Kilosmorning all and evening superfly 04:11
superflyevening Kilos04:20
superflyKilos: I've started applying for jobs04:39
Kilosgood luck superfly i hope you find a great one04:44
superflyThanks, me too.04:47
paddatrapperMornign everyone06:15
nsnzeromorning guys06:17
Kiloshi paddatrapper nsnzero pavlushka 06:17
Kilosoh and inetpro 06:18
nsnzeromorning Kilos 06:18
Kilosand kulelu88 06:18
superflyNight folks, time for me to bed. 06:30
chesedomorning Kilos paddatrapper  nsnzero and others... and night superfly 06:31
Kiloshi chesedo 06:31
Kilossleep tight superfly 06:31
kulelu88morning fellows06:32
Kiloshi anton_may 07:22
anton_mayLo Kilos07:24
anton_mayWB how things?07:24
Kilosok ty and you?07:25
anton_mayapart from the Gautrain bus drivers on strike....a for away07:25
nsnzerospent 1 day getting my kubuntu theme right -now its a perfect blue theme but if anyone has themes issues i can help now 07:25
Kilosiirc blue is not a good colour to be looking at all day. reddish shades take less out of you07:26
Kilosi may have it mixed up07:26
magespawngood morning07:30
anton_maybrb going to testdrive ubuntu gnome 16.0407:30
Kiloshi magespawn 07:31
andrewlsd_AwayMaNI: (and Kilos) is Borax (or whatever it is made of) readily available in ZA shops?  I've been looking for it, to make _slime_ for the kids.07:40
andrewlsd_Awaywhois smile07:42
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Kilosill try find out andrewlsd 07:51
andrewlsdty Kilos :-)07:56
paddatrapperhey inetpro \10:10
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Kiloshmm... serious storm brewing here14:18
Kilosandrewlsd i hear you can get borax from chemists and supermarkets14:22
KingsQuesthey :D15:47
KingsQuestnetinstall lubuntu 16.04 LTS and it will be Amiga 4.01 without updates including the kernel on UK servers only Africa must use netinstall15:48
KingsQueston their servers 800 days15:48
KingsQuestyou might be able to reinstall the kernel as long as you don't lose anything in synpatic in 50 minutes.  but who doesn't like perfect packages :D15:56
Kilos-power messing around all avy with the stormy weather. keep well and sleep tight all. see you morrow17:47
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superflyMaaz: tell Kilos what happened to the LoCo Council meeting? 20:37
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:37

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