rayzwho can help me?00:26
krytarikrayz: Ask the real question and find out.00:28
rayzI found the Korganizer is not work properly00:28
rayztelling me that some "akonandi" thing doesnt work00:28
rayzhow can I fix it00:29
rayzbtw i am using kubuntu 16.1000:29
efloidi have pointer set to open with single click.  so how to select without opening?01:20
efloidkrytarik: that works but then I have to close the menu01:26
Fanfareefloid: or click and drag01:30
efloidFanfare: no because i need to click on the first item of a range01:31
krytarikefloid: Doesn't it select on mouseover anyway?01:33
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efloidlooking for an image viewer that shows exif data layover with hotkey04:19
efloidusually something like "I" shows a little overlay with exif info04:19
efloidor else wondering if dolphin has a way to show the exif date below the file name in icon view with preview04:20
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lethuefloid, gwenview has exif tab05:38
lethuefloid, you just have to customize it05:38
efloidlethu: yes tab only.  no overlay05:38
lethuah yeah05:38
efloidlethu: but you're right it's about the best there is.  on windows i like fastone image viewer05:39
lethuefloid, don't know this one05:39
efloidlethu: i see that winetricks has an install option for irfanview so maybe will try it05:40
lethuefloid, good luck05:40
efloidi really like it for kindle and a couple other apps05:42
efloidit installed but some issue with dolphin not passing the image to irfanview05:45
efloidhehe, googling for "dolphin open wine" does not give me close to what I want :-/05:46
efloid%f is only the filename.  is there an alias for the full path, maybe %F or something?06:03
viewer|99979Hi, how long does it take kubuntu 16.04 to be as stable as 14.04 LTS? Right now I am having troubles with plasmashell memory leakage (lenovo tower pc), x not starting with kde, therefore having to move to xfce (thinkpad t530) and so on. Any hint? Thank you guys06:05
diogenes_viewer|99979, the problem is not software but hardware06:07
viewer|99979Hi diogenes_, is there more standardized hardware then lenovo?06:08
Roeyhi all06:08
DarinMillerviewer|99979: Have you installed the backports ppa?06:08
Roeyhey I changed /etc/resolv.conf and added OpenDNS servers...but it doesn't appear to take...what gives?06:08
diogenes_viewer|99979, lenovo is the worst of the worst ppl ever created06:09
viewer|99979Hi DarinMiller, I should downgrade to kde 4.13?06:10
DarinMillerRoey: Canonical dynamically creates resolve.conf on boot.  You need to google the files that write the resolv.conf on boot (I don't recall what they are off the top of my head).06:10
RoeyI don't know how to use it06:11
DarinMillerviewer|99979: I recommend sticking with Plasma 5 , but install backports:  https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports06:11
DarinMillerRoey:  just a sec and I will see what I can find.06:11
viewer|99979Hi diogenes_ why and what would you recommend to buy in future? Kubuntu 14.04 LTS did work perfectly on that hardware.06:12
DarinMillerviewer|99979: I have a Lenovo laptop and it works great with kubuntu 16.10 w/ backports ppa.06:12
DarinMillerRoey: Read this page and let me know if you have questions: http://askubuntu.com/questions/130452/how-do-i-add-a-dns-server-via-resolv-conf06:13
RoeyI can't06:13
Roeymy system's name resolution is broken06:14
diogenes_viewer|99979, first of all lenovo has an agreement with microsoft according to which it should pick only less linux compatible hardwsre06:14
Roeythis is after I upgraded from 16.04 -> 16.1006:14
RoeyI swear something messes up every time I upgrade06:14
Roeynever ever ever smooth for me.06:14
DarinMillerRoey:  what is in your /etc/resolv.conf file now?06:15
Roey<BytesAndCoffee> I'd think boob gloop sounds better06:15
Roeywrong channel06:15
Roeysearch verizon.net06:15
Roey^ that06:15
dax(bot got mad about too many lines in a row, i think)06:16
DarinMillerRoey: Ok, that should be fine. IRC chat is able to able to connect but urls fail to resolve?06:16
RoeyI mean they timeout and then resolve06:17
Roeybut...for some reason in hte past half an hour they stopped resolving completely06:17
DarinMillerRoey: try removing/deleting your current entires from Network Manager and setting up fresh connections.06:17
