rediremulation is slooow00:53
redir /me goes eod real soon now02:11
thumperaxw, babbageclunk or anastasiamac_: https://github.com/juju/juju/pull/679402:14
* anastasiamac_ looking02:15
babbageclunknot looking02:17
axwthumper: what's the gcwriter thing? doesn't seem related02:18
* anastasiamac_ has a feelling that babbageclunk will miss out on magic \o/02:18
anastasiamac_huge reduction in test runs? magic!02:18
thumperaxw: it isn't entirly related02:18
thumperbut I did it while tracing the timings02:18
thumperseemed useful,02:18
babbageclunkoh man, is it like a fun surprise PR? almost tempted to click.02:18
thumperso left it in02:18
axwthumper: it's going to route all command output to test output? I think I'd prefer that was opt-in, might lead to a lot of spam02:19
anastasiamac_i'd say anything that imporves readibility of our logs and speeds up diagnosis is useful - happy for u to leave it. +1 from me02:19
axwif it's not that spammy, leave it02:20
thumperwhen we get the test output, I think it is because something is broke02:20
thumperthe more detail when that happens IMO is useful02:20
axwfair enough02:20
* anastasiamac_ wonders if we can abandon 1.25.x since we can't land02:21
blahdeblahyeah - nobody uses that! :-P02:21
anastasiamac_blahdeblah: :D02:22
blahdeblahinstall base, schminstall base02:22
* thumper hopes this fixes some of the arm64 issues02:23
thumperI have a feeling though that we'll need to target other tests too02:23
thumperI almost feel like running the entire test suite with a modified cert.NewCA function that writes to a local file with the call stack of every call site.02:24
thumperJust to see how many times we call it02:24
thumperto identify the test suites...02:24
* thumper wonders how hard that would be to coble together quickly02:24
thumperprobably not too hard...02:25
* thumper attacks02:25
* thumper looks for a quick file append call02:29
natefinchthumper: os.Open(filename, os.O_WRONLY | O_APPEND | O_CREATE, 0600) -ish ?02:32
thumperyeah, had got to that02:32
thumpernatefinch: but thanks02:32
natefinch:)  no helper AFAIK02:32
redirstill building:| I'll see if it works tomorrow03:05
redirlater #juju-dev03:05
anastasiamac_redir: o/03:05
mupBug #1656188 opened: metric-collect error when deploying charm <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1656188>07:08
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mupBug #1656304 opened: juju2/maas2: nodes allocation fails if any bridge created in MAAS <canonical-bootstack> <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1656304>13:33
perrito666katco: do you still that data point? the deployment last night blew my network and then I was absorbed by a hangout so I did not dare try again but I have some time now (sorry for not mailing this yesterday)16:47
katcoperrito666: hey thanks for checking in; no i'm all good16:47
katcoperrito666: tyvm for the attempt16:47
perrito666katco: I am curious, do you think the bootstrap is what killed my net or was just a coincidence?16:48
katcoperrito666: frobware could better answer that question; i don't know =/16:49
katcoperrito666: i am only just touching this branch16:49
katcoperrito666: but i can say i haven't had network problems16:49
perrito666katco: perhaps just an unhappy coincidence16:49
katcoperrito666: sorry if i caused you any issues!16:50
perrito666nah, just restarted the connection16:51
perrito666I start every juju test with the assumption my machine is going down, something that stayed in my head since the times of local provider :p16:51
* katco cries16:52
perrito666katco: did I just bring back bad juju memories?16:52
katcoperrito666: unfortunately not memories. i just hate that our test suite does what it does16:52
perrito666katco: oh, I was talking about testing by hand, I dont think our test suite ever killed my computer16:53
natefinchit killed mine a couple times.16:53
katcoperrito666: i've had our test suite muck with nics16:53
perrito666natefinch: oh yeah :)16:53
katcoperrito666: and it compiles things, and other weird weird stuff16:53
mattywhey folks16:54
katcomattyw: hey, long time!16:54
natefinchit starts mongo.  I mean, geez16:54
perrito666I am pretty sure that running the suite with sudo would do some interesting wrecking16:54
mattywkatco, hey hey, happy new year16:54
perrito666mattyw: hehey16:54
katconatefinch: and further just starts it by running the binary =|16:54
mattywperrito666, hello there, happy new year to you too16:54
katcomattyw: happy new year16:55
mattywso I'm juju bootstrapping, and hoping my local jujud to be uploaded, and it seems to not be "just doing the right thing"16:55
katcomattyw: you can use --build-agent flag16:56
mattywkatco, I can do, do we still need to do that?16:56
natefinchif you want to be sure it uses your local binary, yes16:56
katcomattyw: if it's not building the agent and you want it to, yes ;)16:56
mattywI was looking for that flag but didn't see it in the help16:57
katcomattyw: generally it does the right thing, but the rules can be a bit opaque, and the outcome can change depending on what is in streams16:57
mattywis it secret, or have I forgotten how to read?16:57
natefinchbased on state far outside your control or knowledge, sometimes it'll do that anyway (based on your local client version and the versions in streams)... but if you want to be sure, then use --build-agent16:57
katcomattyw: juju bootstrap -h |grep build-agent |wc -l16:58
natefinchyeah, it's in my help16:58
mattywkatco, not sure how I feel about there being a command to prove I'm wrong :)16:59
mattywnatefinch, I see it now thanks16:59
mattywnatefinch, I didn't know what I was looking for last time I looked :)16:59
katcomattyw: rofl; few things in life are so black and white. i enjoy such certainty! ;)16:59
mattywkatco, natefinch thanks for the help17:02
katcomattyw: thanks for stopping by. good to hear from you17:02
mattywkatco, I'm always, here, just normally like hiding in the corner17:03
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redirWoohoo ARM64 bootstrapped!23:37

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