diddledantinder gets too intrusive: https://twitter.com/edenthecat/status/81959775063967334400:29
zmoylan-piat least it wasn't asking what make model keyboard they use... that would be too personal a question...00:35
daftykinsnothing like text delivered as images00:43
zmoylan-pithe limitation of twitters 140 limits...00:44
zmoylan-pii just hope the usa military makes the launch codes 141+ characters by next week...00:44
diddledanlol, that would be funny00:48
SuperMattdid we all chortle at Guilliani's poor cyber security? He's apparently Trump's cymber security guru08:46
SuperMatthttp://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/01/13/giuliani_joomla_outdated_site/ for reference08:47
SuperMattdon't know where that came from08:56
davmor2Morning all we can haz snow09:08
diploMorning! Ours lasted 2 mins and then just froze, now nothing :)09:29
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.09:42
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Friday (what, already?), and happy Make Your Dream Come True Day! 😃10:04
foobarryquiet today12:11
davmor2JamesTait: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe6HFTm7lbQ12:12
foobarrymy 3yr old child has just used the most beautiful language ever to describe a poo13:02
foobarry"it dived into my wee like a dolphin"13:02
zmoylan-pi^this is what sleep deprivation does to you...13:06
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diddledantalk about tempting fate: https://twitter.com/flightradar24/status/81990478819223142414:13
davmor2diddledan: hahahahaha I love that it got to hel :)14:27
diddledanI missed that bit14:28
davmor2diddledan: if it had of been heading for Heaven it would of course crashed and burned14:28
zmoylan-pii hope their duty free stocked up on rabbits feet, 4 leaf clovers and mini bibles...14:36
KingsQuestnetinstall lubuntu 16.04 LTS and it will be Amiga 4.01 without updates including the kernel on UK servers only Africa must use netinstall. on their servers 800 days.15:50
SuperMatto/~ it's the end of the week as we know it, and I feel fine16:07
SuperMattI take it you're an REM fan?16:08
popeynot so much a fan16:11
popeymore a fan of fridays16:11
SuperMattOh well that's the important bit16:11
davmor2popey: Who isn't16:13
diddledanwho broke it?16:15
davmor2diddledan: most likely me I break everything it's my job :)16:18
diddledanhttps://status.github.com/ shows they lost every app server16:19
Laneydavmor2 broke my soul a long time ago16:19
popeyMY EYES!16:19
popeyah, there they are16:20
davmor2Laney: I just do my job that well ;)  Besides that was easy willcooke was the really challenge everything is like water off a ducks back to him :D16:21
* Seeker` panics16:23
diddledanSeeker`: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgonBt1oa9Y16:24
diddledansuper mario run's onboarding experience dissected: http://www.useronboard.com/how-supermariorun-onboards-new-users/16:40
daftykinsif anyone ever buys from these guys, beware they send you your password by email in plaintext - https://www.smartbuyglasses.co.uk/16:42
daftykinshmm wasn't there a site for naming and shaming these instances...16:42
daftykinsplaintextoffenders.com :D16:43
diddledan"toll free" phone? in the UK? don't they mean freefone?16:47
diddledanand the number doesn't begin with an 016:48
daftykinsnah i had some fun dialling it just now16:48
daftykinsmy mobile said no, had to use skype16:48
popeydiddledan: that presentation is hilarious16:49
popeyslide 56-58 are funny16:49
diddledanhow does the divX company still exisst?16:52
daftykinsit does? D:16:53
daftykinsi'd guess licensing but who would possibly want anything they have...16:54
daftykinszmoylan-pi: might have a job for you, a guy in another channel has someone's lotus 123 db that's corrupted itself :D16:55
diddledanlotus is still a thing, too?!16:55
daftykinsjust a silly no-backups client of his i think :>16:56
daftykins('his' being the other channel fella)16:56
diddledanthis looks freaky: the whispers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_r9glhaxaL018:07
zmoylan-piprobably some accountant who just got set in their way of lotuses macros probably...18:33
zmoylan-pi...and my spreadsheet is as easy as... not lotus :-P18:33
daftykinsugh in a right bind with a clients machine, he was sold Office 2013 by some local guy but never supplied a product key etc... so i can't do much about reinstalling18:38
daftykinsas of 2010 or 2013 they don't put keys in the registry anymore18:38
diddledanzmoylan-pi: we had that on an AMSTRAD PC1512 system (MSDOS 3.2 and an 86 processor (not even a 186 or 286!)18:39
diddledandaftykins: ergh that's sucky18:40
zmoylan-pii see it as my job to make the nsa have to keep developers around to decode ancient obscure formats...18:40
zmoylan-piand using base 9 for my maths is just my irish way of splitting the difference between base 8 and base 10 and using a system that annoys everyone :-D18:41
daftykinswe emailed the other guy and he said he'd look, but he's not lifted a finger i bet18:41
diddledanwow, langurs being sad: https://www.facebook.com/BBCOne/videos/1411713292195556/19:24
daftykinsdamn humans messing with their feels!19:26
* diddledan hugs19:27
daftykinsdiddledan: hold me!19:28
