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tjcafehello, everyone. I can't find the "software center" in Lubuntu system. and I also can't install software use "apt-get" command. eg: sudo apt-get install xchat.02:42
xanguatjcafe: run apt update , try again03:20
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CraigDeOptimusneed help to get wifi working on hp 530 laptop.08:25
zeroraxCraigDeOptimus, do you know which chip you have?08:41
zeroraxtry running lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net and pasting the output to pastebin.com and giving us the link08:43
zeroraxlspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net08:44
zeroraxIf it's what I think it is, you should be able to fix it with 'sudo apt-get purge bcwl-kernel-source' followed by 'sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree'08:45
zeroraxthen a reboot08:46
zeroraxyou'll need to connect to a wired connection to do this08:46
zeroraxoh and if you're on a fresh install you might need to do first 'sudo apt-get update'08:48
zeroraxubuntu doesn't include a lot of things because they aren't free, and by free, they mean you aren't free to use them without conditions08:50
zeroraxif you can't connect over a wired connection, search for a deb for your corresponding ubuntu version on google, and put it on a usb stick or drive you can access from your linux install and install it manually08:53
zeroraxhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/linux-firmware-nonfree  <-- links to the package you need if you are running 16.04, and I am guessing but am not sure they will also work for 16.10 as well08:55
zeroraxyou want the i386 package08:57
zeroraxyou might need the package firmware-iwlwifi instead... there is 2 530 HP configurations09:00
zeroraxdepends if your wifi adapter is the broadcom one (linux-firmware-nonfree) or the intel one(firmware-iwlwifi)09:02
Ted123I downloaded the Lubuntu ISO and it won't boot what could be the problem? It's a newer DVDROM so I don't believe that's it. It boots with the blinking cursor in the left corner sits there for about a min. then boots on to the hard drive with windows.13:55
Ted123Is anyone here?14:02
lynorian!md5sum |Ted12314:04
ubottuTed123: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM14:04
lynorianyou really should check that14:04
Ted123Thank you I will check14:06
Ted123The MD5SUM is the same they compared exactly.14:18
KingsQuestlubuntu 16.04 LTS is now GNU2 except the kernel soon15:40
KingsQuestthats not bad15:40
KingsQuestit is even stateful packet inspection15:41
KingsQuestand not reverso hack for stateful15:42
KingsQuest18 minutes main uk server alone15:46
cimbakahnHello Everyone!18:03
cimbakahnDoes anyone know if this repository is still active ----> deb http://archive.ubuntugames.org ubuntugames main18:04
wxlcheck with ubuntugames.org, cimbakahn18:05
cimbakahnHow do i do that?  What page do i go to, or which irc channel do i go to?18:05
wxlno clue18:06
wxlafaik that's nothing official18:06
cimbakahnI typed in ubuntugames.org and got nothing.18:07
cimbakahnWhat is afaik?18:07
wxlas far as i know18:07
xanguaThere you go, nothing18:07
xanguaThere you have*18:07
wxli did find this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGames18:08
cimbakahnI'll check.18:08
wxlthere's a twitter page but it seems the team's default language is brazilian portugese18:09
wxlalso they haven't tweeted in 2 years18:09
wxlthe mailing list looks pretty dead18:10
geniiYou might find someone in #ubuntu-br or -pt that speaks english and knows something about it18:10
wxlheh yeah maybe18:10
wxlor track this guy down as he's the project lead https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Coringao18:11
geniiWhois shows: Admin Email: coringao@riseup.net18:11
xanguawxl: there's a third party repository called playdeb , but you haven't really say what you want18:11
cimbakahnOne of the links there was the same one you gave me, but there is an irc channel.  I'll check it now.18:12
wxlxangua: if you're making suggestions for alternatives to ubuntugames, you might want to point that at the OP, cimbakahn18:12
xanguaOh sorry cimbakahn  ^18:12
cimbakahnI was ginen this irc channel, but can't find it ----> #ubuntugames18:15
