MrGrymReaperSpecifically the ones for online accounts which were included in 16.10.00:03
inrahello everyone, I created a live dvd with brasero, and the dvd creation took ages with the progress bar being very slow. I thought the dvd might be corrupted, so I ended the process. but the dvd booted seemingly successfully to desktop, showing disk-install link. can I safely assume that the dvd is properly created and the OS is healthy?01:15
inrashortly, a live dvd creation process stopped for being very, unusually slow, but the dvd boots and installs. should I assume all is ok?01:15
inrait was stopped after a while way longer than a live dvd creation process01:16
luis_Anyone know how to sync Google calendar with the pop calendar05:07
luis_pop up**?05:07
himcesjfpop-up calendar?05:21
himcesjfluis_: Please elbaorate05:22
luis_himcesjf: The calendar on the desktop by the clock05:26
luis_I want it to display my google events05:26
luis_himcesjf: I think I found a article on this https://blog.natenom.com/2016/09/how-to-configure-the-clockcalendar-widget-of-kdeplasma-to-display-pim-events/05:32
himcesjfluis_: Oh hey, sorry I got caught up. Have you tried KOrganiser?05:33
himcesjfluis_: I think syncking KOrganiser with Google Calendar and then configuring clock widgets to show events works05:34
luis_Yes, KOrganiser is sync05:34
luis_I just don't know how to show it on the widget05:35
himcesjfYeah, it changed. I cannot see Show events option. Nor is there any PIM Events plugin in widget05:38
luis_himcesjf: That's not cool. This is so easy on Gnome05:39
luis_Atleast I can see holidays now05:40
himcesjfYeah, you can set Holidays and Timezone with Digital Clock Settings05:41
luis_himcesjf: bummer05:41
himcesjfBut "Show evnts" option is missing. That used to work for me05:41
luis_himcesjf: I don't know what to say. I made the switch from Gnome about 2 weeks ago. I still haven't setup my desktop the way I want.05:43
luis_himcesjf: Can you connect to facebook with the instant message app?05:45
luis_So far I can only use it for Hangout05:46
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IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Hi.. anybody knows how setup multichannel sound output with KDE sound setup ? I'm using HDMI port for sound. and it works, but send only 2 channels.08:41
SmurphyIrcsomeBot1: Tell it to use Passthrough ?08:48
Smurphyworks while watching a movie. Thing is, most audio sources are only stereo. Hence no 5.1 etc.08:49
lordievaderI wonder what 'pactl info' says about it.08:49
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Yes I know it depends from source. But I use movie with multichannel soundtrack. I can see it in VLC. but my HDMI sound device still says '2ch'08:51
Smurphywhat's the capability of your HDMI device? Is it a TV ?08:51
Smurphyandwhich software you use?08:52
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> In speakers                [0x5f] FL/FR LFE FC RL/RR RC RLC/RRC08:52
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> I'm using VLC player. in sound setting I enabled Dolby multichannel output.08:54
Smurphydid you also chose the correct audio-stream to be played back?08:54
Smurphyin VLC08:54
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Of course08:54
SmurphyThen it should work. Having that kind of setup here too.08:55
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> And this is weird why it's not.08:55
SmurphyI howwver left all configuration (audio) in VLC to its defaults.08:56
SmurphyDidn't change anything. Detected it automatically.08:56
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> I'm suspecting that because KDE cant understand my hardware setup correctly.08:56
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> This is multichanned headphones. they cut between montior, but monitor has only 2 channels support.08:57
