dorkmafiaHenning_: I see this text when I press tab to edi it "/casper/vmlinuz.efi initrd=/casper/initrd.lz file=/cdrom/pressed/ubuntu.seed boot=casper only--ubiquity quiet splash ---"00:06
Henning_dorkmafia: can you add noapic after splash and run the command (the key combination should be at the bottom or is enter)00:08
dorkmafiaok i just added noapic and pressed enter and the cpu rebooted00:10
luminos1tyAny developers here?00:16
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arooniso i added some large dictionaries to goldendict and tracker-miner-fs started to eat up CPU.  shoudl i not store my dictionaries in ~/Documents/Dictionaries   ? i like having stuff indexed but dont need the filesystem to try  to index all those dictionaries00:27
SpeirosHey all00:27
dorkmafiaHenning_: no dice00:30
dorkmafiaHenning_: same thing it just reboots00:30
Henning_dorkmafia: maybe nomodeset if all fails try all_generic_ide and all_generic_ide00:32
dorkmafiaso quiet splash noapic nomodeset ?00:33
Henning_usually you dont need a combination of two options afaik00:34
dorkmafiawould be nice if i could see the log00:34
dorkmafianomodeset didn't work00:34
Henning_remove quite then00:34
dorkmafiawhats splash do?00:34
Henning_but if it reboots its probably too fast :(00:34
Henning_splash is the splash screen00:35
Henning_somehow you can activate ancient com port logging i think00:35
Henning_but you cant use a usb rs232 adapter, you have to use the internal one on the mainboard :(00:36
dorkmafiawell it was too fast00:36
dorkmafiai saw stuff print out00:36
dorkmafialemme see if i can take video00:36
Henning_There are some more options, but i dont think they are applicable: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions00:38
dorkmafiaso i did nomodeset and then booted it goes "trying to unpack rootfs image as initramfs.... then a bunch of stuff scrolls00:39
dorkmafiai see ehci-pci 0000:00:id.0 USB 2.0 started, EHCI 1.0000:41
dorkmafiaand then there is [       5.275921] microcode: CPU19 sig=0x206d7, pf=0x1 revision 0x71000:42
dorkmafiathat's the last thing i see00:42
dorkmafiaHenning_: any ideas?00:45
Henning_hm that is iteresting00:46
dorkmafiathat's right where the screen turns off00:46
dorkmafiadid a slow mo video00:46
Henning_microcode is usually config stuff for the cpu that can get updated, if that is not right this could happen00:46
hwpplayer1which jabber server do we use ?00:47
Henning_amd disabled their tlb when it was faulty on the first phenoms for example00:47
dorkmafiamaybe I should try reseating the cpu?00:50
dorkmafiathere are two cpus00:50
Henning_i have not found a way to disable the µcode update :(00:50
dorkmafiaeven with hyper threading how is that 20 cores?00:50
dorkmafiait should only be 16 right/00:50
dorkmafiawhy does it go past 0-1500:51
Henning_hm i personally would look into rebuilding the iso without the microcode package and try this. but this is complicated (but documented)00:51
dorkmafiaok more info00:53
Henning_good question, stopping with cpu 20 (it should start a 0) is a weird number00:53
dorkmafiabios edd facility v0.16 2004-jun-25, 0 devices found00:54
hwpplayer1cat /proc/version_signature00:55
dorkmafiaedd information not available00:55
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dorkmafiamce : hardware error machine check events00:57
inrahello everyone, I created a live dvd with brasero, and the dvd creation took ages with the progress bar being very slow. I thought the dvd might be corrupted, so I ended the process. but the dvd booted seemingly successfully to desktop, showing disk-install link. can I safely assume that the dvd is properly created and the OS is healthy?00:57
dorkmafiaI only got the cpu errors with all_generic_ide set00:57
Henning_http://askubuntu.com/questions/124334/cant-boot-edd-information-not-available here it says it worked with a pmu (i suspect power management unit?) reset00:58
xubuntu_alguien en espa;ol00:59
Henning_so maybe removing the power cord and bios battery would help? no idea, this is just me poking in the dark (if thats a saying in english)00:59
dorkmafiashooting in the dark00:59
dorkmafiaHenning_: maybe a bios setting in power management?01:01
dorkmafiathere is a runtime power setting01:01
Henning_it sounds like its worth a try01:01
inraa live dvd creation process stopped for being very, unusually slow, but the dvd boots and installs. should I assume all is ok?01:02
dorkmafiaHenning_: acpi.power_nocheck=1 OR acpi_osi=Linux01:04
dorkmafiawhat about that?01:04
dorkmafiathe power csetting didn't work01:05
Henning_haven't heard of them, looking them up01:05
dorkmafiawhat's the nomodeset do?01:06
dorkmafiai don't see that in the boot options01:06
Henning_acpi.power_nocheck=1 sounds a little bit more promising to me, i would try that first01:06
dorkmafiaHenning_: I don't think the options are even working though01:07
Henning_but it doesn't sound like that would solve it. but i'd let it surprise me, wouldn't be the first time something weird would fix things.01:07
dorkmafiabecause I see all the pci stuff spitting out01:08
dorkmafiain the console01:08
dorkmafiaeven with noapic01:08
Henning_they should work on every kernel version afaik. maybe pnpbios=off is worth a try01:09
dorkmafiayou mean apci=off?01:12
dorkmafiawhat's pnpbios?01:12
Henning_all these kernel command lines are ancient to my knowledge.01:12
Henning_pnpbios does the same as deactivating pnp os in the bios01:13
Henning_as far as i understand01:13
dorkmafiajust reboots still :(01:13
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dorkmafiais there a way to have the screen not turn off so fast??01:14
dorkmafiaif i could get the error message better01:14
dorkmafiaafter doing this several time it starts saying 929-Fatal MCA error HA error detected CPU 1 DIMM Slot 1 or 201:16
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dorkmafiaHenning_: I was able to install 32bit ... and I am trying to install 64 bit now01:18
dorkmafiaif that helps01:18
Henning_i dont really know a option to disable auto reboot01:18
Henning_maybe pax is the culprit01:19
Henning_wait maybe not, pax was only needed on 32 bit, so probably forget it01:20
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Henning_its not even pax, the address extension stuff for 32bit i meant, but as i said not relevant afaik01:21
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causativeI accidentally typed cd // into console and now... pwd returns "//" however ls thinks I'm at "/"01:21
causativewhat is the meaning of this?01:22
luczhey guys, I'm trying to run some upstart scripts as described here: http://botbot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/production.html but when I start the botbot-plugins service I get the following error in the syslog: "...respawning too fast, stopped"01:22
causativeis there a meaning?  is it a bug?01:22
causativecd /// brings me to /, additional quantities of / also bring me to /, it's just // that brings me to //01:23
tatertotscausative: press crtl+c01:24
causativewell it's not actually a problem01:24
causativeI can easily change to a diff directory01:24
causativeit's a curiosity01:24
tatertotsno it's not really a problem so...01:24
wedgiecausative: if you really want your mind blown try    cd    vs  cd ""01:24
causativeshould I really do that or is it somehow dangerous?01:25
wedgienot dangerous.01:25
wedgieand if you're in your home directory you won't notice a difference01:25
causativenot as strange as cd // though01:26
wedgiewell // is equivilent to / so...01:27
causativebut pwd treats them as distinct01:27
wedgiecausative: cd "" will also mess with PWD01:28
causativeI'm not seeing that01:29
VulcanJediOk, I have broken dependencies and Ubuntu won't boot. I'm in recovery terminal, how do I connect to my wireless network? (googled a few things. ifconfig wlan0 up gives me error: no such device; service network-manager start failed on timeout)01:29
causativecan you plug a wire into it?01:30
VulcanJedidon't have one long enough01:30
causativetried moving the computer?01:30
dorkmafiaHenning_: i'm thinking there has to be some dumb bios thing I need to set...01:30
VulcanJedii'd prefer not to move the beast01:32
VulcanJedithere has to be a config/settings file somewhere with the network ID and key ready to go01:32
Henning_could be, but often oem bios have no option to change certain things, at least on dell (and ancient siemens) machines that was (/is?) the case01:32
causativeVulcanJedi, try lshw -C network01:33
causativeit will tell you the logical name of the wireless interface at least01:34
causativealso you want iwconfig not ifconfig01:34
VulcanJedinice, let's see how this goes01:35
causativeand there's iwlist scan01:35
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Ehat release ? 16.04+ try from recovery root consile ' systemctl enable NetworkManager.service ; systemctl start NetworkManager.service ' .01:36
VulcanJediiwconfig returns "no wireless extensions" and  iwlist scan "interface doesn't support scanning"01:38
causativeis it a laptop and you bumped the key that toggles wireless?01:38
VulcanJediBashing-om: yes, I'm on xenial, it says "OK Started Braille Device Support" does that mean I should be connected now?01:39
VulcanJedicausative: lol, no, it's a desktop having NVidia problems with a wlan card01:39
dorkmafiaHenning_: what's systemd.unit=multi-user.target ?01:40
dorkmafiaBashing-om: I still can't boot off this Live USB stick01:41
VulcanJediBashing-om: actually, now it updated and says "Timed out waiting for [device]" followed by "Dependency failed for dev/disk/by-[truncated]" and Dependency failed for Swap01:41
Henning_dorkmafia: no clue01:43
causativeVulcanJedi, if the problem is in fact the wireless card, and you need internet to fix the problem, why are you trying to use wireless to get it?01:43
causativemove the computer and plug it in01:43
causativealso why are you in recovery mode01:43
VulcanJedicausative: sorry, bad syntax. NVidia is causing the dependency issue. wlan card works fine as far as i know, has been, and no issues when i boot into windows01:44
VulcanJedicausative: ubuntu never makes it into gnome01:45
causativewhy do you need the network anyway, fix the actual problem first01:45
dorkmafiai'm so lost01:45
dorkmafiawhy is it so hard to boot =|01:46
dorkmafiawhat is Numa in bus options01:46
dorkmafiai have never heard of that one either01:46
joustinNUMA is Non-Uniform Memory Access01:47
dorkmafiashould i disable it?01:47
joustinprobably not, it relates to how the cpu accesses the ram01:48
dorkmafiawell i can't boot to install ubuntu right now01:48
joustinI mean, you can, just turn it back on if it causes issues or does not correct the issue01:48
dorkmafiai'm booting off the usb01:48
joustinwhat happens when you boot, do you get the linux startup stuff or what?01:48
dorkmafiai have been trying with noapci01:49
dorkmafiathe pc restarts during boot01:49
dorkmafiai'm trying to install ubuntu 64 bit01:49
joustinhow did you setup the usb stick?01:49
dorkmafiavia unetbootin01:50
VulcanJediRecovery is the only way I can do anything. If I boot normally, the gui drops out before I can login and I get the terminal showing a series of [  OK  ] checks, the last of which reads "Stopped NVIDIA Persistence Daemon." followed by "Stopping User Manager01:50
tatertotsdorkmafia: you have to be able to successfully boot livecd or liveusb first.01:50
kDycuSo, new dumb questions. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I'd like to think it would be. Currently I have a program that launches at startup in /etc/init.d/programname. Is there a way to also automatically stop/close it after a set period of time?01:50
dorkmafiais taht where you select "install ubuntu"01:50
joustinlive usb is a working install, it boots to ubuntu and gives an option to install01:51
joustinits like a trial mode01:51
SpeirosNVIDIA seems to cause a stack of problems.  There must be a flaw in their company vision.01:51
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dorkmafiaso you want me to select "try ubuntu without installing?"01:52
dorkmafiado you want me to burn a new usb stick?01:52
VulcanJedi...I think their company vision is 'make money off of PC gaming'01:52
dorkmafiai'll try anything at this point01:52
joustinNVIDIA is weird with their software, we have a some (a whole lot) of their hardware and it works well01:52
joustini would create a live usb and see if it boots01:52
SpeirosVulcanJedi Yes, that's true.  It seems they only want the windows clients though.01:52
Speirosjoustin Okay, interesting.01:53
VulcanJediSpeiros: exactly, that's where the gamers are01:53
dorkmafiajoustin: thats what this usb is...01:53
SpeirosVulcanJedi Yep:)01:53
tatertotsdorkmafia: have you tried booting any other linux distributions other than what you have tried unsuccessfully?01:54
dorkmafiaI used unetbootin and there is an option to for LiveUsb01:54
dorkmafiatatertots: no01:54
VulcanJediSpeiros: but this gamer is tired of windows 10 and all its driver compatibility issues01:54
SpeirosVulcanJedi I was sick of windows and their drivers problems, and "pay me for something that MIGHT work" mentality.01:55
tatertotsdorkmafia: you should really consider doing so as a trouble shooting step, i hate to see you repeat the same things while expecting different results.01:55
VulcanJedilol, that's accurate01:55
bazhangVulcanJedi, Speiros can we take the chat elsewhere please01:56
Speirosbazhang Sure.  I did think it was related though, as it is a genuine issue that isn't resolved on this computer.01:57
dorkmafiatatertots: i'm thinking it might be the usb i created01:58
Phaneswhere's a good place to get hosting for large package repositories?01:58
adamaliihi,i change permission of /home/guest/tes folder to list files only for guestx from files/nautilus, but after that all member of guestx cant list /home/guest/test subfolder01:58
dorkmafiagonna have to try again later01:59
VulcanJedii'm getting the feeling that I can't get back into ubuntu from where I am... if I try to use recovery mode's tools to enable networking and repair broken packages, it can't connect to repository, and aborts01:59
adamaliihow to this recursively?01:59
bazhangadamalii, what version of ubuntu01:59
Mlpfan9930Hello.. I am wondering would y'all be able to help me restore the windows boot loader if i have a change of heart in the next year? I'm on Ubuntu mate :)02:09
Mlpfan9930my computer is UEFI based.02:09
tatertotssure if you have a problem within the next year let us know02:11
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Can you boot the install to the login screen and ctl+alt+F1 to activate a console interface ?02:11
Mlpfan9930Ubuntu mate is so awesome.<33302:11
Mlpfan9930its the ubuntu i remember from up to 2010.02:12
bratchleywhen configuring static networking in /etc/network/interfaces is the order of "post-up" directives preserved?02:13
rizonzare there issues with the PXE boot ISO? it fails on Select and INstall Software02:13
bratchleymeaniing will it always do the first one listed then the second, etc, etc02:13
naccbratchley: "in which case the commands are executed in the order  in  which they  appear  in  the stanza." per `man interfaces`02:17
bratchleynacc: ty02:20
VulcanJediBashing-om: I can't get to the login screen, gui fails to load after startup splash, so it might be NVidia issue, or it might be gnome-shell is broken (though it was working last successful boot)02:22
VulcanJediLast change I remember making was in NVidia x server to get my second monitor resolution set correctly02:23
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Maybe, but I tend to think at the login screen the GUI driver is not loaded at that time .02:28
VulcanJediMaybe it doesn't load the DE yet, but it loads x for the login gui02:29
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Another thought is to boot a terminal from grub boot menu . See what we can find out from there ?02:29
joustinstart in terminal and once logged in start x and see if it crashes, you may need to clear you xorg config02:30
joustinit may be crapping out from a setting02:30
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: My experience with minimal installs , one has a terminal even before X is installed, no ?02:31
joustinx isn't needed for much02:32
VulcanJediis there a keyboard shortcut for terminal if login screen doesn't load?02:32
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wafflejockVulcanJedi, can try switching to a tty with ctrl+alt+f102:32
VulcanJedii'm in grub terminal now...02:33
joustinlogged in?02:33
VulcanJedino, this is new territory for me now02:34
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: What release are we working with ? = systemd or upstart ?02:34
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VulcanJediI can find a guide somewhere... 16.04 and upstart showed up next to recovery mode02:35
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Terminal: in grub 'e' key for edit mode - next screen the line starting with linux - replace quiet splash and all after with the term systemd.unit=multi-user.target . ctl+x to continue to TTY1 .02:38
Colombo1I looked at some installed stuff and for some reason I have Nvidia X server setting02:41
VulcanJediI actually don't see a line starting with Linux followed by quiet splash02:41
Colombo1the thing is, I have AMD, anyone knows what is going on and what this thing is?02:42
tatertotsColombo1: open terminal02:42
newcoderIs there any problem if I remove sudo and use the root?02:43
ikonianewcoder: why would you do that ?02:44
newcoderI want to use root instead of sudo command02:44
ikoniaright, so just type "sudo -i"02:44
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Sorry . with a ubuntu kernel highlighted . press the 'e' key in the grub boot menu .02:44
newcoderikonia: -i for what?02:44
ikonianewcoder: a root shell02:45
Colombo1tatertots: open terminal?02:45
tatertotsColombo1: while you're looking at installed stuff install inxi, it's in the main ubuntu repositories making it easy to find, and easy to install using your favorite installation method. let me know once you have it installed. take care02:45
VulcanJediBashing-om: oh, whoops, I had advanced options highlighted, now let's see... now i found it02:47
Colombo1tatertots: ok, thanks, but what about the Nvidia thing?02:47
tatertotsColombo1: yeah, don't have the patience that i used to so follow accurately02:48
tatertotsColombo1: in terminal>  apt list --installed|grep nvid|nc termbin.com 999902:48
tatertotsColombo1: press enter02:49
VulcanJediBashing-om: are those spaces between .target . ctl+x?02:49
tatertotsColombo1: share url/link here02:49
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: No spaces in the term " systemd.unit=multi-user.target " once you have made the edit .. it is key combo ctl+x to do it .02:50
Colombo1the "instalovaný, automaticky" is installed automatically02:50
VulcanJediBashing-om: perfect, got it02:51
Colombo1why the hell I got nvidia-367 drivers?02:51
tatertotsColombo1: sudo apt install inxi02:51
tatertotsColombo1: press enter02:51
Colombo1got that already02:51
tatertotsColombo1: in terminal>  inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999902:51
tatertotsColombo1: press enter02:51
tatertotsColombo1: share url/link here02:52
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: So now you have a terminal, with only minimal abilities , most servixes from here you must enable , presently though you wnat to look at the X status . That log is /var/log/Xorg.0.log .02:54
Colombo1you want to check if I am not spealing my ass and I have nvidia?02:54
VulcanJediBashing-om: apt upgrade is finally working02:54
tatertotsColombo1: lol02:54
Colombo1tatertots: I guess that you wanted to check that:)02:54
tatertotsColombo1: in terminal> ubuntu-drivers list|nc termbin.com 999902:54
tatertotsColombo1: press enter02:55
tatertotsColombo1: share url/link here02:55
VulcanJediany other commands i should run to make sure everything's in order before starting x?02:55
Colombo1I think that my system is confused:(02:55
Colombo1and why the hell is this pidgin all pink?02:55
tatertotsColombo1: I didn't see any nvidia hardware in your computer so i'm rather curious why you installed nvidia drivers.02:55
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Doughtful, unless you have enabled and started networking services some how . I think I think .02:55
Colombo1tatertots: I didn. It was installed automatically02:56
tatertotsColombo1: unless you previously swapped out a nvidia card02:56
Colombo1I had FRGLEX or how it is spelled02:56
Colombo1and now I run on mesa, padoka ppa02:56
Colombo1I literally build my computer with my own hands (I mean, assemble). Installed ubuntu from scratch (14.04 I think), I never had nvidia card.02:57
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Testing networking : ' ping -c3 ubuntu.com ' .02:57
tatertotsColombo1: well no reason to keep those nvidia software installed on your computer then, since you have no nvidia hardware02:57
VulcanJediBashing-om: it was able to process Get for required packages02:58
Colombo1tatertots: that was my question, what the hell does this do on my computer and where did it came from?02:58
VulcanJedi3/3 0% packet loss 2002ms02:58
VulcanJediI didn't start network services, they just started up with ubuntu02:59
tatertotsColombo1: in terminal> cat /var/log/apt/term.log|nc termbin.com 999902:59
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: As I live and learn . Things have changed since last I booted to terminal :) .. ok ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ; sudo apt -f install ; sudo dpkg -C ' . all runs clean ?03:00
tatertotsColombo1: press enter03:00
tatertotsColombo1: share url/link here03:00
VulcanJedii need to put that string of text on a sticky note03:02
tatertotsColombo1: in terminal> env|nc termbin.com 999903:03
tatertotsColombo1: press enter03:03
tatertotsColombo1: share url/link here03:03
VulcanJediBashing-om: clean except one package that is upgradable, greybird-gtk-theme, don't worry about it?03:04
tatertotsColombo1: you must have installed nvidia drivers by mistake in the past, that was your original problem statement when you entered chat, "why do i have nvidia installed", you do have it installed, they can be safely removed since you have no nvidia hardware03:05
snufftcan anyone tell me if there's a way to search for a directory tree pattern from the terminal? I'm googling, but I don't think I know the right terminology. I need to find instances of "view/base/web/templates/"03:05
Colombo1tatertots: the only thing I might have done is update, upgrade and maybe something like dist-upgrade or install -f03:06
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Like you, O can not seee the thene as an issue . up to you . Wnat to insure - from here - that the nvidia driver is installed ?03:06
VulcanJediBashing-om: driver should be installed, but i suppose that wouldn't hurt to check03:06
Colombo1ah I know03:07
VulcanJediBashing-om: i think we see if I can start the gui03:07
Colombo1I once tried to install some VLC (because it is for some reason broken now) from some PPA, but it started to install a lot of other stuff as well03:07
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Only a peek ' sudo lshw -C display ' .03:07
tatertotsColombo1: here is a list of all the nvidia related packages you have installed that can be safely removed since you have no nvidia hardware http://termbin.com/k55403:09
Colombo1tatertots: thanks by the way03:09
tatertotsColombo1: no problem03:09
VulcanJediBashing-om: looks good, info listed makes sense03:09
Colombo1tatertots: yeah, I already purged it03:09
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Anything interesting in the log file in your home directory " .xsession-errors " ?03:10
tatertotsColombo1: you know you might actually qualify for this http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx03:11
VulcanJediBashing-om: how do I open a log like that in command line?03:12
tatertotsColombo1: i mean you do have a Tonga PRO [Radeon R9 285/380]03:12
tatertotsColombo1: just saying03:12
tatertotsColombo1: if you stuff is working fine and you're cool with it by all means keep it as is.03:13
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: No larger than the file is one can ' cat ' it .03:13
Colombo1tatertots: I tried it once, because mesa does not have the thing for sound, so I can't use my screen with reproductors to play sound through that HDMI cable.03:14
Colombo1However, when I tried to install pro, it broke even more03:14
Bashing-omColombo1: Maybe see the list :http://theleftcoastgeek.net/index.php/general-interest/11-amd-gpu-support-with-amdgpu-and-amdgpu-pro .03:14
VulcanJediBashing-om: cat brought up a short list of upstart errors, presumably from before i got into command line boot03:15
tatertotsColombo1: wonder if you had nvidia installed the entire time you were trying amdgpu-pro?03:16
tatertotsColombo1: just saying03:16
Colombo1hmm, maybe03:16
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Not good as that is the current boot file . Maybe paste it and I see what I can make of it ? prior boot is " .xsession-errors.old " .03:17
loganleehey guys my computer gets really slow until i restart the computer03:18
VulcanJediBashing-om: oh my, not sure if I can paste it... guess i'll have to manually input on ubuntu paste bin?03:18
SpeirosHi loganlee.  What do you think is causing it?  I mean, do you have any suspicions of your own?03:18
loganleeSpeiros, i tried katoolin script03:19
loganleefor installing kali linux tools03:19
loganleeafter that my computer gets slow until i restart the computer03:19
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loganleekatoolin script didn't work for me03:19
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Nawww, try as ' cat .xsession-errors | nc termbin.com 9999 '.03:19
ikonialoganlee: thats going to cause you problems03:19
loganleeafter restarting computer it is back to normal again03:21
loganleeor maybe because i use onenote using crossover03:21
EldonMcGuinnessloganlee: Does this start after using any particular app?03:22
VulcanJediBashing-om: you are truly the bash master. http://termbin.com/zqxm03:22
