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elkycould we maybe not send spammers to our other channels to continue their spam22:26
daxwithout looking at what I presume is #ubuntu at all: #ubuntu -> #ubuntu-offtopic?22:27
elkylopas is recruiting for a hacking ctf22:27
daxwasn't some hacking ctf getting PM spammed the other day22:27
daxoh, same person22:27
elkyi didn't see it22:27
k1l_<lopas> elky <onlyonemac> lopas: try ubuntu-offtopic22:27
elkybut entirely possible22:28
elkyk1l_: i see that and i told him to stop in -offtopic22:28
elkyk1l_: ands it's also why i said something here22:28
k1l_yeah, that was a user sending him there22:28
elkybecause that wasn't the only user sending them here22:28
daxyeah, some of #ubuntu likes using #ubuntu-offtopic as a rubbish bin22:28
daxthx for lart22:28
elkyusers are only following our lead when they do that22:29
elkyand eading back jordan didn't say to go ot, but still it's been done before.22:30
daxassuming it's anything like #freenode, i assume that means ignoring all context and using us answering a specific situation once as license to use the same answer all the time22:30
dax"someone said something silly and the ops moved them to #ubuntu-offtopic, i should be helpful and tell everyone being silly to go to #ubuntu-offtopic"22:31
elkyp much22:31
ikoniaseems too easy to hit the offtopic button22:39
ikoniabest to point them to ##chat ;)22:40
elkythat's a little unfair to subject them to the ##chat userbase. most of them aren't actively malicious.22:41
ikoniakeeps bazhang busy22:42
elkythat place doesn't need help in doing that though22:43

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