SuperLagreisio: <shrug> that's what LVM does for the root filesystem, by default00:00
reisioSuperLag: what was the command you gave to specify 100G?00:00
derarschhey ist das gut00:00
reisiosmells like germanic00:01
SuperLagreisio: first, I resized the disk to 100G in VMware (while the VM was down)00:02
reisiooh so via some proprietary, binary gui?00:02
reisiono wonder you aren't getting reliable results00:02
SuperLagI was getting to the lvextend part00:02
reisiothat part doesn't matter00:02
reisiothe "100g" is defined by vmware00:03
SuperLaglvextend -R -l +100%FREE <mount>00:03
reisiodoesn't matter, it's limited by the actual size that vmware provides00:03
kerananwhi everyone, is there a software were I can mix and create sounds in 3d (hrtf)?00:06
k1l_kerananw: might be worth asking in #ubuntustudio ,too00:08
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kerananwthanks k1l_, i just knew about that chan now. I will ask them about it also.00:11
MylonBHelp, my wireless password changed and I forgot how to input the new one.  I don't have "wireless manager" or any other GUI tool and I vaguely recall editing a text file to input the SSID and password but I forgot how to do that.  Can someone help?00:12
k1lMylonB: you dont run network-manager on your desktop?00:13
MylonBI guess it was never installed or something or other.  I don't know why it's not there.00:15
k1li dont know what you did. but the standard desktops come with network-manager.00:16
mcphailkerananw: I've played with sound emitters in blender, but can't remember if hrtf was implemented00:16
MylonBI installed Kubuntu, and then got fed up with KDE quirks and installed XFCE.00:16
k1lbut you can look at /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf or /etc/network/interfaces . i dont know what you did00:17
MylonBThat sounds familiar, k1l.00:17
MylonBThere is no "wpa_supplicant.conf" in that folder.00:19
kerananwthanks mcphail, I have seen someone who was kinda doing it on blender also but I'm not quite familiar with that sw. I was kinda looking of a pretty simple apps but I'm considering on using blender if I couldn't find any. Also, I would like to ask if blender exports mp3 files or any audio format(wav, flac, etc)00:19
MylonBAnd there doesn't appear to be anything in /etc/network/interfaces.  Just 3 lines and none network related.00:20
MylonBMeh, I'll plug in an ether net so I can apt-get00:21
mcphailkerananw: I haven't exported an audio-only file from blender, but you could cerainly export to, say, mp4 and extract the audio from that. Wouldn't surprise me if you could export audio files. It is a bit of a swiss army knife of a program00:22
mcphailkerananw: the only other way I've seen it done is in raw openal code. Not user friendly!00:23
MylonBOkay, now I'm confused.00:23
MylonBapt-get: "Network-manager is already the newest version". "network-manager: command not found"00:24
k1lMylonB: there should be an icon in the system tray00:24
MylonBI think I removed it by accident.00:24
kerananwmcphail: Ok thanks. I might go with the blender route. :)00:25
mcphailkerananw: ha! Good idea ;)00:27
kerananwmcphail: I've got a reply from the studio chan and someone suggested non-mixer ( it might be a software ). I might try this one out first before moving to blender. Thanks for the help00:27
MylonOkay, here I am on my laptop.  So how do I get network manager back on my system tray?00:28
Term1nal16.10 Unity, I have "Open in Terminal" twice in my right-click menu in the file browser.00:28
Term1nalAlso, windows network shares not saving still.00:29
kerananwI guess you have to install an applet for that Mylon? As far as I remember00:30
MylonI thought I had it.00:33
ByarlantI have a question: if I do a standard install network-manager works just fine, but if I first do a minimal install and later install network-manager it just doesn't work00:36
ByarlantAny ideas? I already tried modifying /etc/network/interfaces00:37
naccByarlant: you don't use /e/n/i if you are using network-manager00:37
Byarlantand Network-manager.conf00:37
ByarlantYeah, I commented everything except for lo00:38
naccByarlant: i would suggest using NM to modify settings, and not munging files yourself (and if you aren't using a GUI, use nmcli)00:38
ByarlantTried nmcli, device stays always unmanaged00:39
ByarlantAnd I noticed that /var/run/NetworkManager is empty00:40
