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teddy-dbearMorning peoples, critters and everything else10:56
profetikFor the love of god I'm bored at my wife's happy hour event21:44
profetikSome please talk Linux w me21:44
jthanprofetik: Linux is good21:45
profetikIs anyone here remotely close to convergence via unity 8 on a device as a daily driver ?21:50
profetikSo how is the state of ubuntu in PA?22:00
padenprofetik: better than the state of Maine.22:01
profetikYeah. Screw those guys22:01
profetikSo no one wants to talk Linux? Thoughts on unity 8 ?22:08
jthanthis channel is generally not very active22:23
profetikSo why are people here ?22:26
profetikWhy bother having a channel ?22:26
profetikStay on google plus or fb.22:27
jthanI mean... it used to be a thriving, happening place. Many people have moved and such. We're still mostly in touch in other channels and remain here to help those who come along and need it if possible.22:27
profetikI see22:28
profetikWouldn't support be more appropriate i the support channel though?22:28
jthanI'd argue yes, but not everyone tries there first.22:29
profetikLet's make this channel the shit. I mean, the bees knees.22:29
profetikAny projects being worked on?22:30
profetikYou know they are dropping unity 8 for mobile in priority.22:31
profetikLet's kick ass there.22:31
profetikI'm so sick of ubuntu always coming just short.22:33
profetikLet's get into colleges and offer workshops and talks about snappy22:34
profetikGet college students excited about it convergence over continuum.22:34

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