuntu iso into /dev/sdb directly?17:05
ikevin-Raulwynn, ok, use gparted to create a new partition table on the stick and a new fat32 partition on17:07
Raulwynnokay hold on17:07
ikevin-after that, do your dd on /dev/sdb1 and no on /dev/sdb17:07
alkisgikevin-, I haven't read the chat, but if it's about dd'ing an ubuntu.iso, it goes to sdb, not to sdb1...17:07
ikevin-alkisg, are you sure?17:07
freddishioria, still dont get it to work. Isnt there a way to fix these error automatic ?17:07
Amm0nand partitiontable + existing filesystems will get overwritten by the iso17:07
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
alkisgikevin-, completely, the iso contains a fake mbr/gpt wrapper that needs to go to sector 017:07
ikevin-alkisg, ok17:08
ikevin-Raulwynn, follow that alkisg said :)17:08
Amm0nRaulwynn, maybe you need to sync after dd'ing the iso17:08
alkisgikevin-, sorry for the intrusion, I haven't read the rest of the chat :)17:08
Amm0njust type: sync after the dd process17:08
ikevin-alkisg, no problem :)17:09
RaulwynnOkay. I am so lost.17:09
RaulwynnHere is what I'm trying to do...17:09
alkisgOn another note, all file systems on the stick need to be unmounted before dd'ing17:09
alkisgRaulwynn: what is the image name? is it a tar.xz?17:10
Raulwynndd if=/home/#####/Desktop/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img.xz | pv | dd of=/dev/sdf alkisg17:11
ikevin-Raulwynn, it's a rpi3 ?17:11
Raulwynnikevin-, Yes17:11
alkisgRaulwynn: if it's an .img and not an iso, it's a different story17:11
alkisgRaulwynn: rpi's boot from a fat partition, so yes you need to dd to sdb1, or even just cp17:12
alkisgThey don't care about mbr or boot code in sector 017:12
RaulwynnOkay let me dd to sdb117:12
alkisgRaulwynn: also, you need to unzip it somehow, not dump it as .xz17:12
Raulwynnalkisg, I thought it was gz I don't know what or why. I know that in ubuntu you can just use the window manager program thing to copy xz files17:14
Raulwynnbut I'm running xubuntu core17:14
=== med_ is now known as Guest87783
ikevin-Raulwynn, tar -xf <file> or tar -Jxf <file>17:16
Raulwynnikevin-, please hold.17:16
nicomachusstupid question of the day: how do I know which is my user login group?17:17
ikevin-Raulwynn, i need to leave, if tar command don't work, install "unxz" and use unxz <file>17:17
ikevin-Raulwynn, you will have a .img file that you can dd17:18
Raulwynnthanks ikevin17:18
=== tarator85 is now known as tarator
brycemlnicomachus: type groups in a terminal, it should be the first one listed.17:19
nicomachusbryceml: ok, that's what I thought. still can't get mpd to scan the library, though. I thought it was a perms issue but now I'm not sure.17:20
ppfnicomachus: what's a login group for you?17:20
RaulwynnI'm using that unxz command. I don't know if it's even working. The terminal just kinda stopped. Is it similar to the dd command just waiting?17:21
alkisgCan someone please ban the "Dinner" bot?17:21
nicomachusppf: I was just trying to make sure mpd had the right permissions to read my home folder. so I added it to my user group and chmod 710'd. still no luck though.17:22
nicomachusalkisg: what? what bot?17:23
sere84is it possible to have two audio outputs playing at the same time synced like bluetooth and headphone jack?17:23
TuxCrazyactually, I burned the 32 bit edition of LXLE on the same pendrive, and am running the live usb of that and downloading Xubuntu.17:23
alkisgnicomachus: the "Dinner" user is actually a bot that is sending PMs to the users here17:24
Raulwynnsere84, Depends on the program17:24
nicomachusalkisg: check with #freenode17:24
alkisgnicomachus: I don't know how to call the mods, that's why I'm asking here17:24
alkisgnicomachus: no, it's per channel17:24
nicomachusalkisg: then #ubuntu-ops17:24
Raulwynnsere84, If the program only outputs on channel at a time (Most only do 1) then you can only use that one.17:24
alkisgnicomachus: it's something like !ops, that triggers an alert17:24
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu17:24
alkisgPlease kick Dinner ^17:24
nicomachusyea... this would NOT be a good time to use that. better to join #ubuntu-ops and explain tehre.17:25
alkisg(bot that PMs)17:25
TuxCrazyalkisg, any solution?17:25
alkisgnicomachus: eh, if it takes that much effort just to kick a bot... i'll just stop mentioning it :)17:26
alkisgnicomachus: I'm sure some better solution could be found :)17:26
RaulwynnDinner is runnign from an android device... You can bot on droid?17:26
alkisgI'm sure user agents can be faked17:26
alkisgTuxCrazy: solution to what problem?17:27
pavlosRaulwynn, unxz someimage.xz will convert to someimage.img and delete the original. You will just have the .img which you can use dd to write to the SD17:27
sere84Raulwynn, oh ok i see.  thank you17:27
Raulwynnsere84 You may try looking for an audio mixer that acts as a "virtual output" that can then output to whatever devices you desire simultaneously.17:28
Raulwynnpavlos, It just finished.17:28
RaulwynnI got worried! lmao17:28
TuxCrazyalkisg, the problem with the live usb of Xubuntu 16.10.17:29
pavlosRaulwynn, k17:29
alkisgTuxCrazy: did you see my advice half an hour ago, to try dd or rufus?17:30
RaulwynnDoes anyone know anything on shell scripts python, conda, and all that? I've been working on a project for a couple days and I could use some help. I have a program installed. I can't seem to make a launcher for it.17:30
TuxCrazyalkisg, I can't try rufus. Because, on both of my laptops there is no Windows installed.17:31
TuxCrazyand what is dd?17:31
nicomachus!info dd17:31
ubottuPackage dd does not exist in yakkety17:31
terriblesomeone can help me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23787800/ why my system have all this partition?17:31
alkisgTuxCrazy: it's a command, something like this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/372607/how-to-create-a-bootable-ubuntu-usb-flash-drive-from-terminal17:31
naccnicomachus: it comes from coreutils17:32
nicomachusah right17:32
TuxCrazyalksisg, thanks a lot.  Will try that.17:32
hydrajumpi've tried 16.04 and 16.10 live cd on a usb drive and both just give me a black screen when booting on my macbook pro. I briefly see an error no /boot/ file but nothing else17:34
terriblesomeone can help me this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23787800/ why my system have all this partition?17:39