naccByarlant: did you make sure to start network manager?00:40
ByarlantOn another machine I have many files there00:40
naccByarlant: are you using desktop or server?00:40
naccByarlant: i would use the GUI, then, and configure it from the NM applet00:41
ByarlantYeah, I can add ethernet from the applet, but it stays unmanaged00:42
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ByarlantAnyways, thanks for your suggestions :)00:44
ByarlantI've been trying to make it work for two days, without success00:45
MylonI tried using nmcli, but I don't know how to use it to connect.00:45
reisioMylon: try nmtui instead00:45
MylonThat's how I noticed my wifi network changed.00:46
MylonI think that'll work, thanks.00:46
rocket__is it hard to install a vpn?00:46
rocket__and with a vpn is my server secure and not hackable :P00:47
kk4ewtrocket__,  no00:47
rocket__kk4ewt, can you give me some  hints?00:48
kk4ewtis your server in a safe wrapped with a chain and dropped in a deep ocean trench?00:48
rocket__a vpn makes it harder to hack right00:48
rocket__i mean you need a key and so on00:48
kk4ewtno its another way in00:48
rocket__2048 bit key00:48
rocket__so wahts the best protection you recommend00:49
kk4ewtit makes your data safer because the data is encrypted00:49
stoner19all of a sudden when I press tab in the terminal it tells me "-bash: cannot create temp file for here-document: Read-only file system" rather than filling the tab shortcut for a directory or file00:49
stoner19anyone else experienced this?00:50
kk4ewtrocket__,  having a  vpn doesnt help if you are doing other things you shouldnt on the server00:50
rocket__what shouldnt i do?00:50
kk4ewtlike running ftp00:50
rocket__i just want some server with almost no service00:50
reisiostoner19: 'read-only file system', pretty specific00:50
rocket__beside git00:50
rocket__only git00:51
rocket__maybe ssh00:51
kk4ewtand how are serving that git to the rest of the world00:51
rocket__via vpn00:51
stoner19trying to do anything else, such as update I get sudo: unable to open /var/lib/sudo/stone/24: No such file or directory00:51
rocket__via vpn :D00:51
reisioa "vpn" the way most people use them is nothing but a proxy00:51
rocket__git via cpn00:51
reisionot that proxies aren't useful00:51
mars79hi, I have a question about mounting  second hard drive, the ubuntu help page states: sudo chown -R USERNAME:USERNAME /media/mynewdrive. Wouldn't sudo chown -R USERNAME /media/mynewdrive also be enough? Hence, why twice USERNAME?00:51
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rocket__ok what do u recommend me?00:51
=== blaadeee is now known as bladeee
rocket__reisio, kk4ewt00:51
stoner19bbl to try and solve this00:52
kk4ewtrocket__,  to do some research and test it00:52
reisiomars79: depends00:52
rocket__i have no time for this00:52
reisiomars79: but they aren't equivalent commands00:52
rocket__i want some answer00:52
kk4ewtrocket__,  we cant answer because we are not on your server and can look around00:52
apestaterocket__, I don't recommend u.00:52
kk4ewtand we are not google00:53
mars79reisio, what is the difference?00:53
apestateread a book00:53
rocket__dont recommend me :D00:53
kk4ewtmars79,  one replaces the owner the other replaces the owner and owning group00:53
rocket__this is not helpful!!!! :D00:53
reisiomars79: what kk4ewt said00:54
rocket__ok if i install a basic ubuntu00:54
rocket__is it safe?00:54
rocket__without anything00:54
apestatewhat are you asking?00:54
rocket__if its safe the sever isntall to make it connect to the inet00:55
rocket__sorry im no devop00:55
apestateno it isn't safe to connect anything to the net.00:55
apestateit's not safe to use electricity00:55
rocket__so you have a big trust in your OS00:55
apestatestop trolling please00:56
rocket__you are the only ones trolling me00:56
wedgierocket__: if all ou want is git and ssh then an ubuntu server install sounds right for you.00:56
rocket__i ask serious questions00:56
apestateI came to ask if there was a disk image tool that can select between different filesystems00:56
rocket__and you just talk BS00:56
rocket__wedgie, first good answer thanks00:56
rocket__wedgie, is there anything i should care about regarding security00:57
