xeviousI'm trying to build an Ubuntu 16.04 live ISO with live-build and when I boot it, it says "/casper/vmlinuz: file not found". I checked and that file doesn't exist, but there is vmlinuz-4.4.0-59. Is there something I'm missing to make live-build either copy/link to vmlinuz or write out the bootloader configuration to point to the versioned file name?03:00
xeviousThe same thing happened with a completely default build (`lb config && lb build` in an empty directory), which turned out to be 12.04.03:01
xeviousAlso, the same error occurred when I changed the PROJECT to ubuntu-base.03:02
xeviousI followed this post: http://swem.logdown.com/posts/76325403:02
davmor2dmj_s76: No but I'll have a word with cyphermox and the desktopers today about it.09:16
davmor2cyphermox: ubiquity isn't starting the installer session on the daily image it is starting desktop instead :(11:02
cyphermoxdavmor2: ok I'll have a look13:37
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xeviouscjwatson: I remember you said this isn't your focus any more, but do you have any tips about the issue I'm having with live-build not correctly naming the kernel and initramfs files compared to the isolinux configuration? (It's last thing I said in the channel about 15 hours ago.) Or, is there someone else with more current experience with all this I should talk to?18:14
cjwatsonafraid I don't.  cyphermox might know18:27
xeviouscyphermox: If you have a moment, could you read over the problem that I described about 15 hours ago?18:41
cyphermoxI don't know, I suppose it should more or less work, but the process for building CDs isn't just live-build, it also involves debian-cd and other code; maybe there's something missing from there.19:00
xeviouscyphermox: Is the process used to make the official Ubuntu ISOs documented somewhere I can look it over?19:17
dmj_s76xevious: cyphermox may have better information, but this actually came up in conversation with one of the elementary guys yesterday.  They collected a lot of this info into a document a while back...19:30
dmj_s76xevious: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RPPF14h1Sw2gQjGTuZjUIlNHnGrafS8ekhFjJM9MT00/edit19:30
xeviousdmj_s76: That's a great write up. Thanks for the link.19:31
dmj_s76glad to help :)19:32
cyphermoxwe're way past that point though19:32
dmj_s76well, like I said, might not quite the right thing19:35
dmj_s76cyphermox: What is actually handling the top panel bar/indicators during install/oem-firstboot?19:36
cyphermoxfixing the top panel on HiDPI is my next task, followed by probably trying to run a live-build to see what's up... it's a little late today to start something very complicated.19:41
dmj_s76okay, thanks!19:41
dmj_s76That will be a major improvement for us!19:42
cyphermoxif you have an idea what to do about it, though, feel free to hack at it19:42
cyphermoxI have an idea how to fix it, but no clue if it's doable.19:42
dmj_s76was just starting to look at it, but don't really have a firm idea yet and need lunch now, so hack away!19:42
cyphermoxahah, it's going to be easy to fix19:44
cyphermoxlet's see19:44
cyphermoxwell, it's not going the fix the oversize, but at least it will fix that unsightly doubling easily.19:45
xeviouscyphermox: On an Ubuntu 16.04 system, should running `lb config && lb build` produce a bootable default image of some sort? Or, are more steps needed?19:47
cyphermoxyou need to specify what release you want, otherwise it might blow up because it can't find whatever release that defaults to19:48
cyphermoxpossibly other things -- I rarely run that at all19:48
xeviousIt defaults to precise.19:48
cyphermoxusually I try to wing it, pass the release first, then try to see what's missing from how far I'd get19:49
cyphermox(because when I run this I usually also need to run something special to hack at it)19:49
cyphermoxso my guess is what you mentioned earlier, the release and flavor, would be sufficient to make it work19:49
cyphermoxflavor = PROJECT19:50
cyphermoxyou can also look at lp:ubuntu-cdimage, some of the important variables are set there.19:50
xeviouscyphermox: Here's my current build script, if you're curious: http://sprunge.us/fAUL20:00
xeviousIt seems to install a capser-oriented isolinux config even if I choose a non-casper based PROJECT.20:01
xeviousThe kernel copying is to account for the paths that the isolinux config expects.20:02