viewer|99979Hi diogenes, which agreement are you referring to? Any background data on that? Does it target Thinkcentres and thinkpad 3 years of age? What would you recommend to buy in future?06:18
RoeyDarinMiller: ok06:18
viewer|99979Hi DarinMiller, I will give backports a shot on my t530 first06:18
DarinMillerviewer|99979: Ok, let me know if you need assistance.06:19
RoeyDarinMiller: which entries?06:19
DarinMillerRoey: Are you connected via wireless or wired at the moment?06:20
RoeyDarinMiller: wired06:23
RoeyDarinMiller: I have a router06:23
Roeyit pushes the DNS to this box06:23
RoeyDarinMiller: the logical thing would be to log into the router and see what it is pushing06:23
Roeyit gets it automatically from Verizon06:23
Roey(the DNS server)06:23
Roeyand it in turns pushes it to the box06:23
DarinMillerRoey: Have you changed any of the DNS routing options in your nm configuration?06:24
RoeyDarinMiller: not to my knowledge06:24
DarinMillerOK, then don't delete anything.06:24
diogenes_viewer|99979, you coul read this about lenovo but this is only one issue I have always had major issues with every single lenovo http://www.zdnet.com/article/lenovo-reportedly-blocking-linux-on-windows-10-signature-edition-pcs/06:24
DarinMillerRoey: lspci -k06:24
DarinMillerRoey: nevermind, that does not list the ethernet controller.  type ifconfig instead and find the name of your network connection.06:27
DarinMillerRoey:  it should be something that starts with "e"06:27
RoeyDarinMiller: ^06:29
DarinMillertype:  ethtool eth306:29
DarinMillerand pastebinit here...06:29
DarinMilleralso pastebin the contents of your ifconfig output06:30
RoeyI can't resolve pastebin06:30
Roeyget it?06:30
Roeyit's all messed up.06:30
viewer|99979Hi DarinMiller, if moving to backports helps, thank you. But do you agree, that this step should not be necessary with a LTS-version? If I look back 14.04 was a lot more stable, am I wrong?06:31
RoeyDarinMiller: oh06:31
RoeyDarinMiller: so here:06:31
Roeyturns out I can resolv, it just has to time out first06:31
valorieviewer|99979: there are bugs in every piece of software ever written06:32
DarinMillerRoey: ethtool ethe | pastebinit06:32
valoriebackports and updates gets you those bugfixes06:32
RoeyDarinMiller: I don't have pastebinit06:32
DarinMillerviewer|99979:  It's a long complicated story that has to do with forced schedules and Plasma 5 in a state of transition when 16.04 was released.06:33
DarinMillerRoey: Your network connection looks good, no error in the ifconfig section..06:34
viewer|99979Hi valorie, I agree that software always has flaws. I also agree that updates fix the. But backports should not be necessary with a LTS-Version. I am just stating that 14.04 was more stable then 16.04. I wonder what I can do, to improve that. I also wonder what the reason for regression in quality and unit tests could have been.06:36
DarinMillerviewer|99979: The kubuntu dev team has shrunk dramatically and is missing people that have full package commit capability.  Also, Canonical has restriction on what can be upgraded in the repos. Thus, the backports PPA to the rescue.06:36
RoeyDarinMiller: ok06:37
DarinMillerRoey: can you ping goole.com from the terminal?06:37
RoeyDarinMiller: no, it just hangs there06:38
DarinMillerRoey:  Everything was working fine before you upgraded to 16.10?06:38
Roeythere was one question it asked me during hte upgrade process06:38
Roeywhether or not to update some config file06:38
RoeyI said 'n' to keep it the way it is06:39
himcesjfKilling which process would reset cursor? My cursor is stuck06:39
DarinMillerRoey: What is in your /etc/network/interfaces file?  (cat /etc/network/interfaces)06:40
Roeyauto lo06:40
Roeyiface lo inet loopback06:40
DarinMillerhimcesjf: Try unplugging/replugging your mouse...06:41
himcesjfDarinMiller: I am on a laptop06:41
viewer|99979Hi DarinMiller, was there a reason for the shrinkage? I've read that Canonical removed KDE from beeing a standard desktop. Former Windows Users KDE has always seem to prefer KDE. And it was always better then Unity or GNOME, more complete then XFCE and LXE of course as well. What could be done to get KDE back up?06:42
DarinMillerRoey: your /etc/network/interfaces file matches mine.06:42
valorieviewer|99979: that's not quite correct -- KDE was  ever the standard desktop06:43