daftykinshave i mentioned despising machines with HDDs?19:28
* diddledan giggles like the schoolgirl he dreams he was19:28
daftykinsuuuugh everything is so slow19:28
diddledanI can't do HDD anymore except in my NAS19:29
daftykinsindeedy, i've got an SSD ready to go for this machine but the office license problem is a massive brick wall19:29
* davmor2 pats his 1TB hdd in his work horse laptop and tells it not to listen19:29
daftykinsrise of the big phones at Dell - http://i.dell.com/sites/imagecontent/shared-content/campaigns/en/PublishingImages/outlet-uk-images/547-phone-queue-promo-splitter-925x200-uk.jpg19:29
* zmoylan-pi loves a good spinning hard drive... :-)19:29
daftykinsthey're all rubbish!19:30
diddledanwow that's huge!19:30
diddledanit's like he's compensating for something.19:30
diddledanperhaps he has small hands19:30
daftykinssmall HDDs19:30
davmor2no the guys just has a really small head and hands19:30
zmoylan-pi1tb of cat videos for the zombie apocalypse... he'll be fighting off rampaging gangs of nerds wanting videos and charges for their phones...19:31
diddledanapparently ginger beards on dark-haired folk isn't a sign of infidelity in the family: http://www.iflscience.com/health-and-medicine/why-do-so-many-guys-have-ginger-beards/19:34
knightwiseAfternoon folks :)20:01
davmor2diddledan: genetic throw back to the viking invaders20:05
zmoylan-piginger feckers...20:06
diddledanToday I learned: https://twitter.com/diddledan/status/82002361797510758521:44
* daftykins spots the URL21:45
daftykinsthat must've been future diddledan if he taught you something!21:45
diddledanoh God, I've upset an earthling. they're an angryearthling21:47
* zmoylan-pi whistles nonchantly and twiddles thumbs...21:48
diddledanwhich one of you is it?!21:48
diddledanalright, so you're nonchalant. quit rubbing our noses in it already!21:49
* diddledan spots the earthling has left a map in the form of Latitude and Longitude coordinates.21:50
daftykinsyou're talking in code, chief21:51
diddledanblame the angry earthling!21:51
zmoylan-pibeep beep beep boop beep beeply de beep21:52
zmoylan-pi...or don't you like my tone? :-P21:52
diddledana bit flat21:52
AzelphurSo...I'm trying out Ubuntu 16.10 and it's...terrible? I'm trying to install packages from the software center but it requires an account now (wtf?) and it keeps saying incorrect username or password, despite the fact that the credentials are definitely correct, and both me and my girlfriend have reset the credentials to ensure that they are correct.22:32
AzelphurAny ideas? or is the OS now a beached whale o.O22:32
zmoylan-piyeah, if the software is a snap it wants an account... try apt-get at commandline instead22:33
daftykinsor even apt :D22:34
zmoylan-pihad that with vlc... i rate problems as the number of new swear words i invent and that was a 2 profanity problem :-)22:34
daftykinsAzelphur: so this was a nasty upgrade? :>22:34
Azelphuryea, guess I have to22:34
Azelphurnope, brand new fresh 16.10 install22:34
Azelphurgf wanted to dual boot so she could have a nice secure OS to do shopping and things on, figured Ubuntu would probably be a better choice than Arch22:35
Azelphurbut dang, requiring login to install packages...things got bad D:22:35
zmoylan-pii have os/2 on floppy here... if that helps... :-P22:35
daftykinsbit paranoid not to just keep a hygienic system and use private browsing mode22:35
zmoylan-piand i believe there was a release of new version for amigas in last few weeks... :-D22:36
Azelphurdaftykins, heh, it was her decision but I do think it's nice and safer to just use Linux for things like that22:37
daftykinsdepends on the user22:37
AzelphurShe has windows for her games22:37
Azelphursuppose, but a little security never hurt anyone22:37
daftykinsdualboot is ridiculous for that, mate22:37
zmoylan-pievil doers know that attacking a linux user will just make the linux track them down and explain to them in full boring detail why their nefarious plan didn't work :-P22:37
daftykinstwo things to keep up to date :>22:38
zmoylan-piwindows vista had uac... that was a little security that annoyed the hell out of everyone...22:38
daftykinsi think it was a good idea, frustrating implementation for those that were used to the old way, sure, but well intentioned :)22:39
AzelphurI think this bug might be down to the length of her email address, she uses her full name as an email address, and it's long22:40
Azelphurso I bet the registration form accepted it, while perhaps the API that the software store client uses doesn't22:40
Azelphursilly bug22:40
daftykinsso the problem came up first, then you made your own account to try and that one couldn't install apps either?22:41
zmoylan-pii've always resisted using any part of my name in my email addresses as it eliminates a lot of spam effort when they can't get any part of your name into the actual text of the email22:41
daftykinsyou mean you're not called Zebede Moylan? D:22:41
Azelphurdaftykins, no, the problem came up and I haven't created another account to test the theory, I'm just betting that's what it is :)22:41
daftykinsAzelphur: ah ok22:42
zmoylan-pibludgeondumbusers@company.com :-P22:42
daftykinswould've thought that was port of call #1!22:42
