flexiondotorgMorning hikiko08:33
hikikohi flexiondotorg08:34
willcookemorning all09:00
Laneyjbicha: Kind of annoying when someone monkeys with your work.09:04
LaneyI mean you could have just waited a few hours to talk to me09:04
davmor2Morning all09:08
Laneyhey davmor209:08
Laneyhappy friday to you09:08
davmor2Laney: happy snowy friday to you too09:09
seb128hey flexiondotorg willcooke Laney hikiko davmor209:10
flexiondotorgMorning willcooke Laney davmor2 seb12809:10
hikikohi seb128 willcooke Laney davmor209:10
* Laney nods seb128 flexiondotorg hikiko willcooke 09:10
Laneywhat's up?09:10
seb128it's friday!09:11
davmor2Laney: snow slowly falling down09:11
seb128it was snowing this morning, didn't stick on the ground though09:11
Laneystopped now09:13
davmor2it's sticking here after last night but not a lot due to all the rain yesterday I guess09:14
* Laney wants to go and sledge down the hill :(09:15
Laneynot that I have one09:15
Laneybut there's always kids to rob09:16
davmor2Laney: you can fit on a kids sledge man you are shorter than I thought :P  You'll be saying you just take your tea tray next ;)09:17
Laneyknees up09:18
davmor2Laney: you need to where this hat.....what do you mean it makes you look like the mad hatter......It err makes you look dignified as you whiz down the hill on a tea tray09:22
seb128Trevinho, hey, the unity/yakkety SRU still has a bug that need to be verified but it's on hidpi, do you have any config where you could do that so the SRU can go to updates?09:31
seb128Laney, the glib/yakkety SRU has its bugs verified but is not copied over, looking at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/pending-sru.html there are some autopkg issues, did you look at those? the SRU might need somebody to tell them if those need to be ignored09:32
LaneyI didn't09:34
LaneyIf that is the issue, why does nobody say anything?09:35
seb128I'm just guessing it might be09:35
seb128but yeah, agreed with you09:35
Laneysil2100: ^- can you confirm/deny whether that is the problem maybe?09:37
Laneyglib/xenial also needs verifying if anyone is on that09:38
sil2100Laney: yeah, the autopkgtest failures would be the cause why it's not handled yet - are those failures expected?09:40
LaneyDon't know09:40
LaneyCan you maybe take it to the team to put something in your process to let developers know about that?09:41
seb128Laney, I can test glib/xenial, that seems to have autopkg issues as well though09:41
LaneyI saw09:42
Laneyit's much easier to look at the results from http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/xenial/update_excuses.html than pending-sru09:44
seb128yeah, that has more than SRUs though09:46
seb128but at least you have the retry button then09:46
seb128which the SRU page doesn't include09:46
seb128bah, gnome-software :-/09:48
seb128my system is a bit outofdate, I updated a few things by clicking on the "update" button in the tab that list updates09:48
Laneydoes it?09:48
seb128first it's blanking the screen and just having a spinner in the top left corner after every update which is done09:48
Laneyanyway, I just went to a pkg listed in pending-sru09:48
seb128and takes like 1 min to display content again09:49
Laneysil2100: please force-badtest nplan in yakkety09:49
seb128and after a few it just got stucked09:49
seb128it's spinning for 1.5 hours now09:49
Laneysounds worth debugging09:50
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seb128yeah, trying09:50
Laneysil2100: and winff/xenial please09:53
Laneyretrying all the others09:53
sil2100Laney: will try that in a minute09:55
sil2100Laney: I'll have a talk with the others from the SRU team but please note that I'm 'the new guy' there09:55
Laneysil2100: I'm guessing you use force hints like normal09:55
Laneyyeah, sorry for picking on you :-)09:55
Laneyhappy friday, btw!09:55
sil2100Laney: ...ok, I think I don't know how to do that (sorry) ;)10:11
Laneysil2100: Can't find any evidence that you use hints actually10:14
Laneyactually, yes I can, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sru/britney/hints-ubuntu-xenial/10:15
* sil2100 is a newb10:15
LaneyIt's not that active10:16
sil2100So that's where that is10:16
LaneyYou'd need to be added to the config to have a hint file10:16
LaneyProbably something to chat about with your mentor(s)10:18
sil2100I'll poke around about that with Brian, thanks for pointing me to the right branch-set10:19
sil2100I didn't do that yet, still learning the ropes10:19
flexiondotorgseb128 Regarding LP: #157642410:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 1576424 in gtk+2.0 (Ubuntu Xenial) "Gimp crashes with text tool & caps lock" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157642410:19
flexiondotorgI tested at the time, but didn't think I should verify my own fix.10:20