valorieand Kubuntu has the same support that we've always gotten from Ubuntu06:43
Roeyvalorie: Amy WInehouse has this wonderful song entitled "Valorie", I love it06:43
valoriehi Roey06:43
valorieshe spelled it Valerie06:43
valoriebut it is a great song anyway!06:43
RoeyI've been listening to it in the car over hte past few days06:43
Roeyit has such a motown beat to it06:43
valorieamy winehouse <306:44
Roeyis it a cover or an oriignal?06:44
Roeyahhh taht's right we've spoken abotu this before :)06:44
valorieshe wrote it I believe06:44
Roeywhat talent!06:44
valorieshe was06:44
valorieanother terrible loss06:44
Roeyand she was only 27!!06:44
valorieviewer|99979: we're doing the best we can without our former lead devels06:44
RoeyI'm going to bed06:45
Roeygood night all :)06:45
valorieand new devels are learning and getting better and more connected all the time06:45
RoeyDarinMiller: and thanks for your help06:45
valoriebut that was a lot of years of experience we lost06:45
valorieRoey: gn06:45
himcesjfDarinMiller: Any other suggestions?06:45
DarinMillerRoey: good night.  Sorry we didn't solve you nw issue.  Catch me again tomorrow.06:46
viewer|99979Hi Valorie, if I remember Versions from dapper drake 6.06 LTS on, you could always choose while installing if kde or gnome, later unity should be installed06:46
valorieah, that's a difference in the installer06:46
valorieonce Unity hit, it's been 100% Unity06:46
DarinMillerhimcesjf: Which version of kubuntu?06:46
himcesjfDarinMiller: 16.1006:48
viewer|99979Hi Valorie, please don't think I am bashing you or any other developer. Thank you so much for your work. I am just trying to find out what could be done to help or change to get KDE as stable as Kubuntu 14.04.06:48
DarinMillerhimcesjf: are you able to launch a terminal via krunner? (Alt-<spacebar> , then type konsole)06:49
valorieI think we are there -- I'm running 17.04, and it has been super-stable06:50
himcesjfDarinMiller: yep06:50
DarinMillerhimcesjf: try restart plasmashell:  killall plasmashell && plasmashell &06:50
DarinMillerRoey:  try sudo iptables -F06:51
himcesjfDarinMiller: kquitapp5 plasmashell works for me06:52
DarinMillerhimcesjf: that works too :)06:52
himcesjfDarinMiller: I mean, done that, no helkp06:52
DarinMillerhimcesjf: are you running wayland or x?06:52
himcesjfI think it's related to synaptics or such06:53
DarinMillerHmpfCBR: did you install the synaptics package or any other touchpad package?06:54
RoeyDarinMiller: to flush the iptables?06:54
DarinMillerRoey: yes06:54
viewer|99979Hi Valorie, everyone is talking about backports and the newest versions. But people who would like to work with ubuntu like to use LTS-Versions. The want to have a stable system for at least two years. Users get messages that a new Version is out there and even if you wait until 16.04.01 LTS, the system is still not running smoothly on standard har06:56
viewer|99979dware. Either you have a rolling distribution or you have LTS-Versions. The later ones should be very stable, right?06:56
valoriethey have been very stable for me06:57
valoriehowever, I don't see updating every 6 months as "rolling"06:58
valorieI used to run gentoo -- *that* is rolling06:58
valorieor now there is arch06:58
viewer|99979in an office where people want to get their work done and don't like IT to change, LTS is the only way. 6 month is for private use in school and university with loads of time ok, but with family, work, sports and a normal life a stable version is a conditio qua non.07:02
valoriesure, that is the reason for LTS07:03
DarinMillerviewer|99979: with the transition to Plasma 5, many instabilities were introduced.  By adding the backports PPA, you will gain the benefits of package updates with stability fixes that the developers are not allowed to add to the 16.04 repos.  So technically, Kubuntu 16.04 is not the most stable as one would expect for an LTS release.07:05
viewer|99979So back to the question, what could be done to get Kubuntu 16.04 LTS as stable as 14.04? What was different then, who should be written to. How much money/ how many developers are needed? Which developers should be persuaded?07:05
valoriewe need more developers, more testers07:06
valoriewhat was different then: we had seasoned veterans in charge, who could upload when needed, knew everyone in charge to get wheels greased, etc.07:07