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> I belive KDE not upldate the setup then I'm usign only headphones08:57
SmurphyDid you connect the HeadSet to the Monitor?08:57
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> kinda. itls like laptop->heaphones->monitor08:58
SmurphyUsing HDMI?08:58
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> yes08:58
SmurphyThe headphone has a HDMO connector?08:58
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Of course08:58
SmurphyWeird. Never saw that. But Ok.08:59
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Headphones has basestation which actually HDMI switch08:59
SmurphyIMHO the Screen does not forward the audio-data-configuration correctly.08:59
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> 4 hdmi inputs and HDMI output08:59
Smurphyor config.08:59
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Yes firstly problem was that ELD was from monitor09:00
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> But in base station setup I disable sound passthroug and now I have ELD from base station for sound09:00
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Eveything works but only 2 ch.09:01
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> May be only developers can help with this.09:02
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> Because I agree this is not regular case. then ELD setup updated 'on_fly'09:02
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BluesKajMorning folks11:27
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himcesjfBluesKaj: You around?12:53
BluesKajhimcesjf, yup12:56
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himcesjfBluesKaj: I added KDE Neon repo following instructions on this page - https://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=309&t=135278 - on my Kubuntu running 16.1013:45
himcesjfBluesKaj: It's returning some issues - http://paste.ubuntu.com/23792242/13:47
himcesjfBluesKaj: and -13:48
himcesjfW: The repository 'http://archive.neon.kde.org/user yakkety Release' does not have a Release file.13:48
himcesjfE: Failed to fetch http://archive.neon.kde.org/user/dists/yakkety/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found13:48
himcesjfE: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.13:48
BluesKajhimcesjf, that's a normal condition for up to date packages or packages not applicable to you OS version13:51
himcesjfBluesKaj: I removed backports PPA and added neon repo, wondering if that's a good step13:53
BluesKajhimcesjf, I suggest you ask in #kde-neon13:53
BluesKajit's not a good practice to leave ppas active after using them the first time until there are more packages to upgrade during the OSs development13:56
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @himcesjf, Neon does not build packages for Yakkety. And Neon on top of kubuntu is NOT supported14:13
himcesjfacheronuk:  ah, okay14:15
himcesjfacheronuk: So it's better to have only Kubuntu backports14:15
himcesjfacheronuk: Cool, so IrcsomeBot1 is a Telegram bot14:18
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> Telegram bot that bridges between our telegram chat channel and this IRC one.14:19
acheronukyou can talk on her via either :)14:19
acheronuk*on here14:20
himcesjfHow can I join Telegram chat cahnnel? acheronuk14:23
IrcsomeBot1Himanshu was added by: Himanshu14:25
IrcsomeBot1<Himanshu> Cool14:25
IrcsomeBot1<acheronuk> @Himanshu, Indeed :)14:32
francishHi all, my plasmashell is eating a lot of CPU, any of you affected as well ?15:24
IrcsomeBot1<Sanguine> Yes, facing that issue on the lines of polling. Filed bug report but no help15:25
himcesjffrancish: Often times I had to kquitapp5 plasmashell in order to work through GUI15:37
himcesjffrancish: Are you on laptop or dekstop?15:37
himcesjffrancish: Asking because I noticed another weird problem when running on AC on laptop, it lags often on AC. When I unplug the adaptor, it works smoothly on battery15:43