loganleeEldonMcGuinness, im not sure i wish i knew03:22
VulcanJediBashing-om: and the .old one http://termbin.com/d2ly03:23
EldonMcGuinnessI would try to just login and let it sit, see if that slows it down. If not then it is definitely some app you're using that is causing the slowdown.03:23
loganleeEldonMcGuinness, ok ill let it sit for several hours03:24
loganleethen maybe run system monitor03:24
EldonMcGuinnessYou could also check the system monitor/htop to see if there is an app that is eating up ram/cpu03:24
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: reading I be a while away .03:25
VulcanJediBashing-om: the .old is loooooong03:27
samthewildonehaving trouble with wifi on 16.0403:30
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: What little I seen of the old log scares the pants off me ! All those modified files and  - inodes ! - . run a file system check ?03:30
samthewildoneI'm testing out ubuntu on my laptop and it picks up the wifi card and everything but just will not connect to a router.03:30
VulcanJediBashing-om: i didn't know what to make of those... will do, hold on03:31
loganleemaybe i was hacked?03:33
cfhowlettalways a possibility loganlee03:34
loganleerestarting made it back to normal03:34
EldonMcGuinnessI doubt it03:35
EldonMcGuinnessIt would have likely started back up once you started the computer back up03:35
Speirosloganlee That's good news.  At least now you can identify the source of what might be causing it, when it happens.03:36
waltmanI posted a problem to Ubuntu forums yesterday, and I believe I figured out the solution. I replied with my solution, but I don't see any way to mark it as "solved". Am I missing somehing?03:37
EldonMcGuinnessI would just keep system monitor / htop open so you can see what the issue is when it creeps up.03:37
loganleeok ill do that now03:37
waltmanI put "[SOLVED]" in the subject line of my reply, but that doesn't seem to be the right way to do it.03:38
Bashing-omwaltman: 1st post - thread tools, in the drop down .03:38
waltmanBashing-om: Thanks! I knew it had to be something simple!03:39
Bashing-omwaltman: Just not so intuitive :)03:40
VulcanJediBashing-om: fsck reported back clean03:42
loganleei guess if it gets slow again i will just restart the computer03:43
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Well ,, all I know to do is reboot - see what happens and take it from there .03:44
loganleeim thinking some kind of memory leak03:46
Speirosloganlee does it happen offline as well as online?03:48
loganleeSpeiros, my computer is always online03:48
VulcanJediBashing-om: i need to clear my xorg config03:49
EldonMcGuinnesshtop, the best way to see what's up03:49
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: That raises another question . hybred graphics ? Or is there some other reason you are using a depreciated means ?03:50
VulcanJediBashing-om: no, i just have a GT 740, haven't gotten its twin to sli yet, but I have a dual monitor setup. xorg config file got modified a couple times while i was trying different suggestions to add the missing resolution for my second monitor @ 1280x102403:58
loganleei think i know why my computer got slow04:01
loganleei kept running command unity to reload unity04:01
VulcanJediBashing-om: this install started with ubuntu studio, but I don't care for xfce, so I installed kde, and seeing I could try different DE's side by side, installed Plasma and Gnome-Shell as well. So, somewhere in the jumble of all that something got buggered04:01
loganleeafter my screen broke after running windows game using wine04:01
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: 375 version driver > http://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/112992/en-us ?04:03
akkadis this the Ubuntu founder who killed himself? https://www.linkedin.com/in/tongueroo04:06
Speirosakkad Even if it was, what are you looking for?04:06
Speirosakkad Did you try google?04:07
loganleeis linux hard to hack? (i have zero knowledge about hacking)04:11
ignaciowhy would you hack linux?04:11
chestyhi, how can I install firefox 32 bit alongside firefox 64 bit. I thought maybe a snap would be the way to go, but I can't work out if there's a firefox snap yet. there is talk of making one04:11
VulcanJediBashing-om: http://termbin.com/q3r5 367 is the driver available through software and updates, I believe04:12
xanguachesty: you can download Firefox 32/64 bit from Firefox.com, extract and run04:12
loganleeignacio, because my computer got slow :(04:12
VulcanJediBashing-om: I haven't tried messing with installing the latest driver available on the website04:12
ignaciologanlee, huh?04:12
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: well I would expect the 367 to work .04:13
VulcanJediloganlee: Linux outperforms both windows and mac in security performance04:13
wafflejockloganlee, are you familiar with the terminal? you can use a few programs there to see what is using system resources and why things are running slow if there's some runaway process04:14
Phaneslol@whatever "security performance" means04:14
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Installing from OEM is the means of last resort . a job to keep that driver then maintained ,04:14
loganleewafflejock, i think it is because i repeatedly ran unity command04:14
loganleenot because i got hacked04:14
VulcanJediBashing-om: right, it worked before04:14
Phaneshow many vectors per minute does OSX defend? lol04:14
Phanessorry, ill stop04:14
VulcanJediPhanes: leave me alone, my brain is addled from hours of troubleshooting my install04:15
wafflejockloganlee, ah yeah if it's just temporary and a reboot fixes it wouldn't worry too much, can use top, iotop, htop, free -h, to get an idea of what's going on04:15
PhanesVulcanJedi, what's your issue exactly?  I did not catch it04:15
loganleewafflejock, ty04:15
wafflejockloganlee, lsof can be helpful sometimes too for seeing what processes are accessing what files but the top/htop will show cpu usage and free will show memory consumption overall04:15
wafflejockno prob04:16
Bashing-omVulcanJedi: Keep in mind : https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa our trusted PPA .04:16
chestyxangua: yeah, thanks, I can, but it doesn't update itself if I do it that way.04:17
ironhide000hey all, im having problems with ubuntu, i have a nvidia gtx 1070 strix graphics  card and of course the on board graphics, when i put the hdmi cable to on board graphic cards it works fine but when i plug the hdmi to the nvidia ( which i installed the drivers nvidia 367.5 i think) i get to my luks screen to decrypt my disk but it wont let me type04:17
ironhide000or anything but on the on board it does do i have to blacklist my on board card?04:17
VulcanJediPhanes: I cannot boot into Linux except via command line. This happened after installing gnome-shell and plasma, and finally getting NVidia x server to set the correct resolution for my 2nd monitor, which was missing from display settings04:17
xanguachesty: yes it does04:17
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chestyxangua: really? ok, so I install it in $HOME then?04:18
PhanesVulcanJedi, you may want to explore having a manually configured Xorg.conf04:18
xanguachesty: I just extract it and run it, but you haven't really tell why you need both 32 and 64 bit04:18
xanguaIn my home*04:18
VulcanJediPhanes: With help from Bashing-om, I've gotten as far as fixing dependencies. . . Can I manually edit xorg.config in terminal?04:19
chestyxangua: webex04:19
kapaHello guys! Is it possible to setup keyboard in the next way: If numlock is not enabled I want to type numbers instead of cursor moving by pressing <FN> + <u> (or any other "Numpad key")04:24
kapaI have keyboard similar to this one: http://shop.blackcatpc.co.uk/ekmps/shops/blackcatpc/images/dell-latitude-d620-d820-d830-precision-m65-keyboard-p-n-uc162-162-p.jpg04:24
kapawhen numlock is switched off you have cursors buttons instead of numbers on keypad04:25
kapaI want to keep it typing numbers04:26
loganleekapa, just turn numlock off04:26
loganleekapa, just turn numlock on04:26
wafflejockkapa, does the numlock button not work?04:26
kapaif it's turned on I will get numbers instead of letters by just hitting <u> letter (for example)04:28
kbobkapa maybe try numlockx04:28
* loganlee is confused04:28
kapai want to type number by pressing <FN> + <u> despite of numlock status04:28
kbobahhh ok04:29
kapasorry for confusing04:30
kbobnumlock is a modifier key , check it with xmodmap04:30
kapahmm, indeed, it should be possible to redefine those shortcuts04:31
kapathank you!04:32
kbobnormally is mod2        Num_Lock (0x4d), anyway google for xmodmap docs04:32
kapayes, for me it's the same04:32
kapamod2        Num_Lock (0x4d)04:32
kbobubuntu or arch have good docs about that04:32
kapaYes, now I know how can it be resolved. Thank you!04:33
MichaelPxserver-xorg-video-amdgpu ... libdrm-amdgpu1 .. is installed in 16.04 kernel 4.9.3.. dmesg | grep -i AMDGPU shows nothing04:34
kapado you have xorg.conf ? check it, it could be in blacklist modules04:35
tatertotsMichaelP: install inxi, it's in the official ubuntu repositories so it can be found easily, and installed using your favorite installation method.04:36
tatertotsMichaelP: i don't have as much patience as i used to, so just let me know once you have it installed.04:36
MichaelPtatertots: ok04:37
kapaglxinfo | grep OpenGL04:38
JoralI have a computer running 16.04 with an A8-6500 apu.  I am attempting to build a project that uses opencl.  clinfo shows the devices as being configured but the project does not recognize the opencl device.  is this a problem with the project, or is it possible that opencl is not working with the radeon driver04:39
MichaelPtatertots: installed04:39
tatertotsMichaelP: open terminal> inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999904:39
tatertotsMichaelP: press enter04:40
tatertotsMichaelP: share url/link here...the link does not contain any information unique to your person so don't worry04:40
tatertotsJoral: this is what AMD gpu owners can expect moving forward https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/04:41
kapaMichaelP: inxi -G04:41
MichaelPtatertots: http://termbin.com/paft04:41
tatertotsMichaelP: ok run that one more time04:42
tatertotsMichaelP: open terminal> inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999904:42
tatertotsMichaelP: press enter04:42
tatertotsMichaelP: share url/link here...the link does not contain any information unique to your person so don't worry04:42
Joraltatertots: it says opencl is work in progress for my card, and if I am reading this correctly will we not ever get access to the amdgpu driver stack for a S. Island card?04:42
MichaelPkapa: https://bpaste.net/show/5463666578c004:43
MichaelPtatertots: http://termbin.com/37ag04:43
kapaYes, it looks ok, why are you checking that ? Do you have any issues with system ?04:44
tatertotsMichaelP: your card [AMD/ATI] Kabini [Radeon HD 8210] does NOT use amdgpu/amdgpu-pro04:45
MichaelPdmesg | grep -i AMDGPU ... should show something like [   30.443160] [drm] amdgpu kernel modesetting enabled..... but it showing nothing04:45
tatertotsMichaelP: driver: radeon04:45
tatertotsMichaelP: open terminal> dmesg|nc termbin.com 999904:46
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MichaelPtatertots: i can run amdgpu just fine in Opensuse.. solus04:46
tatertotsMichaelP: are you talking about the new amd proprietary amdgpu-pro driver?.........http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx04:47
JoralMichaelP: amdgpu is in beta for the earlier S. Islands series cards, another distro may have the beta kernel options enabled but ubuntu does not currently.04:48
tatertotsMichaelP: your hardware isn't even supported by it if so. as you can see here http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx04:48
MichaelPno just the standard xf86-video-amdgpu version04:50
tatertotsMichaelP: [drm] radeon kernel modesetting enabled.04:51
tatertotsMichaelP: well there's no doubt about what you're running right now in ubuntu, and what you CAN run right now in ubuntu04:52
MichaelPno big deal right now... i'll just wait till OpenSuse learns how to get the 4.9 kernel right04:53
loganleeis linux being left behind? doe the latest linux support microsoft surface products?04:54
MichaelPI can run 4.9 kernel in ubuntu... But opensuse reboots over and over... unless you use acpi=off04:54
tatertotsJoral: what card do you have?04:54
loganlee(i'm linux supporter)04:54
Joraltatertots: I know its an 8500 series but I do not remember the exact number off the top of my head04:55
tatertotsJoral: oh ok, install inxi, its in ubuntu official repositories, making it easy to find and install using your favorite installation method.04:55
Speirosloganlee The motives of linux and microsoft are as far as east and west, except for their common core.04:56
Joraltatertots, done04:56
tatertotsJoral: open terminal>  inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999904:57
tatertotsJoral: press enter04:57
tatertotsJoral:  share url/link here...the link does not contain any information unique to your person so don't worry04:57
MichaelPLinux = freedom .. MicroSoft = do what we say04:57
Joraltatertots: http://termbin.com/pijr04:57
lasersabertatertots, are you the same tatertots in #linuxmint-help on spotchat?04:58
tatertotslasersaber: yes04:59
lasersabertatertots, i remember you from when i use to go there when i used mint.05:00
tatertotsJoral: your only hope for opencl is  going back to ubuntu 14.x and using fglrx and getting by until the year 2019. Or get a newer amd gpu05:00
Joraltatertots: was support for 14.04 extended until then?05:00
tatertotsJoral: LTS= 5 years05:01
CrazyTuxhello, I installed Xubuntu 16.04.1 lts yesterday, on my new laptop.05:01
CrazyTuxCan I install other DEs available now on this installation?05:01
Joraltatertots: i realize that and i thought that it released in 2012 or 2013 which would mean out of support before a new option came along05:02
CrazyTuxlike Unity, Mate, Lxde etc.05:02
CrazyTuxWhich are the officially recognized and compatible DEs?05:02
loganleecan we take snapshot image of my ubuntu system and install is preconfigured on another machine?05:03
Joraland if opencl support doesn't exist in radeon, how do I have clinfo reporting a working configuration?05:03
SpeirosUnity is the one that comes out on Ubuntu now...but that's all I know, apart from that GNOME was the older one.05:03
SpeirosCrazyTux ^^05:03
lasersaberi'm surprised inxo doesn't come installed in ubuntu05:03
tatertotsJoral: fglrx might show you some opencl love but as far as https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/ don't hold your breath05:03
CrazyTuxDoes installing Unity or Gnome DE on Xubuntu 16.04.1 cause any problems or inconsistencies in performance?05:04
lasersaberCrazyTux, don't think so05:04
tatertotsJoral: doesn't https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/ show it as "in progress" meaning depending on chip it might work/ it might not aka YMMV05:05
CrazyTuxI want to install all the DEs like Unity, Gnome, Mate and Lxde on top of this Xubuntu, so that I can try all.05:05
Joraltatertots: so given that fglrx support was discontinued by AMD and that my card supports amdgpu beta its sounding to me like I would be better off on another distribution05:05
lasersaberCrazyTux, you can install all of those DE and see which one works best for you05:06
CrazyTuxlasersaber, great. I'll try it.05:06
lasersaberCrazyTux, np05:07
CrazyTuxthanks a lot.05:07
CrazyTuxyesterday, when I tried to boot from live usb of Xubuntu 16.10, I couldn't do it, despite creating the live usb three or four times. I created the live usb of 16.04.1 and I could boot from it and install it on my HDD. What could be the problem?05:09
Joraltatertots: unless there is a way that I could make the kernel config changes and automate the build of new kernels to keep my system up to date.  That would enable me to use the beta version of the new driver now.05:09
CrazyTuxI wanted to install 16.10.05:09
tatertotsJoral: you could try to install the amdgpu driver, but i wouldn't be surprised if you have instability issues as a result.05:10
tatertotsJoral: amdgpu driver is in the ubuntu repositories so it would be easy to install05:11
Joraltatertots: I would like to, but that requires building my own kernel (which I am happy to do).  What I don't know is how to automate the building of custom kernels so that I can have the new kernels as they are released while keeping the custom config persistent.05:11
Joraltatertots: the kernel mod is in the repo, but the beta hooks for my card are not in the vanilla kernel05:12
tatertotsJoral: ah i see05:13
Joraltatertots, is there a way to automate that build every update?05:13
lasersaberCrazyTux, could be a hardware capability issue, could be a number of things. using the latest version of ubuntu isn't always good thing. if it works stay on
* pjamma waves05:15
HP_sleepy sleepy05:16
pjammais there a fraps alternative on ubuntu?05:16
HP_heillo tereee05:16
HP_eat your frapppicinno05:16
HP_slut monster05:16
pjammafor recording game play05:16
HP_oh well deactivated05:16
HP_slither in your rithe05:17
HP_mukk in your red sap05:17
CrazyTuxlasersaber, I have the pendrives of other distros like MX 16, LXLE etc. I tried booting from them, and didn't encounter any such problem. But, this live usb of Xubuntu 16.10 didn't get detected at boot up. I didn't have this problem with live usb of 16.04.1, though. I have a brand new laptop of Asus X Series.05:17
lasersaberpjamma, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BN9N7BlxwgU05:17
daxHP_: hi, welcome to #ubuntu, the technical support channel for Ubuntu Linux. Is there something we can help you with this evening?05:18
pjammaty laser05:18
pjammalasersaber ty05:18
HP_lol, rithe and scream05:19
elkyHP_: enough wordplay thanks05:19
lasersaberCrazyTux, i see. someone might be able to help you in here.05:19
lasersaberpjamma, no problem05:19
HP_not what i was playing with05:20
CrazyTuxI did chat on this channel and did seek help yesterday.05:20
CrazyTuxon this issue.05:21
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lasersaberCrazyTux, hang in there :)05:21
Joralso reading the kernel disclaimer page I'm even less sure how to proceed.  If I am reading this correctly building a custom kernel removes the possibility of getting support with an issue, yet I can't get my issue resolved without building a custom kernel.05:22
CrazyTuxlasersaber, ok. Anyway, I have installed Xubuntu 16.04.1 on HDD and set it up completely now. But, was just curious to know the cause of that problem.05:22
tatertotsJoral: those hooks you spoke of were beta anyway, you would have been running a not officially supported setup no matter what05:23
VulcanJedihow do i open a file for editing in terminal?05:23
himcesjfVulcanJedi: vi <file_name>05:24
himcesjfVulcanJedi: nano <file_name>05:24
Joraltatertots, then what options do I have to get opencl functioning on 16.04?05:25
tatertotsJoral: purchase a supported gpu as per https://www.x.org/wiki/RadeonFeature/  or purchase a supported gpu as per http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMD-Radeon-GPU-PRO-Linux-Beta-Driver%E2%80%93Release-Notes.aspx05:26
Joraltatertots, ^^05:27
SpeirosHi alamak05:29
alamakHi Speiros05:29
pjammahow do i make my laptop faster05:30
pjammausing software05:30
pjammabesides bleach bit05:30
lasersaberpjamma, use a lightweight DE. what DE are you on?05:31
pjammaregular ubuntu05:31
pjammaits been buggy too05:31
pjammaubuntu 16.04 lts05:32
pjammaim using it for steam though05:32
lasersaberpjamma, lubuntu is super lightweight, also xubuntu is light as well.05:32
tatertotsJoral: yes did you see the OpenCL list https://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/GalliumCompute/05:32
pjammahow would lubuntu and xubuntu run steam05:32
pjammait was such a 5 letter word getting it installed on ubuntu05:32
tatertotsJoral: they just still have some work to do05:33
loganleeeval $( echo l- sl | rev )05:33
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lasersaberpjamma, just install the lxde or xfce DE on your current ubuntu system05:33
=== cuddles is now known as pjamma
Joraltatertots, so how would we identify if the issue is a driver problem so that I can file a bug report if necessary to help the development process, or if it is some other system configuration that could be getting in the way?05:34
pjammawhats lxde / xfce05:34
pjammadoes that mean i have to reformat05:34
pjammayou mean lubuntu and xubuntu05:34
pjammawhere da lxde / xfce download linkz05:35
loganleeeval $( echo l- sl | rev )05:35
lasersaberpjamma, no need to format, just install it in your current system. they are desktop environments05:35
xangua!info lubuntu-core05:35
ubottulubuntu-core (source: lubuntu-meta): Lubuntu Desktop environment - minimal installation. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.72 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 14 kB (Only available for i386; amd64; powerpc; armhf)05:36
pjammaoh ok05:36
xangua!info xubuntu-core05:36
ubottuxubuntu-core (source: xubuntu-meta): Xubuntu core system. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.208 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 28 kB05:36
tatertotsJoral: first you'd need to prove there is a reproducible issue that isn't described in https://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/GalliumCompute/05:36
pjammawhic h one is more stable05:36
pjammaand was teh command to install it05:37
Joraltatertots, but I haven't even identified the issue yet to know if its reproducible05:37
lasersaberpjamma, http://www.howtogeek.com/193129/how-to-install-and-use-another-desktop-environment-on-linux/05:37
lasersaberpjamma, i would try out xfce and lxde05:38
tatertotsJoral: you'll have to proceed with your opencl workload and testing being cognizant of https://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/GalliumCompute/ and taking notes during the testing05:38
pjammaok lasersaber i will try them out05:38
lasersaberpjamma, and MATE05:39
pjammawhats mate05:39
lasersaberpjamma, try all of them and see which one works best for your computer05:39
pjammaok sounds good05:39
tatertotsJoral: as long as your work is inside of https://dri.freedesktop.org/wiki/GalliumCompute/ and stays in the "green" areas you'll be fine05:39
pjamma!info mate05:39
ubottuPackage mate does not exist in yakkety05:39
lasersaberpjamma, MATE is another DE.05:39
pjamma!Info mate-core05:39
pjamma!info mate-core05:39
Joraltatertots, the project hasn't even passed the configure script as it does not detect the hardware, so how can I test the workload if it doesn't build05:39
ubottumate-core (source: mate-desktop-environment): MATE Desktop Environment (essential components, dummy package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.16.0+1 (yakkety), package size 1 kB, installed size 9 kB05:39
pjammai can see which is best05:40
pjammatyvm lasersaber05:40
tatertotsJoral: oh, then you're dead in the water...you have no hardware05:40
lasersaberpjamma, no problem. enjoy :)05:40
pjammais there a app that removes junk depositories05:40
tatertotsJoral: you need to purchase the needed "hardware"05:40
pjammaand removes unecssary files05:40
Joraltatertots, but clinfo says that I DO  have the hardware05:40
pjammato clean up05:40
pjammaclean up app / command05:40
tatertotsJoral: proceed and it will reveal who's word "trumps" who's05:41
pjammagonna try this05:41
Joraltatertots, so you are saying that some random software's word is stronger than an ubuntu system file?05:42
tatertotsJoral: if you can't proceed, i'd have to believe it's because you lack hardware, if you CAN proceed surely that proves your hardware is sufficient05:42
tatertotsJoral: i'm saying a real world test05:42
tatertotsJoral: real computational workload tests, no more theory and google searching, test results05:43
Joraltatertots: one "dry run" is not a scientific test by any means, I came to this channel for help configuring my ubuntu system but have been given every reason why I shouldn't be configuring my system05:43
tatertotsJoral: what do you want help configuring05:44
positiveryI installed the intel graphics updating tool,   and once it installed and such now My VGA cord no longer runs video to my external screen?  any help05:44
positiveryhighly displeased05:45
lasersaberpositivery, try reboot your system05:45
positiveryI did already05:45
kapabut does your system can see your external screen ?05:46
positiveryit did before I used the intel tool05:46
Joraltatertots: I do not have a thorough enough understanding of all of the "moving parts" of the opencl framework to properly identify if the is a misconfigured component (even though the utility provided states that it is configured correctly), how a software project would attempt to poll for and subsequently find said device, etc.  While clinfo does state that I have opencl installed I do not know what other hiccups could prevent a piece of software from05:46
Joraldetecting that device.05:46
kapawhen you connect your screen you do not see it in System Configuration -> Screen Display, right ?05:47
positiverythere is no detection05:47
tatertotsJoral: does it fail with an error message?05:47
kapapositivery do you have windows machine ?05:48
positiveryI'm running ubuntu 16.0405:48
positiverybut I do have another windows machine05:48
tatertotsJoral: logs?05:48
kapaTry to connect your screen to windows machine and after that reconnect to your ubuntu machine05:48
kapathis trick helped me before05:48
positiverythe screen works fine on windows05:50
positiverythe monitor worked fine on Ubuntu right before the INtel update05:50
kapapositivery: and run this command after you reconnect screen:  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 999905:50
=== jstein is now known as Guest25249
positiveryit returns this http://termbin.com/2oa405:52
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
Joraltatertots,   it says "checking for opencl: no" then "OpenCL...............: NOT FOUND. GPU mining support DISABLED" "configure: error: OpenCL not found"05:54
kapa[    38.417] (EE) Screen 0 deleted because of no matching config section.05:55