valoriewe're learning and developing as I said before07:07
valoriethere is no magic wand to wave07:07
valoriealso: we used to have one and then two paid devels07:08
valorienow we have none07:08
viewer|99979Hi DarinMiller, thank you for agreeing with me. Hi valorie, thank you for reply. Could you give me numbers? Is it possible to get those seasoned veterans back? How much would these paid devels cost? Do you have anyone in mind? How could the community be approached? Is it possibly to ask for money like wikipedia does every year? Any other aproach th07:11
valorieour former core devels are now in their own new project, neon07:14
valoriedevelopers are expensive; I can't see us raising enough money to self-fund one07:15
viewer|99979Loads of errors. I am sorry for my orthography07:23
viewer|99979 valorie, developers differ in wages from country to country. Which salary do you have in mind? Which salary would attract the right developers to stay for quite some time. Which companies use KDE professionally? I have not been approached yet. What kind of fund raising is beeing done. What is thinkable? Is a nag screen like wikipedia thinkable?07:23
valorieI think you are beating a dead horse with that line of thinking, viewer|9997907:27
valoriewe're doing the best we can, and those who want to help will start to help07:27
valoriewikipedia has millions of page views daily07:28
valorieour website has probably not gotten a million page views YET07:28
valoriemany companies use KDE software07:29
viewer|99979Valorie, I am not a developer. Every bug I find I write about. I don't want to beat. I would like to help, so I am asking, how. Please don't be offended. On the contrary I would like to motivate people like me to pay something.07:30
valoriewe have a link to contribute -- both time and money07:31
valorieand we appreciate both07:31
valoriemoney is useful to send devels to meetings and so forth07:31
valorieI"m not offended, just doing other stuff atm07:31
viewer|99979valorie, on every open source meeting/conference, I do see KDE. Meetings and conferences are important. To spend money passively seems problematic to me. Instead I would like to know how much money is needed, who would be the right developer and perhaps install a system where bug fixing is lead by people who pay for it. And to think, that people lo07:38
viewer|99979ok at the homepage is a littly far fetch since wikipedia is a website and kde is a GUI. So fund raising should be done where people use it. In the GUI, am I wrong?07:38
sintreviewer> then stick around spend time and get to know people working on the different projects?07:40
sintrei understand the not giving money blindly to a paypal donation button07:41
sintreso if you want to use some $ to help out spend some time first , get to know some people then you;'ll have a better idea of where to put your $07:41
valorieI would be lovely if groups or companies hired developers to work on kubuntu07:43
valoriethat has been true in the past, but we didn't make that happen07:43
valorieand when those paid people left for other projects, we lost out07:44
viewer|99979interesting chat, but I need to go and after that the chat content will be lost. How could we keep in touch as we seem to have a common goal. Back to a yearly salary. Is there a rough amount?07:46
sintrethis chat room isn't going anywhere07:46
sintreso come back and chat07:46
valorieviewer|99979: this channel is logged07:47
valoriehmmm, link isn't in the topic07:47
viewer|99979surely on the server, but not on my side07:47
valoriecore ubuntu channels are all logged07:47
viewer|99979Thank you all. It was informative, but still too vague to invest my time/money in exchange for influence. I still don't know who i should talk too, which developer should be paid what. So I leave a little frustrated and I am not sure i I'll come back to help. I might come back to get support. But this communication channel does not seem to be aimed07:58
viewer|99979 to gain supporters. Anyway thank you for your help. I will try to get along with KDE even if Kubuntu 16.04 failed to meet my expectations and even though I yet didn't find a suitable way to invest myself. All the best for 2017. W/ kind regards, I need to go07:58
sintreok i will not respond to what you said the way i would normally07:59
