dufluRAOF: CI is hung but I did fix your concerns: https://code.launchpad.net/~vanvugt/mir/remove-input-resampling-standalone/+merge/31430504:01
RAOFI enjoy the fact that our input consumer is now woke :)04:02
dufluOr "awoke" might avoid dyslexic readings...04:02
dufluRAOF: Also managed to remove the extra wake now...05:09
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ogra_bschaefer, https://plus.google.com/+OliverGrawert/posts/6S6U4MKG32y?sfc=true16:41
bschaeferogra_, just saw :) thats awesome!16:41
bschaeferogra_, did you get pulseaudio to work with videos?16:42
ogra_thats still the first build that i did over a month ago ! it just works now that the os works16:42
ogra_i didnt try playing anything yet (i didnt even expect it to start !!!)16:42
ogra_it just did ...16:43
bschaeferogra_, yeah last i heard puleaudio was an issue, though things should render16:43
bschaefertheres an issue with hardware accel (only on core ive yet to dig into)16:43
ogra_my monitor has no speakers so that requires some different setup16:43
bschaeferat lease for me!16:43
ogra_pulse *'should* work though16:43
ogra_it is installed and connected16:43
bschaeferhmm last i heard things were being called but no sound16:43
ogra_but indeed i cant test it with that HW16:43
bschaeferyeah, something i need to test out again :)16:44
bschaeferogra_, awesome though! I might need to pick up a raspi3 now!16:44
ogra_and i might need to pull your latest branch ... (or you could just enable armhf builds for your snap ;) )16:44
bschaeferogra_, the source has landed upstream :)16:44
ogra_this was so totally unexpected16:45
bschaeferyeah, you mentioned opengles was working then bam16:45
ogra_sadly mir 0.25 has issues on the pi atm16:45
bschaeferogra_, thats my fault as well it seems :)16:45
bschaefergamma when getting it from the hardware defaults the ramp to 0?16:45
ogra_well, snappy is generous ... it is easy to install with --revision=16:45
bschaeferogra_, AlbertA found that out...16:45
bschaefersoo hopefully we can get a fix out ... but unfortunate16:46
ogra_well ...16:46
ogra_once we have all the ducks in a row i'll roll a kodi image16:46
ogra_no hurry though :)16:46
bschaeferi can most likely get a mir built with turning off gamma for now16:46
bschaeferyeah :) but things like this are just fun to do!16:46
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