mars79but in case USERNAME:USERNAME I set ownership to me and my own group, other users won benefit from it if I understand it correctly, so better USERNAME:USERS? That way I keep ownership and other users can also write to it?00:57
wedgierocket__: of course. But that is a *very* broad question that we can't possibly hope to answer fully in IRC. Keep it up to date, don't expose services to the internet, and you should be fine for the most part.00:58
efloidis there a way to apply these kernel updates and not have to reboot?  I thought with Linux there was a way for kernels to be updated without needing to reboot?00:58
ByarlantRocket: managing your own server is hard, if you only want git why not use an existing service?00:58
rocket__wedgie, ok i dont do that00:58
rocket__and i update00:58
rocket__i set to autoupdate00:58
wedgierocket__: are you using this to *host* git services, or do you intend to ssh *to* the box and use git locally?00:59
rocket__wedgie, does a vpn make sense in terms of security?00:59
rocket__wedgie, no no ssh to the box00:59
wedgierocket__: that depends on the question. VPNs are to secure traffic going from one place to another, or to provide secure access to an environment from the outside.00:59
NginUSWhat's the best way to use different versions of php in different nginx vhosts?01:00
rocket__yes i want that too01:00
rocket__secure traffic01:00
apestateNginUS why not virtualbox?01:00
rocket__somehow the universe shines on encryption so why not01:00
wedgierocket__: well, secure traffic from where to where? If you're going to the Internet then the traffic has to leave the VPN at some point.01:01
apestatewhere is the server01:01
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:01
MylonBWoo, nmutil was the command I needed, thanks, Reisio.01:01
NginUSapestate: Its headless, plus vbox isn't licensed for commercial use without thousands in fees01:01
wedgieNginUS: If nobody in here has an answer I'd consider asking in #nginx01:02
rocket__wedgie, ok you helped me alreeady01:02
rocket__so i will get the server version01:03
rocket__and install vpn01:03
rocket__for encrypted traffic01:03
wedgierocket__: from what you've described i don't think a vpn will do you any good. Also, do you intend to sit physically in front of this box?01:03
NginUSwedgie: Yea- just got my first response there after  waiting 10 minutes, which is why I came here...01:03
rocket__i hope ubuntu is not that easy to hack01:03
rocket__no not really01:03
rocket__its a server in my office01:03
rocket__ppl from all over the world will commit01:04
NginUSSeems the standard repos in 16.04 LTS don't include any php switching tools like phpenv, brew, etc01:04
rocket__i do sit behind the box01:04
rocket__but i wont maintain it really01:04
rocket__or care about it once it runs01:04
apestaterocket__, use debian jesse instead01:08
rocket__i thought about debian01:08
rocket__its more secure right01:08
apestateoh yeah01:08
wedgieno. Exact same considerations apply.01:08
apestateyou'll enjoy the folks at ##debian giving you much more assistance01:08
wedgieapestate: cruel :P01:08
rocket__im chattingon debian right now01:09
apestatebut if you want the ultimate, go with void linux01:09
rocket__well i dont care about this things01:09
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rocket__i have the problem im not a linux pro01:09
rocket__but i want some secure env01:09
apestateIRC: #voidlinux on freenode.net01:09
apestatevoid is your answer01:09
rocket__but frankly linux is already working better out of the box compared to other OS01:09
rocket__i think is i install some normal linux and keep security updates01:10
rocket__it should not so easy to hack01:10
rocket__ata ll01:10
apestatenah you've got systemd01:10
apestateyou want to go with void01:10
apestateotherwise it will update and need a reboot01:10
rocket__is the standard ubuntu installation considered to be safe?01:14
apestaterocket you don't seem to know what you are even asking.  can I help?  ask them if there is a firewall in ubuntu server by default.01:15
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=== DevThree is now known as ignacio
apestaterocket__, https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=ubuntu+server+tutorial+for+beginners01:16
apestateput 1 moment of effort into what you desire01:17
efloida stupid question: if you have pointer set to open with single click, how to you select without opening?01:19