xeviousForcing gzip is because of this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/live-build/+bug/155598020:02
cyphermoxthe copying appears to be (at quick glance) to be what you want, since that's done by debian-cd later20:11
xeviousThere's an issue in there, since the glob matches both vmlinuz files, cp wants the destination to be a directory.20:12
xeviousdmj_s76: The document referenced as "Community effort to document it" at the end of that write-up doesn't exist any more. Any idea where that went? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c350g2o7ytnM_sloSprJnkTuUrSocAD4QwUsXYj1GYk/edit20:13
xeviouscyphermox: Does debian-cd copy or move the files?20:18
cyphermoxmove, afaict20:23
cyphermoxsorry, I don't know what's wrong20:31
cyphermoxmaybe try to set INITRAMFS to "live-boot" instead of "casper" ?20:31
cyphermoxbut it seems to me like there's some other setting missing20:31
cyphermoxxevious: try this: lb config noauto --mode ubuntu --distribution zesty --bootstrap-keyring ubuntu-keyring --binary-images none --memtest none --source false --build-with-chroot false --parent-archive-areas main --apt-source-archives false --linux-flavours none --initsystem none --bootloader none --initramfs-compression lzma --linux-packages=none --initramfs=none20:35
cyphermoxthen lb build, see how far that gets you20:35
xeviousKicking it off now.20:36
xeviousDo you mind if I do xenial instead of zesty?20:37
cyphermoxno, should be the same thing20:37
cyphermoxthat's just because of where I got the info; basically, from https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/zesty/ubuntu-server/+build/87550; which I got from http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu-server/zesty/20:38
xeviousI sure wish I had an all NVMe system to do these builds on.20:44
xeviouscyphermox: I'm still waiting for my last build to finish before I start the one you asked me to try.20:48
xeviousI'm trying to change as few things as possible, so I'm still doing the whole ubuntu project which is, of course, the largest possible one.20:49
xeviousMy plan of action is: 1) get it to boot, 2) switch to a project that's got a minimal package set, 3) if casper's still around, figure out how to eliminate it20:50
xeviousOnce I've done all that, I can actually start working on what I need to do. :)20:50
cyphermoxwell, ubuntu isn't the largest tbh21:16
cyphermoxand I think you should from the start figure out why casper is there, because that changes things completely, the image isn't built the same in that case21:16
xeviousOk. I'll do that.21:22
xeviousAlso, your build completed.21:22
xeviousAs per the config options, no binary image was created.21:23
xeviousSo, my latest build boots and appears to work fine: Firefox started and can access the Internet.21:26
xeviousThat's with this build script: http://sprunge.us/FIaX21:26
xeviousI'll look into eliminating casper now, since obviously my kernel moving script references casper-related paths.21:27
cyphermoxwait, wat?21:29
cyphermoxdo you want server or do you want firefox?21:30
xeviousI want a super-minimal environment eventually. That was just how I tested the image that was built with that script.21:30
xeviousI'd like to create as minimal an environment as possible that'll run a single full-screen application.21:31
cyphermoxalso, of course a binary was built with the command I gave you, you have exactly what ubuntu-server returns for the official builds, or at least as close as you're likely to get21:31
cyphermoxalso, casper is actually useful if what you want is to start graphics, it will get you to the live session correctly.21:31
dmj_s76cyphermox: Is the a11y icon making it oversized or the other way around?21:32
cyphermoxdmj_s76: I think the accessiblity icon is just bigger in that case because there is more room to use.21:33
cyphermoxdmj_s76: I uploaded a build of ubiquity to my ppa a few mintues ago21:33
xeviouscyphermox: I'm going to address your first point first: I didn't get an ISO from your command. Should I have? The `lb config` included `--binary-images none`. Here's the directory's contents after running `lb build`: http://sprunge.us/VdTR21:34
cyphermoxdmj_s76: https://launchpad.net/%7Ecyphermox/+archive/ubuntu/installer-dev/+sourcepub/7398093/+listing-archive-extra21:34
cyphermoxxevious: you should only have had a boot directory with a filesystem squashfs and kernel/initramfs21:34