javi_hi, I'm trying to create a telegram online account from system settings but I get an error saying that I need a connection manager named 'morse', how can I install it?15:44
IrcsomeBot1<Maksim Muruev> @francish, since kde 4. Seems like this everlasting problem. Then this bug will disappear then KDE team start Plasma 6 )15:47
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momkenIs any maintainer of kubuntu-ppa-backports here?18:46
momkenI want to report a bug in a package in kubuntu backports18:47
sintreis this a problem with some fontas not installing?18:47
momkensintre: Hello18:47
BluesKajmomken, check with #kubuntu-devel18:47
momkenBluesKaj: ok, thanks18:47
sintrei upgraded yesterday and still get this notification once booted that it can't download some font data pack18:47
sintrehoping they'll work it out18:48
BluesKajsintre, ignore that18:48
sintredoesn't give me option18:49
sintresay try again or close18:49
sintreon reboot same msg keeps poping up18:49
momkensintre: Actually kubuntu-backports updates the "PackageKit" package to v1.1.1 which is very good but not enough. The latest version (sept 2016) contains a bug fix for APTcc which makes PackageKit to work more like apt in deb-based distros18:49
BluesKajmomken, if you get a crash/bug then open dolphin>Help>report bug and follow the instructions18:50
momkenCurrently the command "pkcon install texlive" doesn't install all the packages as "apt install texlive" becaues currently pkcon doesn't install recommended packages18:50
momkenBluesKaj: hmm. But I couldn't find PackageKit in the bug-report page18:52
momkenActually packagekit is not part of KDE itself. But its newer version is included in kubuntu-backports18:53
momkenThe version in ubuntu 16.04 repo is too old to be reported18:53
speederpeople here told me to fix the laptop that suddenly stopped booting by updating Kubuntu19:17
speederbut I can't figure how to do that sources.list file as the EOL page says19:18
speederI went ot the URL, and seemly it doesn't have vivid sources there.19:18
Fritigernspeeder: use a xenial list instead. Vivid is no longer supported. I would suggest this one: https://repogen.simplylinux.ch/txt/xenial/sources_474fe0d6168d1dbe243636db2fc56229576dca27.txt19:46
speederFritigern: I thought I was supposed to put on the sources.list the version I already have, no?19:46
FritigernNo, if you want to update to a new version, then you should use the sources.list from the target version so it actually has something to update with19:52
speederhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/ <<< then why this page says to use this? deb http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ CODENAME main restricted universe multiverse19:58
speederif I had to add the current release, it wouldn't be outside "old-releases" by definition?19:58
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zeLMGNWhen ever I boot my USB stick (the latest lts X64 created using Rufus in Iso mode) every thing seems fine until the screen starts Flickering, I try to install the OS,but after a while the Flickering pattern changes to few seconds black, split second on,then the laptop reboots. I'm using a MSI GP722qe laptop.21:09
sintredo you get into a live enviroment?21:10
zeLMGNI can yes.21:11
zeLMGNBut it's only usable for a few minutes21:11
zeLMGNand the screen flickers for some reason21:11
sintreok well , to check stuff off i'd download the iso again , and also use a different usb creator21:12
sintredepending on os unetbootin may help21:12
geniiDisable acpi21:12
zeLMGNLet me grab my laptop and live usb21:12
zeLMGNunetbootin was one of the first thing i tried21:13
zeLMGNbut there was an issue21:13
sintrewhat was that?21:13
zeLMGNi think it wasn't actually copying the files21:13
geniizeLMGN: Try appending acpi=off to the kernel line before it loads and see if any different.21:13
