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DougCDlocked out and need to know how to clear password00:16
DougCDI'm not locked out of system but can't download anything.00:18
DougCDAuthentication is loaded with something I don't know.00:20
DougCDHi qdk00:30
DougCDSo do I need to go to another connection?00:32
DougCDAnd do I need mike and headset?00:33
DougCDHi tori00:34
Astro7467DougCD - you need to provide more info on what you are talking about.00:34
Astro7467Password? Headset? Connection?00:34
ouroumovDougCD, you have autologin at boot but you have forgotten your password and thus can't download any update [y/n]?00:36
DougCDOkay, I just got on with 16.04.1 and I don't have any time with Ubuntu yet.   I tried to download some stuff off of Software Boutique and I was ask for a password to download.  I read that one could use password itself but it didn't work.  So what's next?00:40
Astro7467the password is the same you used to login or created when you installed U-MATE - is that the password you forgotten? Per ouroumov's question?00:43
DougCDYes, when I first got on I didn't have Internet yet and got on here and listened the other day.  Now I'm on with Ubuntu instead of Win 10.00:44
DougCDI got on 16.04.1 without a password just from try out.  I don't recall any password at all.00:46
Astro7467Just to verify - you installed Ubuntu MATE? not running on Live USB?00:48
Astro7467try this article; http://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password#2402400:48
Astro74671st answer walks you through the steps00:49
DougCDI installed from a binary download to cd/dvd/rom drive00:49
DougCD(iso) that is00:50
Astro7467Have you installed it on your HDD or did you boot from the CD/DVD and select Live try-out mode?00:51
DougCDThank you in advance for your assistance.  I'll try it.00:51
DougCDcd/dvd and just loaded it. No try out.00:52
Astro7467just wanted to confirm - the link is relevant to you then - was verifying by 'load' you meant installed01:00
casanovaHello everyone, from Venezuela!01:35
casanovaBuenas noches a todos, ¿Hay alguien que hable español?01:37
HoppingMadManA little, if you need help maybe I could ask my wife to help translate for you casanova01:38
casanovathank You HoppingMadMAn01:38
casanovaTengo instalado el Ubuntu Mate 16.04 de 64 bits desde hace 3 meses, y todo al principio estuvo bien!01:39
megazellHi is anyone else getting and update error with an expired key?01:40
HoppingMadManNo, Megazell01:40
megazellI am getting this "Err:18 http://download.opensuse.org/repositories/home:/strycore/xUbuntu_16.04 ./ Release.gpg01:41
megazell  The following signatures were invalid: KEYEXPIRED 148426110801:41
casanovaPero dede hace algunos dias, al escender la laptop , al parecer no reconoce el mouse ni las cornetas que tengo conectadas de manera casi permanente, para que las reconozca tengo que desconectarlas (fisicamente) y volverlas a conectar01:41
casanova¿Alguna sugerencia o idea para resolver esto? Gracias01:42
HoppingMadManI am going to say megazell that has something to do with opensuse more than anything01:42
megazellIt's a PPA in my Ubuntu Mate install - remove the PPA?01:43
HoppingMadManMaybe try and reinstall, casanova maybe bad update broke something between patching01:43
megazellHmm - It seems to be Lutris related.01:46
megazellThanks - Going to reboot.01:47
casanovaWoooo! Thank You My friend, but i would not want to reinstall .. I will probe with others actions,01:49
casanovaHopping than you, for your advice01:50
HoppingMadManIts ok, its just sometimes stuff breaks my wifes graphics broke today, due to a update so I had to reinstall Ubuntu parts of her OS today01:52
casanovaThank You! .. Where are you from?01:55
HoppingMadManAustralia but now live in México with my wife01:57
megazellThanks for the advice and help HoppingMadMan!01:58
HoppingMadManDon't worry, just best advice I can give you is keep a back up so if anything breaks you can simply role back to early version02:00
megazellGot it. Never seen that error before and my searches led me to old post from Ubuntu 9.10 and 12.0402:01
Astro7467megazell, do you have any custom themes installed? I recall one I had (ARC?) that came from an opensuse repository and gave this error, a little searching found it had been updated and that repository wasn't needed any more or a proper PPA had been created02:03
HoppingMadManYou know that is what I was thinking to Astro746702:05
megazellHey I do but this PPA was tied to Lutris - It's an open gaming platform.02:07
megazellI installed it to test some Wine games a long time ago.02:08
Astro7467megazell, if it was some time ago, could be worth uninstalling and reinstalling via software boutique - currently it doesn't fix repository changes AFAIK, but this cld be fixed in 17.04 :)02:10
HoppingMadManGood advice Astro746702:12
casanovaThank You guys! Good night!02:13
megazellYeah I removed it. I don't need it anymore so I will get to it when needed.02:17
Astro7467HoppingMadMan, fellow Aussie here (Oi Oi Oi) - living in Singapore02:19
HoppingMadManI am living here because the government want give my wife a visa at the moment02:22
HoppingMadManThey are being really hard on places they feel are from the third world trying to get visa into Australia so my wife and I live in this state of limbo02:24