Raulwynnterrible, which SDA is the OS located on?17:40
naccterrible: are you referring to the ramdisks or the partitions on sda?17:44
pavlosterrible, your total disk is 300GB, you have Linux on the first partition (66GB), you have an extended partition with the rest of the disk, in there there is a swap partition (1.9GB) but also 2 other linux partitions. How many installs do you have?17:47
RaulwynnTo anyone, I have been working on a usb booter for pi3 ubuntumate should only be like 3.4gb and it's already been working dd for like 7gb and rising17:48
naccRaulwynn: what is your dd command?17:48
Raulwynnnacc, dd if=/home/abcde/Desktop/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img | pv | dd of=/dev/sdf117:49
RaulwynnI'm running dd from root17:49
=== Richard_Cavell_ is now known as Richard_Cavell
pavlosRaulwynn, your SD device is sdf? I think you need to write to sdf not sdf117:52
terriblenacc: im talking about the /dev/ram partition on my disk why are there and what can i do with those partition?17:53
Raulwynnpavlos, I'm making the OS. Not the boot. The boot is running on the SD card.17:53
RaulwynnPi3 don't boot from usb so I have to redir the boot from the SD card17:53
nedbatI'm trying to understand how RLIMIT_NPROC affects threads and processes.  I had code on 12.04 where it only affected processes, and I can see on 16.04 it limits threads as well.  But now I'm getting reports of 12.04 machines where the threads are limited.  What is it that changed to make this limit apply to threads? How can I get to the bottom of this?17:54
jadewhey, any ideas on how to perform manual color calibration?17:55
naccnedbat: on linux, threads and processare identical as far as rlimits are concerned, I believe17:55
nedbatnacc: they are now, but they have not always been.  that's my experience at least.  I'm trying to understand exactly what component changed when to make the limit apply to both.17:56
Raulwynnpavlos, I'm giving up on this for right now. Three days has been too long17:56
pavlosRaulwynn, it takes time to dd 4GB17:56
Raulwynnpavlos, It actually ended up dd 8gb took 30 mins and corrupted the USB so I have to start all over. Tomorrow :D17:57
BluesKajRaulwynn, there is an experimental "boot from usb" on rpi  here : http://www.instructables.com/id/Boot-the-Raspberry-Pi-from-USB/17:57
terriblepavlos: im talking about the /dev/ram partition on my disk why17:57
terrible                  are there and what can i do with those partition?17:57
terriblepavlos: im talking about the /dev/ram partition on my disk why17:57
terrible                  are there and what can i do with those partition?17:57
RaulwynnBluesKaj, That is what I'm working on.17:57
pavlosterrible, I dont know how you got those17:57
naccnedbat: hrm, it's been that way since i can remember, fwiw17:57
RaulwynnBluesKaj, unfortunately my USB isn't liking this OS.17:57
nedbatnacc: i found a precise rlimit man page that says it limits threads also.  hmm...17:58
pavlosRaulwynn, there is also ddrescue which shows progress as it is writing17:58
nedbatnacc: I have software running (on edx.org) that has been fine creating threads for years, and today, it is failing. Something changed...17:58
=== thxer is now known as Guest71098
BluesKajRaulwynn, yeah, I didn't have much luck either17:58
RaulwynnI'm going to write it using Ubuntu Disks interface. Eff it. If I fail, I have tried.17:59
BluesKajbut booting from the sdcard and running the system / on the USB works ok, Raulwynn17:59
naccterrible: they are just ramdisk(s), aiui18:00
RaulwynnBluesKaj, I'm going to try to build this like a normal Live-USB and just have the SD redir the boot18:00
naccterrible: http://askubuntu.com/questions/703576/fdisk-l-shows-16-ram-disks-dev-ram0-ram15 e.g.18:00
BluesKajRaulwynn, well, if the sdcard just handles the boot stage it last much longer than running the whole OS from it18:02
BluesKajit should18:02
RaulwynnBluesKaj, then I'll just copy the boot dir from the flash drive to the SD. It should work (similar to the experimental play that he made)18:05
RaulwynnAll the hardware is the same for both OS.18:05
terriblenacc: so it is safe to have those partition? i mean the system is not broken or some kind of virus??18:05
ioriaterrible, http://askubuntu.com/questions/703576/fdisk-l-shows-16-ram-disks-dev-ram0-ram1518:06
naccterrible: no, it is not a problem.18:06
terriblenacc: ok cause yesterday my system crash and when i reboot the system i got a error run fsck so i put the live cd and then i notice all this partition on my disk18:12
Raulwynnnacc, terrible, I hate multiple partitions. They always cause a pain anytime a partition starts after the 150 GB mark.18:13
naccRaulwynn: not relevant to this discussion about ramdisks.18:13
arooniis there an offline/online command line dictionary for ubuntu?18:13
=== iczero is now known as wlp1s1
naccterrible: not sure i follow fully, but you don't need the live cd/usb to do a fsck18:14
Raulwynnnacc, It actually is. Whenever I partition anything starting after the 150 GB mark with this computer, I have problems like you wouldn't believe. Drivers, commands. You name it. Ubuntu doesn't like running after that on *some* devices.18:14
naccRaulwynn: no, it is not. terrible asked why there were /dev/ram (disks) partitions on their system.18:15
naccRaulwynn: it has nothing to do with physical disks, they are ramdisks.18:16
naccRaulwynn: also, your physical system's issues are irrelevant to terrible's question.18:16
terriblenacc: i use the live cd cause the system doesnt boot normally just let me in a prompt called initrams from there do you know how to get a terminal?18:16
naccterrible: ah ok, so it is having some failure to boot now? did it before the crash you experienced?18:16
naccterrible: you won't be able to get to your normal OS boot (and then a terminal) without being able to fix the issue you are at now. However, you are at a 'terminal' of sorts, so you should be able to see why it failed to boot18:17
freakyyhi all. whats the best twitter app for ubuntu?18:17
MonkeyDust!fin gwibber18:19
MonkeyDust!find gwibber18:19
ubottuFound: W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W:, W: (and 17 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gwibber&searchon=names&suite=yakkety&section=all18:19