rocket__apestate, you dont seem to understand anything01:19
rocket__since im talking about the server release01:19
rocket__you talk a lot of shit man01:19
rocket__i was thinking this is a pro channel01:19
rocket__but apestate you answers let me doubt it01:20
apestateI got here after you, genius01:20
wedgierocket__: your questions are too broad. It's like asking "Is it safe to drive a ford?"01:20
rocket__not really01:20
rocket__if im familiar with the topic01:20
rocket__i can say01:20
rocket__yes, if you go for the server version keep it update you will be safe01:21
rocket__but if you use xy take care of xyz01:21
rocket__im 20years+ dev01:21
wedgierocket__: and there are a *lot* of xyz variables.01:23
rocket__what you basically tell me is01:23
rocket__its not safe01:23
rocket__so i have to assume its crap01:23
rocket__not safe01:23
wedgieit's a safe as anything else.01:23
rocket__you give me the feeling ubuntu is a piece of crap which is not safe01:23
rocket__is i install it out of the box and connect it to the internet01:23
wedgierocket__: everyone in this room uses ubuntu. Kind of a biased audience.01:24
apestateI say it's not safe01:24
apestateI only came here because it's an active # not because I use ubuntu which is the work of the NSA and the devil himself placed systemd and tainted the kernel01:25
rocket__you see again01:26
rocket__wedgie, if you talk like that usually its crap01:26
apestatethis person thinks his nitwit social gaslighting is going to get done what he wants done from you nerds01:26
wedgierocket__: no car is safe if the driver doesn't know how to drive. Computers aren't so different.01:26
apestaterocket__, you should try the distribution gaslight01:27
apestateI believe it's a spin off of fedora01:27
wedgieapestate: your trolling isn't helping.01:27
apestatethey use systemd also but, yanno.01:27
wedgierocket__: I don't think anyone here can answer your questions to your satisfaction. Your best course of action is to go on google and do some reading. Good luck to you.01:28
apestateI'm not trolling, I'm telling you gaslighting is a thing and this rocket is using it as a tool on you.  he drags a line out of you then gaslights01:28
rocket__so you are not very convinced of ubuntu01:28
rocket__no i just wont install the server version01:28
rocket__because you told me its not secure01:29
rocket__thats what i did read between the lines01:29
apestaterocket, ubuntu's server product requires a bit of configuration to become secure to the standards a giant target like you would require01:30
apestateI would recommend something like windows NT01:30
apestatebeing totally honest01:30
apestateI'm assuming you have lots of enemies right01:31
apestatelots of people who would like to deface your server and ruin your projects, possibly infect malware into anyone who vists the server?01:31
apestateI would go with a less well known product.01:32
rocket__you see01:32
rocket__guys on debian01:32
apestateand let's face it, you're not going to get it set up properly01:32
rocket__answered my question in a minute01:32
apestateI might even roll back to dos01:32
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rocket__its maybe just that ubuntu is just a bad debian rip off01:33
rocket__and you are not very convinced of it at all01:33
rocket__you seem to be not very professional at all01:33
rocket__i will go with debian01:33
apestatethis is how I seek help every time, I'm kind of laughing over here01:33
apestateI play the exact same game01:34
apestateneedle and gaslight you nerds until I get what I want01:34
rocket__frankly i never liked ubuntu its a debian rip off01:34
apestateya rocket01:34
apestateur smart plus canonical is the devil01:34
apestatelots of people don't know ubuntu is a debian ripoff01:34
rocket__also the guys on the debian channel seem to be a way more serious01:35
apestateyou know go to distrowatch.com and guess what you see01:35
rocket__and more professional at all01:35
rocket__i think i will even deinstall ubuntu01:35
apestateubuntu is #501:35
apestateyeah it's on it's way out man01:35
rocket__for the desktop version01:35
apestateI'd smear it as far and wide as possible01:35
SpecPlease, this is a support channel.01:35
rocket__there is no support for me01:35
SpecThen leave?01:36
rocket__debian ppl answered in a serious way in a minute01:36
apestateI guarantee that's not true01:36