seb128flexiondotorg, well if nobody else is doing it ... but fair enough, I'm going to have a try again, it just didn't segfault for me when with the non patched version when I previously tried but maybe I did some step wrong10:23
LaneyYeah you can do it if nobody else does10:23
flexiondotorgMaybe a 64-bit only issue?10:23
flexiondotorgI only tested on 64-bit.10:23
seb128let me try again in a bit10:24
flexiondotorgI'll doing some other verifications today, so I can test on a clean install again.10:24
seb128extra testing is always welcome :-)10:25
happyaronseb128: hey just saw the IRC backlog, I've commented on the two bugs10:31
seb128happyaron, good morning, happy friday! great, I'm having a look but going for lunch in a bit so review is probably for once I'm back10:31
happyaronhave a nice lunch!10:32
seb128happyaron, the extra patch which is re-enabled, I don't understand what it's for and it's likely going to be the same for the SRU team, you know the package so if you think it's needed you need to put some rational at least in the changelog explaining the issue and how it solves it, even better if you have a launchpad report10:36
happyaronI'll put in changelog, there's no launchpad report cuz it's a patch inherited from Debian10:37
seb128well maybe somebody reported a bug/problem which is resolved by the change10:38
seb128well, up to you10:38
seb128on that note lunch! bbl10:39
Trevinhoseb128: hey... Nope, andyrock has10:51
flexiondotorgseb128 Is there something specific you need testing with NM from proposed on Yakkety?11:12
jbichaLaney: sorry about that, I didn't realize you updated gnome-software yesterday until I got the rejection email from LP and then I had already done the work so…11:36
Laneyjbicha: If you'd waited I could have at least pushed, and we could have had a discussion11:41
LaneyOh well, it's too late now11:42
Laneysil2100: all the tests other than the two I mentioned are now green, hopefully good to release glib2.0 at your leisure11:42
Laneywell, xenial needs verifying still11:42
jbichaLaney: how would you have done it differently? would you have rebased and force-pushed to git.gnome.org?11:44
jbichabecause my biggest issue was being able to easily figure out what were the Ubuntu patches; maintaining it in git like that was different but otherwise ok11:46
Laneyjbicha: I meant the packaging branch11:47
LaneyCould also have taught you about the release process if you'd wanted to know11:47
jbichaI had complained a few times about not being able to decipher the xenial and yakkety branches; zesty was easy because robert put all the patches on top11:49
jbichathanks for identifying the deadlock fix; I had looked at updating gnome-software last month but stopped because of the regression and I hadn't looked until yesterday to try to figure out what had broken11:54
LaneyI hang out in the upstream IRC channel and work with them11:55
LaneyRichard and I figured it out pretty quickly11:55
hikikoseb128, Trevinho could you get a look at those:12:39
hikiko https://code.launchpad.net/~hikiko/unity/unity.lowgfx-2017/+merge/31469512:40
hikikohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-AX1QLIPXw that's what they are supposed to do together12:42
Trevinhohikiko: looking at the video, if the settings aren't there I'd instead just hide the group instead of graying out elements12:47
hikikothis way the user will know there's no new lowgfx12:48
hikikoso he can go to ccsm12:48
hikikoit's for feedback12:49
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Trevinhohikiko|ln: indeed, but if there's nothing, then it's already an indication of that.12:59
seb128flexiondotorg, no specific testing no, just making sure it works and has no obvious regression12:59
flexiondotorgseb128 OK.13:21
flexiondotorgJust heading out for a bit.13:21
flexiondotorgI'll test when I get back.13:21
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tjaaltonseb128: btw, my pulseaudio woes were due to sbuild mounting a tmpfs on /dev/shm16:14
tjaaltonwhich was not cleaned on exit16:14
seb128tjaalton, oh, good to know, I though about it yesterday and forgot to ask, thanks for keeping me updated16:15
tjaaltonmodified it to do a bind-mount instead16:15
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TrevinhoMirv: hey, could you please consider to add this debdiff https://bugs.launchpad.net/qt/+bug/1600136/comments/10 ?17:53
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1600136 in snapd (Ubuntu) "App indicator does not show icon for Qt apps or with custom icons" [High,In progress]17:53
Laneynight dudettes and dudes18:07
Laneyhappy weekend!18:08
seb128night Laney, have a nice w.e desktopers18:25
flexiondotorgseb128 Having a good weekend.18:26
flexiondotorgNo wifi issues so far :-)18:26
willcookenight all18:37

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