cyphermoxxevious: server doesn't do casper, and only uses that and a d-i in the initramfs.21:35
xeviousI see.21:35
xeviousAh, yes I do have the squashfs there.21:35
xeviousNo kernel/initramfs21:37
xeviousShould they be in binary? http://sprunge.us/KCbb21:37
xeviousOr is that due to `--linux-flavours none` being passed to `lb config`?21:38
xeviousOr `--linux-packages=none`?21:38
cyphermoxmy mistake, just the squashfs21:40
cyphermoxyou know, there are tools in the archive which allow you to remaster an existing image, it would probably be easier to use that than trying to replicate the full processes we use from scratch21:41
xeviousI need something that I can automate, is as minimal as possible, and only runs a single application full-screen. Is there something that can accomplish that that's easier than adding a couple package lists to a live-build configuration?21:46
xeviousOr, rather, a package list referencing several packages.21:47
cyphermoxdoesn't seem to me like what you're doing is that much easier. The real question seems to me to be, are you really going to be running it that often than the time spent figuring it out to automate it outweights the effort of tweaking a prebuilt image once in a while?21:49
cyphermoxbut ymmv21:49
xeviousYes. Automated dailies + additional manual runs.21:50
cyphermoxin any case, if you want to rip out casper you'll need new scripts to start up graphics in the livefs, so it might not be a good plan to remove it if you don't absolutely need to21:50
xeviousYeah it sounds like I should leave casper and just focus on changing what X runs.21:50
cyphermoxdoing that is trivial21:51
xeviousI have something that boots to X. Now I just need to minimize it.21:51
cyphermoxstart with a minimal image like lubuntu or xubuntu, then you can use a hook (look in the hook directory) to put in the right file to autostart the app you want21:51
cyphermox(and install the app, of course)21:52
xeviousThe goal is to eliminate the existing desktop environment and replace it with X + matchbox-window-manager + my full-screen application.21:55
dmj_s76cyphermox: Is that ppa package working for you?22:20
dmj_s76oem-firstboot fails here after installing the ppa, but maybe that's all the netcfg changes?22:20
cyphermoxcould be22:21
cyphermoxthat package actually needs to be injected in the image in an... unusual way, anway22:22
cyphermoxI see what you did there.22:22
cyphermoxyou'd need to look at logs in /var/log/installer to tell.22:22
cyphermoxdmj_s76: it22:23
cyphermox*it's entirely possible I messed up the change, I was trying to both change the fill method for the panel and fix up its size.22:23
dmj_s76in /var/log/installer/dm, there's a traceback regarding /usr/bin/ubiquity-dm22:27
dmj_s76I'm going to see if this regresses compared to zesty.22:29
dmj_s76Might also try the fix against xenial if zesty is just broken atm22:30
cyphermoxcan you share the traceback?22:30
cyphermoxI built this for zesty22:31
cyphermoxlooks good here, if you ignore how broken the rest of the installer is22:38
cyphermox(also, why oh why)22:39
cyphermoxand I22:39
cyphermoxam not on HiDPI, so maybe it's all wrong there.22:39
cyphermoxdmj_s76: given how painful this is to run, I'll remaster the zesty iso now, and I'll make it available here: http://people.canonical.com/~mtrudel/22:40
cyphermoxhum, actually, perhaps I should remaster a yakkety iso instead, to not be caught in the other issues22:41
dmj_s76I suspect weird zesty X images22:42
cyphermoxah, that would be startup, yeah22:43
cyphermoxnow I know what to exxpect to be up against next week.22:44
dmj_s76So it fails there in the regular zesty image.22:48
cyphermoxnot sure what you mean by that?22:50
cyphermoxI'm rebuilding the squashfs right now for a yakkety image.22:50
cyphermoxit should be all ready in 2 minutes22:50
cyphermox... burning to a USB22:53
dmj_s76I get that same error when running oem-firstboot from a zesty image without installing the package from your ppa22:53
cyphermoxwell, that's going to take a while to upload.22:58
xeviouscyphermox: "# The scripts require that you work in /build" I've seen this in several places. That doesn't seem like it's true, since I'm building in /mnt/live-build and have created a bootable .iso image. http://swem.logdown.com/posts/76325423:44
xeviousAlso, here: https://code.launchpad.net/~semiosis/livecd-rootfs/fix-for-1565985/+merge/298305/comments/76801023:44

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