sintreok well first off create new stick , make sure before the stick is msdos  partion table and fat 3221:14
sintreeven though it will isntall info for uefi21:14
zeLMGN@genii is there a file on the root of the disk or is there a folder?21:14
sintrewill boot install needs it to boot21:14
geniiI had another MSI recently with same flickering issue, the acpi=off helped get it going21:14
zeLMGNgenii , is there a file on the disk i need to modify?21:15
sintrebios is where you need to go21:15
zeLMGNmy laptop is set to legacy not uefi.21:16
geniizeLMGN: No, just F6 for "Other Options" and add it to the end21:16
sintrezel>  good when it tries to ask if you want to continue in eufi mode say no then continue on with install21:16
zeLMGNand it's deciding to  boot from the windows partition21:17
sintrei think gennii has better handle on it as i don't have a msi mobo21:17
zeLMGNI pressed F621:17
zeLMGNand a menu has popped up21:17
zeLMGNStart kubuntu check disk test memory and boot from disk21:17
zeLMGNbut in the bottom right21:17
zeLMGNexpert mode21:18
zeLMGNacpi=off noapic nolapic edd=on nodmraid nomodeset freesoftware only21:18
geniizeLMGN: So acpi=off is already there?21:18
sintrewell hmm21:18
sintrehow much ram doyu have21:19
sintreyou have sry21:19
sintreok then amd64 is fine21:19
sintrehmm again21:19
sintretwo sticks or one?21:19
zeLMGNI don't  know21:20
sintrewhat config is it running in21:20
zeLMGNI'll boot into windows and it'll tell me21:20
sintreok do that21:20
sintrei came across this before with somebody with an odd ram set up21:20
zeLMGNmy laptop is stock really21:21
zeLMGNi haven't modified it21:21
geniizeLMGN: Might want to also look at https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=228431521:21
geniiSeems that model has some weird issues with Ubuntu, like the SSD and Intel speedStep21:21
zeLMGNIt worked fine with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS21:22
sintreok so you want the 16.1021:22
zeLMGNIt's a 1 gig stick21:22
sintreok here may be a plan21:22
zeLMGNIt's 1 x 8gb stick**21:22
sintreok here is a plan21:22
sintredo clean install of 160421:23
sintrethen upgrade to 16.10 once stable21:23
zeLMGNI'm an idiot21:23
sintreisn't that what your here for21:23
zeLMGNI belive I have the latest LTS on my stick21:23
zeLMGNit says on the disk label21:24
sintreredownload the iso and wipe the stick and start over21:24
sintreuse 16.0421:25
sintrethen once installed we can upgrade the distro from terminal21:25
zeLMGNI have pretty fast internet so it shouldn't take long to download21:25
sintrebest work around i can think of at the moment21:25
zeLMGNDownload complete21:26
sintrewipe the stick and make sure its file table is ms/dos21:27
sintrethen fat 32 partiton21:27
zeLMGNare these settings fine?21:27
geniiThe images are all hybrid now, you can just use dd to usb21:27
sintrethtd 16.10 again21:28
sintrein your picture21:28
zeLMGNI haven't wiped the disk yet21:28
zeLMGNThat's just the device label21:28
zeLMGNI gave it the LTS iso and it changed the label to Kubuntu 16.04.1 LTS amd6421:29
sintrek go ahead21:29
sintreshouldn't take long21:29
zeLMGNDD or ISO?21:29
sintreyour choice21:30
zeLMGNlet me get my lapto charger21:30
zeLMGNIt recommends ISO so I'll use that21:30
sintremight as well use your program21:30
sintregennii was just mentioning you can copy directly froma  terminal window if you want21:30
zeLMGNI'm on Windows so that's not a possibility21:31
sintreyea np21:31
geniiThere's Windows equivelents of dd21:31
zeLMGNEh. I like rufus. It's quite fast and easy21:31
sintrewell lets see if this 1604 is stable21:32
geniiIt used to be because the images were iso9660 only they needed special conversion magic to put on usb, but thats not the case since about 14.0421:33
zeLMGNOh like the imgs?21:33
zeLMGNI'm sorry if that sounds dumb.21:34
sintreno apology needd21:34
sintrewe want to see you up and running :)21:34
zeLMGNUSB Stick done21:35
