flocculantbluesabre: thought I'd best remind you of that parole/some mkv files issue06:19
flocculanttried to install parole from daily ppa and got some dependency issue with gstreamer1.0-clutter 06:22
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a1fahello - i hit a strange resume bug with xfce in xubuntu 17.04 not wanting to unlock after resuming19:31
a1faanyone else hit that?19:31
flocculanta1fa: only seen resume after lock issues when I've locked accidentally and quickly tried resuming19:33
flocculantwith nvidia19:33
flocculantbest thing you can do is report it ubuntu-bug light-locker then you can report that bug number in here19:34
a1fathis is a laptop with intel gpu - i waited 10 min between resumes19:34
flocculantpeople able to test will try and confirm that 19:34
a1fashould i do launchpad bug report?19:34
flocculantdidn't see it when I was using intel on the desktop - but laptop/desktop issues often vary 19:35
flocculanta1fa: use ubuntu-bug and it will grab all the things it needs from your system19:35
a1falet me try again19:35
a1fabtw - liking the new defaults in 17.0419:36
flocculanta1fa: also the xubuntu-devel mailing list is a good place to catch people using dev version19:36
a1faflocculant: how long should i wait before resume? 30s?19:37
a1fa< 19:37
flocculantwhen I've managed to fail it - it was less than the time it takes to enter a password - so 30s should be fine :)19:37
a1faok. 50s.. i get "This session is locked" 19:38
a1faso i get prompted for password, i unlock it, it goes to black screen with "This session is locked"19:38
flocculantwe saw that before cycle or so back19:38
flocculantnot tried lately - might be back in a bit too long ...19:39
a1faso far the workaround is to restart lightdm19:39
a1fashould i open a bug for light-locker?19:41
flocculantyou can or I can now I've had a go ...19:42
flocculantI'll dig out the old bug19:42
* flocculant checks one of the previous symptoms19:44
a1fawere you able to replicate it?19:45
flocculantyup 19:45
flocculantand the old symptom19:45
flocculanta1fa: thanks for bringing it up :)19:46
a1fano problem - glad it will get some attention19:47
a1fai'm also testing btrfs on root on this machine19:48
a1faits a laptop with dual msata disks19:48
flocculantbluesabre: so we appear to have lock issues again - very similar to bug 162230319:49
ubottubug 1622303 in xfce4-session (Ubuntu) "Fails to unlock/ resumes to black screen" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/162230319:49
flocculantwhich last time was down to pitti change to x-d-s - but guessing not that as we've got same package still19:49
flocculantI'm seeing slightly different than last time - lock with music playing, unlock and momentarily can hear music - which then stops again - cursor flashing in top right on tty8 as it tries to unlock19:50
flocculantI guess it would be best to report anew for this cycle? 19:51
flocculantand \o/ for it not being the middle of April ;)19:51
a1fawant me to report it?19:53
flocculanta1fa: probably - but also maybe not as we have the bug linked just above from the 16.10 cycle19:54
flocculanta1fa: would be useful to know if you saw it in 16.10?19:54
a1fai did19:55
a1fabut it unlocked after 2nd time19:55
flocculantoh really 19:55
* flocculant will try tomorrow at booting with intel driver and checking that too19:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1656399 in light-locker (Ubuntu) "Unable to unlock Xubuntu XFCE session after suspend." [Undecided,New]19:56
flocculanta1fa: you didn't run ubuntu-bug from a terminal? just manually reported it? 19:56
a1famanually :X19:57
a1fadont have the interwebs on that laptop19:58
flocculantright 19:58
a1facan i run it into a file, and attach it?19:58
flocculantyea - trying to remember how :)19:58
a1fahere i got interwebs up now20:00
a1falets see20:00
flocculanta1fa: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing_bugs_when_offline_or_using_a_headless_setup20:01
a1faok i think i associated the report20:03
flocculanta1fa: thanks :)20:09
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a1faflocculant: i got some more news.. same behaviour after idle screen21:31
flocculanta1fa: pretty sure that's the same light-locker21:42
a1fayeah and if you click lock, same thing happens -_X21:55
flocculantbluesabre: luckily I can confirm all this lock issue on a vm so no need to install to see it22:09
flocculantwell - when I say luckily I have tongue in cheek - what would be really lucky would be a cycle without light-locker coming up again22:10
flocculant(unless it's lightdm ofc)22:10
flocculantalso - pretty sure I wasn't seeing this for the whole cycle - at some point in the last couple of months I've suspended and it's been ok22:12

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