nicomachusfreakyy: I like Franz, it has a Tweetdeck plugin that's pretty nice.18:19
nicomachusotherwise I think the best option is a web browser.18:20
naccfreakyy: the problem with questions like "what's the best ..." is that it's all opinion.18:20
naccfreakyy: you are probably best-served trying a few and deciding what you like best, or as nicomachus said, just use the web browser18:20
MonkeyDustfreakyy  'what's the best' depends on what you prefer18:20
nicomachusalso, ubuntu doesn't really have a18:20
nicomachusit has programs, and applications, but not "apps" in the way you're probably of for your phone....18:21
nicomachusthinking of*18:21
terriblenacc: i fix the problem with fsck just that now i have those new partition on my disk /dev/ram18:22
naccterrible: as explained a few times, they are not on your disk (they are virtual ramdisks).18:22
naccterrible: and if you have fixed the problem, you should be able to reboot just fine18:23
terriblenacc yes the system now boot normally18:23
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
xphereshow can I solve this? error while loading shared libraries: libXcursor.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory18:41
naccxpheres: install the libxcursor1 package, maybe?18:41
xpheresIt is installed18:41
xpheressudo find ./ | grep libXcursor.so18:41
xpheresmaybe the system does not have the path?18:42
ioriaxpheres, it's not standard path, so you need to tell the linker where it is18:42
naccxpheres: are you using steam from ubuntu or from steam repository?18:42
xpheresIt is not steam18:43
xpheresI'm trying to open a drm free game18:43
naccxpheres: using steam's libraries?18:43
naccxpheres: as i said, install the *actual* package18:43
naccxpheres: the path you provided above is for steam to use (hence the path) via it's wrapper script18:43
xpheressteam does not work in my computer18:43
xpheresah ok18:43
SzateXHi. I have Ubuntu 16.04 and i'm trying to calibrate colors in my monitor. But option Settings->Colors->Callibrate is disabled. How to repair it?18:44
xpheresI search the package in synaptic18:44
xpheresand it is the last version and it is installed18:44
xpheresand I did apt-get update and apt-get upgrade18:44
naccxpheres: please provide the command run and full logs18:45
naccxpheres: in a pastebin18:45
xpheresthe command to run the game that gives the error?18:45
naccxpheres: `ldd ./ponyisland.x86` in a pastebin18:47
mcphailxpheres: try running "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/xpheres/.local/share/Steam/ubuntu12_32/steam-runtime/i386/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ ./ponyisland.x86"18:48
xpheresI updated the pastebin18:48
xpheresok mcphail18:48
xpheresI will do it18:48
SaguroCan anyone tell me why I keep breaking my live USB when I try to run apt-get dist-upgrade?  it hangs on Kernel common, then won't boot afterwards.  I let it run overnight, and still no go.18:49
xpheresmcphail I updated the paste bin with your command: http://pastebin.com/R6hqA2a018:49
naccxpheres: right, the program you are running is 32-bit18:50
xpheresthat's the problem?18:50
naccxpheres: so you probably need libxcursor1:i386 or wahtever18:50
=== murphy42 is now known as murphy
mcphailxpheres: your new error is an error specific to your game, rather than a library error. You'll need to figure out how your game finds its data18:51
xpheresin synaptic there is no 32 bits library available18:51
xpheresah ok mcphail18:51
SaguroCan anyone tell me why my persistent live-usb breaks when I run apt-get dist-upgrade?18:51
mcphailxpheres: the steam launcher script would set this up18:51
naccmcphail: theya ren't using steam18:51
mcphailnacc: yep, just explaining why it isn't working18:52
naccmcphail: ah right, yes18:52
xpheresmcphail unfortunatelly my steam stopped working several months ago, I opened an issue in steam and never resolved the problem, I followed steam troubleshooting with no success18:52
xpheresso maybe that's the reason18:52
mcphailxpheres: don't think so. You just need to find out exactly _how_ steam launches that game and adapt it to your needs. Perhaps ask in the steam forum for your game?18:53
xpheresok mcphail18:53
xpheresI will try that18:53
SaguroCan anyone tell me why my persistent live-usb breaks when I run apt-get dist-upgrade?18:55
WhiskeyIf i have ubuntu 16.04 i can still download software for 16.10 right?18:55
Whiskeywhit apt-get18:55
PiciWhiskey: no18:56
batman_budgie FTW18:56
Sc882k1hello world18:56
Whiskeyi need this, http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/tcl8.618:56
PiciWhiskey: software in a given release's respository is designed for that release alone.18:56
WhiskeyPici: but it culd still work :D18:57
nicomachusWhiskey: you'd have to upgrade to 16.1018:57
PiciWhiskey: You need 8.6.6? or just 8.6?18:57
Whiskeyups, i run 14.04 :D18:57
Whiskeyi could build it myself but naaa :D18:57
PiciSc882k1: Can we help you with something?18:58
=== Lonely_Wolf is now known as Guest78363
pavlosSc882k1, you can install it, sudo apt install pastebinit19:02
=== hangthdj is now known as sikofitt
sargasGood morning: How can I make sure `arg` (line 23) lives long enough? https://is.gd/16iUul19:11
sargas`arg` must outlive `self.sep`, but I don't know how. I tried cloning `arg` but the error remains.19:13
* mukluks looks at sargas... looks at channel name... looks back at sargas19:13
sargashot damn, This IRC client moved me to the lasted logged on channel19:14
sargasmukluks: Thanks for the subtle nudge :)19:14
* mukluks laughs19:14
SaguroCan anyone point me to a reliable S/NES emulator?19:17
genii!info zsnes | Saguro19:18
ubottuSaguro: zsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510+bz2-8build2 (yakkety), package size 667 kB, installed size 4021 kB (Only available for any-i386)19:18
SaguroThanks genii/ubottu19:19
hwpplayer1hi i have a tutanota mail adress and i use it for Canonical / Ubuntu services , i can't read the Launchpad mail which is signed by GPG is it about Tutanota webmail service ?19:23
hwpplayer1Tutanota doesn't accept other clients i can only use it on it's own android app and webmail19:24
=== anonymous is now known as Guest5301
popeyhwpplayer1: you can add another email address to your launchpad account19:25
hwpplayer1popey : so it is about tutanota right ?19:26
popeyhwpplayer1: i dont quite understand the issue19:26