apestaterocket says ##debian took care of him, I think he's a liar01:36
apestaterocket can you run # cat /boot/grub/menu.lst | pastebinit01:39
ettanyone around using dropbox? I'm trying to figure out how to run it on a server (no GUI)01:46
rocket__i have to say this debian guys are way more professional01:47
rocket__i will go with their release01:47
apestate3rd time you've said it01:47
rocket__they also make fun out of you guys01:48
rocket__but they are honest too01:50
rocket__they said security issues are faster fixed in ubuntu01:50
rocket__but still i will go with their distro i think01:51
wedgieett: you've seen this already? https://www.dropbox.com/install-linux01:51
hggdhrocket__: OK. I think this is enough now.01:51
rocket__hggdh, i stop now dont worry01:53
user__what is xchat all about?01:57
bazhangit's an irc client user__01:58
bazhangbetter to get hexchat user__01:58
user__ok thank you01:58
ettwedgie: thanks for the reply.  yes, the problem is that I need to do the install without access to a GUI.  I'm ssh'd into the host where I want to mount the dropbox02:09
wedgieett: unless i'm reading something wrong, the "headless" section of that page talks about that scenario02:10
zhou_xingyuhi guys,May i ask why ubuntu do not mount portable hard drive automatically02:11
zhou_xingyuit always mount the portable hard drive automatically before,but today it failed02:12
bazhangzhou_xingyu, what file system02:12
zhou_xingyu500G ,with my import data02:12
bazhangis this a hdd zhou_xingyu02:12
zhou_xingyuso strange.fdisk -l shows I have a sdb1 disk 500g02:13
zhou_xingyubut in file manager there is no ,02:13
zhou_xingyuit work very there days since I install ubuntu,just failed today02:15
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=== dahlia_ is now known as dahlia
lubo_hi all02:19
Dako300lubo_: howdy, do you need help with anything?02:24
dahliaI have a dedicated server which had debian wheezy. I installed 16.04 on it and now, while I can connect to it via ssh on either windows or linux, I can't connect via putty. anyone have any ideas for things I can check? I've already cleared out the known host key for the old machine but that didn't help02:40
wedgiedahlia: any error message?02:41
dahliawedgie:   "Server unexpectedly closed the network connection"02:42
wedgiehow is auth set up? Keys or what?02:42
dahliaall is blank02:42
Dako300Is PuTTY configured to use SSH (you chose that and not telnet)?02:43
kbobdahlia: maybe your putty use an old version of 'know server'02:43
dahliaI dont have my public key on the box yet02:43
dahliahmmm maybe I try updating putty then02:43
dahliaDako300: ssh02:44
Dako300I'm out of ideas, are you using a fishy NAT setup?02:45
dahliaits strange because this putty seems to work fine with any other linux box Ive tried for years02:45
dahliaprolly at least 50 or more02:45
Dako300I doubt updating PuTTY would fix anything since SSH is pretty old02:45
wedgiewell, if it's years old you probably want to update anyway. Putty has had a few security fixes fairly recently. I concur that this is unlikely to solve your problem, though02:46
postmodernwhat is the preferred systemctl way to restart all services under a target? `systemctl restart myservice-*`?02:46
Dako300postmodern: sudo reboot02:47
dahliaoh latest putty works!02:48
* dahlia facepalms02:49
dahliaty all02:49
Dako300that's odd02:49
Dako300How old was the old version?02:49
wedgiemaybe it was VERY old and the server only uses fancy new ecdsa stuff? *shrug*02:49
dahliaDako300: not sure, could be a few years02:49
Dako300That's suprisingly old02:50
postmoderndoes `systemctl restart foo.target` restart all services that depend on it?02:50
tpw_rulesso i foolishly made an error in a sudo conf file and now sudo is broken and i'm not sure how to fix it cause i can't get root to fix the file02:52
wedgietpw_rules: probably easiest to boot a live usb02:53
wedgietpw_rules: and in the future, always use ''visudo'' for editing sudo files :P02:53
tpw_rulesis there some way that doesn't involve rebooting? i thought i had a root password set but just doing su isn't accepting it02:53
=== ilfantomas_ is now known as ilfantomas
wedgietpw_rules: not that I know of. Recovering from this is pretty painful, usually. Thus the prominent warning at the top of the file02:55