positiverywell ,05:55
kapapositivery do you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf this file05:55
kapaif so - try to back it up, remove and reboot05:56
=== crazyoldworld is now known as realitycheckvr
positiveryI do not have this file it seems.05:57
caligulawtf man05:58
caligulawhat happened05:59
positiverykapa,  yeah file is not there06:00
tatertotsJordan_U: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/GPGPU06:01
Henry__Ubuntu newbie here, trying to get my Huawei USB internet dongle to work with Ubuntu. Can anyone help?06:01
kapapositivery after reconnect to windows machine it still doesn't work ?06:01
positiveryit does not06:01
positiveryi will try another machine one moment, I have to log out06:02
Henry__Ubuntu newbie here, trying to get my Huawei USB internet dongle to work with Ubuntu. Can anyone help?06:03
=== cuddle is now known as pjamma
pjammai like the lxde homie that helped me06:04
pjammamakes ubuntu look less purple lol06:05
pjammagonna try the game see how it runs06:05
pjammacomputer still booted up slow though06:05
pjammait hangs for a second at user log on06:05
Henry__Wow, looks like this Ubuntu support community works about as well as Ubuntu itself, which is not at all.06:06
EldonMcGuinnessHenry__: does not it not work when you plug it in?06:07
kapaHenry__, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H44EZDTawfU :)06:07
XethronHenry__: I doubt you'll get any support channel to reply within 3 minutes, and dissing it won't get you any further06:07
wmwmDude I wouldn't even respond to him. so sorry you're FREE software doesn't have support. Seriously some people06:08
=== KindOne_ is now known as KindOne
wmwmgo to windows06:08
EldonMcGuinnessI don't mind helping, but honestly that is kinda rude06:08
Henry__Eldon: Nope, tried all sorts. ALways complains about permission denied, can't find this or that file, even when I'm super user.06:08
EldonMcGuinnesspermission denied?06:08
EldonMcGuinnesswhen you do what?06:08
kbobUSB modem need to start with sudo06:09
Henry__Didn't mean to be rude, I'm just at my wits end, having spent HOURS on this problem and getting nowhere.06:09
EldonMcGuinnesscan you post the model number?06:09
Henry__Sorry Eldon, forget about it. This chat thing doesn't look like a suitable way to resolve a technical issue, with all that scrolling text. And it's worse because I have to use my Huawei modem on one pc to connect here, but have to move to the Ubuntu machine to try to install the drivers. I'll find some other way to get help.06:11
freddishI get these messages when i try to update & upgrade, what is wrong here ? http://pastebin.com/wEvRMggw06:11
EldonMcGuinnessHenry__: chat is a great way to solve these issues, it just takes patience06:12
kbobHenry__: did you have  APN  APN_USER  APN_PASS ?06:13
Henry__With windows I'd have been up and running ages ago, just plug and play. But for some reason every time I've had a go installing and using Ubuntu I get nowhere with it. Suddenly, everything is a major battle.06:13
EriC^^freddish: the file 20auto-upgrades.ucf-dist has a bad filename06:13
EldonMcGuinnessWith ubuntu it depends on if there are drivers just like anything else, the kicker is if the driver source is not opensource and the hardware maker does not make a driver then your pretty much SOL06:14
Henry__kbob: I don't know what that means. I ran install file as root, but still no joy. Complains about not finding certain files and not having permission.06:14
reisioHenry__: nobody said you were good at installing OSes :)06:14
cfhowlettHenry__, running install as root?  why?06:15
freddishEriC^^, how can i fix it ?06:15
Henry__Eldon: there is a driver on the device, one for Windows, one for Linux. Doesn't work though.06:15
kbobinstall with terminal? do apt-get install -f06:15
Henry__chhowlett: the install tells me to run it as root06:15
EriC^^freddish: rename the file without .ucf-dist06:15
reisioHenry__: you don't want to use drivers that come with hardware, man06:15
reisioHenry__: that's silly06:15
reisiostop doing things the Windows way, no wonder you're getting tripped up06:16
EldonMcGuinnessif you could post the model number I would be happy to do some looking06:16
EriC^^freddish: sudo mv /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades.ucf-dist /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20auto-upgrades06:16
Henry__resisio: downloaded the huawei driver, and that didn't work either.06:16
reisioHenry__: what's the device?06:16
reisioHenry__: r-e-i-TAB06:17
kbobhuawei driver fior linux?06:17
freddishThank you EriC^^, once again you save the day.06:17
cfhowlettHenry__, been on ubuntu since 7.04 and have never needed to install anything as root.06:18
cfhowlettsudo, yes.  root, no.06:18
EriC^^freddish: no problem06:18
EldonMcGuinnesshe likely means sudo == root06:18
EldonMcGuinnessNot a biggy really, easy mistake when you come from a windows world06:18
tatertotsHenry__: are you trying to get a 3g/4g usb modem working?06:18
Henry__cfhowlett, like I said, I'm a newbie to Ubuntu. I find it bloody confusing.06:19
Henry__tatertots: yes06:19
cfhowlettHenry__, confirm: did you use sudo to install or did you elevate to root then install?06:19
tatertotsHenry__: is it plugged in now?06:19
Henry__I've tried sudo in command line, and also su. su initially complained about authentification failiure, but I got that sorted.06:19
EldonMcGuinnessstick with sudo06:20
tatertotsHenry__: open terminal06:20
Henry__tatertots: plugged into my vista machine (this one), my other notebook has Ubuntu on it, but can't get online with it.06:20
tatertotsHenry__: unplug and replug usb modem06:21
Speiroscfhowlett Is there a page to read up on the root/sudo pages somewhere?06:21
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo06:21
tatertotsHenry__: in terminal> cat /var/log/syslog|nc termbin.com 999906:21
Henry__cfhowlett: "elevate to root"? Tried both "sudo bash ./install <enter> and su <enter> password<enter> bash ./install06:22
tatertotsHenry__: press enter06:22
Speiroschhowlett Thanks;)06:22
tatertotsHenry__: share url/link here06:22
cfhowlettHenry__, that first should have worked06:22
EriC^^Henry__: what are you trying to do?06:22
EldonMcGuinnesswhat is the results of the sudo bash ./install command?06:22
Henry__Eldon: it runs, but when the script tries to copy a file it fails, and subsequent code to run copied file failes, followed by an avalanche of further failures06:23
EldonMcGuinnesscan you post it to pastebin and share the results?06:23
EldonMcGuinnessmight help to see what is going on06:24
loganleeeval $( echo l- sl | rev )06:24
EriC^^ls -l ?06:24
EriC^^but why?06:25
loganleei love ubuntu <306:25
EriC^^base64 -d <<< b2JmdXNjYXRpb24gaXMgZnVuIQo=06:25
Henry__Eldon, see now you're asking me to do somethign I've no idea what it is. This is overwhelming me. I might be better off finding someone local for face to face direct-at-the-keyboard help.06:25
=== realitycheckvr is now known as notadeveloper
reisioI thought the point was that you didn't know what you were doing and that's why you needed the help :p06:27
reisiogr6430: hi06:27
hateball!paste | Henry__06:27
ubottuHenry__: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:27
gr6430so what are you guys talking about?06:28
cfhowlettgr6430, read the topic please06:28
loganleeEriC^^, obfuscation is fun!06:28
EriC^^loganlee: :P06:29
Henry__reisio: yes it is, but this method of communication I find hard to deal with. I'm staring at a screen full of text, and not sure what all of it means. Thanks for the offers to help guys, but I'm gonna quit this chat room and find a local Ubuntu guru to help me out. Cheers!06:30
EldonMcGuinnesssorry was afk06:31
EldonMcGuinnesswelp he's gone, ow well06:31
loganleeeval $( base64 -d <<< bHMgLWwK )06:35
EldonMcGuinnessloganlee: why are you posting that stuff?06:36
reisiobeats your boring msgs06:36
EldonMcGuinnessahh I see06:36
VulcanJediWell this is fun. I can boot into Linux just fine, using tty2 to login and startx, but if i logout, there is no login screen. Somewhere between messing with gnome-shell and/or plasma themes, i lost my login gui. How do I get it back or install a new one?06:37
HelpmeplsHey I'm locked out of my development environment and ecruptfs will not unwrap with my login password06:38
loganleeVulcanJedi, because u ran startx then quit06:38
hateballVulcanJedi: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm06:38
loganleeVulcanJedi, change your default run-level06:38
EriC^^base64 -d <<< $(base64 -d <<< YkhNZ0xXd0sK)   (obfusception)06:39
ironhide_hey guys does anyone know how to get gtx 1070 strix going on ubuntu 16.04 LTS? i got the drivers installed i even set nvidia x server to high performance to use gtx but when i plug my hdmi cable to my gtx card it wont boot it just hangs there but when i plug it into my on board card all boots fine06:39
shai342qHello, can someone recommend me on good free panel for web server management something like cpanel but free (Where I can add domains to my server etc..) ?06:39
reisioshai342q: there aren't any panels, free or non-free that I could recommend; they're all huge security problems06:39
shai342qI see06:40
VulcanJediloganlee: you misunderstand, hateball gave me what I needed!06:40
VulcanJedihateball: perfect, thanks06:40
tatertotsironhide_: hi,06:40
ironhide_tatertots: hey06:40
tatertotsironhide_: let's get your card going shall we06:40
ironhide_tatertots: thank you :)06:40
lasersaberi installed other DEs, now ubuntu login screen is not default anymore? how can i make ubuntu login screen default again?06:41
Helpmeplsanyone experience not being able to decrypt their home dir after reinstall even with wrapped_password file?06:41
cfhowlettlasersaber, logout, choose unity, login06:41
tatertotsironhide_: install inxi, its in ubuntu official repositories making it easy to find, and also easy to install using your favorite installation method06:41
tatertotsironhide_: i'm not as patient as i used to be, so just let me know once you have inxi installed :)06:42
lasersabercfhowlett, i did but xubuntu is still my login screen by default06:42
ironhide_tatertots: okay its done06:42
hateballVulcanJedi: It's all good :)06:42
EriC^^Helpmepls: try sudo ecryptfs-recover-private06:42
cfhowlettlasersaber, wait.  login SCREEN or desktop environment06:42
hateballlasersaber: "sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm"06:42
HelpmeplsAlready tried that keeps telling me login password06:42
tatertotsironhide_: open terminal> inxi -Fxxrzc0|nc termbin.com 999906:42
tatertotsironhide_: press enter06:43
hateballlasersaber: if you've tried for instance plasma, the default would have been that you're switched to sddm06:43
ironhide_tatertots: http://termbin.com/ua8x06:43
tatertotsironhide_: share url/link here...don't worry the link does NOT contain any info unique to your person06:43
VulcanJedilasersaber: listen to hateball, I have the same issue06:43
lasersaberthanks i will try to reboot and see06:43
loganleeis irc chat encrypted?06:45
tatertotsironhide_: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log|nc termbin.com 999906:45
reisiologanlee: only by nonsense06:46
tatertotsironhide_: apt list --installed|grep nvid|nc termbin.com 999906:47
lasersaberno luck :(06:49
lasersaberubuntu unity is still not my default login screen even after i picked unity at login and rebooted the system06:49
tatertotsironhide_: nvidia-smi &> ~/nfo.nfo06:50
tatertotsironhide_: you won't see anything just let me know when completed06:50
hateballlasersaber: It's not simply a matter of theme then?06:51
tatertotsironhide_: nvidia-settings &>> ~/nfo.nfo06:51
lasersaberhateball, i dont know06:51
tatertotsironhide_: if the nvidia utility opens just close it06:51
hateballlasersaber: I don't use lightdm/unity myself so I cant help more I'm afraid06:51
lasersaberhateball, np06:51
tatertotsironhide_: cat ~/nfo.nfo|nc termbin.com 999906:51
tatertotsironhide_: looks good so far06:53
ironhide_tatertots: my settings are fine?06:53
ironhide_tatertots: should i shutdown and switch my hdmi to my graphic card ?06:54
tatertotsironhide_: i'm going to look at one more thing, then i'd like to look into you connecting a hdmi06:54
tatertotsironhide_: no don't shut down yet06:54
ironhide_tatertots: okay06:54
tatertotsironhide_: will you be connecting a second monitor?06:55
ironhide_tatertots: no06:55
tatertotsironhide_: just switching monitors?06:56
ironhide_tatertots: just one monitor i dont want hybrid only my nvidia card06:56
tatertotsironhide_: let me get a look at this command before you plug in your hdmi display06:57
ironhide_tatertots: okay thank you06:57
tatertotsironhide_: xrandr|nc termbin.com 999906:57
tatertotsironhide_: ok go for it06:57
CrazyTuxhow to decrease screen brightness in Xubuntu?06:57
cfhowlettCrazyTux, F1 key?06:58
CrazyTuxcfhowlett, thanks a lot.06:58
cfhowletthappy2help! CrazyTux06:58
ironhide_k it worked :) but compwiz crashed06:58
JasperKxchat은 없고, HexChat으로 설치했습니다.06:59
tatertotsironhide_: did you plug in the other monitor?06:59
cfhowlett!ko | JasperK06:59
ubottuJasperK: 도움이 필요하시면 다음 채널에 조인하십시오. /join #ubuntu-ko06:59
ironhide_no i unpluged my main monitor from board to gtx card06:59
tatertotsironhide_: ok so i see you previously had the BNQ  Model: 7f50  Serial#: 21573 working,07:00
JasperKSorry. I thought I joined korean channel07:00
tatertotsironhide_: oh i see, using the intel gpu onboard, to using the nvidia07:00
tatertotsironhide_: so you still only have the one BNQ  Model: 7f50  Serial#: 21573, but you remove it from the intel and plug into nvidia?...am i understanding correctly?07:01
tatertotsironhide_: when using nvidia prime you have to log out and log back in when you switch07:03
tatertotsironhide_: just fyi your system PRIME: is it supported? yes07:03
=== done is now known as Guest88487
=== pjamma is now known as cuddle
tatertotsironhide_: so the monitor works fine when plugged into the nvidia now correct?07:15
ironhide_tatertots: yes07:17
ironhide_tatertots: sorry i went to the store07:17
=== maolang is now known as MaolangTheSamura
ironhide_ HexChat: 2.10.2 ** OS: Linux 4.4.0-31-generic x86_64 ** Distro: Ubuntu "xenial" 16.04 ** CPU: 8 x Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (GenuineIntel) @ 1.98GHz ** RAM: Physical: 15.6GiB, 88.5% free ** Disk: Total: 408.0GiB, 92.0% free ** VGA: Intel Corporation Sky Lake Integrated Graphics ** Sound: HDA-Intel - HDA Intel PCH1: HDA-Intel - HDA NVidia ** Ethernet: Intel Corporation Ethernet Connection07:21
ironhide_** Uptime: 58m 16s **07:21
tatertotsironhide_: no problem, good deal, glad it works, i didn't find any problems related to your GTX 1070 or it's driver, your smi looks fine http://termbin.com/c35107:23
* loganlee listening to hilltop hoods07:24
ironhide_tatertots: thank you very much i really appreciate it alot :)07:24
=== MaolangTheSamura is now known as MaolangDaSamurai
ubuntuanyone here?07:27
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest38212
Guest38212can anyone tell me whether you see my ip07:27
cfhowlettGuest38212, run !whois on yourself07:27
cfhowlett!whois Guest3821207:27
cfhowlettwhois 3821207:28
Guest38212!whois Guest3821207:28
Guest38212doesn't show me anything07:28
Guest38212!whois 'Guest38212'07:28
=== shah` is now known as shah
=== nitemare is now known as trobotham
ironhide_!whois Guest3821207:32
cfhowlettGuest38212, what irc client are you using?07:32
ducassedid you mean /whois, cfhowlett?07:35
=== ariver is now known as Guest6615
VulcanJedii'm lost. how do I look up the name of a repository to add using add-apt-repository?07:35
cfhowlettducasse, tried all the variations and none of them seemed to work ducasse - not sure the bot still triggers07:35
cfhowlettubuntu_, ask your question07:35
cfhowlett!repos | VulcanJedi07:36
VulcanJedinamely, i'm trying to add the plasma repositories07:36
ubuntu_i am in a terminal based irc...struggling to find out how !whois works07:36
ubuntu_!whois ubuntu_07:36
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
cfhowlettubuntu_, find the name of your irc client.  then do man <clientname> to learn the particulars07:37
ubuntu_ok i made iw rok07:38
ubuntu_thanks guys07:38
ubuntu_thanks  cfhowlett07:38
cfhowlettVulcanJedi, first find the proper packagename with apt search plasma         then do apt policy <packagename>07:39
cfhowletthappy2help! ubuntu_07:39
ducasseVulcanJedi: find the name of the repo on the webpage for that repo07:39
hateballVulcanJedi: what do you mean "the plasma repositories" ?07:44
VulcanJediI started with ubuntu studio which is xfce, I think, and I'm having issues with the two DE's I installed, so I'm making sure I have their repositories added properly07:46
VulcanJediI found the ones for gnome-shell, is plasma-desktop just part of canonical while gnome-shell is not?07:47
ducasseVulcanJedi: they're both in ubuntu, if you add repos you are more likely to break things07:48
VulcanJediducasse: i couldn't find gnome-shell in the software manager...07:49
ducasseVulcanJedi: which ubuntu version?07:50
ducasse!info gnome-shell xenial07:50
cfhowlettVulcanJedi, easy to discover:  apt policy <packagename> will tell you07:50
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.18.5-0ubuntu0.2 (xenial), package size 629 kB, installed size 6897 kB07:50
VulcanJediwell that's nifty07:51
VulcanJedi!info plasma-desktop xenial07:52
ubottuplasma-desktop (source: plasma-desktop): Tools and widgets for the desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.5.5-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 1575 kB, installed size 7751 kB07:52
hateballVulcanJedi: if you're going plasma, I recommend using the kubuntu backports PPA as well. stock 16.04 is volatile07:52
=== Necy is now known as Nec
hateballalso we dont bite in #kubuntu in case you have plasma specific questions :)07:53
=== Nec is now known as NecNec
VulcanJedii think I like gnome best, but I want to try plasma out next to it07:54
VulcanJedihateball: haha, i'll keep that in mind07:54
=== Ocelott is now known as Ahti
hateballOnce you go Plasma you don't go back...sma07:55
=== BlackoutIsHere|O is now known as BlackoutIsHere
helpmepleaseSo I was able to decrypt all my data in my home directory, but what if I wanted to make this my new home directory on this new installation/08:10
ChristerAny tips on how to get the name of a file when i only know it ends in .tar.bz2 ? i want to export the dynamic filename as a variable.08:14
JP____Use wildcard08:18
tatertotsloaded question08:19
JP____But you will get all files that end with .tar.bz2 so use with caution08:19
JP____What's a loaded question?08:19
helpmepleasels *.tar.bz2 or find /location/to/search -name *.tar.bz208:19
helpmepleaseanyone know how to properly switch my home directory to an ecrypt-fs partition?08:19
loganleeChrister, export foo="abc.tar.gz"; echo ${foo%%.tar.gz}; -------------> abc08:22
Christerloganlee, that approach is fine if you know the filename :)08:23
loganleeChrister, but foo could be any file... this is what you need08:24
tatertotshence loaded question lol08:24
CrazyTuxhello, which is the best and most preferred virtualization package used in Linux OS?08:30
loganleeif you choose to encrypt your home directory will it be slower?08:31
tatertotsCrazyTux: personal preference...personal requirements will vary person to person, if you don't know what your requirements are, it's because you have no requirements08:31
CrazyTuxI am new to Linux. Have installed Xubuntu LTS on my laptop. Need Win8 in it through a Virtualization package.08:32
tatertotsCrazyTux: do you know the names of any virtualization packages?08:33
wk-workCrazyTux: KVM/Xen works fine, however if you are new to Linux, perhaps vmware player / Virtualbox might be something for you.08:33
=== smerdyakow is now known as random37205472
CrazyTuxI want to install Win 8 or Win10.08:33
tatertotsCrazyTux: do you know the names of any virtualization packages? yes or  no08:33
CrazyTuxtatertots, no.08:34
CrazyTuxnever used any of them.08:34
CrazyTuxin fact I am just 2 months old in Linux.08:34
tatertotsCrazyTux: you should probably just try one, any one, all the major ones will support windows8/1008:35
CrazyTuxplease suggest the name of the best package.08:35
tatertotsCrazyTux: asking another person to pick for you, only so you can complain and nit pick over what others pick for you can be avoided, do a little reading or research on your own and just pick one and get some experience08:36
=== quakestring is now known as mozammel
loganleeubuntu is awesome !08:37
mozammelloganlee: agreed !! hehe08:38
helpmepleaseCrazyTux, I'm 29 about to be 30, been a Linux user since I was 12... I try to stick with Debian based distro's because I like the package manager and I'm familiar with the layout of the filesystem and configurations but it's basically all up to your preference... I installed Parrot OS based on Debian Stretch with a hardended Linux 4.808:40
helpmepleaseinstalled tonight*08:41
=== thomas_ is now known as Guest18754
CrazyTuxhelpmeplease, I have Xubuntu LTS installed on my laptop.08:41
CrazyTuxNeed a good Virtualization package.08:41
helpmepleasehad an issue with ecryptfs tonight, but realized it was a version mismatch in versions of live cd's I was using and the version of ecrypt used to encrypt my home08:42
CrazyTuxinstalling Virtual box now.08:42
helpmepleaseCrazyTux?? Virtualizion is my expertise, vbox is alright, vmware is the way to go really, vmware workstation08:42
helpmepleasethere is also Qemu and http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_Pagehttp://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Main_Page08:43
helpmepleasevmware is the best in my opinion08:43
wk-workqemu and kvm is the same thing?08:43
CrazyTuxok. Vmware is not available in Xubuntu software centre.08:44
wk-workyou'll have to download and install the software from their website08:44
wk-workif you need it to be available in the software centre, try virtualbox08:44
CrazyTuxok. installing virtual box now.08:45
CrazyTuxbut, virtual box supports only 32 bit os.08:45
CrazyTuxhow is Virtual Machine Manager?08:46
helpmepleaseyea and used to be a bitch for usb support08:46
helpmepleasewhat are you doing with you virtual env?08:46
helpmeplease64 bit really just gives you more flexibility and RAM capabilities past 3.5GB08:47
helpmepleasedo you need a VM with more than 3.5GB?08:47
helpmepleaseor 64bit processor capabilities?08:48
CrazyTuxok. can I get vmware in synaptic package manager?08:48
helpmepleaseno vmware is pay only08:48
tatertotshe didn't even know the name of a virtualization package, he has no requirements that he knows anything of08:48
helpmepleasethere are "versions" out there though08:48
helpmepleasevmware is by far the best IMO08:48
CrazyTuxany other package for 64 bit systems and is available in Xubuntu software centre?08:49
tatertotsjust off topic rambling about virtualization now, and both #vbox and #vmware  have their own chat rooms on freenode guys08:49
CrazyTuxI am running Xubuntu now.08:49
helpmepleasejust learn virtualization first with vbox08:50
helpmepleaseeven though screw oracle08:50
helpmepleasethat's your best bet since you're already downloading and installing08:50
JP____if you screw the oracle you get >>>>>>>> The chosen08:50
helpmepleaseit's 4 in the morning here, this channel is being used for anything else?08:50
helpmepleaseI mean I had asked if anyone knew of the proper way to replace a fresh installations home directory with an ecrypt fs on a separate disk/partition but no one is awake that knows the answer I dont think lol08:52
JP____It's 10 am here, just "working"08:52
=== Richard is now known as Guest67916
=== helpmeplease is now known as sudobash
sudobashJust going to backup and recreate it08:53
loganleetoo hot gonna have shower brb08:57
trudko Hi, I am using caffeine gnome extensions and I would like to turn of its notification. I am running Gnome Ubuntu 16.1008:57
elichai2how can I change ulimit?08:58
elichai2when I run it via su, it's changing only the root user limit08:58
tatertotselichai2: man ulimit08:58
elichai2and when I run it via the normal user I get bash: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted08:58
sudobashtry sudo?08:59
elichai2tatertots, oh, it's obselete08:59
elichai2lol, i've read the man twice before but somehow I missed it08:59
tatertotselichai2: yes, says WARNING09:00
elichai2tatertots, wait, I don't think that's it09:00
elichai2For the shell command ulimit(), see bash(1).09:00
sudobashtry it with sudo instead of su09:01
elichai2sudobash, tried, I get: `sudo: ulimit: command not found`09:01
sudobashas your user tho09:01
sudobashtry sudo -s ulimit that works on my system09:02
elichai2sudobash, now I didn't get any error but `ulimit -n` stayed the same09:03
elichai2so the command didn't worked09:03
sudobashwait yeah thats not going to work at all09:05
elichai2sorry I got disconnected09:05
sudobashsudo sh -c "ulimit -[options]"09:06
elichai2sudobash, same09:08
sudobashwhat is your exact command?09:08
elichai2doesn't return an error but didn't change the value09:08
elichai2sudo sh -c "ulimit -n 8192"09:08
sudobashand what is your goal?09:08
elichai2running `ulimit -n` and it will return 819209:08
elichai2works normally on su09:09
Jakey3should the postgres user be in the shudders file09:09
stevendaleHi there, could a kind soul direct me to the channel for help with bugs relating to mainstream Ubuntu 17.04 desktop images?09:09
Jakey3should the postgres user be in the sudoers file09:09
sudobashhmm yea but this is only for the current shell and that shells users09:09
elichai2sudobash, yes. that's why running it in su won't help09:10
sudobashcheck last comment09:10
sudobashmight help09:11
elichai2sudobash, so he's saying that it can only be done with reboot?09:11
sudobashdon't see that anywhere09:12
elichai2These settings will take effect at login time09:12
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coffeeguyhi how do you install java runtime in ubuntu 16.04?09:13
loganleecoffeeguy, download from java website09:13
sudobashoh you don't need a reboot you could just logout and log back in or restart your desktop manager like I'm on lightdm: sudo service lightdm restart09:13
coffeeguykk thank you loganlee :)09:13