popeyhwpplayer1: did you trigger the mail in launchpad somehow?19:27
popeyhwpplayer1: maybe signing the code of conduct or something?19:27
hwpplayer1popey : A message has been sent to mertgor@tuta.io, encrypted with the key xxxx. To confirm the key is yours, decrypt the message and follow the link inside.19:28
popeyhwpplayer1: not a lot we can do, you have a flawed email provider19:30
Hulioi was wonder if i flash custom firmware for my router, will I be able flash back the stock firmware?19:30
popeyHulio: depends on the router, and what you flash it with. Mine does19:30
k1lHulio: i doubt that router is running ubuntu. so you might want to talk to their support19:31
Huliopopey: i have Asus AC1900P  , so if i flash with dd-wrt,  can it be undo by flashing back to stock firmware?19:31
popeyHulio: no idea, ask in the ddwrt support forums? (also, use openwrt instead, it's better) ;)19:31
hwpplayer1popey : what should i do next , add another mail account to Canonical services and new GPG ?19:32
popeyhwpplayer1: thats an option19:32
wafflejockHulio, you may want to try #networking or perhaps theres a openwrt or ddwrt channel19:32
geniiYes, #dd-wrt exists19:33
jaithCan anyone tell me why www-data user cannot access the contents of a second hard drive mounted as /home?19:35
jaithroot user can read it easily, see it. permissions set to 777 don't even help.19:35
noimnotninevoltchown -R www-data:www-data /home19:35
hwpplayer1popey : i'll come back , trying to change mail adress19:36
noimnotninevoltbut that seems like a bad idea either way.19:36
jaithnoimnotninevolt: sadly, other requirements do not permit both user and group to be www-data. group is already www-data with no joy19:36
tatertotsjaith: why? because of permissions and or ownership...that's why19:37
jaithtatertots: um, no?19:37
Huliogenii: #dd-wrt exist but then no one is active19:37
jaithtatertots: permissions group is www-data, entire dir is 77719:37
Huliogenii: how ironic is that19:37
k1lHulio: still offtopic in here. you could ask in ##hardware19:38
tatertotsjaith: ls -ld /home|nc termbin.com 999919:38
tatertotsjaith: press enter19:38
tatertotsjaith: share url/link here19:38
=== Jebbe2k is now known as Jebbe
jaithum...no thanks? I can just list it and show you that?19:40
RaulwynnIf I wanted to strip everything Ubuntu I.E., Remove everything, where I have a stock linux with the file format from ubuntu to build my own OS. How would I do such a thing? I would like to start with xubuntu core because it doesn't have much on it to start with. Is this something that is even tangible?19:40
Guy1524why is it that on my laptop, compiz takes 50MB of ram, but on my desktop, it sometimes reaches over 600MB of ram?19:41
tatertotsjaith: well you got your answer, if you can see it yet or not at your current level of experience with permissions not as important, you got your answer, take care, happy new year19:41
naccRaulwynn: what is 'stock linux'?19:42
RaulwynnGuy1524, The OS runs based on the ram that is available. I.E., on my Desktop I have 8GB it takes up 4GB on my laptop I have 4GB and it takes about 2GB, on my Pi3 it has 1GB and takes up 500MB.19:42
RaulwynnGuy1524, Does that make sense?19:42
Guy1524Raulwynn: ya19:42
Guy1524Raulwynn: Im just confused about how it can take 10x the ram to do essentially the same thing19:43
naccGuy1524: generally, how much "RAM" is consumed is probaby being mis-measured as well. You want to look at RSS, not VIRT, if using top19:43
naccGuy1524: but, it depends entirely on *what* compiz is doing in both cases19:43
Guy1524nacc: I haven't configured compiz at all on my desktop, but on my laptop I have the wobbly windows plugin enabled19:44
naccGuy1524: sorry, I didn't mean what it was configured for, but the process was actually doing (meaning hardware differences which lead to software differences at runtime, etc.)19:45
Guy1524oh, well my desktop has a GTX 960 12GB of RAM, i5 446019:46
Guy1524laptop has ironlake M520, 8GB of Ram, no discrete GPU19:46
naccGuy1524: I'm not saying I can figure it out for you, I'm just giving suggestions as to why memory consumption can differ19:47
naccGuy1524: how are you measuring your claim?19:47
Guy1524System Monitor19:47
zargonovskihey guys , i have a serious question ? can anyone help me with QT app developpement for Hylafax19:48
nacczargonovski: probably there is a more appropriate channel than the ubuntu support channel for such a request19:49
jaithtatertots: not sure I have an answer? The file permissions are clearly readable to www-data: drwxrwxr-x. 2 www-data sudo 60K Jan 11 17:12 home19:49
zargonovskihey nacc  could you help please19:50
geniihm, sudo group19:50
zargonovskidon"t know where to dig19:50
nacc!alis | zargonovski19:50
ubottuzargonovski: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"19:50
zargonovskiI'm confused :S19:52
zargonovskiwas it a bot lol ?19:52
nacczargonovski: what are you confused by? Your question is not an ubuntu support topic, please find a more appropriate channel.19:52
tatertotsjaith: can you "su www-data"?19:53
ubottusudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo19:54
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ubottuGraphical representations of where your disk-space is being used are: baobab (GNOME), filelight / kinfocenter (Kubuntu). On the terminal: df -h -T20:15
ubottuThe "man" command brings up the Linux manual pages for the command you're interested in. Try "man intro" at the  command line, or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal | Manpages online: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/20:16
orianbsilvathres is any command like genfstab to network interfaces?20:21
orianbsilvaor any suggestion how to search this.?20:21
TuxCrazywanted to tell, there could be some problem with Xubuntu 16.10 live usb. It doesn't get detected during bootup on some newer laptops.20:22
TuxCrazyI tried 16.10. It didn't work. Downloaded and installed
akikorianbsilva: do you mean "man interfaces" ?20:25
dant3_Hi. Can anyone help me with boot? I did a fresh install of 16.04 and it wont boot20:30
orianbsilvai want to export a up and running interface to the /etc/network/interfaces20:30
orianbsilvalike the command genfstab do to maunt to fstab file20:31
tatertotsdant3_: did you try boot-repair?20:32