randallwell, that sucks02:25
Astro7467thats gotta hurt - if we decide to move back I cld hv the same issue :/ - but she is singaporean so maybe easier - tho I know MX is not a rich country, hardly thought it was 3rd world category - maybe I only saw the nice stuff when there :D02:25
HoppingMadManYeah it dose, but Mexico has good food its cheap so we get by even though as IT tech my job is meaningless here because IT is always a after thought02:26
HoppingMadManIts its a grate place, that sadly is screwed over by its neighbor to the North02:27
Astro7467ummm... don't think IT as an after thought is only a mexico thing....02:27
Astro7467Mexico shld build a wall to keep them out.....02:27
HoppingMadManYeah well, the problem being is the government are in bed with the USA, what Mexican president has not left to go live in the USA02:28
HoppingMadManAfter his term has ended02:28
HoppingMadManSorry, if I am hard to follow dyslexia plus being tired... Makes for hell a time trying to understand me02:31
Astro7467didn't notice - only 10:30am here02:32
HoppingMadManIts 8:35 PM here and I have been going since just a little past 8 AM02:35
HoppingMadManSo what do you do in Singapore Astro746702:56
Astro7467I am now starting my own business - consulting and system builds - all focused on FOSS  - Ubuntu MATE is our default shipping OS for desktops03:05
Astro7467before that I worked for MNC (who got me here) doing SAP deployment for AP & MX, then PMO, then Solution Architect until a few months ago03:06
Astro7467what line of IT you into HoppingMadMan?03:13
HoppingMadMansecurity and networking03:28
Astro7467@randall: thanks. will check out franz, I recommend mpv over vlc for stability and focus (vlc is >just viewing) and of course unity-tweak is for those unenlightened by the retrospective future of U-MATE & mate-tweak 😁04:36
randallI prefer amplayer over vlc for playing dvds vlc for juat playing music while playing NWN cause for the most part, no popup notifications that kill the game session every time04:44
randallbut mpv is good for one off videos on and off line04:44
HoppingMadManSpeaking of media player, what is everyone using to listen to music?05:21
Astro7467I listen to all my music through Plex now (so thru browser or off mobile)05:24
Astro7467sick of rebuilding music library data etc after I redo a system or server or decide I want to redo my library layout/meta data (1000's of songs to deal with)05:24
Astro7467Clementine looked alright tho - think it's in software boutique05:24
HoppingMadManYeah,... My music collection is pushing 250,000 songs05:29
HoppingMadManIts painful finding a music play that can handle that type of data05:29
Astro7467yep - I'm about 50% of your library size05:31
HoppingMadManYeah, tomahawk is holding up better than any other option I have come across05:33
Astro7467tomahawk? eliminate my ignorance - is a app or server/streamer solution?05:34
HoppingMadManYes and No05:36
HoppingMadManYou can add you own collection but it has all the ability to at streamers and what not at your choice05:36
Astro7467I will hv to check it out05:37
HoppingMadManIts good for what it is, not super open source I feel but it is better than anything I found05:42
HoppingMadManBecause they are adding stuff for Spotify so, if you like your stuff super free as in freedom it might not be the player for you05:45
Astro7467I flexible with my FOSS-ness05:47
HoppingMadManYeah me to, I don't like the whole Richard Stallman philosophy05:50
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jack-the_rippercan any one help randomly when im watching some thing online a crackling sound happens and its hard to get it to stop?10:06
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catraxxhi guys10:25
catraxxi have a weird glitch since i installed the mese grafics drivers yesterday. For some reason all icons in mate are now tinted red. The look fine in Caja and other apps, but the task bar and all elements rendered by MATE now are red.10:26
catraxxI run Ubuntu MATE 16.04.01 LTS system: http://www.sysprofile.de/id19057010:29
catraxxNo ideas?10:46
sayan_how to install atom13:15
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geo1Who is here?  Anyone?15:39
NeoNamome :)15:50
truonghuymy pc have some errors15:51
truonghuycan you help me?15:51
NeoNamotruonghuy, try to be more specific, and we will try to help you15:51
pavlushkatruonghuy: like exactly what issue you are facing or exactly what errors.15:54
truonghuymy hard disk have some problem15:56
truonghuyhave tool to check it?15:57
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merlin__hello i need help from someone18:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:01
alkisgmerlin__: ^\19:01
merlin__ok i can t formatted my usb flash drives , i cant delete my files with root acess and the flash drives has switch for read only19:03
merlin__and gparted to constrocet a new filesystem dont works19:04
alkisgthat means it's broken and you need to buy a new one19:32
alkisgit's not an ubuntu question though...19:32
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/19:38
HoppingMadManYeah, you killed it merlin__19:46
HoppingMadManHey, how are you radacheck20:00

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