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studio-user547Hi everyone! My software center opens but does not load images.. What can I do?22:22
OvenWerksI do not know how to fix software, I would suggest synaptic (though old and has no images at all) seems to work better.22:25
OvenWerksyou can get it with sudo apt install synaptic22:25
OvenWerksMy experience with software is that it is really slow. All images have to be loaded from off site22:26
studio-user547I'll try it out22:27
studio-user547It was slow at best since updating to 16.0422:28
OvenWerkssoftware in 1604 is totally different from USC in prior versions so far as I know22:29
studio-user547i just did sudo apt-get install synaptic... runing22:30
studio-user547i'll try it out.. thanks22:36

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