sintreso go away and have fun08:00
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viewer|99979sintre, again I didn't want to offend anyone. I found out two developers should be funded. I did not find out who and how much though. I guess the NEON project people need to be contacted. Please keep up the good work. I am still willing to invest, but I don't know how yet. But I'd rather have invested some money then spend too much time on bug fix08:17
viewer|99979ing. My question for better hardware then lenovo was not replied to. And again Kubuntu 14.04 was perfect for me and 16.04 is not yet, but could be, hopefully in the nearer future. And perhaps a dumb paypal button in the gui would be good too. In Germany people like to spend money at the end of the year for legal persons who can stamp or sign donati08:17
viewer|99979on certificates for tax reduction.08:17
valoriesure, KDE got a good end of year fundraiser08:18
valorieKDE has an e.V. that can do that08:19
viewer|99979But is the problem Kubuntu 16.04 LTS or KDE? Who needs the funds?08:20
viewer|56036DarinMiller, thank you for https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports. Now my keyboard doesn't work if I use PLASMA at start up. In Xubuntu my keyboard works fine.08:33
VulcanJedimy firefox icon is missing, i added a shortcut to my panel, but if I right click and select "Icon settings" it opens a window for "Keyboard shortcuts"09:18
VulcanJediadditionally, when i attempt to add an online account to instant messaging in the tray, all I get is this popup "Could not load generic-oauth plugin, please check your installation"09:21
sintreare you fully updated?09:23
sintrei;m about to pass out aka go to sleep almost 4:30 a here09:24
sintreneed version you're using as well09:25
sintreof kubuntu09:26
VulcanJedi16.04, i should be updated09:26
sintreusing back ports ?09:26
sintreor regular09:26
VulcanJedii'm assuming regular since i don't know what back ports means09:26
sintreok lets get to terminal and start09:27
sintretype sudo apt update09:27
VulcanJedigot one open09:27
sintrethen sudo apt full-upgrade09:27
sintreif nothing there we can use back ports09:27
VulcanJedinothing to update09:27
sintreok then09:28
sintre sudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports09:28
sintreafter this repeat09:28
sintrethis is gonna take awhile09:29
sintredepending on your hardware and/or connection speed09:29
VulcanJedi138meg, shouldn't be too bad09:29
ubottuIf new updated packages are built for an application, they may go into Kubuntu Backports, which is one of the official Kubuntu PPAs. See https://community.kde.org/Kubuntu/PPAs for more information.09:29
VulcanJedithx, boy that bot is handy09:30
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone09:31
acheronukindeed :)09:31
sintre!bot seX0r09:32
sintreok my late night command didnt work again09:32
VulcanJedinot that kind of bot, i'd presume09:32
sintreyea she'll warm up eventually :)09:33
VulcanJedishould i install -f for dependencies after? (i think that's what that does)09:33
sintrelet it do it thing09:33
acheronuk!bothelp | sintre09:33
ubottusintre: For ubottu usage instructions see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots | For help with ubottu plugins for supybot, please ask in #ubuntu-bots09:33
VulcanJedigood form, sir09:34
* acheronuk must not tease the sleep deprived people really09:34
VulcanJedinot a thing...09:34
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama09:35
acheronuklink possibly not overly helpful for newer KDE desktops ^^^09:35
VulcanJediwhile i'm here, do you guys know any tips/tricks/apps/plugins for using dual monitors in plasma?09:36
sintreunder heavy development atm09:36
VulcanJediyeah, it's a stup at best and references XFree8609:36
sintrei have issues myself with my newer laptop09:36
sintregtting clone to work is impossible atm09:36
acheronukusually use the newest plasma version you can, as multimonitor support is changing and improving fast09:37
sintrebut if you have hdmi sound issues easy fix for most , get into sound  settings09:37
sintrethen start picking the profiles one by one09:37
sintreone should work09:37
VulcanJedii had fun finding a way to get my line input "listen" turned on09:39
VulcanJediubuntu's sound settings are rather limited09:39
sintrei get like 9 with my new i3 budget notebook09:39