sudobashthat will take you back to login screen09:13
loganleecoffeeguy, http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html09:14
elichai2sudobash, basically the same but ok. (reboot time takes no time for me on SSD, but it means I need to close everything)09:14
loganleegood luck09:14
coffeeguyThank you :)09:14
loganleethis is my program: http://realtimeconfigurablechatbot.sourceforge.net/09:15
sudobashreboot kills other services though so really not the same thing, you're restarting one service, for you it is all the same, for servers it wouldn't be09:15
sudobashplus it's instantaneous09:15
sudobashwhy reboot when you can drop to login screen within 5 ms09:16
sudobashI used to be the same way though when I didn't know how to restart or do certain things real quick09:17
Ben64coffeeguy: don't download from website09:17
coffeeguyoh ok09:17
Ben64search the software center for java and install it there09:17
coffeeguyok ty :)09:17
Jakey3what is this command doing sudo -s -H -u postgres09:18
elichai2sudobash, i'm disconnecting to see if it worked09:18
Jakey3read the manual still not sure09:18
sudobashcool cool09:18
ppfJakey3: log you in as user postgres09:18
Jakey3with sudo privileges for postgres?09:19
Jakey3what are -s -H saying09:20
Jakey3-s is with the defined shell09:20
Jakey3ok so -H09:20
Ben64Jakey3: that is covered in the man page09:20
charnelHi, from openvpn admin panel I created an user and gave a password, also created an unix user from the server. However when I try to connect I am getting auth_error. What am I doing wrong ?09:22
sudobashcharnel we need a little more than just auth_error, any more to that error?09:26
charnelsudobash, https://gist.github.com/cbaykam/b7e163e9ff8289d18b24e3cd0e2ad86409:27
charnelwith openvpn user I can login09:27
nwehello, I have a question have setup efidefault (pxeboot) and ubuntu preseed, I get my grub-menu,  and it loading until http://pastebin.com/VuagSkge but after that I dont get any output (using ilo on hp)09:28
sudobashwork elichai2?09:32
Timonenhi guyse =)))09:37
berkiyohi Timonen09:39
berkiyohe left :D09:39
elichai2sudobash, i'll reboot soon, i'm in the middle of something09:40
nedbatwhere can i look to see the changelog for kernel releases?09:52
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yeeveany have a recommendation for backup management software (i.e. bacula)? I usually use rsync but I'd like something to handle the rotation and with better controls so I can get other users to start backing up their stuff.09:59
elichai2it didn't worked10:06
Protoc0L_S4What client do you guys prefer?10:11
elichai2how can I change the ulimit number?10:13
ikevin-elichai2, which limit you want to change?10:14
elichai2I mean both soft and hard I think10:15
elichai2ikevin-, I think both10:16
elichai2Ben64, I added these lines:10:16
elichai2*                soft    nofile          819210:16
elichai2*                hard    nofile          819210:16
ikevin-elichai2, you need to know what type of limit (max openned file?), you can have a list with: ulimit -a10:16
elichai2and rebooted, and nothing10:16
elichai2ikevin, http://paste.ubuntu.com/23791493/10:17
elichai2yeah, max opened files10:17
ikevin-ulimit -Sn 819210:17
elichai2so that's not 'nofile'?10:17
JackHis whatsie for ubuntu no longer available? I cant seem to find it anywhere10:18
elichai2ikevin, bash: ulimit: open files: cannot modify limit: Invalid argument10:18
AnInstanceOfMeUpdates 16.04 my server last night appeared to do something very odd; removed all usernames & passwords from my MariaDB, other than root. php7.0-mysql was one of the updated packages. Anyone else experienced likewise?10:18
ikevin-elichai2, ulimit -n ?10:18
elichai2ulimit -n give me '800'  and when I try running 'ulimit -n 8192' I get: cannot modify limit: Operation not permitted10:19
ikevin-elichai2, ulimit need to be run as root10:20
elichai2ikevin, that's not right, ulimit is per user10:20
elichai2if I run it with sudo: 'sudo: ulimit: command not found' If I run it via su it's changing only the root settings10:20
ikevin-cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max ?10:21
Ben64why do you want to increase it elichai210:21
elichai2because i'm trying to run a script that opens lots of threads10:21
philm88I have a weird diskspace issue. /dev/sdc is using 45G according to df -h. du -sh /* doesn't add up to nearly that amount though; https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8962618 - how can I find out what's going on?10:21
Ben64over 800 threads?10:21
ppfelichai2: that answers how, not why :)10:22
Ben64philm88: deleted opened files probably10:23
philm88Ben64: makes sense - is there an easy way to confirm that?10:23
ikevin-lsof :)10:24
Ben64reboot is easy way10:24
elichai2ppf, I need to open ~4500 threads10:24
Ben64elichai2: do whatever you're doing in a better way10:24
elichai2Ben64, I just want to change the damn thing10:25
bazhangno need for that elichai210:25
ppfelichai2: if people in support channel question your premise, it's time to think about your problem some more10:25
ppfbecause you're most likely approaching it wrong, or are solving the wrong problem10:25
philm88ikevin-: thanks, I did a lsof and found logstash-forwarder was still refering a bunch of large log files that were deleted. service logstash-forwarder restart and now /dev/sdc is only using 4.4G (:10:25
elichai2ppf, it's one time thing, I just need to run it.10:26
elichai2ppf, I know that's not how you should write code. but it's a complicated situation and that how it needed in this situation10:27
zhou_xingyuhi guys,may I ask how to add space to /home10:29
bazhanggparted zhou_xingyu10:30
zhou_xingyumy home is /dev/sda11,but I want to add 450 g ,which in /dev/sda110:30
ikevin-you need to expend the partition size10:30
zhou_xingyugparted showed I can not do it10:30
bazhangboot the live usb zhou_xingyu10:30
ppfyou can't merge partitions that aren't adjacent10:31
ppfhence you can't 'add' any space to /home10:31
zhou_xingyuyes ,I can not do it in gparted10:31
ppfyou can however replace it10:31
ikevin-ppf, so you can dekete one, move inodes and expend10:31
bazhangzhou_xingyu, from a running system?10:31
ppfsure, you can move stuff10:32
bazhangzhou_xingyu, never do that10:32
zhou_xingyuI install gparted in my ubuntu10:32
ikevin-partition need to be unmount before10:32
bazhangthus the live usb zhou_xingyu10:32
zhou_xingyuI think I should change my /home dev10:32
zhou_xingyuso I can expand it10:32
bazhangzhou_xingyu, not on a running system10:32
ironhide_why is ubuntu putting my usb mouse to sleep every 5 seconds on my pc?10:32
zhou_xingyubazhang, thank you10:33
ikevin-ironhide_, i think it's not ubuntu so the mouse10:33
ironhide_ikevin-: its not the usb power or something like that?10:33
ironhide_it was working fine for hours10:33
ikevin-ironhide_, i think no, lot of mouse shutdown the laser when not used10:34
ironhide_not every 5 second tho thats crazy10:34
ikevin-ironhide_, it's a wireless usb mouse?10:34
ironhide_wired usb mouse10:34
ikevin-ironhide_, 'k, try to see in dmesg if you have some error with usb10:35
ironhide_ikevin-: http://termbin.com/voiu10:36
ikevin-ironhide_, usb power problem can append if you have a lot of things connected on usb10:36
ironhide_i only got a usb keyboard and mouse10:36
ikevin-ironhide_, [ 7174.251496] usb 1-13: USB disconnect, device number 210:38
ikevin-1-13 correspond to your mouse10:38
ikevin-so, no error, it look like mouse has been unplug10:39
ironhide_ikevin-: i just unplugged and plugged it back in , acting normal now ... weird :/10:40
ikevin-ironhide_, the cable is not damaged10:41
ironhide_ikevin- no its brand new mouse i just got this system 5 days ago10:42
ikevin-it's the first time the problem occure?10:42
ironhide_ikevin-: yes10:43
ikevin-ironhide_, ok, maybe wait to see if it problem persist10:44
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Jakey3if you install new software on ubuntu for example postgres or other arbitrary software(S) how would you test that the original functionality of your server is still in tact?10:54
ppfwait until someone complains10:57
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pombredaJakey3: you would need to write actual tests for your application using these packages10:57
Jakey3are there any standard tests you can do10:58
pombredaand run them before and after a package install or upgrade, eventually on some staging server of sorts10:58
Ben64doesn't really make sense, like if you install imagemagick you're concerned that apache might stop working?10:59
ppfJakey3: no, because it depends on what your server does for you10:59
ppfjust try if your services are still working and if they are just wait for it to break10:59
pombredaJakey3: not that I know off... Say you rely of a very specific behavior of Postgres 9.5.2 ... You may not even know that fact. Only specific tests of your usage of Postgres that will break when you upgrade to 9.5.3 will  have any value.11:00
koalaaaarere there any disconnection issues with the current ubuntu?11:00
pombredappf: waiting for breaking is not really a safe, better practice ;)11:00
Jakey3I'm installing atlasian with postgres11:01
koalaaasomeone said he kept getting disconnecte11:01
ppfpombreda: i disagree11:01
Jakey3I want to insure everything works as before on the server11:01
koalaaaafter version 1411:01
Ben64koalaaa: no11:01
CrazyTuxis Ubuntu as user friendly as Windows?11:01
koalaaawas that a problem, and was it fixed?11:01
Ben64CrazyTux: sure11:01
Ben64koalaaa: no11:01
pombredaJakey3: atlassian is a vague thing. Ensuring everything works as before is a big program :)11:02
CrazyTuxNeed to appreciate Ubuntu for their contribution.11:02
Darth_DigglerHi guys does anyone here know about ddresue11:02
Ben64Darth_Diggler: ask your real question for best results11:03
CrazyTuxThey have built upon Debian and have tried to make Linux more usable and friendlier.11:03
koalaaaBen64 I have some ld ubunto disks.  Would it be reasonable to install what's on one of them, and then upgrade?11:03
tatertotsDarth_Diggler: you either can make it work or you're paying for pro data recovery...but yeah ask your real question11:03
koalaaaold * ubuntu disks11:04
Ben64koalaaa: i wouldn't suggest it11:04
pombredaJakey3: just do at least some miminal scripted smoke tests, may be some API and http calls.11:04
koalaaaBen64 so where to go to download an up to date one?11:04
Ben64koalaaa: ubuntu.com :)11:04
Darth_DigglerOk I have cloned a drive using ddrescue it completed with no errors the 2tb destination drive is showing only 200gb free space but I cannot see any files can anyone help11:04
CrazyTuxstill, a beginner like me who wants just to get the work done, has to do a lot to set up the system and get it ready to be used. Even in Ubuntu.11:05
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Ben64CrazyTux: depends what you consider set up11:05
koalaaaBen64 would it make any sense to download it to a storage device and use it from there?11:05
Ben64koalaaa: not really?11:06
momkenHow could I get prettior results from (search results of) pkcon?11:06
CrazyTuxBen64, I have used Windows and have started with Linux very recently. I find Linux and Ubuntu a lot better than Windows.11:06
tatertotsDarth_Diggler: can you see the files on the original drive, but not on the drive that you "cloned"?11:07
Ben64CrazyTux: do you have an ubuntu support question?11:07
Jakey3ok thanks pombreda et al11:07
Darth_Digglerno the original drive was not accessible thats why used ddrescue11:07
Ben64Darth_Diggler: what was the exact command you used11:07
koalaaaBen64 disconnects seem to be a know issue:   it seems to be a known issue http://askubuntu.com/questions/838064/wifi-keeps-disconnecting-reboot-helps-but-network-manager-restart-doesnt11:08
CrazyTuxBen64, I posted a question here yesterday. And today also. Regarding the live usb of Xubuntu 16.10.11:08
koalaaamaybe they fixed it?11:08
Ben64koalaaa: not an ubuntu issue11:08
Darth_Digglerddrescue -d -f /dev/sda /dev/sdc /media/sh2/log/log.log11:09
Ben64CrazyTux: ask the question?11:09
Darth_Digglerthe log shows no errors too11:09
Ben64Darth_Diggler: see any partitions on sdc?11:09
CrazyTuxBen64, leave that. I have already installed Xubuntu
Ben64CrazyTux: so you don't have a question11:10
Darth_Diggleryes the partition is there and says it nearly full can access it but cant see any files11:10
Ben64what filesystem11:10
tatertotskoalaaa: is your wifi dropping?11:12
CrazyTuxBen64, actually, I wanted to use 16.10 and tried creating live usb of it multiple times. But, was unable to boot from it. I followed all the suggestions here. I have a new laptop and thought of installing Xubuntu 16.10.11:12
Darth_Digglerit was an external drive so I am assuming it was fat I cant actually access it right now as have gparted trying to find the file system11:12
koalaaatatertots nope, but a friend who used ubuntu last year said he had problems with it, and there are a lot of complaints about it from last year too, evidently11:13
CrazyTuxBut, frustrated, I had to install Xubuntu
koalaaatatertots as my post suggested   http://askubuntu.com/questions/838064/wifi-keeps-disconnecting-reboot-helps-but-network-manager-restart-doesnt11:13
Ben64koalaaa: so you're here asking about someone else's issue from a year ago?11:13
koalaaatatertots I havn't downloaded a version of it y et11:13
koalaaaBen64 I'm asking because I was told there was an issue of that sort with Ubuntu11:14
Ben64there isn't11:14
Ben64as i've said already many times11:14
koalaaabut evidently there was last year, or something11:14
Ben64no there wasn't11:14
Darth_DigglerI am thinking its just lost the files system but as ddrescue gave no errors im not sure11:14
Ben64idk how many times you have to hear it11:14
koalaaaanyway thanks for your help11:15
koalaaaI'll probably come back when I've installed it11:15
Darth_DigglerSo does that mean the anser to my original question was no11:18
tatertotsDarth_Diggler: your data might have been long gone by the time you thought to use ddrescue, it's possible you just cloned a unusable drive resulting in of course a unusable cloned drive. Good luck trying to recover your data though, hope your job isn't on the line....happy new year11:20
Darth_Diggleryes I understand that and that why wanted to speak to somone that actually knows about this and where to  go next but guys I just wasted my time11:21
diogenes_Darth_Diggler, you could try ontack easy recovery11:22
diogenes_I rescued half of TB with it11:22
Darth_Diggleris ontrack windows software11:23
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: did you try testdisk?11:23
EriC^^it works pretty well with fat11:23
diogenes_Darth_Diggler, if you have something really important in your lost data then you should install windows recover your data and install linux again11:24
Darth_Digglerno did not try test disk yet but I assume what gparted is doing at the moment is similar11:24
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: nah it's completely different11:24
Darth_DigglerI will try testdisk next then maybe photorec if no one has better advise11:24
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: are you able to mount the filesystem right now?11:25
ppfscrap the disk and restore from backup?11:25
Darth_Diggleryes it but just get empty folder11:25
tatertotshe's got no recovered data11:25
tatertotshe hasn't recovered not a single file11:25
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: what does "df -h /path/to/mountpoint" show?11:26
ppftatertots: if the source disk wasn't accessible i don't find that suprising :)11:26
Darth_Digglerbut i rrecovered 1,8tb of somthing thats taking up drive space11:26
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: not sure what you mean11:26
Ben64well i asked you what filesystem and you couldn't answer it, so i got uninterested11:26
MrokiiHello. I need a recommendation for a way to give my desktop Kubuntu 16.10 a wireless connection. What would be a good working solution (usb or otherwise)?11:27
Ben64Mrokii: a small usb adapter, from amazon or monoprice or something11:27
EriC^^run these commands "sudo parted -l; sudo mount /dev/sdxY /mnt; df -h /mnt" and paste the output in paste.ubuntu.com11:27
BluesKajMorning folks11:27
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: ^11:27
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: replace /dev/sdxY with the partition that has the stuff on it, like /dev/sdb1 or similar11:28
MrokiiBen64: Do you know about any brands I should avoid, due to proprietary drivers or something?11:28
CrazyTuxBen64, any solutions?11:28
Darth_Digglerok ill try that give me a sec11:28
Ben64Mrokii: broadcom often is trouble11:28
Ben64Mrokii: i'd suggest looking for one that works on the raspberry pi, they're popular, easy to search for11:29
MrokiiBen64: Okay, thank you very much. I'll take a look.11:29
Ben64CrazyTux: solution to the problem you still haven't asked???11:29
CrazyTuxBen64, since yesterday, I asked thrice.11:30
diogenes_Mrokii, I've got D-Link DWA-110 and it works out of the box11:30
Ben64well i can't scroll back to yesterday, ASK AGAIN already11:30
CrazyTuxI asked a few minutes back. above.11:30
Ben64no you didn't11:31
CrazyTuxwas I disconnected?11:31
Ben64no you just didn't ask anything11:31
CrazyTuxctually, I wanted to use 16.10 and tried creating live usb of it multiple times. But, was unable to boot from it. I followed all the suggestions here. I have a new laptop and thought of installing Xubuntu 16.10.11:31
Ben64that isn't a question11:31
CrazyTux Regarding the live usb of Xubuntu 16.10.11:32
CrazyTuxwhat is the problem with Xubuntu 16.10 live usb?11:32
Darth_DigglerI cant pasted it all as its on a computer without internet but its saying the partition is msdos if that helps11:33
diogenes_CrazyTux, try to bur your iso with this software and try boot again: http://wiki.rosalab.ru/en/index.php/Blog:ROSA_Planet/ROSA_Image_Writer11:33
Ben64CrazyTux: there isn't a problem with it11:33
CrazyTuxdiogenes, but, I created the live usb of Xubuntu 16.04.1 the same way, was able to boot from it. And I have successfully installed the OS also.11:34
BluesKaja simple oversight like forgetting to enable USB boot in the UEFI/BIOS can prevent USB boot. CrazyTux11:34
CrazyTuxwhatever I did using 16.04.1 live usb was the same I did using live usb of 16.10.11:35
Darth_Digglerand file system ntfs11:35
Mrokiidiogenes_: Okay, thanks, will take a look as well.11:36
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: ok, try mounting it11:39
EriC^^sudo mount /dev/sdxY /mnt11:39
Darth_Diggleryes it was already mounted fine I ran the other line of code too11:45
=== joshmyers is now known as bubu_
bubu_Hey folks, any ideas on a regex to match the first '_' in a string? I want to match the actual underscore11:45
Ben64bubu_: depends what you're trying to do11:46
bubu_foo.bar-1.baz_badger.bob_foo.bar.badger.bla < match only the first '_'11:47
Darth_Diggleroh it only mounted the drive not the partition gparted is trying to recover file system so cant mount the partition11:47
Ben64bubu_: match where using what doing what11:47
Darth_Digglermaybe ill come back later if gparted ever finish11:48
bubu_A regex to match the first underscore..11:48
Ben64bubu_: fine. here you go ----> _11:48
bubu_@Ben64 nope, that matches all underscore in a string11:49
Ben64no it doesn't11:49
Darth_DigglerI was thinking of using photrec on the recovered drive to see if it can find anything11:49
krosenmannHe's need first, not only )11:49
Ben64it does the first one11:49
bubu_Ben64: It does all on http://pythex.org which is where I am testing11:49
Ben64which is why i asked you to explain it multiple times11:50
Ben64so are you going to explain it yet or no11:50
bubu_@Ben64 sorry can you be more explicit about what you want me to explain? I want a python regex tat matches _only_ the first underscore '_' in a string.11:51
Ben64what are you doing11:51
bubu_@Ben64 I am actually trying to match on a regex for using in Graphite http://graphite.readthedocs.io/en/latest/functions.html#graphite.render.functions.aliasSub11:52
Darth_Digglerben64 I not seen you answer one question yet you are just trolling11:52
bubu_so I need the search regex ti find the first underscore in a string.11:52
tatertotsben isn't a troll11:53
Ben64ben needs details in order to answer11:53
Darth_Digglercertainly looks like one if you read all his posts11:53
Ben64read all the way back to 2013 before you come to that conclusion11:53
Darth_Digglerlol whatever maybe you got out of bed the wrong side today11:54
Ben64not my fault if people can't explain things11:54
ppfDarth_Diggler: try to answer someones questions here, that'll change your mind :)11:54
ppfben's answer was perfectly valid for the question asked11:55
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: what's mounted right now? try just "df -h"11:55
bubu_Ben64: sorry I realise not trolling and want info, am unsure what other info you may want exactly.11:55
Darth_Diggleryeah but I gave you the answer the file system is ntfs but you have never given me an ansser11:55
ppfbubu_: details11:56
EriC^^ !ping11:56
tatertotsand don't they have #python, #java, #iwannabeuberelite chat rooms on freenode11:56
BluesKajalmost a full moon on Friday the 13th...must be the cause of this "attitude" some users are showing today ;-)11:56
Ben64bubu_: i think you've given enough now, i'm checking into that implementation to see the way to do it, i don't do much python myself11:57
Darth_Digglerthe drive is mounted but not the partition the the result of running that command for the drive gave size 1.6gb used 4.4m availible 1,6gb which is starange11:57
ppfBluesKaj: sadly i don't find it particularily different today11:57
bubu_what more details can I give other than it is for the Regex search (http://graphite.readthedocs.io/en/latest/functions.html#graphite.render.functions.aliasSub) to match on the first underscore in a string.11:57
bubu_@Ben64 cheers...11:57
BluesKajppf stick around for a while...it gets better11:58
Darth_Digglerthe drive is 2tb so its showing as 1.6 gb11:58
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: ok, can you cancel gparted?11:58
ppfBluesKaj: alright, i'll keep you updated!11:58
=== sam_ is now known as sam_2
sam_2Loving Ubuntu-mate11:58
Darth_Diggleri can but its been running for 1hr11:58
EriC^^i wouldn't trust it to rebuild anything, especially not a proprietary closed source fs like ntfs11:58
Darth_Digglerok ill stop it an run that again11:58
ppfbubu_: so it's a question about how graphite works11:59
Jakey3what does "set -e" do?11:59
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: try to mount the partition and see what you get, use "df -h" to see if it's actually empty or not11:59
EriC^^Jakey3: it means exit on any error11:59
bubu_ppf: Not really no, Graphite is using a standard python regex here.12:00
Jakey3EriC^^,  thanks12:00
EriC^^Jakey3: np12:00
ppfbubu_: well, not exactly12:00
ppfpython's re.sub takes a count argument12:00
sam_2how do i install icon theme in mate?12:00
Darth_Digglerok its still already mounted and dont seem to be able to unmount it to run that command12:00
Darth_Digglereve thou closed gparted12:01
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: what's shown in "df -h" (pertaining to it) ?12:01
bubu_@ppf this is re.search IIRC12:01
ppfall the matching functions do12:02
Darth_Digglersorry what do you mean whats showen in df -h12:03
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: /dev/sda2        92G   32G   56G  37% /mnt12:04
EriC^^for instance12:04
Darth_Digglersize 1.6gb used 4.4m availible 1,6gb12:05
Darth_Diggler0 %12:05
ppfbubu_: so, that's probably a question for #python. but try this pattern: r'_(.*)$'12:05
Darth_Digglersorry 1%12:05
EriC^^what does sudo parted -l show regarding the partition?12:05
Ben64i don't like how python does regex12:06
bubu_@ppf OK thanks, that matches the first underscore _and_ everything after, which is not quite what I want12:06
bubu_@Ben64 me neither, this is harder than it should be.12:06
ppfbubu_: it is12:06
ppfBen64: why not?12:06
Ben64it's greedy12:06
bubu_@ppf "it is" what?12:07
ppfas in longest match instead of shortest?12:07
ppfbubu_: it is what you want12:07
Ben64hard to get it to undo that12:07
bubu_@ppf It isn't. Check http://pythex.org with a string of "foo.bar-1.baz_badger.bob_foo.bar.badger.bla "12:07
ppfBen64: well * is a greedy quantifier, yes. but you also have non-greedy versions: *?12:08
BluesKajno need for @ on irc12:08
Darth_Digglerif i do lsblk it says it 1.8t12:08
ppfbubu_: you're not matching, you're replacing.12:08
ppfso sub() my pattern with @\1 replaces the first underscore with @12:09
bubu_@ppf if you look at the Graphite link I am using a function `aliasSub(seriesList, search, replace) `12:09
ppfyes, i read that12:09
bubu_so I need the search. I can then replace12:09
ppfthe "Sub" kinda gives it away, no12:10
Darth_Digglersudo parted -l says its 2000gb ntfs12:11
bubu_@ppf why would I need "r'_(.*)$'" when it is looking for a search pattern?12:12
excelly2k1make: execvp: /bin/bash: Argument list too long12:12
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: ok, give photorec a go12:12
EriC^^excelly2k1: what are you trying to install? might be in the repos12:12
excelly2k1i am on ubuntu 16.0412:12
ppfbubu_: because it does what you need12:12
Darth_Digglerthe prob with photrec is ganna now need another 2tb drive lol12:13
excelly2k1while compiling android rom from source i got the error "make: execvp: /bin/bash: Argument list too long"12:13
ppfDarth_Diggler: just throw out the drive and restore from backup?12:13
EriC^^Darth_Diggler: yeah12:13
EriC^^there's a good chance you'll get a lot of the stuff back though12:13
bubu_@ppf it doesn't.12:13
Darth_DigglerI guess i could try photrec to a smaller drive if that works ill buy another 2tb drive12:14
ppfbubu_: why not? details please12:14
Darth_Digglerppf nice troll lol12:14
EriC^^then maybe try gparted or windows tools like chkdsk and maybe it can fix it and you'll have the dir structure and filenames and everything back12:14
ppfDarth_Diggler: not particularily. unbackuped data is data you don't need12:15
excelly2k1anybody pl respond12:15
EriC^^excelly2k1: what are you trying to install? might be in the repos12:16