sintrek lets try this one out21:36
zeLMGNAs I was taking the USB stick out I accedentally pressed the power button on my desktop21:37
zeLMGNI'm at the deskto21:37
zeLMGNNo flickering!21:37
sintreok good21:37
sintrenow lets install21:38
sintrebtw do you want a duel boot21:38
sintreor kubuntu only21:38
zeLMGNMy disk has been partitioned with my 750GB Windows partition21:38
zeLMGNand a 250gb blank partition21:38
sintreok then you go space cleared up21:39
zeLMGNShould I click download updates while installing?21:39
sintrei would decide partitoon space21:39
sintrejust click third party extras21:39
sintrewe'll do update after21:39
zeLMGNAnd it's got the blue/orange spinny thing21:40
sintrehmm , been a week sinse i went thru an install21:40
sintrehope that aint bad lol21:40
zeLMGNfor the install type21:40
sintrek hold up21:41
sintreso do you want the 250 for kubuntu and leave 750 for windows?21:41
sintreis so let it auto magic and install side by side21:41
sintreor you gotta figure out what type of partion scheme you want21:41
zeLMGNThe 250gb parition is already formatted to ext 3 or 4 i belive21:42
sintreyou can change it later with some aprtioning tools but often easier up front21:42
sintreok if not sure , use kde partion magic21:42
sintrei mean kdge partion program21:42
sintrebla , and make sure its ext421:42
sintreinstaler should do this by itself , but i had some odd snauooes with it messing up21:43
sintreprobally my hardware but just to be safe21:43
sintreactually i would delete that partion entirely21:43
sintreleaving it unallocated seems to work just as well21:44
zeLMGNGimme a moment21:45
zeLMGNI got a screenshot21:46
sintreguided use free space21:46
zeLMGNthat's my partition thingy21:48
sintrepull the trigger21:48
sintreplenty of space for both :)21:48
zeLMGNHow do I trash the Ubuntu21:49
zeLMGNIt want's to keep both21:49
zeLMGNand the ubuntu install is kinda broken21:49
sintredelete that partion it was on as well21:49
zeLMGNSo I have 250gb of blank unformatted space21:49
sintrethis might not work exactly , but best thing i can think of21:50
zeLMGNHuh? I clicked trash in Manual21:50
zeLMGNand it canceled it21:50
sintrehmm probally because its using its swap file21:50
sintreso you had ubuntu on here duel before?21:51
zeLMGNShould I delete it using the partition manager?21:51
zeLMGNI did.21:51
zeLMGNBut I installed Windows which disabled booting to ubuntu21:51
sintreok if the partion is gone we can cross are fingers that the installer will over write its mbr21:51
sintreif not and you want duel boot you might need to prepare for a win instlall as well21:52
zeLMGNI deleted the partition in the KDE Partition Manager21:52
zeLMGNI don't care.21:52
zeLMGNIt's a pretty much clean Windows install21:52
zeLMGNall there is on it is some apps that I installed using Ninite21:52
sintrewell win normally needs to come before ubunut/kubuntu for duel boot to work21:53
sintreas win10 take over the eufi or mbr21:53
zeLMGNI can only wipe the disk.21:53
zeLMGNIt's Windows 8.121:53
sintrei'd just proceed with install if all that space if unallocated21:53
zeLMGNI only have the option to wipe the disk and manual now21:53
sintrewlel if you don't care i'd say fk it and wipe it21:53
sintrebut thats me21:54
zeLMGNI still want to keep Windows.21:54
sintreok back out of installer for a second21:54
sintreif you can throw up a screen of your partion using kde manager21:55
sintrewould be helpfull as it is now21:55
sintrerestart installer and see if it forces you to wipe or manual again21:57
zeLMGNOnly wipe and manual21:58
zeLMGNShould I just create a 250gb partition from the blank space21:59
zeLMGNFormat it as EXT421:59
zeLMGNand mount it as /?21:59
sintresee if that works21:59
sintreyea turn it into ext422:00
sintreand restart installer22:00
zeLMGNI did it in manual installer mode22:00
zeLMGNJust click Install22:00
sintreif its going to that partion22:01
zeLMGNit's nagging about Swap.22:01