sintredrove me crazy trying to get it to work09:40
sintrebut can manually make it which is atleast good09:40
sintrebut big hdmi tv  vs notebook screen one will want to mimick the other09:40
sintrein unifiy mode instead of allowing each to use native09:41
sintreso make either big screen feakin ugly and blurry09:41
VulcanJedii'm still running a core2 quad desktop, and haven't bothered getting a mini hdmi hookup, just use the dvi09:41
sintreor notebook trying to make a huge 3 times it ssize image09:41
VulcanJedimy 2nd monitor is a 1280x1024 lcd, i ran through so much bad info trying to get the right resolution added to the settings dropdown09:42
VulcanJedii blame nvidia09:42
sintreyou might have better luck , than me then , have an older laptop gonna try old bga hook up to smaller tv and see what that works out to be , in  a week or so09:42
VulcanJediyeah, you might crash by the time this is done installing09:43
sintrewell kde duel monitor is a problem regardless09:43
sintrethis lappy my main is my older and a nvidia09:43
sintreolder gms 36009:43
sintrenewer one is intel 5500 integrated09:43
sintreproblems both ways so far09:43
sintrewe'll see , lots of help09:44
sintrejust gotta catch the time zones lol09:44
sintrethis is kinda  lul period here09:44
VulcanJediall i want to see is the ability to have each window show its own windows in its own panel09:45
sintreprobally not safe to drink and give dvice at this point lol09:45
sintrebut atleast you'll be updated :)09:46
VulcanJedior at the very least, option to extend panel across both desktops09:46
VulcanJedidepends what you're drinking09:46
VulcanJediso. . . instant messaging isn't fully supported yet?09:46
VulcanJediat least, via tray09:46
sintrethats true but i've been up sinse 7 am yesterday09:47
VulcanJedii have fewer and fewer 24 hour all-nighters left in me, i dunno bout you09:47
sintre33 here09:47
sintrei'm ewwith you but habbits die hard09:48
VulcanJedisame and same09:48
VulcanJediwell, a few months away from 33 yet, but i'm looking ahead09:48
VulcanJedii'm going back to doctor who and finishing up with kubuntu later09:50
sintrealright man , good to meet you09:51
sintregonna hit the sack09:51
VulcanJedicatch you on the flipside09:51
sintrec ya :)09:51
lordievaderGood morning09:55
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot. You can search my brain at https://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | General info and channels at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots | Make a clone of me, see !botclone11:05
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ubottuempathy is the default instant messaging and video client for GNOME. Since Karmic, it has been the default client in Ubuntu, replacing !pidgin12:40
VulcanJedion the off chance anyone's in here right now... when i click to add my facebook to Online Accounts, an error pops up. "Could not load generic-oauth plugin, please check your installation" I've done a few searches and can't figure how to check my installation (other than adding backports, and doing the whole upgrade and update process via apt) and haven't found anything helpful regarding the plugin...12:48
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KurousagiMK2apt search libaccount-plugin-generic-oauth12:56
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VulcanJedii long for the day i would think of that. i used apt search earlier.12:57
VulcanJediit is installed12:58
VulcanJediwould i use checkinstall on it?12:58
BluesKajHi folks13:21
TBotNikAll: Having MySQL issue. Write up at: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5654815#post5654815 . Need to fix, so can continue my development.  All help appreciated!13:56
BluesKajTBotNik, don'think this the place for your question14:00
BluesKajdon't think this is the place , rather14:01
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IrcsomeBot1Johannes P. was added by: Johannes P.15:36
IrcsomeBot1<Johannes P.> Hi, my laptops keyboard doesn't work with kubuntu 16.04.01. It does though in bios, grub and other GUIs. Any idea? Thank you for reading this and your input. wkr JP15:39
francishHi IrcsomeBot1, do you get a console with  Ctrl-Alt-F1 ?16:05
IrcsomeBot1<Johannes P.> If you were addressing me. No Ctrl Alt F1 doesn't get me anywhere since in KDE keyboard seems to be dead16:17
