flocculantbluesabre: what's up with the launcher? seems ok to me :)07:23
ochosiflocculant: if you have tested everything then feel free to stop (unless ofc you have discovered issues that i haven't fixed yet)10:02
ochosiflocculant: then it's mostly the string-review missing for merging this to master and releasing it10:02
flocculantochosi: I'd concur that from what I've seen all that needs to be done now is labels/strings12:03
flocculantakxwi-dave: you good with dealing with lts point next week? 17:47
flocculantochosi: btw I did check out logging options when Do Not Disturb17:50
ochosiflocculant: perfect, thanks a bunch!19:40
flocculantochosi: np :)19:44
ochosibluesabre: since you're working on the pidgin theming, i think i'll create a smiley theme as well based on elementary19:45
=== Hallo32 is now known as Justanick
flocculantsurely :) and ;) are elementary smiley's ... 19:54
flocculantreally couldn't pass that one up :D19:54
ochosistill WIP, but here it is: https://github.com/shimmerproject/pidgin-elementary/tree/smiley-theme23:19

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