zeLMGNi don't have 2.3mb of ram22:01
zeLMGNit's gonna be fine22:01
zeLMGNnow it's asking if i'm sure22:01
zeLMGNNow it's asking where i am22:01
sintreup to you :)22:01
sintreok its running22:01
zeLMGNand it's copying22:01
sintrejust follow steps22:02
sintrethank god that worked22:02
zeLMGNUk please22:02
sintrehopefully this is hardest part22:02
zeLMGNUK keyboard please22:02
sintrebut once in installed we gotta cross our fingers it write to bootloader coreectly22:02
sintreso you can duel boot22:02
zeLMGNI've done the setup username/password thing22:02
zeLMGNand it's almost done22:02
zeLMGNthis is why you use USB 3 memory sticks22:03
sintrei got to i love em22:03
zeLMGNoh god it's doing that language pack22:03
zeLMGNI was watching an ubuntu installed22:04
zeLMGNAnd it installed all the language packs22:04
zeLMGNthen uninstalled everyone exept english22:04
sintreas long as you didn't decide to download updates while install you'll be fine22:04
zeLMGNI didn't22:04
sintrei don't think it matters with the space you have22:04
zeLMGNnow it's removing stuff22:05
sintrewhen it done reboot and you should come to a grub loader22:05
sintrethats normal22:05
sintretest and try to boot into windows22:05
sintreit will be an option you have to manuall with arrow key go down to you'll have 10 second sor so22:05
sintreor it should autoboot into kubuntu22:06
zeLMGNIt's done22:07
sintrek reboot22:07
sintreand test windows first22:08
zeLMGNi pressed shutdown22:08
zeLMGNand partition manager popped up22:08
zeLMGNit's shut down now22:08
sintreodd see what happens when it boots22:09
zeLMGNI get a GRUB menu22:09
sintrescroll to windows22:09
zeLMGNWith Ubuntu memory test and windows22:09
sintretest windows22:09
zeLMGNI accedentally booted to memtest8622:09
zeLMGNI keep pressing the right arrow instaid of down22:10
sintreif i had a dollar for everytime i hit the wrong button lol22:10
zeLMGNWindows booted22:11
zeLMGNbut with no windows logo and spinny thing22:11
sintrek close down again and go to kubuntu22:11
sintrehopefulyl hard part is over22:11
zeLMGNThe windows shutdown is slow compared to Linux.22:11
sintreyea it wants to save itself a session i believe22:11
zeLMGNI chose Ubuntu in the grub menu22:12
zeLMGNand Kubuntu is doing the glowy thing22:12
sintregood  now check to make sure your online22:12
zeLMGNAnd the logon screen22:12
sintrek log on, you remember your password i hope we'll need it to update22:12
* genii makes more coffee and passes the mugs around22:13
zeLMGNhow would i have logged on?22:13
zeLMGNAnd the desktop22:13
zeLMGNAnd it seems to be connected to the internet22:13
sintrek go to k at bottom left22:13
zeLMGN233 packages to update22:13
zeLMGNit's almost as bad as Windows.22:13
sintreok go to terminal and type sudo apt update22:13
sintrenot as bad22:13
sintresinse you want to upgrade distro we won't bother with backports now22:14
zeLMGNIt's doing stuff.22:14
zeLMGN233 packages can be upgraded. RUn apt list --upgradable to see them22:14
sintreonce done type sudo apt full-upgrade22:14
sintrethis will take some time :)22:14
zeLMGNpress y22:14
zeLMGNIt seems to be connecting to some GB cdn of Ubuntu updates22:15
zeLMGNOr that's just how it is22:16
sintreyea let it do its thing22:16
zeLMGNand not a GB CDN22:16
sintreafter this is done we'll upgrade entire distro to 16.10 if you want22:16
sintreif its running its working22:16
sintrei'll be around gonna go start dinner22:16
zeLMGNit's 10:16pm here22:16
zeLMGNoh god22:17
sintreflorida usa here22:17
zeLMGNthe wifi up here is terrible22:17
zeLMGNonly 20mb down22:17
zeLMGNi get 250 on my desktop with ethernet22:17
sintrewell when you go for full distro upgrade got an extra ethernet cable you can hook directly to klaptop?22:18
zeLMGNI'd have to try and swich over to my wifi card on my desktop22:18
sintrewell won't be to terrible , if you can gget your laptop close the router22:18
sintrei hope  :)22:19