krytarikSo it does work in other desktop environments on the same install?16:19
IrcsomeBot1<Johannes P.> Yes,  exactly16:43
krytarikIs this a fresh install?  Did it ever work there?  Tried if it's the same in the Guest session?16:51
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IrcsomeBot1<Johannes P.> It's an upgrade from 14.0417:53
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krytarikMight be related to this: "Warning: 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS upgrade is currently problematic and should not be attempted by the average user. Please install a fresh copy of 16.04.1 instead." - http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kubuntu-16-04-lts-release-anouncement/   How about the Guest session though?18:08
krytarik@Johannes P.: Does this notify you, btw?  (Due to the space.)18:12
zxcvbnmhey dont know if this is the right place, but i had a doubt about integrating my nextcloud account in kubuntu, because the online accounts app in the system settings states it supports owncloud, but it dosent even shows the owncloud option19:44
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alphazuluwhen i do a search in Application Launcher I see a ton of http links that look like my web history or something.  how to disable it?22:36
alphazului already turned off everything in Plasma search options22:36
alphazuluonly item I have selected is Applications22:37
alphazulualso clicked Clear History multiple times22:42
various_accountsThe application launcher on the start button?22:43
various_accountsor the application launcher that appears at the top of the screen?22:43
alphazulustart button22:43
alphazuluvarious_accounts: oh i just saw!  Application Launcher settings has toggle for "expand search to bookmarks, files..."22:44
alphazuluahh relief!22:45
various_accountsalphazulu: :)22:45
various_accountshello greyteam22:45
alphazuluvarious_accounts: so what is the Plasma search then?  The one that is at the top of screen?22:45
greyteamDo you know how to search channels by keyword on IRC?22:46
alphazulugreyteam: channel names or channel contents?22:46
greyteamand contents22:46
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"22:47
alphazulugreyteam: well for names, if you use HexChat there's a search under menu -> Server -> List of Channels22:47
valorieyou can do names and/or contents22:47
valoriedoing /list on freenode is discouraged22:48
valoriethat's why they created alis22:48
various_accountsalphazulu: I can't remember the name anymore, sorry. I'm not on kubuntu16. downgraded to kubuntu1422:48
greyteamyou people can see it too?22:48
valoriewhat people can see what?22:48
greyteamthe list using alis command22:49
valorieyou can always do it in your server tab22:49
valorieoften a good idea for direct IRC commands anyway22:49
greyteamthank you..22:49
various_accountsah alphazulu it's `krunner`22:50
various_accountsonce it pops up you can configure it too22:50
various_accountsalso possible to do so in the system settings22:51
various_accounts(I mean configure the keyboard short in the system settings)22:51
alphazuluvarious_accounts: i don't even think it's running on my system22:51
alphazulujust use the Application Launcher22:51
various_accountsafaik they didn't remove it in kubuntu1622:52
alphazului probably disabled it or something.22:53
alphazuludon't really use any desktop widgets22:53
various_accountsit's in the `kde-workspace-bin` package22:54
various_accountsanyway, you solved your problem, so it's not important :)22:54
alphazului like pressing the win key and then just typing.  very convenient.22:55
alphazuluwith newer kubuntu win key activates Application Launcher by default.  on your version you could install ksuperkey.  there's a PPA for it.22:56
alphazuluthen you just configure it to autostart22:56
various_accountsatm, I hit win+space for the application launcher22:58
various_accountsand have a bunch of other shortcuts with win+...22:58
various_accountsin ubuntu mapping the win key alone toe something messed everything up, hence the switch22:59
various_accountsit's all good, cheers22:59
alphazulusmart idea.  i should do that also for some routine activities22:59
alphazuluif i type win + f + i + enter i get firefox.  i guess win + f would be better23:00

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