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lordievaderGood morning09:55
FMan107 packages can be updated...12:00
NonatoGood afternoon I am with AD (AD) user authentication problem in the stations, the ubuntu in the station only let anything install with local admin users, could someone help me? I want ubuntu to allow AD admin users to also manage.14:13
ironhalikhello - got a question :) found two files with 777 permissions in my /boot dir14:59
ironhalikkinda looks like an infection, but Im wondering how would they be executed at boot14:59
ironhalikand if removing them will break my boot process :)15:00
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tomreynironhalik: upload them to virustotal19:52
tomreynand search the web for their md5sums + sha1sums + sha256sum + sha512sums19:53
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ice9i have postfix and rsyslog, I'm getting "failed  to write to log file" in both syslog and mail.log, all mails are queued and not deliverd.23:33
ikoniaice9: so you need to look at what it's trying to write to23:46
ikoniaI suspect it's the actual postfix log, rather than the syslog or mail log23:46
ikoniaice9: the syslog and mail log will show you why it can't spool the queue though23:46
ice9ikonia, this all what i'm getting in rsyslog and mail.log "(temporary failure. Command output: Failed to write to log file)"23:47
ice9when i try to flush the queue, i get the same erros, so messages are not delivered23:47
ikoniaice9: what does the postfix log say23:47
ice9ikonia, exactly the same while trying to deliver a message23:48
ikoniaice9: which file are you looking at23:49
ice9mail postfix/local[25776]: 5D45320316: to=<email-addres>, orig_to=<user>, relay=local, delay=84472, delays=84465/7/0/0.02, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (temporary failure. Command output: Failed to write to log file)23:49
ikoniaice9: you need to look postfix log23:49
ice9ikonia, sorry, where is that??23:49
ice9ikonia, i dont' have any logs there for postfix, only mail.log, mail.eer23:50
ikoniaice9: ok, in the postfix config what is the defined log files23:50
ice9ikonia, in master.cnf: syslog_name=postfix/submission23:51
ikoniaso thats the syslog config (sorry, I've not got an ubuntu box infront of me to tell you)23:51
ikoniaahh so it should be /var/log/maillog23:52
ikoniaor /var/log/mail23:52
ice9ikonia, i only have these files: mail.err  mail.log; also rsyslog is configured to post in those files23:52
ikoniaok, so the postfix user, what is the name of the user running the postfix service23:53
ice9master is ran by root and the rest by 'postfix'23:53
ikoniaso tell me about your setup, is this a standard setup, are you using vlias, or any tools like cpannel etc etc to manage it23:54
ice9ikonia, ubuntu installed postfix via apt and no other tools like cpannel,etc..(none)23:55
ikoniaice9: are you mailing out to mail addresses not held on your server, or are these addresses mail addresses on your server23:56
ice9ikonia, on my server23:56
ikoniawhat is the mail delivery format ?23:57
ikoniaeg: where is it trying to write the mail to23:57
ice9ikonia, to Maildir in user's home23:58
ikoniaice9: can you pastebin your master.cf please23:59

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