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ldphotodoes anyone have experience with dye sub printers?03:35
HoppingMadManWhat brand?03:38
ldphoto_join/ help04:00
ldphoto_join\ help04:00
ldphoto_\join help04:00
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dukenshireGAVIN BAUER11:00
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ubuntu-mateubuntu1604 "boot" nach aktualisierung kaputt18:53
ubuntu-mategerman chat?19:00
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Guest78253first I want to say HELLO!!,Hope You are all good!! In a short Time I want to come with a nickname...I have a problem with my Printer HP Officejet G 55, is there anybody who whants to share it with me?21:47
elkyGuest78253: if you state what the problem is (rather than just saying you have one), people will answer if they know the solution23:02
Guest78253Ah, thank you!! The Printer dont works, the scanner is O.K.but when I want to print a document, nothing goes on.. for me it is a driver- problem..23:08

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