xeviouscyphermox: I just successfully got ubuntu-base to boot. Slowly slimming it down.01:46
cyphermoxif you're on ubuntu-base you probably don't want to slim it down all that much more; that should already be pretty minimal.01:47
cyphermoxalso, if you're at doing this, perhaps the "easiest" might be to make your own seed and metapackage, ship it in a PPA to build things, but then adding the PPA to live-build is a little tricky01:48
xeviousThat's roughly what I'm doing but without the seed and with an internal package server as opposed to a PPA.01:49
xeviousThere's currently one main package that I can preseed debconf to configure, which has all of its dependencies set. It should work to just add it on top of ubuntu-base.01:53
xeviousThat'll be for tomorrow, though.01:53
xeviousI appreciate all your help today.01:54
xeviousWhy is Ubuntu's live-build so far behind Debian's?23:03
xeviousFor example, I could really use this commit ... from 2012. https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debian-live/live-build.git/commit/?id=a70409e1f23b0158785083d977db2e93ed1da4c023:04

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