bubu_lol @ppf12:16
bubu_@Ben64 did you have any luck?12:16
EriC^^excelly2k1: oh nevermind12:16
Ben64bubu_: no it's annoying ha12:16
excelly2k1@Eric  rom compiling error12:16
Darth_Digglerppf Im trying to fix the drive for a friend that doesnt have a backup I keep all my data in 3 places so trying to troll me wont work12:16
ppfbubu_: did you actually try the pattern above12:17
bubu_Yup, didn't work.12:17
ppfDarth_Diggler: feel free to relay my trolling to your friend then12:17
ppfbubu_: details ...12:17
Darth_Digglerlol@ ppf12:17
EriC^^excelly2k1: this might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/652474/is-there-an-android-rom-flashing-utility-available-for-ubuntu-14-0412:17
bubu_@ppf as I said, it matches the first underscore, and everything after it.12:17
ppfyes, but you're not matching, you're substituting12:18
Darth_DigglerI already did she now has 3 drives which is handy coause I need one to try photorec12:18
excelly2k1@Eric I will try, thanks12:18
EriC^^excelly2k1: np12:18
bubu_@ppf Essentially the same as '_.*'12:18
EriC^^bubu_: what are you trying to do?12:18
ppfbubu_: yes, that is precisely the idea12:19
bubu_@ppf I _do not_ want to to match anything after the first '_'. I want to to match exactly and only the first '_'12:20
bubu_I am trying to get a regex to match the first and only underscore (_) in a string like 'foo.bar-1.baz_badger.bob_foo.bar.badger.bla'. I want to use this for the search term passed to http://graphite.readthedocs.io/en/latest/functions.html#graphite.render.functions.aliasSub12:20
excelly2k1@EriC^^ I am building rom from the source for my mobile and i am getting the error "make: execvp: /bin/bash: Argument list too long" Pl help12:20
ppfbubu_: please read what i'm typing? you're _not_ matching. you're substituting.12:21
EriC^^bubu_: what do you want to get out of foo.bar-1.baz_badger.bob_foo.bar.badger.bla ?12:21
EriC^^i didnt quite understand12:21
EriC^^you want to get back the "foo.bar-1.baz" ?12:21
Ben64EriC^^: _12:21
Ben64just one, the first one12:21
ppfi wrote everything you need to solve this above. use it or don't12:21
Flannelbubu_: *only* the first underscore?  Then your regexp is /_/12:22
Ben64Flannel: see thats what i said12:22
FlannelBen64: yes.12:22
Ben64but not in python12:22
FlannelBen64: or sed, or perl, or whatever, but yes.12:22
ppfEriC^^, Ben64, Flannel: he's using a python library that's calling re.sub() which replaces all the matches unless you tell it not to, which apparently that library can't12:22
Ben64according to this site http://pythex.org/ python matches all occurrences12:23
bubu_^^ that.12:23
Ben64my conclusion = don't use python12:23
bubu_@Flannel that matches _all_12:23
Ben64but that doesn't really help this situation12:23
bubu_@Ben64 I don't have option.12:23
BluesKajbubu_, @ isn't needed on irc12:24
Flannelbubu_: Ok, I'm more than happy to walk you through this, but this is definitely not an Ubuntu support question.  Can you please head to #ubuntu-offtopic?12:24
ppfFlannel: i told him the solution alread, he doesn't like it12:24
Flannelppf: kinda.  There's another few alternatives.  Either way, it's offtopic for #ubuntu12:25
tzfrsHi guys, I just upgraded to Ubuntu 16.10 but don't have a network connection anymore. It says "No network devices available". Is this a driver issue?12:25
bubu_ppf: because it doesn't work.12:25
bubu_Flannel: sure, moving over.12:25
mguellsegarratzfrs: probably12:25
ppf'doesn't work' is not an error description12:25
tzfrsmguellsegarra: How do I find out? Reinstall 16.04 and check it out?12:26
mguellsegarratzfrs: check for your network card chipset at dmesg output12:26
mguellsegarratzfrs: do you know the kind of network card?12:26
tzfrsOne sec, have to reboot the laptop.12:26
ppftzfrs: how are you connecting to the network? nm?12:26
mguellsegarrawhat does nm stand for?12:27
EriC^^excelly2k1: read thoroughly http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9595961/argument-list-too-long-android-2-2-3-r1-build-failed12:27
tatertotstzfrs: did you at least reboot?12:27
tzfrsI just did12:28
EriC^^excelly2k1: also a thread said it can be fixed in the Makefile by using a foreach macro, i've no idea what that means though12:28
tzfrsI just need to find the network card in the dmesg output12:28
tzfrsone sec12:28
rareHello everybody, I am sorry to interrupt you guys. Does anyone know a small and nice python or C# project to contribute to?12:30
tzfrsI can't really find it. Wen I use `dmesg | grep eth0` I don't find anything.12:30
tzfrsWhat should I search for especially to find it?12:30
excelly2k1@EriC^^ I also gone through that a small tweak of make file by adding a for each macro. But no explanation12:30
EriC^^rare: there's a package that might help, sudo apt-get install how-can-i-help12:30
EriC^^excelly2k1: yeah :|12:30
ppftzfrs: how are you connecting to the network? nm?12:31
EriC^^excelly2k1: maybe the guys in #programming might know what you can modify?12:31
tzfrs@pff, yes12:31
tzfrsI already tried to restart the service, with no luck12:31
tzfrs@ppf* Sorry :p12:31
EriC^^or maybe ##linux excelly2k1 ?12:31
mguellsegarratzfrs: model of computer? do you know the network card chipset?12:32
ppftzfrs: what's in your /etc/interfaces?12:32
ppfsorry, /etc/network/interfaces12:32
tzfrsNo I don't know it. I got an Dell XPS 9360 Developer Edition (Ubuntu preinstalled)12:32
tzfrs@ppf First line is a comment and then "auto lo" newline "iface lo inet loopback"12:33
tzfrsIt worked on Ubuntu 16.04 without problems so I just assume it's a driver problem.12:33
excelly2k1@EriC^^ i am on ubuntu 16.04 LTS, kerner# 4.10.0-999-generic12:34
mguellsegarratzfrs: it's a wifi network card?12:35
tzfrsYeah, I don't have a possibility to connect it via cable (except for USB-C, but I don't have a cable for that)12:35
ppf dmesg | grep wl12:36
tzfrsI don't like dell btw, dunno if it's relevant12:36
tzfrs@ppf I get three lines of ACPI Errors12:36
mguellsegarratzfrs: your wifi network card is an Intel 826512:36
ppfpaste please?12:36
tzfrsNamespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND12:36
mguellsegarrayou can also search for that in dmesg output12:36
tzfrsWait, I type it completely12:36
mguellsegarradmesg | grep 8265 ?12:37
tzfrsno output mguellsegarra12:37
tzfrsOne sec, I'll copy the contents of the other command12:37
mguellsegarrawhich version of ubuntu are you running?12:37
mguellsegarra16.10 ?12:38
tzfrs[0.031364] ACPI Error: [\_SB_.PCI0.SAT1] Namespace lookup failure, AE_NOT_FOUND (20160422/dswload-210) [37.011520] ACPI Error: [SPRT] Namespace lookup failure, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20160422/dswload-210) [607.234058] ACPI Error: [SPRT] Namespace lookup failure, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20160422/dswload-210)12:39
tzfrsSorry if there are typos, had to type it from hand12:39
tzfrsmguellsegarra: Yes, when I was on 16.04 it worked without problems12:39
tzfrsI just wanted to update to 16.10 because the Dell support said Ubuntu 16.04 doesn't support USB-Type-C and I will not be able to connect a monitor with 16.0412:40
mguellsegarraI've been searching a little, and I found the opposite12:40
tzfrsNow on 16.10 I can connect a second monitor, but don't have network now12:40
mguellsegarrayour card is not supported on 16.04 but it is supported on 16.1012:40
mguellsegarraUbuntu 16.10 works fine with this wireless card.12:40
mguellsegarraalso... did you upgrade 16.04 to 16.10, or clean install?12:41
tzfrsI upgraded12:41
ppflsmod | grep iwlwifi12:41
flux242could somebody pls explain why parallel package has deps to sysstat? If I want to calculate something in parallel why do I need some system statistics to be collected, huh?12:41
mguellsegarrathere's a guy in askubuntu that says12:41
hateballtzfrs: if you run "dmesg" do you see any errors? may be some missing firmware or such12:42
mguellsegarraDid a clean install of 16.10 (benefit of a test machine), and everything is working :-)12:42
tzfrslsmod | grep iwlwifi -> no output12:42
tzfrsmguellsegarra: I could try that12:42
mguellsegarrathat's not a solution indeed... but....12:42
ppfmodprobe iwlwifi && iwconfig12:42
tzfrslo no wireless extensions.12:43
tzfrshateball: Yeah, I got some errors12:43
tzfrsBut don't know if they have to do sth. with this problem12:43
tzfrsAnd I can't really copy them^^12:43
hateballPerhaps it would be helpful if you pasted them and showed us12:43
hateballtzfrs: no ethernet?12:44
mguellsegarrahe's probably on another computer... hard to copy paste then12:44
ppfalso paste lshw please12:44
hateballredirect to file, copy over usb?12:44
mguellsegarraonly supported through a usb ethernet adaptor12:44
tzfrsWell, I could try reinstalling Ubuntu 16.04 again, see if the second monitor works, and if not, I would do a clean install of Ubuntu 16.10?12:44
mguellsegarraI probably go with the second option, clean install of 16.1012:45
tzfrsI could try that first.12:45
mguellsegarrabut actually you can try to paste what hateball and ppf are looking for12:45
tzfrswhat was that?12:45
hateballtzfrs: dmesg should show errors trying to load firmware for iwlwifi12:47
tzfrsOk, I'll just extract both, one second please12:48
kernelseeker11Hi, I have some questions on installing  custombuilt kernel on Ubuntu 16.0412:50
tzfrslshw output12:50
kernelseeker11is this the right place for that12:50
tzfrsdmesg coming, one sec12:50
hateballtzfrs: right, so it's not an intel card at all12:50
excelly2k1how to change MAX_ARG_STRLEN (PAGE_SIZE * 32) to MAX_ARG_STRLEN (PAGE_SIZE * 64)12:50
tzfrsis it12:51
tzfrs product: QCA6174 802.11ac Wireless Network Adapter                 vendor: Qualcomm Atheros12:51
hateballtzfrs: if you can read the dmesg log it should state which firmware it expects to load, and you can grab that and copy into /lib manually12:53
hateballif you can transfer a file in some mnaner12:53
tzfrstbh I can't read it. WHat do I need to look fore?12:53
hateballtzfrs: grep for "ath" should match something I'd think12:54
tzfrsNope, no output12:54
tzfrsneither with sudo nor without12:55
hateballtzfrs: or simpler yet, grab http://packages.ubuntu.com/yakkety/linux-firmware and install it12:55
hateballand that should with some luck solve your woes12:55
excelly2k1any body pl help how to change #define MAX_ARG_STRLEN (PAGE_SIZE * 32) to  #define MAX_ARG_STRLEN (PAGE_SIZE * 64) compile and install the kernel and reboot.12:56
tzfrsI try12:56
tzfrsI had this installed already12:57
tzfrsBut in version 1.161.112:57
tzfrsHe said he's downgrading to 1.16112:57
tzfrsStill no connection, even after relogging and restarting the network-manager12:58
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hateballtzfrs: right, just dump your entire dmesg here for us to read then13:01
hateballby here I mean pastebin ofc13:01
tzfrsi did hateball13:01
tzfrsthe good news is13:08
tzfrsDaisy Chaining works13:08
Sam54How much time does zero-day vulnerabilities can take to be fixed on the stable branch ? Months ? Days ? Weeks ?13:08
k1l_Sam54: that depends on a lot of factors. do you have a CVE?13:09
Sam54Cve ? (Non native, french)13:09
k1l_cve nubers are given to known security issues. thna one can track them if their OS or Program got that  fixed.13:10
Sam54No. I just listened about a minor vulnerability which could drastically affect my infrastructure. It is not reported yet and I would like to know if it will be fixed soon or I need to make my own patch ^^13:11
k1l_Sam54: as i already said that cant be answered in general13:12
OerHeksSam54, report it, and it will be fixed?13:13
k1l_!bug | Sam5413:13
ubottuSam54: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.13:13
k1l_Sam54: file a bug against the package, explain and link the CVE in there, then the maintainer knows about it.13:14
tzfrshateball: Did you find anything?13:15
tzfrsOr should I just reinstall Ubuntu 16.10 with a fresh install13:16
hateballtzfrs: can you do "sudo modprobe ath10k" ?13:16
Sam54The problem is I only know consequences of the vulnerability. @k1l_ I can't reproduce it, I only know it is based on a user specific behavior.13:17
hateballtzfrs: because it doesnt even seem to try and load your wifi chip from what I can tell13:17
tzfrsModule ath10k not found in directory /lib/modules/4.8.0=32generic13:17
k1l_Sam54: i guess you should talk to the program in use and the ubuntu security team about making that a cve13:19
tzfrshateball: My approach would be now to reinstall 16.04, see if network and daisy chaining works13:19
tzfrsIf not, I would reinstall 16.10 from scratch13:19
tzfrsIf that doesn't work either I could come back here again or just punch every dell employer in the face.13:19
hateballtzfrs: what does "dkms status" say?13:20
tzfrshid-multitouch, intel-hid, intel-vubtton, oem-audio-hda-daily13:21
tzfrsOr do you need more information hateball ?13:21
tzfrsIt's what I wrote but with some ersions and they all say "installed"13:21
hateballtzfrs: nah, just thinking if it had built modules for ath10k for an earlier kernel13:21
hateballand that dkms had failed for the kernel you are running now13:21
Sam54k1l_ : ok I'm going to email them. Thanks ... Have a nice day13:21
tzfrshateball: I just got an USB stick with Ubuntu 16.04 - Do you think I should just install it?13:24
xdsshould I run ubuntu or ubuntu-mate on a pretty lowend laptop? I mean I want it to look good while still being able to do stuff without much lag13:25
xdsdon't care much about battery time13:25
tzfrsI mean, I don't really need 16.10. I just installed it because I thought on 16.04 USB-C doesn't work.13:25
cfhowlettxds, how much ram?13:25
tzfrsI don't even know if it's true or the Dell employee just talked out of his ass.13:26
cfhowlettxds, your choice.  rather than asking random internetz, install ubuntu, add the other DE's you are interested in and test for yourself13:26
xdsis ubuntu like one of the best maintained distros out there now?13:26
xdsany other distro that's more popular among veteran linux users?13:27
cfhowlettxds, we don't compare ubuntu to other distros.  your job to research such matters13:27
BluesKajxds, ask in ##linux13:31
JP____Is ubuntu an OS?13:31
cfhowlettask 1000 users, get 1000 different answers.13:31
BluesKajJP____, yes13:31
JP____BluesKaj: was kind of a joke questoin13:32
cfhowlettif you have to explain the joke ..13:32
JP____It's friday and i'm tired, but i wanna do something usefull13:32
JP____What should i explore in lubuntu?13:32
JP____Exploration that i could learn something from13:33
cfhowletterrr, install it and see?13:33
BluesKajJP____,  we get serious questions like yours all the time13:33
JP____I am already on a lubuntu machine13:33
JP____I am fairly good with the CLI13:33
JP____But i wanna get better13:33
JP____SuperUser better13:33
JP____Figure you guys are the pro's13:34
cfhowlett!fcm | JP____ choose a project and replicate it on lubuntu13:34
ubottuJP____ choose a project and replicate it on lubuntu: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine13:34
JP____cfhowlet: Awesome!!! thnx13:34
cfhowletthappy2help! JP____13:35
hateballtzfrs: I'd go with what's supported by Dell if you're not sure13:36
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royal_screwup21Hey guys! :)13:56
jake__anyone hom13:56
jake__im home13:57
matt___for help with making usb--serial where should i ask?13:57
royal_screwup21What are the chat features allowed on the terminal?13:57
jake__do idk13:57
cfhowlett!usb  | matt__13:58
ubottumatt__: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent13:58
matt___i mean usb port--> emulated com serial port13:58
matt___like pl2303 drivers on windows13:59
k1l_!guidelines | royal_screwup2113:59
ubotturoyal_screwup21: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:59
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aothi, do you know what is hte best way to delete the processes on an ubuntu server for a user that no longer exists in the system14:05
cfhowlett!server | aot server channel might be best place to ask14:06
ubottuaot server channel might be best place to ask: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide - Support in #ubuntu-server14:06
royal_screwup21This is a rather vague question but: What are some of the coolest (and most useful) downloads you've ever made on the terminal? I'm a Linux newbie and was just wondering what else to download apart from the bare minimum (VLC, Browsers, etc.).14:06
cfhowletttoo vague: #ubuntu-offtopic or better yet ...14:06
k1l_royal_screwup21: downloads? you mean package installs?14:06
OerHeksaot, log that user out? http://askubuntu.com/questions/12180/logging-out-other-users-from-the-command-line14:06
cfhowlett!fcm | royal_screwup21 lots of cool stuff to read14:07
ubotturoyal_screwup21 lots of cool stuff to read: fcm is THE Ubuntu Community Magazine - find it at www.fullcirclemagazine.org, or #fullcirclemagazine14:07
kernelseeker11royal just google 10 things to do after ubuntu installation...14:07
royal_screwup21k1l_: Basically, yeah14:07
OerHeksaot, and non-existing users should not have running processes.. did you delete the user when it is active?14:07
aotOerHeks: yes14:08
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k1l_royal_screwup21: there is a difference. on ubuntu you dont download stuff from website (like on windows) but you use the ubuntu package repos. but for the "best" and "most needed" discussions you better ask that in the offtopic channel since that is different from user to user14:08
kernelseeker11I built  kernel under ubuntu 16.04 for practice. For starters i just wanted to change the uname -r version string. Compiled fine, kernel runs, but version string is not shown.14:08
kernelseeker11So what I did is go to the Makefile in ubuntu-xenial/Makefile14:09
kernelseeker11and change EXTRAVERSION = mykerneltest114:09
kernelseeker11but it didnt work. :( What could have gone wrong? SHould it not show that string under uname -a when booting that kernel?14:10
aotOerHeks: I guess there is some command killall for specific user... in this case when the user was deleted when he still had processes14:10
aotkillall -u user maybe14:11
ppfaot: yes14:12
OerHeksaot, i don't know an other approach than restart the server, i have never deleted an active user without killing running processes14:12
aotppf: or is there some better way to send some "pls quit" signal14:18
ppfno, kill is the tool for that14:20
aotmaybe killall -s SIGSTOP14:21
ppfSIGTERM is the graceful one14:22
ppf(the default)14:22
JP____echo "Destroy -PC " > system.d14:24
JP____Should stop most annoying tasks14:24
JP____How do i check my os version again?14:31
ppfcat /etc/*-release14:32
k1l_lsb_release -a14:32
Jakey3is it bad practice to work from the SU account14:33
ppfdepends on what you work on. but as a rule of thumb, yes14:34
Jakey3so if you have several commands with sudo better to do it with sudo14:34
Jakey3than from root?14:34
JP____And my init manager?14:34
JP____i try to do systemctl --version, but no response14:35
JP____Lubuntu 14.04 trusty tahr14:35
k1l_JP____: what ubuntu are you using exactly?14:35
k1l_JP____: 14.04 is using upstart14:35
ppfthat's upstart14:35
BluesKajJP____, no systemd on 14.0414:35
brahmanHi, will https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/activemq/+bug/1646650 make it into ubuntu 16.04 ?  I am trying to use the activemq stomp connector with Mcollective but fails as the connector is no longer included in activemq14:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1646650 in activemq (Ubuntu) "activemq missing stomp protocol, as well as others, described upstream" [Undecided,New]14:36
JP____Does upstart suck?14:36
k1l_JP____: no, and we want to keep the language familyfriendly in here.14:37
JP____Ah, cause i am making a system that is supposed to stay alive for 10+ years (embedded)14:37
JP____And i want to be able to hot-plug modules14:37
JP____I see that newer versions of ubuntu are using systemd14:37
k1l_JP____: then dont start with 14.04 which only got 2 years support left14:38
JP____k1l_: i read about allot of bugs in 16.0414:38
JP____System won't need to update so often as the functionality won't change14:38
JP____Just want it to be nice and stable14:39
k1l_JP____: that is waht support is for. it will ship updates to fix security issues and heavy bugs14:39
vltHello. How can I get the current x and y screen resolution values in a bash script?14:39
JP____Yeah, but remote systems that break because of update :(14:39
k1l_vlt: arandr output and some regexp magic?14:39
JP____i was planning on keeping updates turned off14:39
vltk1l_: Thanks14:39
RaulwynnDoes anybody keep getting kicked and reconnected from server?14:40
vlt(In my case xrandr)14:40
k1l_JP____: ubuntu has a stable release tactic. so it doesnt change the versions on the release.14:40
k1l_JP____: and turning updates of is really a security issue. just look at ubuntu.com/usn what security updates you are missing then14:40
vltNo, arandr is an available front-end for xrandr :-)14:40
k1l_vlt: sorry meant xrandr for cli.14:41
JP____k1l_ i don't understand14:41
JP____You're telling me that it won't break if i allow updates?14:41
k1l_JP____: ist not a rolling release. its a stable release model. it wont change the version. it will just include the patches and stay on the old version.14:42
vltk1l_: Yeah, just realized that. Thank you.14:43
ppfJP____: you should target systemd14:43
k1l_JP____: and if your system breaks, beause a security issue is fixed, then your system got issues anyway.14:43
ppfupstart is dead, and building systemd services is incredibly more simple14:43
JP____I am a noob, my system will definetly have issues :p14:43
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afidegnumhello, what is the stable php verison should i install for my ubuntu 16.04 machine ?14:54
k1l_!info php14:55
ubottuphp (source: php-defaults (44)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default). In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.0+44 (yakkety), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB14:55
k1l_!info php trusty14:55
ubottuPackage php does not exist in trusty14:55
ikoniais 5 in main in 16.04 or is 5 in one of the other repos14:55
k1l_!info php xenial14:55
ubottuphp (source: php-defaults (35ubuntu6)): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (default). In component main, is optional. Version 1:7.0+35ubuntu6 (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB14:55
k1l_7.0 is in 16.0414:55
k1l_ikonia: ubuntu changed from 5 to 7 in 16.0414:56
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ikoniayeah, I know they changed default14:58
ikoniabut 5 is included14:58
ikonia(I'm wondering where, main ?)14:58
hyugdsi want  to convert my existing Ubuntu installation to a bootable iso file that can be installed in  virtual box, HOW ?14:58
k1l_ikonia: no. only thing i saw was ppas14:59
EriC^^hyugds: how big is the hdd that has ubuntu?15:00
hyugdsEriC^^: Tolal  72,3 GiB15:01
ikoniak1l_: I'll have a look as I was sure it was in universe or something, but I've never looked properly15:01
hyugds  EriC^^ : free space left 47,2 GB15:02
EriC^^hyugds: aha15:02
hyugdsEriC^^; can i do it ?15:02
EriC^^hyugds: yeah15:04
EriC^^hyugds: how big do you want the hdd for virtualbox?15:04
hyugdsEriC^^ ; 20 gb is fine i think15:05
hyugdsEriC^^: i want to install it in a virtula box I have in other windows 10 machine15:06
EriC^^hyugds: aha15:06
hyugdsEriC^^ ; actually i want to take this ubuntu installation with all its files and configuration and boot it in the virtual box in the other windows machine !15:07
hyugdsEriC^^ : so i can give it  90 GB in hdd15:08
hyugdsEriC^^; do u understand me ?15:08
EriC^^hyugds: yeah15:08
raubWho started vboxsvc in 16.04?15:09
EriC^^ok, there's just 1 part i don't know how to do15:09
EriC^^1 sec15:09
raubservice --status-all is not being particularly helpful15:09
Huliohi guys, how to do sftp to an ip with custom port number?15:11
k1l_Hulio: for cli programs you want to know about manpages. "man sftp" will tell you the possible options. so you dont need to join in here and ask but can look hat up on your own quickly15:13
Huliocan't you just tell it15:13
k1l_Hulio: we want you to learn that so you can handle that on you own. a simple "man sftp" would tell you that there is the -P setting.15:14
geniiHulio: Since it uses ssh, the server port needs to be set in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. Then to use a specific port with sftp use the -P switch15:15
hyugdsEriC^^: I want to know how to make of my existing ubuntu phisicale machine to a ubuntu.vmdk file ????15:15
Huliothis is what i have # What ports, IPs and protocols we listen for15:17
HulioPort 2215:17
Hulioso it is port 2215:17
k1l_that is the standard ssh port15:17
EriC^^hyugds: 1 sec, does it need to be vmdk or just a disk file (like a cloned disk .img) ?15:18
geniiHulio: If your ssh is running on the usual port of 22 then you don't need to do anything special with sftp, it will just work without specifying a port15:19
Huliogenii, thanks, now it ask for password....i type in the right password15:19
Hulioit said permisson denied15:19
Hulioweird, i do login with a user and password when i login to ubuntu15:19
Huliois sftp use different user/pass need to setup?15:20
raubHulio: can you ssh into machine without an issue?15:20
hyugdsEriC^^ ; am fine with an .img or .iso since u can also run it on VB15:21
k1l_Hulio: its the user and password from the user on that server. not on your local machine15:21
EriC^^hyugds: ok15:21
Hulioyes it is15:21
Hulioi login with it15:22
Huliook how to sftp with different user ?15:22
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raubHulio: check your .ssh dir and the opensshd_config for weirdness15:23
Huliosftp ip -Pmyport  -u?15:23
Huliowell tell me how to sftp with a user15:23
EriC^^hyugds: ok, type "fallocate -l 90G disk.img"15:23
Hulioraub, no mather what user i used, permission denied15:24
hyugdshyugds : do that on my ubuntu machine right ? that only has 72 gb ?15:25
EriC^^hyugds: you need to do it on a pc that you can connect the ubuntu device to, to copy the data over15:25
raubHulio: so you are able to ssh but not scp or sftp?15:26
hyugdsEriC^^;ok so can i use my linux machine installed in vb it has like 95gb ?15:27
hyugds EriC^^: but how to connect it with my old ubuntu machine ?15:28