zeLMGNit seems to have done the downloads22:20
zeLMGNIt's just unpacking22:20
sintreok reboot22:20
sintredon't till its done22:20
zeLMGNthat'd be a good idea22:20
sintrelol man your scaring me sometimes22:20
zeLMGNthe wierd thing is22:22
zeLMGNmy wifi card on my desktop22:22
zeLMGNstill gets a signal when the antenna is unplugged22:23
sintrewell once updated hopefully drivers installed might help get better wifi22:23
sintreor is it like that in windows as well22:23
zeLMGNSomething has crashed.22:24
sintrepay no attention if terminal still working22:24
sintrethis aint a good sign but i've had crashes when updating and it turned out ok22:25
zeLMGNand for some reason22:25
zeLMGNon the error dialog22:25
zeLMGNthe x is out of the window22:25
zeLMGNso i had to resize it22:25
sintreok is the terminal still working?22:25
zeLMGNIt seems to have done22:25
sintreif you have a prompt then it should be done22:25
zeLMGNit's back to the lmgn@kubuntublade:~$ thing22:25
sintreok reboot22:26
sintreback into kubuntu22:26
zeLMGNi accedentally typed sodo reboot22:26
zeLMGNIt's logging me in22:27
sintrek to make things a bit faster to find22:27
zeLMGNand theres no longer a red shield in the bottom right22:27
sintreright click on the little k at bot left22:28
sintreand click alternatives22:28
sintrethen to menu view22:28
zeLMGNi see22:28
sintreso i can navigate you somewhere easier22:28
zeLMGNi just wish i could press the start button22:28
sintrego to settings22:29
sintrethen software and updates22:29
sintreshould be a tab that says updates22:29
zeLMGNDon't see it22:29
zeLMGNJust input method OpenJDK System Settings22:29
sintreforgot the command on second let me lok for it22:30
francishhimcesjf, IrcsomeBot1, I'm sorry I had to leave and couldn't answer your messages. Thanks for your answers !!22:33
sintrebasicly looking for this gui thing we have to change a setting22:34
sintreso you can download newest distro22:34
francishI experience as well this plasmashell CPU issue since KDE4 and still no solution. I have a laptop and it seems not be affected by this bug, even in main PS mode22:35
zeLMGNI found a thing called update manager22:35
zeLMGNIt says it's upto date22:35
zeLMGNTheres a more menu22:35
zeLMGNthat has a advanced tab22:35
zeLMGNthat has Configure software sources22:36
sintresudo software-properties-kde22:36
sintrethen update tab22:36
sintrethen at bottom22:36
sintrewhere it says notify me of new ubuntu release from drop down menu select22:36
zeLMGNgo to normal releases22:36
sintrefor any new version22:36
zeLMGNI have Kubuntu Updates22:37
zeLMGNAutomatic Updates22:37
sintrenow time to get to upgrading distro22:37
zeLMGNand Release update22:37
sintrenormall release fine22:37
sintreafter thats select close out22:38
sintrenow distro upgrade time22:38
sintresudo apt-get dist-upgrade22:38
sintresudo do-release-upgrade22:39
sintreand wait again22:39
zeLMGNIt's Doing Stuff™22:40
sintreyea its like to do stuff :)22:40
sintreand after we get to do another upgrade lol22:41
sintrethen our kubuntu installation journey is over hopefully22:41
zeLMGNcan I resize desktop wigets?22:41
sintredon't use any probally a question for somebody else22:41
sintrethat does22:41
zeLMGNfound it22:49
zeLMGNclick and hold22:49
sintrei'll remember that22:49
zeLMGNthanks ask ubuntu22:49
sintrei have thrree thing sobn my desktop22:50
sintreweb browser email and a link to open hom folder22:50
sintrei ckinda like mine plane22:50
zeLMGNon my desktop which runs windows22:50
zeLMGNi have an app called fences22:50
=== daniele_ is now known as Guest58304
zeLMGNwhich allows me to let things to fold up into bars22:51
zeLMGNThe system just reboote22:51
zeLMGNI don't know if it finished properly22:51
sintreguess we'll find out22:51
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zeLMGNit crashed22:52
zeLMGNmachine check exception22:52
zeLMGNrebooting in 30 seconds22:52
zeLMGNand the caps lock was blinking22:52