orianbsilvasomething like this "$ geninterface br0 >> /etc/network/interces"20:32
akikorianbsilva: if you don't have any special configuration, you can write it yourself20:33
tatertotsdant3_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair20:33
dant3_tatertots: not yet. Is it on live cd? Will try it shortly. This is what my bootinfo looks like: http://pastebin.com/LDQQ9QtT20:33
dant3_ok, it seems that at least I miss bios-boot partition20:37
=== sicsscam_ is now known as sicsscam
velushello it seems all my net services are running off tcp6 but i need it to run off tcp how do i change this everything is running off this my mail and web what do i need to do to change it20:44
gamesterI switched GPUs, from GTX 970 to 1080. I have the blob driver. Anything I should do like reinstall the driver?20:45
tatertotsgamester: does your smi look correct?20:48
tatertotsgamester: in terminal> nvidia-smi20:48
tatertotsgamester: if it looks good, do nothing.20:49
gamestertatertots: yeah it does. okay20:49
slavanapHello! I captured /dev/sdq1 with ddrescue. How I can convert output image to vhd or vdi?20:51
akikslavanap: maybe virtualbox's VBoxManage can do it20:56
slavanapakik, will it recognize difference between /dev/sdq and /dev/sdq1 automatically?20:57
dorkmafiaso I burned  ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso to a flash drive and when I boot off it I don't get the option to install ubuntu it just takes me to my current install20:57
akikslavanap: i dunno but you can use losetup to make that difference yourself20:58
dant3__tatertots: I did repartition adding bios-boot partition, rerun boot repair and after reinstalling grub it claims there is an error. http://paste2.org/9cIZfydZ20:58
naccdorkmafia: are you sure you are booting off the USB?20:58
dorkmafiai select it from the boot menu20:58
slavanapakik, ok, thanks for losetup reference, I'll investigate.20:58
akikslavanap: also kpartx20:58
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dorkmafiathere is no uefi boot source it's a legacy boot source21:00
dorkmafiai select the usb drivve21:00
naccdorkmafia: and it doesn't take you to a menu like "try ubuntu without installing, install ubuntu, etc."21:01
akikslavanap: http://stackoverflow.com/a/915353021:01
slavanapakik, well, my file does not contain partition table because I copied /dev/sdq1, i.e. first partition on sdq device21:02
dorkmafianacc: i don't see that screen :(21:02
slavanapakik, I can mount it in linux, I just need to convert it for sharing.21:02
dorkmafiait just takes me to my current install on the disk21:03
dorkmafiathe one i want to over write21:03
slavanapakik, I'm trying "VBoxManage convertdd z:\fixed.raw d:\disc.vhd --format VHD" now. Hope the output will mount in Windows.21:03
whatnowdorkmafia: erase the current ubuntu partition21:03
whatnowdorkmafia, then intall ubuntu21:04
dorkmafiawhatnow: yeah I would if it booted me to that screen where you can do that21:04
whatnowwhen you boot from compiuter to usb, try holding shift21:04
whatnowdorkmafia ^21:04
whatnowdorkmafia: if you already checked your bios settings for secure boot:disabled and fast boot:disabled21:05
dorkmafiaholding shift after I select the USB in the boot menu?21:05
dorkmafiamaybe the secure boot is re-enabled21:05
whatnowdorkmafia, no, shift when turning on computer21:06
dorkmafiai'll double check that21:06
dorkmafiawhat's shift supposed to do when turning cpu on?21:06
whatnowdorkmafia: check, and ubuntu can install on uefi, so you _shouldnt_ need to change the legacy or eufi settins21:06
whatnowdorkmafia: shift while turning computer on boots the usb21:06
tatertotsdant3__: during installation are you manually partitioning for linux install ?21:06
dorkmafiak i'll give that a shot and report back21:07
whatnowdorkmafia np21:07
dorkmafiaok secure boot/fast boot are both disabled21:08
dorkmafiasystem security data execution prevetion is enabled does that matter?21:08
dorkmafiai put PCIe Performance mode enabled as well21:08
whatnowdorkmafia, it should not affect21:09
dant3___tatertots: yes I did manual partitioning. Sorry, some problem with IRC connection so I maybe missed something21:09
whatnowdorkmafia, okay now hold shift and then turn on your computer, with your usb in21:09
dorkmafiaok and go to boot menu?21:10
dant3___tatertots: I did bios-boot partiton, separate boot partition and root partition. I also had a swap partition from previous distro I left it untouched for now. There is a recovery partitions as well21:10
whatnowget into the ubuntu menu and select the 'try ubuntu' dorkmafia21:10
dorkmafiaok i got some menu21:10
dorkmafiaand on the menu there is21:11
dorkmafiaubuntu/advanded options for ubuntu/memory test/memory test21:11
whatnowdorkmafia: is there a try21:11
whatnowdorkmafia, sounds like youre not in the live usb. are you sure the usb has ubuntu installed?21:12
dorkmafiai believe it's not using efi boot21:12
dorkmafiayah it's using ubuntu-16.04.1-desktop-amd64.iso21:12
whatnowdorkmafia: what boot mode is your computer bios stating, legacy or efi21:12
dorkmafiathe usb is legacy21:12
whatnowis that how yo did it the first time21:13
whatnowdorkmafia ^21:13
dorkmafiano i had to use unetbootin21:13
dorkmafiaand that ended up installing ubuntu 32bit21:13
dorkmafiabut it was a efi bootable usb stick21:14
whatnowdorkmafia, if usb is efi, you need to set efi on computer21:14
whatnowdorkmafia if that doesnt work, try booting from the usb from the boot menu, f1221:15
dorkmafiaso i have to set efi in the bios probably then?21:15
dorkmafiai think it was set up already21:15
dant3___it might be there was same problem with previous distro installation. As I understood there was openSUSE installed before, but laptop wasn't booting before I installed ubuntu, which is same that is happening now21:16
dorkmafiai did boot the usb fromt he boot menu21:16
dant3___the grub does not appear at all21:16
dant3___and laptop starts to try different sources21:16
dorkmafiawhatnow: usb efi booting is already enabled maybe the iso on the usb was not correct?21:18
whatnowdorkmafia: are you dual booting or using the whole disk?21:19
dorkmafiawhole disk21:19
whatnowokay do you have access to a windows box?21:20
whatnowokay so we need to use the usb and boot into it, dorkmafia. lemme see..21:21
dorkmafiai can't even login to the 32 bit install anymore21:21
dorkmafiai have a osx box21:21
