cjwatsonapw: do you by any chance have a real ZFS pool up somewhere (not the weird file-backed thing that I have)?  I'm looking into a bug09:58
apwcjwatson, i don't but i bet cking does ^^09:58
cjwatsoncking: can you see whether   bash -c 'ulimit -f 1024; yes | head -n2097152' >/some/path/on/zfs   returns successfully or takes SIGXFSZ?09:58
ckingi have, let me fire up a server09:58
cjwatson(it should take SIGXFSZ)09:59
cjwatsonfound in the Launchpad test suite09:59
cjwatsonapparently this test case works correctly on Solaris 5.10 and FreeBSD 10.0-CURRENT10:00
ckingcjwatson, yep, looks like it fails on ZFS on Linux 10:01
cjwatsonwill file a bug10:01
ckingthanks, and once that's done I'll report that upstream10:01
ckingnice catch!10:01
cjwatsonthe LP test suite kind of wants the whole planet to be in a correct state10:03
ckingcjwatson, fair enough, file systems should handle SIGXFSZ for sure10:03
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1656259 in linux (Ubuntu) "Linux ZFS port doesn't respect RLIMIT_FSIZE" [Undecided,New]10:16
ckingcjwatson, thanks10:16
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achianghowdy, if I install linux-generic-hwe-16.04, does that also get me newer display drivers too somehow?22:32
achiangtrying to opt-in to the rolling LTS enablement stack22:32
rtgachiang, if you are using an nVidia DKMS driver, then it likely won't change, though it has probably been tested with the HWE kernel.22:38
achianghm, no, not nvidia. just a dell xps13 with intel gfx (broadwell)22:40
rtgachiang, then you'll get an updated i915 graphics driver from the new kernel.22:41
achiangoh perfect, thx22:41

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