zeLMGNthat's cool if you don't have your monitor on22:52
sintreno clue on this one22:52
sintrelets hope it survived22:53
zeLMGNthe system seems to be ok22:53
sintreat a desktop?22:53
zeLMGNthe updates may of not been installed22:53
zeLMGNOh god22:53
zeLMGNthere's a nother red shield22:53
zeLMGN757 updates22:53
sintrei know hold up22:54
sintrei need ypou to look at something for me22:54
sintresystem then info center22:54
sintrewhat verion of kubuntu does it say you have now22:54
sintreok hold up we aint done22:54
sintrego to konsole again22:54
sintretime to add backports22:55
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports22:55
sintreafter that type sudo apt update22:55
sintrethen here we go again sudo apt full-upgrade22:55
zeLMGNcouldn't find a distrobusion template for ubuntu/yakkity22:55
zeLMGNwhen i did the backports command22:59
zeLMGNi got a errir about distorbutuon templates22:59
sintrewell scratching my head there22:59
sintrein the meantime just do a sudo apt full-upgrade22:59
sintrecan figure out that error later23:00
zeLMGNis there anyway to enable ssh so i can do it from my deskop23:00
sintreno clue on that one , its still a bit ealry if you hang around they'll be more people around that can help23:01
zeLMGNit's litterally23:04
zeLMGNsudo apt-get install openssh-server23:04
zeLMGNProgress: [  2%] [##........................................................]23:06
zeLMGNAnd kernel panic23:06
sintrehey progress is progress23:06
sintreok not good again23:06
sintreon alternative if this keeps happing is just to repeat steps as before but stay with 16.0423:08
sintreif 16.10 keeps giving these stability issues23:08
zeLMGNwhat i'll do23:08
zeLMGNis i'll just turn the volume down23:08
sintrei think gennii found a forum post about your pc model and some problems23:08
sintrelol good solution in the midterm23:08
zeLMGNand leave some autoplaying youtube videos on23:09
zeLMGNand see how stable it is23:09
zeLMGNjust for browsing the web23:09
sintrenot a bad idea23:09
zeLMGNbut first download chrome23:10
zeLMGNit's not that i don't like firefox23:10
sintrei have a few installed23:10
sintreuse frefox mostly23:11
zeLMGNI switch it up every few months really23:11
zeLMGNi think i'll just reformat and go back to 16.0423:12
zeLMGNit's just crashed again23:13
sintreyea , sry man i use 16.04 for my systems work fine with back ports23:13
sintrewell we almost got there23:13
zeLMGNIt's fine.23:13
Roeyhow do I upgrade Kubuntu?  I tried do-release-upgrade -a, but I got "Checking for a new Ubuntu release"/"No new release found".  I'm on 16.04.23:30
sintreneed to change a setting so it will find it23:31
sintreone sec23:31
ubottuTo upgrade from an LTS release of Ubuntu to the next (non-LTS) release, run sudoedit /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades and change the prompt= line to "prompt=normal". Then, do sudo do-release-upgrade to begin the upgrade.23:31
sintresudo software-properties-kde23:31
sintrethen go to updates tab and follow the bot23:32
Roeythank you sintre23:34
Roeythanks dax!23:34
Roeyahhh ok23:34
Roeydax:  prompt was set to lts23:34
daxyep, that's default for LTS installs :)23:35
RoeyI tried with plasma-discover23:35
Roeybut I think it was also limited by that line23:35
Roeydax:  thanks again old friend, it's upgrading now23:38
zeLMGNI figured out how to make the Start button open the menu23:40
sintreso sticking with 16.10 or gonna go back to 160423:41
zeLMGNI've gone back to 16.0423:42
sintrenice upgrade that release yet23:42
zeLMGNi've done all the package upgrades23:42
sintretry back ports yet23:43
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports23:43
sintrethen sudo apt update23:43
sintrethen sudo apt full-upgrade23:43
Roeydax:  context:  "Old Friend" was what Star Trek: DS9 commander Benjamin Sisko called his Trill symbiont friend Dax.23:48

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