dahliaI see where I can use both systemctl and service to start/stop daemons. Is one preferred over the other? (for 16.04)02:56
wedgiedahlia: systemctl is the new way02:56
wedgieservice is there for backwards compatibility02:56
dahliaah ok02:56
dahliaservice seemed more intuitive02:56
Max11_7may i ask a question?02:56
Dako300Max11_7: shoot02:57
wedgiedahlia: systemd seems to have won the war, for good or ill. *shrug*02:57
Dako300what's the question02:57
dahliawedgie: ya I remember there was a lot of drama over that but I don't really know details02:57
tpw_ruleswedgie: pkexec might work if i were authorized via polkit to run as root02:57
Max11_7ok, so i have accidently disabled my main profile from doing abything with sudo02:57
tpw_ruleswhy aren't i? i thought polkit popped up the dialog to enter your password to eg run updates02:58
tpw_ruleswhich i can02:58
Max11_7and i need to fix it without being roo02:58
Dako300Specifically what did you do?02:58
wedgietpw_rules: i'm only guessing but i always assumed that those popups were a frontend for sudo02:58
Max11_7i went into visudo02:58
Max11_7and un commented something02:58
tpw_rulesMax11_7: lol welcome to the club02:58
tpw_rulesthat's literally what i just did02:59
Max11_7did yall come up with a fix?02:59
tpw_rulesprobably liveusb it looks like02:59
Dako300Max11_7: live CDs are the only solutions02:59
Max11_7the only think i have found is a usb02:59
Max11_7thanks guys ill look into it03:00
wedgieMax11_7: live usb or maybe single user mode03:00
tpw_ruleshm is there any way to shut down safely in this state03:02
tpw_rulesand can i boot into single user with an encrypted root03:03
wedgietpw_rules: lol, quite the mess you're in. You can with encrypted home... never tried with encrypted root03:04
tpw_rulesi mean i assume i can mount it in a live environment03:04
tpw_rulesbut UGH03:04
wedgieyeah, good luck. Uncharted territory for me, I'm afraid.03:05
tpw_ruleswedgie: i just booted into single user mode and it worked fine03:11
tpw_ruleshad to enter the root pw but then i just visudoed it correctly this time and we're back in business03:12
wedgietpw_rules: sweet. Good to know03:12
crazyhorse18hi all.. i need some software that can attempt to copy off everything from a semi-broken hdd03:13
crazyhorse18one that ignores bad-sectors and then just keeps trying to sync off everything it can03:13
tpw_rulescrazyhorse18: ddrescue03:14
tpw_rulesit's easy to use and will read the good areas first then come back to finish the bad ones03:14
crazyhorse18tpw_ruls: nice .. googling :)03:14
crazyhorse18tpw_rules, any thing else i should know about it?03:15
tpw_rulessomething like 'ddrescue /dev/sdx out.img logfile.log' will get you most of it, then you can rerun twiddling with the options to scrape out the last bits03:16
tpw_rulesyou might want to use -d to read the disk directly03:16
tpw_rulesbut other than that, not really03:16
crazyhorse18oh very nice03:17
crazyhorse18so for the backup drive03:17
crazyhorse18is it ok for me to use ntfs?03:17
crazyhorse18that way it'll just work if i plug it into an osx device etc03:17
tpw_rulesthe one you want to put the image on?03:17
tpw_rulesosx cannot write exfat03:18
tpw_rulesi'd suggest exfat instead03:18
crazyhorse18hmm exfat isin't on my ubutnu list03:18
tpw_rulesno you'll have to install it03:18
tpw_rulesit's a new proprietary microsoft thing so it doesn't come by default03:18
crazyhorse18ah right i see..03:18
tpw_rulesso what kind of disk are you trying to recover?03:19
tpw_rulesis it an osx one?03:19
crazyhorse18is there any reliability difference in terms of these different filesystems?  previously i've only been using ext403:19
crazyhorse186.0tb ext403:19
tpw_rulesehhhhhh. i'd say ntfs and ext4 are probably the same, but probably slightly better on their respective systems03:19
tpw_rulesexfat is designed as a replacement to fat, so it doesn't have fancy features like journaling and stuff03:20
crazyhorse18ah right.. maybe i'll just format it in ext4 then03:20
tpw_rulesah. i was wondering if you were asking about osx to recover an HFS+ drive since i have more sage advice03:20
crazyhorse18i've never had an osx drive die yet03:21
crazyhorse18lucky :)03:21
tpw_rulesi had a very good friend's main drive die03:21
crazyhorse18had 3 failures this year... one cost me thousand dollers to recover the drive03:21