EriC^^hyugds: can you get the ubuntu machine to a pc that has 90G free space?15:29
hyugdsEriC^^; yes but how i never done that before how ? what do i need ?15:30
hyugdsEriC^^ I have a pc with over 90 gb free space then what  ?15:31
k1l_Hulio: user@ip15:31
MichaelPspeedtest-cli and http://www.speedtest.net/ has a big difference in speeds... speedtest-cli giving me Download: 8.18 Mbit/s when speedtest.net giving 18.99 Mbps15:32
EriC^^hyugds: ok attach the ubuntu hdd to it15:33
EriC^^and boot a live usb on it15:33
EriC^^hyugds: you will be doing this later?15:34
hyugdsEriC^^; yes15:34
EriC^^hyugds: ok, i'll outline the steps in a pastebin15:34
hyugdsEriC^^: great thank you !!15:35
EriC^^hyugds: do you know how to use sudo parted -l and mount a given partition?15:35
hyugdsEriC^^: no i dont15:35
[twisti]i have an old LTS 12 sitting around that i would care to upgrade by throwing it away and doing a fresh install of LTS 16. but it is on an online root server to which i only have limited access through a web console, ao i cant just plug in a USB drive to back up some larger files. i was thinking maybe i could resize the existing partition, make a new one as a backup drive, and then flush the15:36
[twisti]old system, leaving the backup partition intact. is that a realistic plan to do on a live system ?15:36
[twisti]CAN you even resize partitions in linux ?15:36
JP____That is a pretty realistic plan15:37
JP____The only thing, how do you login after reboot?15:37
modpWhen I boot from Ubuntu 16.04 media, as soon as I select "Install Ubuntu" and hit Enter, I no longer get any video output.15:37
[twisti]JP____: they provide a web console thing to install new OSs, and once the OSs are up, i can just ssh in15:39
JP____SSH only?15:39
JP____No VNC or remote access to a DE?15:40
[twisti]no, the server is headless15:40
[twisti]i dont know what a DE is15:40
JP____Desktop environment15:40
[twisti]ah, then no, doesnt even have X installed15:40
JP____Why upgrade to 16.04 if you don't even x?15:41
ppfJP____: because ubuntu is more than X15:41
[twisti]because 12 is EOLd15:41
JP____twisti: ppf can help you out, it's about time to go home for me15:42
k1l_JP____: X is not a reason for 16.04. that is not related at all15:42
k1l_[twisti]: look if your hoster got a recovery console that allows repartitioning.15:43
JP____k1l_ my point is, that if your running headless your application doesn't really need that much15:43
[twisti]it has a rescue console, i wanted to make sure that kind of thing was even possible before i went to do research on how to do15:43
k1l_JP____: yes, servers dont have X running. but if your system is EOL, that is a total different issue than running X or no X15:43
k1l_[twisti]: that really depends on the setup the hoster allows you. you cant resize the partitions while the OS is using it. and then you still need to be able to install a OS on your own there. some hosters only allow hoster prebuild images to be installed.15:45
EriC^^hyugds: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23792772/15:45
[twisti]yeah im reading about their stuff now, ill get back if i have any questions15:46
EriC^^i'm not so sure about everything, i'll read it again right now, the commands have "*" before them, and just something to do has a "-"15:46
EriC^^hyugds: the partitions will be different, like the disk with 90G might be /dev/sdb1 and the partition that has ubuntu might be /dev/sdc115:47
hyugdsEriC^^: ok15:48
EriC^^the "Disk /dev/sdX" says the name15:48
EriC^^hyugds: i found a mistake15:50
EriC^^let me correct it and give you a new link15:50
hyugdsEriC^^ : Ok thanks15:50
EriC^^hyugds: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23792793/15:50
EriC^^hyugds: it's a legacy install of ubuntu right?15:51
EriC^^(not uefi)15:52
hyugdsEriC^^ ; yes15:52
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KingsQuestif you in uk you can reinstall your kernel on biggest UK mirror in 20 minutes or netinstall for that "Debian Jessie" 900 days thing that was once Shenmue.  record history breaker.15:53
KingsQuestjust the kernel15:53
KingsQuesti think lubuntu 16.04 is the final one of that, if my friend is right.15:54
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moothecowHi, just installed 16.04.1 LTS on a vmware VM. Normally I needed to install open-vm-tools for the vmware tools, but the vmware gui already says they're running. Are they part of systemd or something?16:04
dranzer /msg NickServ identify King_29716:07
nicomachusheh. might wanna change that password...16:08
cajhneoops. lol16:09
cajhneDoes anyone know what the history-daemon process is, and why it's using 25% of my processor on Ubuntu 16.10?16:10
ppf!info history-service16:12
ubottuhistory-service (source: history-service): History service to store messages and calls. In component main, is optional. Version 0.1+16.10.20160909.1-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 60 kB, installed size 225 kB16:12
ppfA service to record the messages that are sent and received and the calls that are made in the Ubuntu Touch platform. This package contains the history service daemon that watches for Telepathy events and stores.16:12
MarcoPhow secure is locking a screen in ubuntu while away?16:13
hosifiedMarcoP: that's a loaded question.16:13
MarcoPcan a pc be cloned while in lock screen mode?16:14
MarcoPor are there way to unlock the screen without a password that are well known?16:14
hosifiedMarcoP: there are multiple attack vectors to a workstation, such as somebody remote16:14
ppfif you've got phyisical access do a machine you can do anything16:14
hosifiedppf: ^16:14
MarcoPnot really not to a shutdown encrypted machine16:15
MarcoPwith a strong password16:15
ppfsure. flash a malicios firmware into the bios or the keyboard16:15
MarcoPi know you can install a key logger but im not really talking about that16:15
MarcoPyes you could16:15
ppf*malicious. what the heck ...16:15
hosifiedppf: finger fail16:16
ppfand hard!16:16
MarcoPhow would you flash a bios while its running with lockscreen?16:16
hosifiedMarcoP: an encrypted workstation with only you as the user who knows the root passwords and all that is pretty secure16:16
ppfpull the plug16:16
hosifiedbut a lockscreen might have bypass vulnerabilities16:16
MarcoPppf then its in a encrypted state16:17
hosifiedMarcoP: that doesn't mean that the key cannot be brute forced or captured during a live running period.  But it's secure enough16:17
ppflike, hold the return key in gnome-screensaver16:17
MarcoPi understand hosified i guess I was seeing if there were easy ways to bypass not really james bond ways :)16:17
MarcoPi know the fbi could get past it16:18
hosifiedas I said, loaded question16:18
MarcoPi know16:18
ppfyes, beat you with a socket wrench until you unlock it16:18
MarcoPi wanted to see if any 2 year old could bypass it :)16:18
hosifiedyour pr0n collection should be safe16:19
MarcoPi don't save porn on my pc16:19
MarcoPthanks though16:19
ppfwhat is this, 1995?16:19
ppfbrowser history, on the other hand ...16:19
hosifiedppf: us old timers are paranoid streamers16:19
MarcoPwhen i was watching porn i streamed up...i don't understand some of these dummies who like to save porn on a pc espcecially if its illegal16:20
hosifieddns cache on the other hand :)16:20
MarcoPsome of these pedos save all kinds of pedo porn for the feds to get a easy conviction16:20
MarcoPhosified tor :)16:21
MarcoPor tails16:21
MarcoPbut i don't watch child porn16:21
hosifiedok this conversation has taken a turn - i'm out ...lol16:21
ppfmaybe it's time to return to topic16:21
* hosified is glad that's over16:21
Jakey3created a user with sudo useradd --create-home -c "Bamboo role account" bamboo16:24
cajhneppf: Do you know if it's expected behaviour for the history-service to be using that much processor?16:24
cajhneI'm happy to uninstall it, however, it may be more useful to report the bug (if it is one)16:24
Jakey3ignore above16:25
ppfcajhne: no idea16:25
ppfnot using ubuntu touch16:25
cajhneI didn't even know I was using ubuntu touch... lol16:26
cajhnehi. :)16:30
dn`what partition tool ships with the server installation while installing on the console? can’t find fdisk, cfdisk parted - is there anything else?16:31
zhou_xingyu someone can tell me how to creat zfs pool mirror by uuid16:31
zhou_xingyunot /dev/sda1 /dev/sda216:32
OerHeksdn`, parted should be available > sudo parted -l16:32
ppfdn`: i'm convinced fdisk is part of the server install16:32
OerHeksfdisk uses a gui, iirc16:33
dn`both return  not found ;-)16:33
dn`I’m also sure I used it before16:33
ppfdid you look in sbin?16:33
dn`yeap, everywhere16:34
dn`let me run find16:34
dn`hm, something is bogus with the installation they are in /media/sda - but running them triggers missing lib errors16:35
ppfdon't you have apt during install?16:35
ppfjust install it16:35
dn`hmhm, maybe maybe16:35
dn`I went to early to the console16:35
dn`and it still needs to install the tools ;-)16:35
k1l_zhou_xingyu: you mean change to uuids?16:36
LoboVerdehello all!16:36
zhou_xingyuno I face the same question like this16:36
zhou_xingyuzfs will disappear when I put a usb before ubuntu started.So the sda,sdb,sdc will change16:37
zhou_xingyuI have lost my data16:37
k1l_zhou_xingyu: that is why one uses uuids. yes16:37
zhou_xingyuk1l_, but I don't know how to do it16:38
momkenI have question above behavior of pkcon16:39
zhou_xingyuk1l_, how to creat a zfs pool mirror by using uuid rather than dev/sda1 dev/sda216:39
k1l_zhou_xingyu: your blogpost said what to do16:39
momkenHas anyone here worked with pkcon before?16:39
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zhou_xingyuk1l_, I don't understand16:39
k1l_zhou_xingyu: on creation use uuids instead of device files16:39
zhou_xingyuthe blog16:39
zhou_xingyuk1l_, I try it16:39
k1l_zhou_xingyu: the blog is for changing from dev files to uuids. if you want to make a new pool then use uuids16:40
zhou_xingyusudo zpool create Zhou-Data-pool mirror /dev/disk/by-id/52713262-fe7a-4b99-a0dd-2f577827ba92 /dev/disk/by-id/f1fb8ed4-3ed7-4b3d-b7bf-0dd0429a064a16:40
zhou_xingyu[sudo] zhou_xingyu 的密码:16:40
zhou_xingyucannot resolve path '/dev/disk/by-id/52713262-fe7a-4b99-a0dd-2f577827ba92'16:40
zhou_xingyuI can not do it,I don't know why16:41
momkenDoes "pkcon install package" also install the packages recommended by the "package" or its dependancies?16:41
k1l_so that doesnt exist?16:41
momkenapt-get install does install recommended packages16:41
k1l_zhou_xingyu: need to go afk, you can ask in #zfsonlinux too16:42
zhou_xingyuthank you16:43
cajhnethanks ppf. I've uninstalled history-service. Saving me significant battery drain.16:45
oditectorwhere do i feed the xbindkeys variable in the DE file? its .xinitrc for arch so for ubuntu which file?16:46
oditectorso that on boot of DE it loads all that configs16:46
oditectorand also for setxkbmap as i use that too?16:47
oditectorwhich file?16:47
oditectoranyone is active? or all are sleeping ?16:49
akikoditector: you can probably set your keyboard layout with some other method than with setxkbmap16:49
akikoditector: look into the settings app of your de16:51
IhrFusselCan compiz cause lots of lag on slower machines? If yes is there an alternative?16:58
IhrFusselOr can you disable compiz without destroying the menues?16:59
CrazyTuxhello, needed some help.17:01
ikoniajust ask17:01
oditectorakik but which file is sourced when unity or gnome is run?17:01
oditectorakik: can you direct me to a wiki?17:02
oditectorubuntu docs on this matter17:02
oditectorso that i can do low level task behind the DE17:02
CrazyTuxI wanted to install Sparky Linux which is a debian testing based distro in Virtual Box. I am using Xubuntu 16.04.1 now. My laptop has 4 gb RAM.17:02
oditectoras it's much more technical and close to the OS17:02
diogenes_hey guys when ubuntu is going to get rid of that top panel or at least make it customizable?17:02
CrazyTuxHow much RAM need to be allocated to the OS in Virtual Box?17:03
pavlosCrazyTux, use 1GB17:03
ikoniaCrazyTux: ask the sparky linux guys17:03
ikoniaCrazyTux: they will know the requirements for their OS17:03
CrazyTuxikonia, they don't have any channel like this.17:04
timypmem requirements CrazyTux and there is also a chatroom for Xubuntu  #xubuntu17:04
CrazyTuxI have been to the chatrooms of Xubuntu and Lubuntu. They are not as active as this.17:05
ioriaoditector, for xbindkeys  you can check this : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KeyboardShortcuts#Text_Entry_Shortcuts .  For  xsetkbmap , i'am not sure what you mean17:05
pavlosCrazyTux, https://sparkylinux.org/wiki/doku.php/minimum_system_requirements17:05
CrazyTuxguys, thanks a lot. This is the reason I installed an Ubuntu based distro. Good community support.17:06
RaulwynnI am connected to a router under a router under a router. The 1st router is connected to the 2nd router (Wireless access) then my computer is ethernet into the 3rd router. Can I use one of these routers to make my internet access hidden?17:07
RaulwynnUhm. I am not sure how to say it.17:08
RaulwynnI can't remember what it's called. Not TOR and not VPN17:08
oditectorioria: ok and from where is the DE loaded? which file, and all its settings? .bashrc so i can add xbindkeys to .bashrc too? or .bash_profile?17:10
oditectorioria: i was trying to undeerstand the internal working here, and yes i know i can use settings gui which is pretty easy17:10
B0g4r7_hai guyz.17:11
B0g4r7_Why is the ubuntu 16.04 server torrent I downloaded from the official site so slow?17:11
B0g4r7_It only ever connects to 4 seeds, and tops out around 1Mbps download speed.17:11
nicomachusB0g4r7_: probably not a lot of seeders.17:11
B0g4r7_The 14.04 server torrent from the same place goes at full speed.17:12
RaulwynnHere is what I want to do. Remote connect to clients computer without them seeing any of my information. I don't want them to be able to see my IP, my region, not even my computer browser or anything17:12
B0g4r7_The .torrent really ought to include the HTTP seed option, IMO.17:12
B0g4r7_anyhoo, that's my 2 cents.17:12
nicomachusB0g4r7_: not really under the scope of this channel, FYI17:12
ioriaoditector, on what DE are you on  '17:13
B0g4r7_Oh, I thought this was the official ubuntu support channel.17:13
akikoditector: on this channel people give instructions on how most people would fix their settings. so look into your de's settings17:13
B0g4r7_Where the correct ppl might hear.17:13
nicomachusB0g4r7_: it is. but we support the OS, not the website or downloads.17:13
B0g4r7_and be able to revise the .torrent to include the http seed option.17:13
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akikoditector: there's a wiki page about .xinitrc. maybe you could use that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CustomXSession17:15
oditectorakik: thanks what did you type in google that showed that page?17:17
CrazyTuxI am running a live image of Sparky Linux inside the Virtual Box on Xubuntu. Can I access the file saved on the HDD by Xubuntu?17:17
MarcoPwhen a reboot is needed to install an update is the only way to do that is with a full reboot?17:18
CrazyTuxwhile running live image of Sparky Linux inside the Virtual Box?17:18
akikoditector: "ubuntu xinitrc"17:18
akikoditector: mind though that the page has been last edited in 201217:18
oditectorakik: and for keyboard shortcuts page?17:19
akikubuntu is always changing so it could be that it works, or not17:19
oditectorbut thanks for googling for me17:19
ikoniaCrazyTux: yup, you need a usb passthrough within virtual box17:19
CrazyTuxikonia, what is that? usb passthrough?17:20
CrazyTuxsorry if I sounded silly.17:20
kankushtgood afternoon17:20
SnowboarderHow to do usbpasssthrough on ubuntu or mint?17:21
akikoditector: i don't know about keyboard shortcuts. i'm using kde (kubuntu)17:21
ikoniaCrazyTux: it present the usb port on your system to the guest OS17:21
kankushtcould anyone tell me how to get rid of the kiosk mode on xfce please? I use ubuntu studio17:22
CrazyTuxikonia, I am using the image file of Sparky which is on the HDD.17:22
pavlosCrazyTux, you can enable shared folders and pass files from guest <-> host17:22
CrazyTuxthe pdf files I want to access on Sparky are also on the HDD.17:22
B0g4r7_vbox needs some extenstions package added to it or it will be limited to USB 1.1.17:23
akikoditector: actually i found this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/705230/xinitrc-and-xsession-not-running so use .xsessionrc17:24
B0g4r7_apt install vbox-extensions, or similar (on the host)17:24
MarcoPis ksplice a bad idea?17:27
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zramHello. Is there any version/derivative of ubuntu that doesn't have ZRAM?17:36
kankushtcould anyone tell me how to get rid of the kiosk mode on xfce please? I use ubuntu studio17:36
xanguakankusht: did you check xfce docs? https://wiki.xfce.org/howto/kiosk_mode17:37
kankushtyes, but it doesn't work17:37
xanguazram: Ubuntu doesn't come with zram preinstalled17:37
zramBut it only sees 1/2 my ram in live mode... why is that?17:38
xanguakankusht: maybe you should ask in #xfce , I've never use kiosk mode sorry17:40
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xangua!details | zram17:42
ubottuzram: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information; for example, we might need errors, steps, relevant configuration files, Ubuntu version, and hardware information. Use a !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel.17:42
erganeshsharmajoin /openstack17:51
zramubottu, LIVE ubuntu (or any debians) SEE all my ram, but they allow me to use only 1/2 of it. Even though the System monitor sees ALL `my ram, praactically, for example, i cannot use more than 1/2 of the ram I SHOUDL have access to17:54
ubottuzram: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:54
pavloserganeshsharma, should be, /join #openstack17:55
nacczram: how are you determining that only 1/2 of it is able to be used?17:55
nacczram: do you mean only 1/2 of it is being used?17:55
erganeshsharmapavlos, thanks17:56
benfitzpatrickhi guys, im trying to make a respin of 16.04 official and i have been trying for 2 days. i cant find on google or etc. any decent program to do so. I have tried pinguy builder, respin, none of them make it to where, it saves my themes and settings, idk why17:58
benfitzpatricki tried 4+ times, im stumped17:58
zramubottu - what? nacc if Im in LIVE, the file manager says i have only (1/2 of ram space) to storee files for example. in ARCH live, i open the file manager, and it syas i hav (90% of all my ram) avaialbel to store files17:58
ubottuzram: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:58
zram<benfitzpatric> try systemreboot17:58
benfitzpatrickidk where to get that17:59
xanguazram: what does the file manager has to do with RAM?I think you're confused17:59
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zramxangua - maybe. its only my hunch taht its zram18:00
benfitzpatricki just googled for it, didnt give me what i need18:00
benfitzpatrickthis is nuts18:02
k1l_zram: how/why do you want to use all of the ram?18:02
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xanguazram: what's the terminal output of: free -h18:03
benfitzpatrickwell i cant find systemreboot program on google18:03
zramtotal       used       free     shared    buffers     cached18:03
zramMem:          7.7G       3.7G       4.0G       720M       314M       2.0G18:03
zram-/+ buffers/cache:       1.4G       6.3G18:03
zramSwap:         3.9G         0B       3.9G18:03
naccbenfitzpatrick: i have no idea, onestly, why zram suggsted that18:03
zrambenfitzpatrick i  think i dont rememebrthe right name18:03
k1l_zram: use paste.ubuntu.com please18:03
benfitzpatrickwell idk what to do, i am trying to make a ubuntu respin and it wont save my settings and themes18:04
benfitzpatrickim at a loss18:04
zrammaybe its systemback?18:04
benfitzpatricki have that installed18:04
benfitzpatricki just dunno how to use it18:05
zrami think there is a video on youtube. type systemback in youtube.18:05
pavlosbenfitzpatrick, there is uck tool in ubuntu, https://www.linux.com/learn/roll-your-own-customized-ubuntu-uck18:05
benfitzpatrickthat looks, ... idk18:06
isthieI have a dual installation of Xubuntu 16.04 and Elementary. I would like to reclaim the HDD space from the Elementary partition so I can use it with Xubuntu. How do I do this without screwing up since I can barely manage apt update etc18:08
isthiecan I just use Disks etc to resize the Xubuntu parition over the Elementary one or will this screw up the bootloader etc18:08
xanguaisthie: backup important data if you have, boot any live distro with gparted, modify your partitions18:09
=== mihdih is now known as mdih
isthiexangua: can I do it from within Xubuntu with Disks or Gparted? or I have to be live booted18:09
xanguaisthie: no18:10
isthiexangua: so if I live boot and then just expand the Xubuntu partition over the elementary one will it sort grub on its own or will that been a mess? Elementary is dev/sda1 bootable and Xubuntu is dev/sda2 and extended18:12
isthiedont I need to change xubuntu to bootable?18:12
isthiethis is what I have http://i.imgur.com/rDtp5d1.png18:14
Demosthenexok, new 16 lts install enters a boot loop and never fully boots. recovery mode works, and removing "quiet splash" and adding "nomodeset" fixes it. google searches haven't turned up results, known bug?18:17
ducasse!nomodeset | Demosthenex18:22
ubottuDemosthenex: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter18:22
Demosthenexubottu: i already edited grub.cfg and fixed it, just thougt it odd18:23
ubottuDemosthenex: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:23
Demosthenexubottu: love you anyway18:23
ubottuDemosthenex: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:23
zramxangua: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23793554/18:23
ducasseDemosthenex: it's most likely because you need to install the correct graphics driver18:24
xanguazram: it says you have 7.7G of RAM, is that wrong?18:25
zramno, but it says that i have only 3.3 free18:25
k1l_Demosthenex: nvidia card? did you try to install the ubuntu nvidia driver?18:25
zebulanHey #Ubuntu! I just bought a 256gb SSD and want to install Ubuntu 16.04 on it (I have Ubuntu installed on an old 1 TB drive currently) but am unsure how to properly set the partitions. Some posts say put root and boot on SSD and home on other drive?18:26
kang00Who informed me about wubi?18:26
Demosthenexducasse k1l_: i'll check on that.18:26
k1l_kang00: wubi is dead. dont use that18:26
kang00Why k1l_18:26
kang00Or how?18:26
k1l_zram: its not 3.3 free.18:26
k1l_kang00: because it doesnt work properly with new windows and it will break18:27
kang00You mean uefi?18:27
pavloszram, http://www.linuxatemyram.com/18:27
k1l_kang00: uefi is a different thing than wubi18:27
zramxangua it says i have 7.7 total, but then i have only 3.6 free for usage. but in arch for example, it would say 5gb or 6gb etc. so ubuntu and pretty much all debian dont let me use all my ram in live. they seem to alot 1/2 to zram or something18:27
kang00I guess new windows offers uefi18:27
k1l_zram: and you only have 1GB used. look at the facts please18:27
zramk1l but it not allowing me to use more than 3.6gb18:28
royal_screwup21What syntax error am I making with this piece of bash code? https://thepasteb.in/p/g5hPOJDoLOLTr18:28
k1l_zram: please read the link from pavlos it explains why your concept of how ram is used and is displayed by programs is wrong18:28
zramk1l does ALL linux do this? becuase arch doesn't do this18:29
k1l_zram: do you understand how caching and buffers works? maybe arch got different settings for buffers and cache.18:30
k1l_zram: and how do you know its not letting you use more than 3.6GB ram?18:31
zramk1l no im just an average user. here is my test: ill use linux in live. ill download a file that is 5gb or so. in arch, it has no problem, because it allows me to USE all the ram. in ubuntu or any debian, at the 4gb mark it will say: no more room.18:32
k1l_zram: you are aware, that in a live system, the system resides in the ram too?18:33
k1l_zram: so your test is not a test at all.18:33
zramk1l yes i thikn that is the filesystem squash right? so that is about 1.X gb. so i shoudl sTILL have 5-6gb18:33
zramk1l but say if i have a comp with 2gb ram, it will let me downlaod up to1gb, if its 4gb, it lets me download up to 2gb. if its 8gb, it let me downlaod 4gb. its alwasy 1/218:34
k1l_zram: that has nothing to do with the installed OS.18:35
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zramk1l i dont understand the technical details. i just understand that in arch i can download like 5.X gb, and in ubuntu, its alwasy always always 1/2 of whatever my ram on that computer is.18:36
HardradaHell, when i try to login to my Ubuntu desktop nothing happens, screen is flashing and then i am back at the login screen again.18:37
zramk1l if im reading it right, it says i have 6gb available - is that right?18:37
k1l_zram: the handling on the live cd is different from the installed os18:41
zramk1l Im takling about live cd18:41
zramk1l as mentioned at the beginign, i said live system18:41
k1l_its possible that, to speed up the performance on live cd, its using some more amount of the ram, when the system got more ram.18:42
zramk1l yes, but i want to turn that off..18:43
xanguaWhy exactly you want to "use all your RAM" in a live environment? zram18:44
pavloszram, can you give us another pastebin ... free -h | pastebinit (the reason is your headers are off columnwise18:44
HardradaNevermind, i fixed it. I had to chown Xauthority P18:44
merlin__i have a little problem with my usb flash drives18:44
zrampavlos: http://pastebin.com/94cuMEMR18:45
pavloszram, strange the total header should be above 7.7G18:46
zrampavlos , i dont know what a header is?18:46
pavloszram, the word Total should be above 7.7, the word Used above 3.3G and so on18:47
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zrampavlos: http://pastebin.com/MKxqTATK18:48
MarcoPdid ubuntu get a kernel update recently18:48
MarcoPlast couple of days for 16.1018:48
pavloszram, much better, thx ...18:49
merlin__i need help18:49
