floridagram<SivaMachina> Hopefully he hasn't vanished again02:08
floridagram3<KMyers> #+-& I overslept13:36
floridagram3<KMyers> @ahoneybun - I will be on my way in a few minutes13:37
floridagram3<ahoneybun> What that's OK sunday13:37
floridagram3<ahoneybun> *on13:37
floridagram3<KMyers> Lol... That now explains why my alarm did not go off13:38
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Dangit.  I just woke up my kids and then I realized it was tomorrow.13:40
floridagram3<RazPi> I thought it was today too13:48
floridagram3<KMyers> Anyone up for Sushi tonight?13:53
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Denny's and Pokemon tonight13:59
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Is it a problem with Google or MeetUp?14:04
floridagram3<AdamOutler> I never got one of those when the date changed.14:05
floridagram3<AdamOutler> I unRSVPd and then reRSVPd, then I got a message.14:09
floridagram3<AdamOutler> @ahoneybun it might be a good idea to delete the event and then move it manually.14:10
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Rather, force everyone to re-RSVP14:10
floridagram3<AdamOutler> I wonder if those two n3wbs from the comments are there right now.14:11
floridagram3<RazPi> Sushi tomorrow I might be able to kake, I have some work to catch up on today15:23
floridagram3<KMyers> Ok15:24
floridagram3<RazPi> @Ivoriesablaze how far are you from west palm?15:24
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> I live in royal palm, lol, you know this17:57
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> And I can't do anything today, remember? Mom's birthday17:57
floridagram3<KMyers> Oh yeh. That's why it was moved today17:58
floridagram3<govatent> Are we still doing sushi today?18:10
floridagram3<govatent> Or is everything moved?18:10
floridagram3<KMyers> Tomorrow18:10
floridagram3<govatent> Alright.18:24
floridagram3* ahoneybun kidnaps Alan18:24
floridagram3<govatent> I won't be able to make it18:25
floridagram3<KMyers> I got the cloriform18:30
floridagram3<ahoneybun> I'm a bit worried now lol18:31

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