cimbakahnginen is given.18:15
wxli think it's safe to say the project is probably dead :/18:16
xangua12:11 PM <xangua> there's a third party repository called playdeb , but you haven't really say what you want cimbakahn18:16
cimbakahnI already have playdeb.18:16
wxlthere's been no updates to the ppa in 2 years, either18:17
wxlso you can't very well go and add that18:17
wxllooks like the domain registration is good until october18:18
wxlthat said, i'd contact the owner and see what's up18:18
cimbakahnI understand.  Well, i very much appreciate your help.18:18
wxlno prob. sorry couldn't do more18:19
cimbakahnI could do that.  I also don't relish the thought of putting in an old repository.18:19
wxlwhat version you on?18:20
cimbakahnI have been trying to find a copy of the game Go Ollie!    Problem is is is no longer on the authors site.18:21
cimbakahnI was hoping someone else had a copy out there.18:21
cimbakahnYou mean lubuntu version?  1604.418:22
wxlyeah and if that's the case you don't want the repo as it only publishes up to vivid. you'd get nothing out of it, broken or otherwise :)18:23
wxlyou *MIGHT* try looking on internet archive. there's a slim chance someone's put it there18:23
cimbakahnThank you for looking out for me.18:23
cimbakahnI'll look.18:24
cimbakahnI found this ----> https://archive.org/details/Go_Ollie18:26
cimbakahnIt is probably in some sort of zip file.  I have only installed a zip twice.  I think i might of forgot how i did it.18:28
wxlit does say "windows games." you might have to run it in wine to boot18:28
cimbakahnI have successfully installed games thru wine.  I just hope i can get it installed smoothly.18:30
wxlif you have trouble there's a wine channel18:30
cimbakahnOk.  Thank you so much.18:30
cimbakahnBye Bye!18:31
MenanqueHi, can anyone help me? I'm trying to install but the installer keeps crashing19:23
ubottuPlease elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.19:23
Menanquei don't really have any error details other than "The installer has crashed", and I'm trying to install lubuntu 16.10 64-bit. It crashes when trying to install grub, and if I reboot I can't boot back into lubuntu19:25
geniiWhat method of installing are you using? Liveusb? Livecd/dvd? Wubi? Net install?19:26
MenanqueLiveusb, but I also tried through wubi19:27
onlakeyboard layout handler gui from task bar, what command from cli iates that22:03
cimbakahnHello Everyone!23:35
cimbakahnDoes anyone know where i can get glibc2.3.2   ?23:36
cimbakahnIt is required to satisfy a package i want to install.23:37
lynoriancimbakahn, which package?23:37
geniiThats not a package, thats a shell script23:39
geniiWhere did it come from?23:40
cimbakahnI realize that.  It still needs glibc2.3.223:40
cimbakahnThe script installs the program.  I read the readme, and it said it needed glibc2.3.223:42
cimbakahnI had it installed, and when it was loading it crashed.23:44
geniicimbakahn: I just got a zipped up deb of Go Ollie 1.3 from http://go-ollie.en.uptodown.com/ubuntu/download which installed fine on my 16.10 here and runs23:44
cimbakahnI tryed a 64bit deb and a 32bit deb  they didn't work for me.  Can you please give me the link?23:47
geniiThat link I just gave is the one. The "download" button doesn't have a way to copy the actual file location23:48
cimbakahnThe 64bit one installed fine but no icon under games.23:48
cimbakahnOk.  I'll look.23:48
cimbakahnDid that zip have 2 debs inside it?23:49
geniiYes, goollie-data_1.3-1~getdeb4_all.deb and goollie_1.3-1~getdeb4_i386.deb23:50
cimbakahnWhen you installed it, did you see an icon in games?23:51
cimbakahnI tryed the 1st one and no icon under games.23:51
geniiIt doesn't add a menu entry. But it runs fine23:52
cimbakahnHow did you start the game then?23:52
krytarikcimbakahn: You need to install both of them, btw.23:53
cimbakahnThat 32bit one will have an unsatisfied dependency.23:53
cimbakahnAre you sure?23:54
geniicimbakahn: It made a link on my desktop23:55
cimbakahnOk.  I will try the 64bit one again.23:58
geniiThe executable seems to be /usr/share/games/goollie/GoOllie23:58
cimbakahn64bit one installed.  Now what?23:59

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