GeorgeTorwellI need alcohol to talk to aliens18:49
merlin__ok really friendly18:50
k1l_MarcoP: yes18:51
MarcoPk1l_, how often does that usually happen?18:52
MarcoPk1l_, I know there is not a set schedule18:52
MarcoPit seems it happens often18:52
k1l_usual kernel updates come every 2-3 weeks18:52
k1l_security fixes are shipped asap after testing18:52
MarcoPk1l_, do you normally do a full reboot then or you use a program that installs an update without reboot?18:53
ubuntu777hi, does ubuntu unity support hidpi?18:53
k1l_MarcoP: yes. kernel updates need full reboot. for 16.04 LTS (since that is what servers run) you can use the canonical live patch service18:54
k1l_MarcoP: i reboot my laptop at least once a day. so that is not an issue for me.18:54
MarcoPk1l_, that can patch without reboot?18:54
MarcoPthat live patch service?18:54
zrampavlos - shoudl i understand that i have 6.7 available for use?18:55
k1l_MarcoP: http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2016/10/canonical-livepatch.html18:55
pavloszram, your system shows 6.7G (free+cache) available out of the 7.7G total18:55
zrampavlos - exaclty that is how i read it. but say i try to download a 6gb file, right now it will say NO MORE ROOM at 3.X gb or so18:56
zram3.6 precisely, pavlos18:56
MarcoPk1l_, is this similar to ksplice?18:56
k1l_MarcoP: lets play a game: that information is hidden in the text, see if you can find it :)18:57
zrampavlos, so it isn't letting me make use of all the ram that i SHOULD have.18:58
MarcoPk1l_, you so cute buddy thanks :)18:58
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sudopiaHello, is there a way to enable the "Files" program to actually open a window by itself when the program is called? Normally clicking firefox open containing folder for download causes the taskbar icon for Files to shake and be highlighted, requiring me to open it by clicking it.18:59
ubuntu777does ubuntu unity support hidpi?19:00
xanguasudopia: it's already open actually, you just select it to focus the window19:01
pavloszram, let's make a 4G file ... dd if=/dev/zero of=big count=1000M (that should make a 4.4G file19:02
zrampavlos - okay19:02
zrampavlos: dd: writing to ‘big’: No space left on device19:03
sudopiaxangua: Any advice on forcing the window to be focused when the program is called. I have this problem with other programs calling Files other than just firefox.19:03
zrampavlos - adn i just got a popup saying low disk space19:03
zrampavlos: "this computer has only 0 bytes disk space remaining19:03
zrampavlos: it created a 'big' file in my home directory that is 3.7gb in size19:04
pavloszram, hmm19:04
geniizram: On a liveusb/dvd system you can only install things or make ramdisks up to the size of the ram the system has19:05
xanguasudopia: if you're using unity, probably compiz is preventing stealing the focus; you can install compiz-config-settings-manager to configure that19:05
zramgenii - i know, but its not letting me make use of all the ram i DO have...19:05
sudopiaxangua: Thank you. I found an askubuntu.com question that suggested using "dconf write /org/compiz/profiles/unity/plugins/core/focus-prevention-level 0" I'll try that.19:06
xanguasudopia: well that works too19:06
pavloszram, df -h | pastebinit19:08
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zrampavlos: ill paste it, but i deleted the 'big' file becuase i idn't want the system to crash19:08
zrampavlos , i can make it again if you like19:09
raf0hi, is it possible to install ubuntu's software installer on blackbox linux (since it's based off ubuntu)?19:10
zrampavlos: http://pastebin.com/3m9ZYkqY19:10
pavloszram, /cow has 3.5G avail, it will not let you use more, hence the disk full19:12
nicomachusraf0: not sure, blackbox isn't supported here.19:14
zrampavlos - what is cow ? and how can i remove it?19:15
diogenes_zram, beware this cow can be dirty19:16
zramdiogenes - what do oyu mena? its already eating up all my ram19:16
diogenes_zram, and not only19:17
zramdiogenes can i removee it?19:17
diogenes_zram, with a kernel update19:18
zramdiogenes if i use the latest ubuntu live - will it still have this cow?19:19
diogenes_zram, I guess it will19:19
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
zramdiogenes arent the kernal updates in those?19:19
CNEWBAm I allowed to ask general Linux questions here? Trying to find a set of channels I can use to help learn all this, when I have questions.19:20
xanguaCNEWB: is it Ubuntu related?19:21
dewwCNEWB: i see more general channels like #linux as well.19:22
CNEWBxangua: It would be more general, any distro related. I'm using Ubuntu on Windows, trying to learn the terminal.19:22
CNEWBI'll join #linux.19:22
zramdiogenes - just to make sure: if i update the kernel to the latest - this cow will go away?19:22
xanguaCNEWB: so you're using Ubuntu shell in Windows,I think there is a channel for that19:23
xanguazram: what Ubuntu release are you using?19:23
CNEWBxangua: I'll google it, thanks.19:23
zramxangua - this is mint atm, but its very old19:23
dewwCNEWB: from my limited testing certain things don't yet work correctly. it's interesting for sure tho.19:24
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ducasse!ubuwin | CNEWB19:26
ubottuCNEWB: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.19:26
pavloszram, this is the filesystem of a Live environment, The live cd makes a quick memory test at the boot process then use the number to create the ram drive. I cannot find a ref that this is about 50% of installed memory.19:27
CNEWBAh, cool.19:27
zrampavlos - that seems very accurate that its relative to the computer being used. as i mentioned in my comps with less ram, it uses about 1/2. pavlos i dont know if zram is related, but i did install zram config, adn found an instruction in it that said: use 1/2 something ... ill try to find the exact wording19:29
CNEWBducasse: It appears I'm the only one interested in Ubuntu on Windows, no one else is in the channel lol.19:29
zramzram_config.conf:   # Calculate memory to use for zram (1/2 of ram)19:30
pavloszram, nothing to do with zram, I can boot my laptop live to see if the /cow fs is 2G (I have 4G memory) ...19:30
akikCNEWB: you could try https://www.reddit.com/r/bashonubuntuonwindows/19:31
zrampavlos - okay :)19:32
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pavloszram, booted my laptop witjh Live, created a 1.9G /cow (total memory 4G)19:34
zrampavlos - yea that seems right :\19:35
bluekinghello guys and ladies19:35
zrampavlos - so diogenes suggested a kernel update will resolve this?19:35
ubottugiuseppe_: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:36
zrampavlos, btw the ONLY debian based that I tried that did let me use all my ram was one that didn't use this cow thing...19:36
Hulioguys, is it possible to change sftp port number to different port?19:36
Hulioin ubuntu?19:37
Hulioi am having issue sftp from public ip19:37
akikHulio: you can change it in /etc/ssh/sshd_config19:37
Hulioeven i port forwarding the right 22 and ip19:37
pavloszram, dont think a kernel update would help (you'd reboot)19:38
Hulioakik, do i need to reboot something after change?19:39
akikHulio: no, just restart sshd19:39
Hulioi did change it to port 999919:39
Huliohow to restart sshd ?19:39
akikHulio: is this your local machine?19:39
Hulioit is in vmware19:40
Hulioor restart vmware ?19:40
akikHulio: well you can just restart the vm then19:40
Huliook thanks19:40
zrampavlos, might I tell you what Im really trying to do?19:42
pavloszram, well, you can live boot 16.04, 16.10 but I this the /cow fs will be half of your memory19:42
zrampavlos so it seems any distro that uses teh COW will use 1/2 the memory...and there seems to beno way to turn it off...19:43
Huliotoo cumbersome man19:45
ducasseHulio: what is too cumbersome?19:45
pavloszram, I dont know if other distros do the same ... and I cannot find a definite ref that 50% of mem is used19:45
Hulioi change back to port 2219:46
Hulioducasse, it only works when i do sftp from local machine IP19:46
Huliobut when i sftp from public ip19:46
Hulioit wont work19:46
zrampavlos but from your experience (any mine to match) it seems to be roughly 1/2 or so...19:46
Hulioi have it port forwarding19:46
Huliovery strange19:46
Hulioi am using the new AC1900P router19:46
ducasseHulio: is the vmware network setup bridged?19:46
zrampavlos, like i said MX doesnt have this cow thing, adn i CAN use all the ram in that distro19:46
zrampavlos, but sadly it also dont let me use the program i need19:47
Hulioit has IP
Hulioand my host is
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=== med_ is now known as medberry
Hulioif i do sftp    <--- it works19:47
Huliobut not public IP19:47
Hulioi basically want to access from the outside19:47
ducasseHulio: some problem with the port forwarding, then.19:48
GustornCan I ask a question related to postresql on ubuntu?19:49
Hulioducasse, i'll post image19:49
Huliohold on19:49
GustornI just installed postgres on my server how can I acces it from my computer?19:50
GustornI can't connect with pgadmin19:50
Hulioducasse, here is the image: http://tinypic.com/r/2zzkb43/919:50
ducasseHulio: try ##networking, we don't support router configuration19:50
Gustornlocal ip noob19:50
Hulioducasse, man, maybe u know the answer19:50
Hulioducasse, at least can you please take a look?19:51
GustornHow do I access postgres from ip?19:51
MonkeyDustGustorn  drop the repeat characters ... repeat your question every 15 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help19:53
ducasseHulio: it looks ok, but i don't know your router model. better check with someone who does.19:54
Hulioducasse, it is Asus AC1900P19:54
Gustorn[20:50] <Gustorn> I just installed postgres on my server how can I acces it from my computer? [20:50] <Gustorn> I can't connect with pgadmin19:54
yeatsGustorn: you have to edit the postgresql config files to allow connections from outside19:54
ducasseHulio: i meant i'm not familiar with it, i only use mikrotik.19:55
yeatsGustorn: yes, and you have to set the listen_addresses parameter in postgresql.conf19:55
yeatsGustorn: obviously if you're going to be storing anything of value, you'll want to be strict about which addresses can get it19:56
GustornOkay thanks I spent hours searching!19:56
Gustornno man you don't understand I am working on open data19:56
yeatsGustorn: it's a good idea to learn security best practices even when working with non-critical/open data19:57
Gustorncan I use something else than vi to edit my data?19:58
yeatsGustorn: nano is also installed by default19:58
Gustornnobody will hack my database :D19:58
Gustorndoes the pg_hba file need to remain alligned?19:59
yeatsGustorn: whitespace shouldn't matter, but best to keep it aligned if possible19:59
pavloszram, which is the MX distro you mentioned?20:00
Gustornhow do I know the ip of the server?20:01
zrampavlos: https://mxlinux.org/20:02
pavloszram, d/l mx-16, 64 bit to try on a vm20:06
GustornI edited pg_hba and postgres.conf still can't connect20:06
zrampavlos - okay! thanks for the update20:06
RaidwasHi everyone, got some strange problem with apt upgrade today and it would be great if anybody has a idea what is going on:20:06
MonkeyDustRaidwas  let's hear it, in on eline20:07
MonkeyDustone line*20:07
RaidwasSo here is the output from apt-get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23794079/20:08
MonkeyDustRaidwas  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue20:09
tatertotsRaidwas: what was the"input"?20:09
yeatsGustorn: did you restart postgresql?20:09
yeatsGustorn: check the postgres logs20:09
Gustornwhere can I find those20:09
yeatsGustorn: /var/log/postgresql, probably20:10
Gustorninvalid connection type 'any'20:10
RaidwasMonkeyDust: the output of your command is: "Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS \n \l" (without quotes), tatertots: do you mean "sudo apt-get upgrade"?20:11
yeatsGustorn: where are you using 'any'?20:11
MonkeyDustRaidwas  type this first     sudo apt update20:12
yeatsGustorn: https://www.postgresql.org/docs/current/static/auth-pg-hba-conf.html20:12
naccRaidwas: did you edit some file by any chance? it looks like something is writing 'uname -r' verbatim instead of calling `uname -r`20:12
naccRaidwas: i'm guessing something in /etc20:12
pavloszram, gave it 1G ram, the fs was 772M so not all of it but about 3/4 of total ram20:13
RaidwasMonkeyDust: problem does still persist, same output of "cat /etc/issue"; nacc: cant recall anything that has anything todo with initram, apt, dpkg or similar.. but the error suggests the same to me20:14
zrampavlos - exaclty, it needs some for itself, but it sees about as much as ARCH sees20:14
zrampavlos but if I have 8GB, it uses only 400mb or so20:15
MonkeyDustRaidwas  methinks it's a mirror issue, try changing the software mirror20:15
zrampavlos or 300 something like that... but it uses only as mcuh as it needs20:15
tatertotsRaidwas: install inxi, don't have as much patience as i used to, inxi is in ubuntu official repositories making it easy to find in software manager, and easy to install using your favorite method, just let me know when you have it installed...take care..happy new year20:16
MonkeyDusti use inxi to have a weather report20:16
groundzero_!wois groundzero20:17
groundzero_!whois groundzero20:17
ioriaRaidwas, dpkg -l linux-firmware20:17
GustornUnable to connect to server:  fe_sendauth: no password supplied20:18
pavloszram, gave it 2GB, created an overlay of 1.6G so 3/4 sounds right20:18
Gustornbut... postgres doesn't have a password20:19
Raidwastatertots, ioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794119/20:19
=== Smn is now known as Guest76858
zrampavlos - hmm.. ill double check as well20:19
Guest76858guys, I am connected through a mobile internet device and I can only use 4GB of data a month, what application is there that'd allow me to monitor data usage and notify me after arbitrary thresholds are met?20:20
ioriaRaidwas, yes, some problem with that ... but what is nitrd.img-uname ? look at your /boot20:20
Two_Dogsi need a simple one time no server network time update of system time on ubuntu 14.04, i have a local ntp server i can call up, thoughts?20:20
MonkeyDust!tablet | Guest7685820:20
ubottuGuest76858: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:20
Gustornnvm thanks!!!20:21
tatertotsGuest76858: the device itself should have a bandwidth metering functionality.20:21
Guest76858no, I am using a desktop20:21
RaidwasMonkeyDust, how can i do that? I have never touched the /ect/apt/sources ?20:21
hestonhello, is device mapping consistent? Can my boot device ever show up as something other than /dev/sda? If say I had a usb stick inserted on boot and it was mapped first?20:21
Guest76858only on windows through an application20:21
naccheston: it is not guaranteed20:21
allen_Greetings... Best CD ripper for Ubuntu? Any suggestions?20:22
hestonnacc, well I dont recall it ever being an issue with ubuntu but im experiencing the issue in a different distro20:22
MonkeyDustallen_  'best' depends on what you prefer20:22
Raidwasioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794129/ , it seems that somehow update-initramfs gets a wrong parameter (looks like a not correct evaluated uname)20:22
MonkeyDustallen_  start here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CDRipping20:23
ioriaRaidwas,  can you run  sudo apt-get autoremove ?20:23
naccheston: it's not guaranteed generally, afaik. you should use UUID20:23
Raidwasioria: does not try do remove anything, then just tries to complete the failed installation again20:24
hestonnacc, ok then so it's standard kernel behavior. I thought maybe ubuntu changed something to make it consistent, which would be nice20:24
naccheston: ubuntu defaults to UUID, iirc20:24
Raidwasby the way, yes i tried to turn it off and on again already ;P20:25
ioriaRaidwas,  can you paste cat /etc/apt/sources.list ?20:25
Raidwasioria: nothing as simple as that: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794145/20:26
hestonnacc, in what way? How do I use a UUID inplace of a raw device20:26
naccheston: root=UUID= passed via grub20:27
ioriaRaidwas,  what is initrd.img-4.4.0-31-generic_backup_decryptkeydevice ?20:27
Raidwasioria: valid question ^^ its a backup of the corrsponding initrd after trying to install dropbearSSH into the initrd to unlock the hdd passwords when the pc restarts and im not at home20:30
ioriaRaidwas,  what happens if you  sudo apt install --reinstall linux-firmware ?20:31
Raidwasioria: that seems interesting (or wrong atleast ^^): https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794180/20:32
zrampavlos - so nothing?20:33
hestonnacc, but for say doing work with fdisk or dd, I need to figure out what got mapped where myself20:33
Raidwasioria: and indeed aptitude search only results in linux-firmware and linux-firmware:i38620:33
naccheston: /dev/disk/by-uuid20:34
ioriaRaidwas,  dpkg -l | grep  -v "ii  " | grep -v "rc  "20:34
pavloszram, what do you mean? I thought you were trying something20:35
Raidwasioria: there you go: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794196/20:35
zrampavlos nono, I was  confirming how much mx uses20:35
zrampavlos, what you said is about right20:35
ioriaRaidwas,  ok... what have you done lately ? :þ20:36
hestonnacc, and how do I determine what is what for those devices? Are those all partitions?20:36
pavloszram, so, various live OS use diff % of total memory20:36
zrampavlos...well, arch uses about he same that mx uses... leaving much more ram free... how can I make debian based behaev like taht20:38
ioriaRaidwas,  and maybe you need to remove those initrd.img-uname initrd.img-uname -r in your /boot20:38
zrampavlos- but yea, you confirmed that conclusion with the test things20:38
pavloszram, I dont think you can ... seems to be set when a live fs is created20:38
naccheston: sorry, 'what is what'? can you be more precise or give me an exact use case?20:38
Raidwasioria: oh my, the last thing that really happend on that machine where bevore Christmas -.- mh... setting up a xpe server + nfs shares (resulting in the nfs-server-kernel module or how it was called);...20:39
hestonnacc, for whatever is listed in /dev/disk/by-uuid/20:39
hestonare those supposed to be devices or partitions?20:39
zrampavlos - alright...thanks for trying to help in addressing this though20:39
pavloszram, np20:39
Raidwasioria: will do that, and also remove the backup. what do you think of the "initrd.img-.-31-generic" it seems to also not fit in that list?20:39
ioriaRaidwas,  those  images are not by default  , you should have genenated them (initrd.img-uname initrd.img-uname -r )20:39
naccheston: use `ls -ahl` and it should be pretty clear they are partitions20:40
naccheston: they are just symlinks20:40
hestonnacc, ah ok yeah i just tried ls -l20:40
ioriaRaidwas,  what kernel are you using right now ? uname -r20:40
doc|workhey. We have a couple of NUCs attached to screens in a retail setup. We reboot them nightly but sometimes the screens show a no signal message after a reboot, and just now we've had it happen while the screen had been working fine. Anyone got any ideas?20:40
zrampavlos :)20:40
Raidwasioria: 4.4.0-59-generic20:40
doc|workby the way, xubuntu's display utility shows the screen as disconnected and xrandr shows it as connected if that helps20:42
ioriaRaidwas,  can you paste  sudo update-grub20:42
p4rothi guys , is it possible to install a different desktop environment in Lubuntu?20:43
Raidwasioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794224/ (already removed the strange ones)20:43
ioriaRaidwas,  sudo apt full-upgrade20:44
Raidwasproblem still persists after removing the strange initrd20:44
akikzram: check out http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/precise/man7/live-boot.7.html it talks about a ramdisk-size option20:46
Raidwasioria: same output, again producing a initrd.img-uname20:46
mukluksp4rot: everything is possiblr20:46
akikzram: By default, there is no ramdisk  size20:46
akik           set,  so  the  default of mount applies (currently 50% of available20:46
akik           RAM).20:46
ioriaRaidwas,  how did you remove those ?20:46
zramakik - thank you for the reference! :)20:47
ioriaRaidwas,  and are booting in efi mode ? (also with secure boot)20:47
akikzram: did you test that already?20:47
zramno, I havent opened the link yet20:48
Raidwasioria: "sudo update-initramfs -d -k uname"20:49
DevilTigeri'm having some issues getting 16.04 to install to a usb stick.20:50
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zramakik - it says it has no effect when booting toram --- what does that mean?20:51
ioriaRaidwas,  are they gone from /boot ?20:51
Raidwasioria: yes20:51
diogenes_DevilTiger, what issues?20:52
akikzram: it was another boot option, try without it20:53
ioriaRaidwas,  can you paste   sudo apt full-upgrade20:53
akikzram: unless you have toram option there20:54
DevilTigercreated a bootable usb from windows with rufus with 16.04. booted to it and tried to install it on another usb and it failed to install grub.20:54
Raidwasioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794276/20:54
zramakik - okay thanks!20:54
DevilTigeri used this guide http://askubuntu.com/questions/170454/can-i-install-ubuntu-to-my-32-gb-usb-pen-drive20:54
idokoanyone know how i can create a wifi hotspot while a modem is plugged?20:54
akikzram: i don't know for sure but it looks like that 50% comes from there (the default when you don't set the size20:55
zramakik - okay, Ill try it and see if changin the number there makes a difference20:56
gtozziHi there! I am trying to get my triple-head setup to work but at the moment i can only boot in recovery mode, could you please help?20:56
ioriaRaidwas,  apt-cache policy linux-firmware21:00
Raidwasioria: ok, now i'm getting confused: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794306/ having the same version under installed and candidate doesnt make much sense right?21:01
ioriaRaidwas,  maybe remove the i386 packages21:02
ioriaRaidwas,  no, the version is ok21:03
Raidwasioria: shouldnt there be a amd64 version of linux-firmware in the output of "aptitude search linux-firmware"?21:03
ioriaRaidwas,  why do you have  linux-firmware  for i386 ?21:05
zramakik - do I press f3 on startup and then type ramdisk-size and it will give me options?21:05
zramakik or f2 or something21:05
Raidwasioria: i have no idea -.-21:05
geniiioria: Maybe no multiarch installed21:05
ioriagenii, i see tx21:05
Raidwasioria: i am sure that i haven't removed any mirrors..21:05
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ioriaRaidwas, dpkg --print-foreign-architectures21:06
=== O_o is now known as wlp1s1
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akikzram: i think you need both boot=live and ramdisk-size=21:07
rizonzwhere has apache2-mpm-worker gone ?21:08
akikzram: you add them to the kernel boot line which has the options21:08
Raidwasioria: output is just one line containing "i386"21:08
zramakik do I have to unpack the iso? I thought this was just at boot time ...?21:08
akikzram: yes you can add them at boot time21:08
akikzram: no need to unpack iso21:09
nedbatcould someone help me navigate the ubuntu source? I have kernel 3.2.0-120-virtual, and am trying to see the changes that have happened recently to produce that kernel.21:09
ioriaRaidwas,  sudo apt-get purge linux-firmware:i38621:09
zramakik - okay thank for clarifying'21:09
akikzram: here's an updated page http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/yakkety/man7/live-boot.7.html . it says that boot=live is mandatory21:10
zramakik - jsut a question, but is thi applicable to ONLY the live cs or the live AND install?21:11
nownotafter deleting files from my raid array the space isn't free, how do I free up the space from the delete files?21:11
Raidwasioria: it seems that the i386 is not installed, but he also cant find the amd64 in the repos, so what is acutally installed?  https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794336/21:11
akikzram: you can set the ramdisk-size to maybe 90% with ramdisk-size=90%21:12
zramakik oh wow!  means I will have some 5/6gb available? (if total is 8) :D21:12
akikzram: it's most probably only used with the live session since it needs the boot=live option21:12
zramakik - okay thank! Going to try this right now...21:13
DevilTigergot kicked out before; having trouble getting ubuntu installed on a standalone usb. grub failed to install the first time i tried from windows / bios machine. tried it again on uefi /mac and windows machine nor the mac will boot to it21:13
diogenes_DevilTiger, looks like a broken usb stick21:14
diogenes_I have a similar one too21:14
DevilTigerbrand new from the store21:14
ioriaRaidwas,  apt-cache policy linux-firmware:i38621:14
Raidwasioria: "installed: (none), candidate: (none) Version table:"21:15
DevilTigeri'm reformatting it with NTFS and going to attempt to install to it again. i mistakenly put the ubuntu image on it first and booted to it and tried to install it to it not knowing you need 2 usb to do that. so i would think that would eliminate the usb be faulty21:15
akikDevilTiger: you can't install ubuntu on ntfs21:17
CNEWBHow can I format a newly added drive in bash?21:17
reisioDevilTiger: 2 usb?21:17
DevilTigeri'm not trying to install to NTFS. i'm just reformatting it to NTFS to start again21:17
reisioCNEWB: to what?21:17
CNEWBto ntfs21:18
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reisioCNEWB: ntfs, what on earth for21:18
CNEWBreisio: to ntfs21:18
CNEWBreisio: I have my reasons lol, for a game :/21:18
reisioCNEWB: mmm21:18
reisioCNEWB: what's the capacity?21:18
CNEWBreisio: 25021:18
akikCNEWB: mkfs.ntfs from ntfs-3g package does it21:18
ioriaRaidwas,  have you tried to change repos ?21:18
DevilTigeram i missing something on installing to usb?21:19
reisioCNEWB: parted -a optimal -s /dev/foo mklabel msdos; parted -a optimal -s /dev/foo mkpart primary ntfs 0% 100%; mkntfs -f /dev/foo!; ntfslabel21:19
DevilTigerthese are the instructions im following: http://askubuntu.com/questions/170454/can-i-install-ubuntu-to-my-32-gb-usb-pen-drive21:19
reisiontfslabel /dev/foo1 legames21:19
reisioDevilTiger: what're you trying to accomplish in general?21:19