AzelphurI just mostly was shocked that it requires an account to install things, and that the account system is broke22:43
zmoylan-piit really irked me too22:43
Azelphurthings, they went downhill :<22:43
daftykinsstandard experience to my mind XD22:49
* daftykins sticks to CLI package management22:49
zmoylan-pinone of this namby pamby wishy washy fluffy hand holding gui silliness..22:50
diddledanI really hate that every email with a link in it these days has the url of that link hidden and replaced with an obfuscated one in the effort to track the number of clicks22:50
diddledanI'd be far more likely to click links if I knew where they were gonna take me22:51
zmoylan-pii open a lot of them in lynx just to annoy their database stats22:52
diddledanso they've lost my click in the attempt to find out whether I clicked it or not22:52
Azelphuractually seems like it's just broken22:54
AzelphurI signed up for a 2nd account and it's still doing it22:54
diddledanyou didn't already have a launchpad account?22:54
AzelphurI think I do from a while ago, I just created another account with a throwaway email and it still says incorrect user/pass when I try and install a package22:55
daftykinsdoes it not need confirming or something first?22:56
diddledandid you verify the email address?22:56
diddledanwhat daftykins said ^^22:56
daftykinsmeanwhile on a clients' Windows 10 machine i just updated Apple's software updater, so i could update Apple's software updater, so i could update iTunes22:58
daftykinsand yeah, i've told you guys about that glorious one before :D22:58
Azelphuryea, verified my email address22:58
diddledandaftykins: ouch22:58
AzelphurI even copy pasted everything just to be sure, throughout the whole process22:59
Azelphurso yea, it's broken22:59
zmoylan-pii think my what the hell are they thinking moment was when i wanted to install a few maps on an old nokia phone.  it wants software downloaded. 50mb. the software wanted dot net. 150mb. they both wanted patches. another 100mb a few reboots and then install <20mb of maps22:59
zmoylan-pithis was pre broadband so the isdn really hummed that day... :-)23:00
Azelphuraha, it is broke https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/+bug/1616943 \o/23:02
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1616943 in gnome-software (Ubuntu Yakkety) "Can't auth against U1 in g-s" [Critical,Fix released]23:02
daftykinsi remember phoning one of the lads that had the dual channel ISDN locally, that sounded all weird23:02
daftykinsi never laughed so hard when i heard they'd have to be converted back to analog lines to get ADSL23:03
zmoylan-piyeah, that was fun explaining to folk who had waited for ages for isdn to be installed to then have to wait for copper to be reconnected...23:04
diddledanyeah, I was very lucky that I didn't jump on BT "Home Highway" which was ISDN for non-businesses23:04
diddledanI really wanted to do Home Highway, too23:04
zmoylan-piin ireland the major telco simply called isdn broadband and sold it for 1-2 years with a straight face...23:04
diddledanzmoylan-pi: 128Kbps _was_ broadband when you compare it to 33.6Kbps max modem speed (later 56 that never got to 56 in practice)23:05
zmoylan-piin it's defence it connected super quick and the transfer speeds were rock solid if slow so no slowing down at 1800 when every analog modem in the country connected to internet23:06
diddledanI think my 56Kflex modem synced to freeserve at 42Kpbs23:06
zmoylan-pimy brother was in the boonies and he shared 1 copper line with his neighbour on a dax unit so never got above 2800023:07
daftykinsi'm sure i saw north of 46Kbps23:08
diddledanyeah but you're on a teeny island23:08
daftykinsthere was a weird time when i downloaded a DivX of something from someone and no word of a lie, it came over at 7KB/sec for one night only, on good ol' AOL23:08
diddledanand I only spotted today that DivX still exists as a company23:09
daftykinsikr! so apt23:09
diddledanso apt-get23:10
daftykinsyou don't need the -get anymore :P23:10
diddledanor dpkg -i23:10
zmoylan-pithere could be weird moments when the wind was blowing in right direction and under a full moon when both modems were 100% and the data could be compressed in hardware and you saw high speeds for transfers23:10
zmoylan-pii often had to coax 2 9600 modems to eek the last few bytes of speed to make updates transfer a little faster around ireland on wonky phone lines23:12
daftykinsoh i got an iPod classic to take apart and put a new battery in today btw, that'll be some fun surgery23:12
zmoylan-pihad one of those.  great fun.  kept me sane in hospital when i could have a few seasons of ds9 to keep me amused in hospital23:13
daftykins:> i see some guy online has modded one with a 1TB SSD23:13
zmoylan-piif apple sold them now with a 1tb ssd they would sell23:13
daftykinsthey're even hiding the iPod section on their site now23:15
zmoylan-pithey'll be hiding their laptop/desktop section next23:15
Azelphurconfirmed, it is a bug, after dropping to the command line, apt upgrading, and rebooting, it now works and allows us to login23:19
daftykinshad a feeling that would be the case, i nearly asked whether ubuntu was installed with updates during install or nay23:19

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