whatnowyoure using a osx box with ubuntu on it21:21
dorkmafiawhen i put my pwd in it reloads the screen21:21
dorkmafiai'm talking to you on my osx vox21:21
whatnowoh okay21:21
whatnowdorkmafia, chaange the boot mode on your computer21:22
whatnowdorkmafia: if it is legacy, change to efi, and vice versa21:22
dorkmafiait's a hp z820 if that helps21:23
dorkmafiai can't even logon the 32 bit version that was there anymore :(21:23
dorkmafiathe boot is legacy and uefi21:24
dorkmafianot sure what you want me to set in the bios21:24
whatnowdid you try to boot the usb? with shift?21:24
whatnowdorkmafia ^21:25
whatnowdorkmafia: try changing the boot order21:25
dorkmafiabooting holding shift didn't work21:27
dorkmafiaI believe the usb stick is not efi bootable21:27
whatnowdorkmafia: then change bios to legacy and boot order so the usb is on top21:28
whatnowdorkmafia: after all that, then shutdown and boot21:29
whatnowdorkmafia: with your usb in21:29
jedi__my laptop is hanging at "Loading initial ramdisk ..."21:31
jedi__can anyone assist me troubleshoot?21:31
jedi__I can boot to recovery shell but it wont boot normally21:32
jedi__the last thing I did was run a depmod -A and itfrze21:32
naccjedi__: why did you run `depmod -A`? and did it freeze or was it just working?21:34
SatansFosterSonTry booting with another kernel21:35
jedi__same results @SatansFosterSon21:36
RSA4096Do you know lessen the blue light laptops with Ubuntu?21:36
k1lRSA4096: you mean redshift?21:36
dorkmafiawhen i'm creating the usb do I want to use MBR or guid partition map?21:38
RSA4096k1l, the important that it is suitable to protect the eyes reduce the blue light.21:38
k1ldorkmafia: you create a live ubuntu usb?21:38
k1lRSA4096: use redshift21:38
k1ldorkmafia: if you use windows to create the live usb see: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows21:39
dorkmafiano using osx21:39
RSA4096k1l, ok thank you21:39
countingdaisiesThis is now what I see when I boot up my system: http://imgur.com/a/toie7   A couple people helped me last night and I thought the problem was resolved but I guess not.21:39
NeedSomeHelpHello, which of these two monitors would you keep? Samsung SyncMaster 2343NW or BENQ G2420HDBE21:39
fribmy bluetooth can pair devices but can't connect to them after pairing.  Anyone know how to troubleshoot this?  thanks21:39
countingdaisiesI'm techie enuf to do some stuff on the command line and whatnot, but I get stumped by some of the vocabulary used sometimes.21:40
geniiNeedSomeHelp: That's probably a better question for #hardware than here, it's not really an Ubuntu support question21:40
dorkmafiathe instructions there don't tell me if i should format it as mbr or guid partition map21:41
lplant911okay hello im new to ubuntu21:41
whatnowdarkmafia: if you need to redownload ubuntu on usb, try https://etcher.io/21:41
k1lcountingdaisies: yes, the ms font package on ubunut is broken21:41
whatnowdorkmafia, it doesn't matter what format, since your going to overwrite the whole drive anyway21:41
k1ldorkmafia: https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-macos21:41
akikdorkmafia: i think osx includes dd which you can use21:42
countingdaisiesk1l: What are people doing about it (to deal with it I mean)? Any news? Someone mentioned upgrading to a newer installer but I ost the link21:42
k1lcountingdaisies: "wget http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/contrib/m/msttcorefonts/ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.6_all.deb -P ~/Downloads"  and then "sudo apt install ~/Downloads/ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.6_all.deb"21:43
countingdaisiesk1l: straightforward. ty21:43
k1lhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/1543280   this is the bug, and i dont know why it doesnt get fixed21:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1522675 in update-notifier (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1543280 Warning messages about unsandboxed downloads" [Medium,Confirmed]21:44
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SFS_Hi everyone21:47
countingdaisiesWorks - yay!21:47
nacccountingdaisies: k1l: were you upgrading to 16.04? fresh install? etc? trying to follow up with the developer(s) working on it21:48
nullsignwhy is debsig-verify disabled?21:48
nullsignby default? how does one ensure that every package installed has a valid signature prior to install?21:49
nullsigni dont understand the thinking there...21:49
k1lnacc: seems like the package needs to load stuff from sourceforge and the pacakge on 16.04 and 16.10 errors out then. the debian package i linked is fixed to do that properly.21:49
nacck1l: the underlying bug, aiui, is in update-notifier, not in those pacakges21:50
countingdaisiesnacc: I don't know why it started but I noted the error simply emerged one day when doing updates. A lot of system information was collected and posted last night that I can give you the links to if you want. It would show a more technical information.21:50
nacccountingdaisies: no that's ok (or if you want point me to any bug you filed) -- so this was an already installed 16.04? did you already hve the fonts package installed?21:50
countingdaisiesnacc: yes an already installed from a fresh install not an upgrade. There is at least one bug report but I haven't participated in it yet.21:51
fribminimec, in case you're interested, I was able to connect to BT devices by using pactl load-module module-bluez5-discover and bluetoothctl.  unity-control-center still doesn't work!21:52
k1lnacc: the issue is the sourceforge download to get the fonts, that makes the issue21:54
nacck1l: the actual fix is in LP: #1651923, possibly21:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1651923 in apt (Ubuntu Yakkety) "apt https method decodes redirect locations and sends them to the destination undecoded." [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/165192321:54
nacck1l: due to spaces in the URL?21:55
nacccountingdaisies: thanks for the context21:55
naccnullsign: by 'disabled' do you mean not installed by default?21:55
nullsignnacc: essentially, and also it's not recommended per this - "# Do not enable debsig-verify by default; since the distribution is not using21:56
nullsign# embedded signatures, debsig-verify would reject all packages.21:56
