cimbakahnI have /usr/share/games/goollie  not /usr/share/games/goollie/GoOllie00:01
cimbakahnInside /usr/share/games/goollie   i only have 2 folders extraResources &res00:02
cimbakahnDo i really need to install the 2nd deb?  The 32bit one?00:03
krytarikWell, you need the main package, and the -data one.00:04
cimbakahnOk.  I will try to install the other one.00:05
cimbakahnThis is my results ----> http://imgur.com/a/yo2EH00:07
KingsQuestis it possible to netinstall lubuntu?02:14
zeroraxyou can do a minimal ubuntu installation and install the lubuntu packages from the ubuntu repository02:18
zeroraxI think the package you want to install is lubuntu-desktop02:19
zeroraxyeah, do the ubuntu minimal install, and then from the shell 'sudo apt-get install lubunut-desktop'02:22
zeroraxit will install a LOT of packages02:22
zeroraxyou will have to manually connect to a network once you've installed the minimal install, grab it from ubuntu.org02:23
krytarikJust select "Lubuntu Desktop" during installation.02:31
onlai'm having trouble with my wlan adapters. This is maybe more linux question than lubuntu. So I have PCI card that it loads and is default but which sucks. Then I have one wlan adapter on usb slot. Now when I boot the lubuntu, the ifconfig only shows the pci at wlan0 and nothing else. Then I have to remove and re-insert the usb wlan card and wlan1 appears on ifconfig. Furthermore, if I get it to appear like09:32
onlathat, I tried to modify /etc/network/interfaces to show auto wlan1 but still wlan0 would connect also09:32
onlaok I got the wlan1 appear on boot by adding its module to /etc/modules .. now I try to disable the wlan0 on boot, but when I have added its module to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist that device still appears to ifconfig09:46
onlawow, there was a blacklist.conf file instead, and now it works09:50
onlafollow up question: so I have connected to my wifi network from the GUI tools on lubuntu earlier. Now I am booting awesome wm and the wlan adapter is connecting automatically to the network. In what files is this behvaiour configured exactly?09:53
onlaoh there are NetworkManager processes running. I wonder if I could somehow clean up some extra apps that do stuff that could be done in simpler way. Now that I use awesome wm, what would happen if I remove purge the whole lxde09:55
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