Kilosoh my superfly i didnt even know about it, or forgot about it04:23
Kiloswhen was it04:24
Kilosmorning everyone04:25
sakhiMorning Kilos, morning everyone.04:26
Kiloshi sakhi 04:26
superflyKilos: I thought it was supposed to be the 10th05:34
Kilosoh my for our reverification05:35
superflyKilos: the AZ LoCo is also up for verification, and silently they can't get hold of the LoCo Council 05:35
Kilosi didnt add it to their agenda i think05:35
superfly*apparently 05:36
Kilosi battled as well. they struggling i think since dholbach left05:36
superflyApparently I'm wrong, the AZ LoCo reverification is only in September 06:05
superflyNight all 06:30
Kilossleep tight superfly 06:31
Kiloshi magespawn 06:31
magespawngood night/morning06:31
=== urbanslug is now known as zipper
Kilospower cuts a serious prob here10:15
magespawnthey are a serious problem pretty much every where11:51
nlsthznsup all :)12:00
magespawnhey nlsthzn 13:11
Kiloshi nlsthzn 14:22
Kilosand mage14:22
Kilosoh he gone14:22
nlsthznalo uncle Kilos ... missed the mage15:49
* nlsthzn was dragged to the shops 15:49
smilehi! :D18:04
smilepavlushka: something tells me you're not from Japan18:10
smile;) 18:10
Kiloshi smile 18:46
Kiloslo inetpro 18:47

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