nullsignthe question is, how does one enable per package signature checking in ubuntu or debian then?21:56
naccnullsign: old, but maybe relevant: https://blog.packagecloud.io/eng/2014/10/28/howto-gpg-sign-verify-deb-packages-apt-repositories/21:59
naccnullsign: but the problem is, if the archive's pacakges are not embed-signed, then it won't work22:00
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hwpplayer1i have that issue Can't sign Ubuntu code of conduct22:15
hwpplayer1i added my pgp by reading the encrypted mail22:16
lplant911i am running ubuntu mate on raspberry pi 3 is there anything i should do once i install it?22:17
k1llplant911: start using it :)22:17
lplant911soo no configurations recommended?22:17
k1llplant911: that depends on the usecase you want to use with that device. the standard config should be set to the general use22:18
lplant911ok thanks ;)22:19
hElixxycan anyone help a poor bonobo connect a windows printer to an ubuntu laptop, please22:21
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k1lhwpplayer1: what is the error message?22:22
hwpplayer1i'm reading that http://askubuntu.com/questions/771626/gpg-key-created-but-will-not-decrypt22:23
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dorkmafiaso when I select "Install Unbuntu" the cpu restarts22:25
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DinnerWho send me message last22:36
dorkmafiais there a way to find out what's causing it to just reboot?22:37
lafleurdubienI cannot start/stop/restart any services on my centos7 box! Somebody please help! :(22:38
k1llafleurdubien: ask the centos support then :)22:39
jattsure! in #centos !!!!!22:39
tioxAnyone want to hazard a guess why Conky keeps pissing all over itself? http://pastebin.com/EXGRzZYP22:40
Henning_I am planning to file an "upgrade-software-version" bug for xkeyboard-config and maybe freetype. But I am confused. xkeyboard-config has the string ubuntu1 at the end of the version string. So it's not automatically imported until DebianImportFreeze. So if I want to get the version bumped to the version that's in debian sid/unstable I have to file a bug with the tag "upgrade-software-version", probably at least two or three weeks be22:40
dorkmafiacan anybody help me with my installation problems?22:41
tioxdorkmafia: Which problem?22:42
Henning_dorkmafia: you can probably add some kernel command line parameters, what is your cpu motherboard type? I joined late.22:42
tioxIf you lack words, information usually precedes them anyway. Any output or errors you can share?22:44
Henning_Freetype has no recent version in sid/unstable is it possible to get 2.7 (released early sep) into zesty somehow or has Debian make the first step?22:44
k1lHenning_: usually its synced from debian. the general rule is to fix it on debian and then get it to ubuntu22:45
k1lHenning_: but the guys on #ubuntu-packaging can tell you more22:45
Henning_k1l: Ok thanks! I'll post my first question into this channel, this should be suited better there.22:46
zykoHi :-)22:52
kDycuI was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction: I have a box that has intermittent sound issues. Every couple of boots the sound completely fails to work at all. If you keep rebooting, eventually it fixes itself.22:53
naccHenning_: freetype is at 2.6.3-3 in unstable22:53
kDycuI don't even really know where I need to start looking/googling about to try and find a fix.22:54
Henning_Yes and its the same version as zesty iirc, so if I wanted to get the 2.7 (released sep) or 2.7.1 (released dec) I have to first get it into sid if I understood correctly.22:55
tioxI'm curious why you'd care about Freetype getting an update.22:56
tioxJust saying; Personally I use infinality and it's been alright.22:57
Vader_Why does not the server by using http://worldwind25.arc.nasa.gov ? When repaired?23:01
k1lVader_: sorry, is this ubuntu support related?23:02
kDycuanyone have any what might be the culprit to my intermittent sound loss?23:04
Henning_I mainly use tumbleweed on the desktop and there are two home repos, one is freetype with infinality and one is the freetype package from ubuntu. I tested them and personally think the font rendering from Ubuntu is supperior. The thing is I have some segfaults when I change settings in kde, I suspect it's because I downgraded freetype in tumbleweed.23:09
Henning_xkeyboard-config is easier, I need a keyboard layout I send to upstream to properly type and a file server and family computers run (k/x)ubuntu. So it would be convenient to have my layout there.23:11
dayronI have a problem with my ubuntu 16.04.123:12
dayronWhen placing a usb memory the laptop does not recognize it23:13
dayronHowever on the same usb port if you recognize my 1TB external drive23:13
Henning_Run dmesg after plugging the usb stick in and see if there is a connection in the log.23:13
wafflejockdayron, can also try lsblk to see if it just didn't mount or the drive doesn't show up23:14
Henning_wafflejocks lsblk hint is probably better, you should do this before dmesg.23:15
dorkmafiahow come when I select "Install Ubuntu" the computer screen goes black then restarts?23:16
wafflejockdorkmafia, not sure have you done Try Ubuntu to get into the live environment does that work?23:18
peeenisssi cannot seem to find any freenode staff that are responding to PM and whenever i join #freenode my connection drops with the message "K-Lined".  any idea what this is, or how to fix?23:18
Henning_dorkmafia: as i asked before, what cpu/motherboard do you have?23:19
dorkmafiaHenning_: HP z82023:20
=== peeenisss is now known as NiceNickname
kDycupeeenisss, I'd email the staff. If you're getting a k-lined message, you've been banned for whatever reason23:20
NiceNicknamekDycu: but there was no reason to ban me.  All i did that seemed to set this off initially was use a documented legitimate feature of IRC23:21
NiceNicknamespecifically the /notice23:21
NiceNicknameand it triggered whatever is going on here23:21
kDycucouldn't tell you, but you should email the staff.23:21
Henning_Have you tried this: http://h20564.www2.hp.com/hpsc/doc/public/display?docId=emr_na-c0326608523:22
dayronI ran the command you gave me and it detects usb memory but in nautilus it is not seen23:23
k1lNiceNickname: #freenode for freenode issues please23:23
dorkmafiaHenning_: let me double check that setting23:24