tpw_rulesand when you read certain sectors, the drive locked up and died03:21
crazyhorse18went to 3 places.. they all told me it had died...   4th place said 100% they can get data back from any drive03:22
tpw_rulesi ended up writing a script that controlled ddrescue and a lab power supply to cycle power to the drive when it crashed03:22
crazyhorse18iwas thinking bullshit.. but then they were talking about worst case is they buy an identical drive and take the platters out03:22
crazyhorse18tpw_rules, haha very nice03:22
tpw_rulesyeah those places are crazy03:22
crazyhorse18the guy had the drive working in 1 minute03:22
tpw_rulesand still charged you a grand? ripoff :P03:23
crazyhorse18ah nah  took 5 days to copy the data03:23
crazyhorse18i'm like errr what.... and he said they have special firmware they use... also he was in some hex editor changing stuff03:23
crazyhorse18didn't seem bothered at all it was in ext4 and was encrypted03:23
crazyhorse18lol.. he needed the encryption key to start extracting the files though03:24
tpw_rulesby the way ddrescue uses the log file to record where it's recovered and where it has to try. it's important to make sure you don't lose it until you're finished. but you can kill ddrescue at any time and it will pick up where it left off from the log03:24
crazyhorse18oh very nice03:25
crazyhorse18ironically the drive started having problems when we rsyncing stuff of it03:25
tpw_rulesdo you have a moment to talk about ZFS, sir?03:25
crazyhorse18oh yes.. zfs03:25
tpw_rulesuse it03:26
tpw_rulesit's great03:26
wedgiecrazyhorse18: lol, not too uncommon. Copying everything off a fairly intensive operation03:26
crazyhorse18zfs sounds very interesting.. i was asking people about it before03:26
wedgie<3's zfs03:26
tpw_rulesask me about it03:26
crazyhorse18and whether it was stable to use in ubuntu03:26
tpw_rulesbeen using it on debian for years so i assume so03:26
crazyhorse18tpw_rules, so as far as i know about zfs.. it has lots of fancy features like checksums to autorepair bitflips03:26
crazyhorse18if you have the same file twice or large amont of the same file it'll only store it once03:27
tpw_rulesnah my fav feature is snapshots03:27
tpw_ruleszfs deduplication sucks pretty hard. it's extremely memory and cpu intensive03:27
crazyhorse18oracle it's evil claws into it.. but there's some openzfs03:27
wedgiecrazyhorse18: i don't advise turning on deduplication unless you really know what you're doing03:27
crazyhorse18ok.. so what are the main advantages of using zfs over ext4 / ntfs / extfat03:27
crazyhorse18and can you use it as your boot drive?03:27
wedgiechecksumming and snapshots, mostly03:28
tpw_rulestransparent compression. with lz4 it will compress faster than the disk can write03:28
tpw_rulesand yeah those03:28
wedgieoh yeah, compression. Definitely that03:28
crazyhorse18oh you can store more shit on it?03:28
crazyhorse18because it's compressed03:28
tpw_rulessnapshots are something else. when you snapshot something it's instantly saved03:28
tpw_rulesand then you can send the snapshot over ssh or something to another zfs pool03:28
crazyhorse18snapshots.... like .. so you can go back to an early statee?03:28
tpw_rulesand it will only send what's changed since the last snapshot03:29
tpw_rulesand they're free. since it keeps track of every single block, a snapshot only says "here's what all the blocks were then"03:29
crazyhorse18ok wow03:29
tpw_rulesand you only use more data if you change a file03:29
crazyhorse18what do you guys do for your automated backup systems?03:29
crazyhorse18.... i don't have one, i've always found it a really really difficult problem03:29
tpw_rulestime machine on my osx machines, crashplan everywhere too03:30
crazyhorse18lol.. even though i'm a software engineer my backup system has been copy and paste03:30
tpw_rulesi hear pretty good things about backblaze. crashplan is good but the client is java and sucks03:30
tpw_rulesbackblaze STILL doesn't support linux though >:(03:30
crazyhorse18linux is our main os03:31
crazyhorse18i mean i could setup systems to dump stuff upto s303:31
tpw_rulescrashplan does. but prepare to sacrifice ram to the Java gods03:31
tpw_rulesoh and yes you can boot off zfs03:31
crazyhorse18but i've just got no idea of a system that would work03:31
crazyhorse18tpw_rules, i need to upgrade to ubuntu 16.04 soon03:31