Raidwasioria: to install something else? only added the kodi nightlies; to fix the problem? no not yet, and if, how?21:19
DevilTigerportable usb. not live21:20
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ioriaRaidwas,  systemsettings -> software&update -> Download from21:20
doc|workanyone got any ideas?21:21
x0nhow install any theme in my ubuntu? :)21:21
Raidwasioria: but i dont realy see the problem with the repos, isnt the first error we get that the update-initramfs is called incorrectly? Btw. ubuntu server, no gui -.-21:21
ioriaRaidwas,  oh, server ?21:21
reisiox0n: ~/.themes/21:22
x0ncopy and paste?21:22
reisiox0n: if you do it right, sure :p21:22
x0ntnx :)21:22
Raidwasioria: yes ... sorry for not pointing that out ^^'21:22
ioriaRaidwas,  i'am not sure are those img to stop the upgrade... i think are these https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794196/21:23
ioriaRaidwas,  hal or bad configured packages21:23
nownotI have a raid 5 and when I delete a file I dont get back the space that the file was taking up. any suggestions?21:24
* reisio headdesks21:24
Raidwasioria: to be honest, i dont realy know how to read that output, but the second column should not contain any uppercase letters right?21:25
diogenes_nownot, maybe you should clean the trash21:25
ioriaRaidwas, linux-firmare should be 'ii'21:26
nownotdiogenes_ : where would the trash live on the raid ?21:27
wedgienownot: are you using LVM? If so, is it possible you have a snapshot?21:27
sparvieroany ?»21:27
nownotno, etx4 raid 521:28
ioriaRaidwas,  you can try to purge linux-firmware, but honestly neve done on my system21:28
Raidwasioria, well no problem, got some backups either way (thanks to btrfs ;P)21:29
ioriaRaidwas,  sudo apt-get  purge linux-firmware21:29
Raidwasioria: yup, know how to purge packages :P21:29
Raidwasioria: now only thing left is hitting enter...21:30
Raidwasioria: will free 158mb of disk space, what can there be of importance in 158mb xD21:30
star314At boot, a delay of 6 seconds for the network stuff to come up is required. systemd-analyze blame shows "6.329s networking.service". I am wondering what is causing this delay because I don't run dhcp. My interface file looks like http://pastebin.com/wajez3gG Any ideas?21:31
ioriaRaidwas,  right21:31
Raidwasioria, removing them worked out, console still responding, just wondering if it will boot up again -.-21:31
Raidwasioria: i suppose apt-get upgrade?21:32
dfinncan anyone tell me why os-prober is running every minute on a 14.04 server?  Every minute it runs and dumps a bunch of useless info into /var/log/syslog21:32
ioriaRaidwas,  mmm... try but you have other not configured pkgs21:32
Raidwasioria: do you mean the linux-signed-generic and linux-signed-image-generic? Those where purged together iwth linux-firmware21:33
ioriaRaidwas,  ok21:33
Raidwasioria: apt-get upgrade tells me that linux-headers-generic are installed and no longer needed, doesnt install anything. Maybe apg-get full-upgrade?21:34
ioriaRaidwas,  sudo apt-get autoremove21:35
DevilTigerre-installed to usb from the windows machine. grub didnt fail this time. machine still wont boot to it. usb is set to first boot order21:35
Raidwasioria: done, the question is, how to get the firmware back. just apt-get install linux-firmware?21:36
ioriaRaidwas,  sudo apt full-upgrade   and paste the errors21:36
Raidwasioria: no errors, just nothing to update.21:36
ioriaRaidwas,  dpkg -l | grep  -v "ii  " | grep -v "rc  "21:37
kulelu88Is there a commandline tool where I can compare an entire folder of files against each other?21:37
Raidwasioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794449/21:38
wedgiekulelu88: contents, or just names?21:38
kulelu88wedgie: contents, yes21:38
ioriaRaidwas,  can you install something ? i mean apt-get install works ?21:39
Raidwasioria: i was able to remove and install inxi21:40
kulelu88Raidwas: maybe you need apt-get dist-upgrade21:40
Raidwasioria: is there something against trying apt-get install linux-firmware?21:40
wedgiekulelu88: depending on your goals, could use md5sum or similar to generate a list of hashes and compare, or use rsync if you're looking to copy files around21:40
ioriaRaidwas,  first try      apt-get -s install linux-firmware   (without sudo)21:41
kulelu88wedgie: so I should first hash every file in the 2 folders and then compare the hashes of each?21:41
Raidwaskulelu88: we had that already, dont know how far back you have read, the originall problem was: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23794079/21:41
wedgiekulelu88: what's your end goal?21:42
Raidwasioria: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794469/ seems ok to me21:43
kulelu88wedgie: I want to compare the original files (directly from the server) against possibly-modified files already existing on the system21:43
ioriaRaidwas,      yep, give it a go21:43
Raidwasioria: tension is rising ^^21:43
wedgiekulelu88: do you just want to know if they are different, or to see the differences (as in line-by-line text or something)?21:44
kulelu88wedgie: I assume using the hash will tell me that the contents in the files are different. Comparing what has changed, what can I use there?21:44
MonkeyDustkulelu88  try rdiff21:45
wedgiekulelu88: if it is text then use diff21:45
kulelu88wedgie: so step 2 is use diff, step 1 is hash all files?21:45
MonkeyDust!info rdiff21:45
ubotturdiff (source: librsync): Binary diff tool for signature-based differences. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.7-10 (yakkety), package size 7 kB, installed size 51 kB21:45
Raidwasioria: no good, back to first problem again: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794493/ somehow update-initramfs gets called with uname not evaluated21:45
wedgiekulelu88: if its text then just diff will be good enough.21:46
kulelu88MonkeyDust: are you recommending that tool to compare entire folders against each other?21:46
Raidwasioria: any idea if update-initramfs is a script i can find somewhere to see if something is going on realy strange?21:46
Raidwasioria: or i could add a -x to see the sh trace21:46
ioriaRaidwas,    idk exactly ... but i think you need to get rid of initrd.img-uname21:47
MonkeyDustkulelu88  i guess   diff -r    does exactly that21:48
ioriaRaidwas,    idk  what it is, ( i think  a custome generated img) so i can't tell you how to remove21:49
MonkeyDustkulelu88  try this      diff -r folder1 folder221:49
Raidwasioria: exactly, the question is: why does "apt-get install linux-firmware" call update-initramfs with the path /boot/initrd.img.uname instead of /boot/initrd.img.$(uname -r) (or similar)21:49
kulelu88thanks MonkeyDust and wedgie21:49
MonkeyDustkulelu88  wedgie already suggested it too21:49
Raidwasioria: or more correctly: why does it call "update-initramfs -c -k uname" instead of "update-initramfs -c -k $(uname -r)"21:50
ioriaRaidwas,   ls /boot   again please21:51
onlyonemaci keep getting an error "mount: cannot mount /dev/loop0 read-only" when trying to mount a disk image21:53
onlyonemacthis wasn't happening before21:53
Raidwasioria: so once ls /boot/ before apt-get install, then one ls /boot/ afterwards, then removed the new initrd again using update-initramfs: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794524/21:55
ioriaRaidwas,   sudo update-initramfs -u -k `uname -r`21:56
boritekhello, how can I make dns lookup work in Ubuntu, after connecting to a vpn? Currently I cant nslookup an internal address name on the vpn network21:57
onlyonemacboritek: make sure you're using the DNS servers supplied by the VPN, not the ones that you normally use21:57
boritekAlthough I added vpn dns servert in the network manager gui. also how how can I make dnsmasq send all queries to all dns servers?21:57
Raidwasioria: works like expected: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794534/21:58
boritekonlyonemac: yes I use it still it does not look it up21:58
boritekI can see the vpn dns servers in the connection information of the netwrokmanager gui21:58
onlyonemaci keep getting an error "mount: cannot mount /dev/loop0 read-only" when trying to mount a disk image read-only21:59
wedgieonlyonemac: what command are you using?21:59
onlyonemacsudo mount img /mnt -o ro,offset=$((4751360*512))21:59
ioriaRaidwas,   i have the feeling that it get reformed ....21:59
onlyonemacwhere "img" is my image file21:59
onlyonemacthe offset is to select the correct partition22:00
onlyonemacand i don't want to mount read-write because it's important that the image is not modified22:00
Raidwasioria: what do you mean with "it get reformed"?22:00
ioriaRaidwas,  initrd.img-uname22:00
wedgieused to have to say -o loop.... maybe try that?22:00
onlyonemacit used to work this way22:00
onlyonemaci thought it was a kernel upgrade but i'm using the old kernel again now22:00
ioriaRaidwas,  nvm22:01
onlyonemacnope, -o loop gives the same error22:01
lubo__hi all22:01
ioriaRaidwas,  you removed it, but after install linux-firmware it was still there22:01
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wedgieonlyonemac: any of this help? https://pen-testing.sans.org/blog/2016/12/07/mount-a-raspberry-pi-file-system-image22:03
onlyonemacok so i tried to mount one of the other partitions (different offset) and it worked22:03
freeakshi there, how can i disable gtk csd ? i would like to have normal looking apps with proper window border22:03
Raidwasioria: yes because the install procedure of linux-firmware tries to update the initramfs, but calls update-initramfs with uname not evaluated into the kernel version, resulting in the new initrf.img-uname22:03
wedgieonlyonemac: maybe you need to specify the filesystem type then?22:03
Raidwasioria: *created again22:03
onlyonemaci'm not 100% sure of the type22:03
wedgieonlyonemac: you sure you're not trying to mount swap or something?22:03
onlyonemacnope, definitely not swap22:04
ioriaRaidwas, ok, that's not normal it should call
onlyonemacusually if i try to mount a partition that doesn't have a recognised filesystem in it, it says "wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock"... etc22:04
freeaksam i the only one that cannot stand the strange looking window border of gtk3 apps ?22:05
onlyonemacno, you're not22:05
BlueSharkno you're not22:05
masterlinux_hi, how can i get new mail notification for thunderbird. using ubuntu mate 16.1022:05
BlueSharki get mini-cancer every time I look at that.22:05
Raidwasioria: correct, and the question is why the hell should that happen -.- and if apt is written with a bash script or similar, where do i find it to fix it...22:05
Jordan_Uonlyonemac: Remove write permissions on the image file, then run "sudo kpartx -a /path/to/image" then mount the /dev/mapper/loopXpY device node that is created for the partition. Don't bother with manual offsets.22:06
naccRaidwas: afaict, postinst of linux-firmware calls `update-initramfs -u -k all`22:06
onlyonemacJordan_U: there are like, 50 partitions on this thing22:07
onlyonemacJordan_U: and, i've always used offsets22:07
MonkeyDustmasterlinux_  look in the add-ons, there's something called Enhanced notofications22:07
Jordan_Uonlyonemac: Linux can handle many more than 50 partitions :)22:07
naccRaidwas: and update-initramfs is a shell script you can try and debug22:07
onlyonemacJordan_U: yeah, i know, it's just that i've always done it this way22:07
onlyonemacalso, the filesystem is f2fs btw22:07
onlyonemaci've mounted those before with no problems22:08
ioriaRaidwas, i can't tell you exactly, but something you installed before should have modified the behaviour22:08
onlyonemacand in fact it mounts read-write quite happily, except that it changes the underlying image22:08
Raidwasnacc: indeed, that produces the exact error!!22:08
Jordan_Uonlyonemac: And right now it's not working for you. I suggest that you try a different way. Also, the way that I recommended leaves much less room for user error, meaning that if it still fails I don't have to play 20 questions to check the other things that might have gone wrong.22:09
naccRaidwas: what does `ls -1 /var/lib/initramfs-tools | linux-version sort --reverse` output?22:09
onlyonemacJordan_U: and i see no reason why i should do it a different way when it's always worked before22:09
naccRaidwas: in a pastebin22:09
onlyonemacJordan_U: trust me, the offset is definitely correct, there's no need to play 20 questions22:09
Raidwasioria, nacc: the error: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23794587/22:09
onlyonemacbackground info: it's an image of my phone. i have made images of it before and mounted them like this with no problems. this image i created about half an hour ago and it's giving me this error.22:10
ioriaRaidwas, yes, it calls all22:10
onlyonemaci have always mounted them like this.22:10
Raidwasnacc: it produces "uname \n uname -r\n ...." (.... are the correct entries)22:10
Jordan_Uonlyonemac: I gave you two reasons. A third is that following my directions will mean that you will get my help troubleshooting the problem. Not following them means you won't. You are free to decide if that is of value to you.22:10
naccRaidwas: yes, that's the issue, something added those, in error (i would guess someone manually ran a script or tried to create an initrd incorrectly)22:11
onlyonemacJordan_U: if you can't help me to do it the way that i want to do it, then i'm not interested. i'm not interested in people that force me to change my workflow before they're prepared to help.22:11
Jordan_Uonlyonemac: Note that for many filesystems mounting read only will still replay the journal if the FS wasn't unmounted cleanly, meaning that an RO mount *can* change the filesystem.22:11
onlyonemacJordan_U: the filesystem was not unmounted uncleanly, i am aware of that issue22:12
ProfessorKaos64getting a license plate, what would be nice, 1linux, gnulinx, or su-root ?22:12
onlyonemactbh i wish there was a foolproof way to prevent writing to a filesystem22:12
ProfessorKaos64ummm ... an encrypted drive lol22:13
Jordan_Uonlyonemac: My go to way when I am paranoid is to create a read only loopback device with "losetup --readonly". This works for image files and real block devices.22:13
ProfessorKaos64our hospital uses strong fs-level keys22:13
ProfessorKaos64upon RHEL setup22:14
ProfessorKaos64then SAN at rest encryption22:14
Raidwasioria, nacc: can i just delete the incorrect entries in /var/lib/initramfs-tools/uname?22:14
onlyonemacJordan_U: i tried that here too, it said "cannot mount read-write, device is read-only" and then gave the same "cannot mount read-only" error22:14
onlyonemacbut i know that's not what you're getting at22:14
ioriaRaidwas,  'd say 'move' not remove22:14
naccRaidwas: i *think* it is safe to delete files from /var/lib/initramfs-tools that are incorrect. (i'm not sure, though, and hope you have backups). But as ioria says probably mv them to somewhere lese22:15
Raidwasplenty of snapshots, not backups in that case ^^22:15
ioriaRaidwas,  i have to go, sorry, hope you solve .22:16
DevilTigergot ubuntu installed to a usb finally. when i try to boot to it it just boots to a wallpaper :/22:16
Raidwasioria: thanks for the great help, would have started setting up that system from scratch again...22:16
MonkeyDustDevilTiger  try changing the wallpaper    (joke)22:17
onlyonemacoh for fsck's sake i'm just gonna copy the partition to a separate file22:17
onlyonemacsee if that works22:17
lopasi have a ctf , who's want to have a fun with some funny challenge's ? pm me if you're interested and i can bet for it :) seriously22:18
Jordan_Ulopas: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Please don't solicit PMs or anything else that is not directly Ubuntu support.22:18
DevilTigerMonkeyDust: lol, i've tried running update and removing unity and reinstalling unity with no luck22:19
onlyonemaclopas: try ubuntu-offtopic22:19
Raidwasnacc: "update-initramfs -u -k all" works now. going to test apt-get install linux-firmware now..22:20
onlyonemacok so i passed -o norecovery to mount22:21
Raidwasnacc: finally no more errors on apt-get upgrade ^^ thank you verry much. Now i only have to get that firmware back..22:21
onlyonemacand it worked22:22
onlyonemaci don't know if that means that the filesystem needs recovery or not though22:22
onlyonemaci would find it strange if it does, i'm sure it was cleanly unmounted, i rebooted the phone to recovery and took an image, making sure that it wasn't mounted22:23
elkylopas: don't do that here.22:23
elkylopas: don't spam any of our channels please, not even offtopic ones.22:24
lopaselky i dont , look : <Jordan_U> lopas: This channel is for Ubuntu support only. Please don't solicit PMs or anything else that is not directly Ubuntu support.22:24
Raidwasnacc: thank you verry much, impressed by the amount of help here ^^22:24
wmwmso I have to reinstall Ubuntu. I opened my partition editor and there is three unnamed volumes that went there before and I can't delete them. they are like 300 mb each. do I need to figure out how to remove them before I install again?22:24
lopaselky <onlyonemac> lopas: try ubuntu-offtopic22:24
naccRaidwas: np, glad it worked22:24
elkylopas: i don't care what they told you. don't spam our channel22:24
onlyonemacwhoops ;)22:25
onlyonemacwhoops ;-)22:25
onlyonemacwhoops :embarrassed:22:26
Raidwaswell atleast no one tried :q ^^22:27
reisiostupid irc client, useless22:27
Bashing-omwmwm: Depends on what option you choose to re-install . And what you want as the end result . ' erase disk and install ubuntu ' will do just that . Else show us a screenchot of GParted; . So we see what you see .22:27
Speiroswhat's wrong reisio?22:27
reisionothin' much22:27
Speirosreisio Ok.  I thought you might have been having trouble with your client there.22:28
SuperLagSo I created a system with LVM. I later wanted to increase the disk size. Shut the VM down, resized it there. Booted up the VM and resized the partition in fdisk. Then I used gparted to expaned the LVM partition. That makes it looks like it's all done and expanded. Yet df -h only shows the original size, even after reboots.22:29
reisioSpeiros: :p22:30
wedgieSuperLag: probably still have to expend the filesystem sitting on top of lvm22:30
SuperLagreisio: irssi wan kenobi, it's your only hope :D22:30
SuperLagwedgie: I'm confused. I thought I was doing things right.22:31
reisiohah, classic mistake22:31
SuperLagwedgie: I deleted both sda2 (the extended partition) and sda5 (the actual LVM partition) and re-added them both at the larger size22:31
wedgieSuperLag: sounds like you're doing fine... just one more step22:31
SuperLagwrote the table22:31
SuperLagused gparted to do the magic22:32
SuperLagthe expanding magic, that is22:32
SuperLaggparted makes it look right22:32
wedgieSuperLag: lvm takes your disks and makes "fake" block devices that your actual filesystem sits on top of22:34
wedgieSuperLag: so sounds like you've fixed up lvm, but the filesysem (ext4 probably?) still is the smaller size22:35
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wedgieSuperLag: probably just need something like ''resize2fs /dev/sdXX'' where sdxx is whatever the lvm device is22:39
dinelsonHi guys22:51
JamesBHow long, after selecting "Configure software RAID", should I need to wait at the purple install screen? It's been about five minutes22:59
dinelsonI need help23:03
k1l_dinelson: just ask :)23:04
hestonask your question, if someone knows, they'll help23:04
tim___dineslson ask a question23:04
dinelsonI'm using Backbox Linux23:04
dinelsonMr Kll & heston23:05
k1l_dinelson: for help on that ask the backbox specialists in #backbox23:05
tim___than why are you asking for help in this chat room?23:05
dinelsonok dude thankx23:05
JamesBWhat is a good way to diagnose a hanging Ubuntu install? It just asked me about writing partition data, and now the installer is clearly hanged. It's been a good ten or fifteen minutes.23:06
tim___https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/installation-guide/i386/ch05s04.html jamesB23:07
kbrosnanif for some reason you selected a full format of the disks that can take a few hours if you have a large disk23:08
JamesBMy CD-ROM drive is fine. It's a USB drive. It is booting fine to the installer, just hanging after the part about updating partition data.23:08
k1l_JamesB: as already said: some partitioning can take longer than 10 minutes23:10
JamesBEven when no formatting is being done?23:10
JamesBIs the blank purple screen a progress bar of some kind, then...?23:11
reisioJamesB: can be, if it's taking its time to load23:12
reisioI wouldn't wait more than a few minutes, though23:12
DevilTigeri'm having trouble installing mp3 decoder for rhythmbox23:15
GeorgeTorwellI used to have a boyfriend named "Ubuntu" once...23:16
GeorgeTorwell...I'll just show myself out23:16
reisioI miss GeorgeTorwell23:17
reisioDevilTiger: yeah, what trouble's that?23:18
SuperLagthis is annoying23:18
reisiowhat is?23:18
SuperLagreisio: trying to resize LVM and not having it work23:18
tim___how are you trying to re-size?23:20
DevilTigerit installed then when i try to play it doesnt play23:20
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k1l_DevilTiger: what did you install?23:20
DevilTigerwhatever decoder it reccomended. the names weren't particularly easy to remember23:21
tim___Deviltiger if you selected third party solfware repo when installing ubuntu you should need to install codecs23:21
SuperLagtim___: It's a VM. Shut it down from VMware Fusion. Resize the disk there, from 40GB to 100GB. Boot it up with a gparted ISO, and extend the volume there. Then reboot into the VM and run lvextend and resize2fs23:21
k1l_DevilTiger: gstreamer1.0-fluendo-mp3  should be the right one. after that every program should be able to play mp323:22
reisioSuperLag: yeah, lvm is annoying indeed23:22
DevilTigerokay got it working now. how do i choose default music program23:22
reisioDevilTiger: right click a file type in your file manager23:22
reisiothat's the simplest way23:22
DevilTigerreiso: i right clicked it...how does that choose the default app?23:23
reisioDevilTiger: r-e-i-TAB23:25
reisioDevilTiger: properties, assign a specific app, that's how23:25
DevilTigergotcha, kudos23:25
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cphey guys23:38
cpyou wouldn't happen to know where php 5.6 is located when using 16.0423:39
cpi have enabled the dual 7.0 and 5.623:39
cfhowlettwhereis php            << terminal23:39
cpi have done which php23:40
cpbut its showing /usr/bin/php23:40
cpand thats 7.023:40
lkjhi run ubuntu on 2 notebooks, same model. Only difference: one has 2 2 GiB RAM cards, the other 2 16 GiB RAm cards. Will the processor get warmer sooner in the 32 GiB RAM model?23:41
cpthanks cfhowlett23:42
cpfound it!23:42
k1l_cp: enabled dual php? 16.04 only ships php7.023:42
cpyeah but you can swap the modules23:42
k1l_lkjh: no, should not matter.23:42
cpa2enmod php5.623:44
cpby doing that23:44
cptwo secs I will get you a link for future ref23:44
nacccp: you are using a PPA to do so, you will need to talk to the PPA onwer23:45
cpthere you go mate23:45
nacc*owner, rather23:45
cpits a development env23:45
cpnot production23:45
k1l_cp: yes, you are using the PPA fom ondrej. the original ubuntu repos only support php7 since 16.0423:45
nacccp: not sure why that's relevant?23:46
cpwhats the licence on ppa?23:47
nacci'm not sure PPAs are 'licensed'23:48
naccbeyond agreeing to canonical's terms of service, i assume23:48
reisiothink he meant ondrej's particular ppa for this particular package23:49
reisiothe license for the package23:49
cpI am so confused?23:49
naccreisio: oh ...23:49
reisiotldr: rsync23:50
SuperLagawesome... so I increase the filesystem to 100GB. Finally get it to resize, but it only increases to 83GB. <insert swearing here>23:50
cpwhy will i have to talk to the ppa onwer?23:50
nacccp: becuase php5 is not supported on 16.0423:50
nacccp: not officially, by ubuntu, you only hve it via the PPA packages from ondrej, and he is responsible for supporting them23:50
reisioSuperLag: 83, or 93?23:50
cpahhh are you saying ask in another room?23:51
Dreamank1l_  btrfs or ext4 more stable in ubuntu23:51
k1l_Dreaman: ext4 is more stable in general23:51
reisioif you have to ask, yes, ext423:52
nacccp: no, i'm saying that if you use a PPA to install pacakges in ubuntu, the pacakges you install from that PPA are only supported by the PPA's owner23:52
MonkeyDusti use btrfs and am happy with it23:52
k1l_cp: no. everyone can create a PPA and put packages in there and even change the packages. its not under ubuntus control. so if anything happens with that packages its a thing beside you and the PPA maker.23:53
reisioMonkeyDust: oh yeah? What makes you happy about it?23:53
SuperLagreisio: 8323:53
SuperLagreisio: it's weird23:53
reisioSuperLag: what says it's 83?23:53
SuperLagreisio: df -h23:53
reisioSuperLag: pastebin it23:53
MonkeyDustreisio  no problems with it, is what i mean23:53
k1l_SuperLag: GB vs GiB?23:53
reisioMonkeyDust: so you like btrfs because it's an FS23:54
reisiothat's not exactly useful as a comparison to ext423:54
reisiojust sayin' :p23:54
cpi was just saying a way you can get php 5.6 on ubuntu 16.0423:54
reisiocp: probably, but not any way worth pursuing23:54
reisiodon't use old php23:54
reisioand while you're at it, don't use php23:54
reisioyou'll be happier23:54
MonkeyDustreisio  i was curious and started using it23:54
wedgievery realistic advice.23:54
nacccp: an unofficial way, unsupported here.23:55
reisiowedgie: so true23:55
cpi get you now23:55
* wedgie is in the process of transitioning from 5.6 to 7.023:55
cpwhy did ubuntu stop support of php 5 anyways?23:56
wedgiefunnily enough, in debian they *only* have 5.6. Have to go to 3rd party repos to get 7.023:56
naccwedgie: not true23:56
wedgiecp: probably because PHP stopped supporting php5.623:56
SuperLagreisio: http://pastebin.com/EVuLUKa123:56
naccwedgie: php7 is in debian testing and unstable and is the basis for ubuntu's version23:56
wedgienacc: using stretch doesn't count.23:56
nacccp: because we'd need to do the transition at some point, and at the time, php had not yet extended the support timeline for php523:57
reisioSuperLag: ubuntu--vg-root?23:57

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