NiceNicknamek1l: the issue is, my connection drops within 5 seconds of joining #freenode23:24
NiceNicknameso that's a tough thing to do23:24
wafflejockhi Anum123:25
k1lNiceNickname: we cant help you on that in here.23:25
NiceNicknamek1l: i just want to know if anyone has any idea which staff are online23:26
Henning_dayron: this probably means that the device is recognised by the hardware but it is not automatically registered into the system. Usually udev should do that iirc. One dirty solution is to mount the usb stick manually with sudo mount …, maybe someone knows a better solution to fix your (what i assume) udev problem23:26
k1lNiceNickname: /stats p23:26
wafflejockdayron, try lsblk can pastebin the output, like Henning_ said can probably manually mount it or if it's a problem can try to figure out why it doesn't automatically mount23:27
Anum1nice nickname waffle jock23:28
NiceNicknameAnum1: hi23:28
Anum1gtg see ou23:29
sadponehi, anyone have experience in getting an ubuntu usb install to boot on a windows tablet?23:30
dorkmafiaHenning_: I don't see SCU RAID Option ROM Download in my bios device settngs23:30
NiceNicknamesadpone: what tablet?23:30
sadponelike, i dont wanna install ubuntu on the tablet,23:30
sadponetf810c the 11" asus vivotab23:30
NiceNicknameif it is USB charged, you will need to find a solution for providing USB host and charging at the same time23:30
dorkmafiaHenning_: I see mass storage option roms23:30
sadponethat wont be an issue23:31
dorkmafiaHenning_: I see PXE Option roms23:31
NiceNicknamejust dont try and install an OS on battery23:31
sadponeim not installing23:31
Henning_pxe is network boot, this shouldn't be relevant imo23:31
NiceNicknamedo you have secure boot turned off?23:31
sadponei meant a USB install, like, installed on the usb23:31
NiceNicknamenote that turning off secure boot may piss Windows off if bitlocker is turned on23:32
sadponeim after ubuntu or alternate linux distro that can work with the windows eufi on23:32
NiceNicknamei had a tablet where  if i turned off secure boot, bitlocker lost everything23:32
sadponeeufi i dont think can be turned off23:32
dorkmafiamaybe it has to do with this "The Intel SATA AHCI BIOS executes when you select RAID+AHCI for the SATA emulation mode. This23:32
dorkmafiaBIOS is only used to support serial-attached optical drives.23:32
positiveryHi i'm trying to upgrade my open GL from 3.1 to 3.2 how can I go about this please ?23:33
dorkmafiaso for the sata mode I could change it to RAID+AHCI, IDE, AHCI23:33
dorkmafiabut there is no EFI option23:33
dorkmafiaI don't have anything in raid so I don't mind trying just AHCI23:34
Henning_dorkmafia: Try AHCI first, that is the most sane setting. If that doesn't help you can try IDE23:34
Bashing-om!uefi | sadpone23:34
ubottusadpone: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI23:34
Henning_dorkmafia: You can also try https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters noapic sometimes helped iirc. Sometimes its some gpu setting, I can't remember right now.23:35
sadponeyeah, the tablet is 32 bit23:36
sadponelast i checked23:36
kDycuI was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction: I have a box that has intermittent sound issues. Every couple of boots the sound completely fails to work at all. If you keep rebooting, eventually it fixes itself. Any advice?23:36
jeffrey_fQuestion: 2 internal networks, 2 ISP's (can't change this part for reasons).  How to properly bridge these networks so that Net A uses ISP A and Net B uses ISP B.  This is so that hosts can see each other between networks but only use their own ISP.23:38
wafflejockkDycu, you follow instructions here? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure23:38
Henning_kDycu: integrated sound cards?23:39
kDycuHenning_, yes integrated sound card.23:39
kDycuwafflejock, I'll look through that now.23:39
wafflejockkDycu, assuming that doesn't/didn't work would see if you can narrow it down to pulseaudio or alsa but that basically has a command to reinstall/reconfigure it all23:39
sadponeso, if i install ubuntu 32 bit on a usb, convert it to efi mode, it should then be possible to boot off my tablet23:40
sadponei dont know how it differs when running off a usb vs internal23:41
kDycuwafflejock, the issue is that it sometimes works just by restarting a couple of times. and sometimes the sound doesn't work. I also can't connect this box to the internet to redownload packages23:43
wafflejockkDycu, would try using speaker-test or aplay to see if alsa is still working or pulseaudio -k to kill pulseaudio (it will autorestart with default settings) to see if that kicks it back to life23:44
wafflejockkDycu, is it a wired audio connection (like not bluetooth)?23:44
wafflejockyeah not sure then can try the alsa parts, bluetooth can be a problem with the pulseaudio module that handles bluetooth but with wired ones if aplay doesn't work would try to check dmesg after you notice it not working to see if there are errors23:45
wafflejockkDycu, dmesg | grep EE, usually to just filter out errors23:45
kDycuwafflejock, what is dmesg? I'm not really a linux user, I just have this one specific use system set up as a backend for uh, a pinball machine23:46
wafflejockkDycu, dmesg is just for getting system errors basically, can typically tell you when some new hardware came online or some hardware failed you'll get messages in there23:46
ubottudmesg is a console command which outputs the kernel ring buffer - an important log for diagnosing problems in  Linux. Often when something errors with hardware it will result in additional lines reported which can be seen by running dmesg in a console.23:46
kDycuwafflejock, I will try and get the system into the state where the audio is broken and report back with any errors23:47
wafflejockkDycu, did you say you were running 16.04?23:47
wafflejockkDycu, if 16.04 may want to check out journalctl as well for extra system log info https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/journalctl.html, you can run lsb_release -a, if you aren't sure the version23:48
kDycuwafflejock, I'm running a really specific version of 12.0423:48
wafflejockah okay yeah no journalctl then most likely systemd is pretty new in Ubuntu23:49

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