crazyhorse18so maybe i'll look at converting then03:31
crazyhorse18and i'm guessing zfs can combine with some sort of on-the-fly encryption?03:32
tpw_rulesno, actually03:32
tpw_ruleswell the real one can, but oracle didn't release that bit03:32
tpw_rulesbut i just encrypted the partitions of all the disks I used with LUKS then put zfs on the partitions LUKS exposed03:33
tpw_rulesso i have like /dev/sda-f then luks makes /dev/mapper/sda-f or whatever and zfs is on top of the second one03:35
crazyhorse18oh right i see03:35
crazyhorse18so can i install zfs in ubutnu 14.04?03:35
tpw_rulesluks can link drives together so you can unlock them all with one password03:35
crazyhorse18and have it be stable03:35
tpw_rulesyou might need a ppa or something03:35
tpw_rulesit's just called zfs on 16.0403:35
tpw_rulesbe  prepared to learn a lot of weird terminology tho03:35
tpw_ruleswell not really weird, but zfs people will look at you weird if you start talking about filesystems03:36
tpw_rulesnot really a lot*03:36
crazyhorse18hehe right03:36
tpw_rulesalso zfs does its own raid management03:37
Markandeyajoin/ #joomla03:37
Dundathola que pasa03:44
Bashing-om!es | Dundat03:45
ubottuDundat: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:45
Dundatguess youre not allowed to speak spanish in english chat03:46
crazyhorse18i just get ubuntu-zfs does not exist03:46
benfitzpatrickwell i tried systemback guys, all it gave me was a snapshot of my system, im not trying to do that, im trying to do a ubuntu remaster..03:50
benfitzpatrickand i tried systemback, remastersys, respin, and pinguybuilder, no luck. all they did was give me an iso with default settings and a wallpaper03:51
benfitzpatrickthat i dont want03:51
benfitzpatricki want to copy my custom themes and settings..but it wont ironically03:52
roboterhi, i just started using ubuntu. how do i asign multiple keyboard shortcuts to open a terminal with gnome?03:55
deeglazeroboter: go to the "Keyboard" option in the settings window, and "application shortcuts" tab.03:57
roboterI did that03:57
roboterbut how do i assign multiple ones at the same time?03:57
deeglazeYou can add multiple shortcuts that run the same command to open the terminal.03:58
roboterif i click on it it just changes the shortcut03:58
deeglazeright, you click "+ Add" without messing with any existing shortcut.03:59
benfitzpatrickwell, im stumped03:59
benfitzpatrickwell, idk what to do to fix my issue04:00
ArcaireHeya, I'm trying to (re)install Ubuntu on a laptop I have. Running default settings on the USB it freezes on the Ubuntu splash screen - after GRUB but before it gets to the installer. If I force it into text mode by modding the GRUB arguments from 'quiet splash' to 'text',  it loads until I see "detect the available GPUs and deal with any system changes",04:00
Arcairewhich has no timeout limit. It then sits there forever, counting up. The laptop has a discrete Nvidia card, using Optimus, and I think Nouveau is outright broken for it. Is there any way around this to get it installed?04:00
robotermaybe im stupid, i just see the "open terminal" within starter and if i click on "+" i get to own shortcuts and i dont know a command for terminal04:02
deeglazeroboter: depends on which terminal emulator you want to use. "xterm" is a common choice. You can also copy whatever command is used for the existing shortcut that opens a terminal.04:04
benfitzpatrickdeeglaze: i've gotten no help yet04:04
deeglazebenfitzpatrick: I'm sorry, I'm not able to help you.04:05
benfitzpatrickwell i have tried 4 different tools to make a custom ISO, its not working04:06
benfitzpatrickand i googled all day and night for 2 days, nothing fixed it04:06
tatertotsbenfitzpatrick: keep trying..you'll get it..one day04:07
benfitzpatricktatertots: well idk what to do04:07
benfitzpatricktatertots: everyone i talked to said to come here and get an answer04:07
roboterdeeglaze: xterm opens one, just out of curiosity: how do i copy the "old" choice? i cant see it and its different04:08
benfitzpatricktatertots: so i dont get why it'd be so hard for one of you to tell me what to do? it's not that painful/hard to help someone out -sighs-04:08
Ben64benfitzpatrick: relax04:08
=== Zren_ is now known as Zren
benfitzpatrickBen64: i just need someone to help .. im sorry04:09
Bashing-omArcaire: What release ? As I too have a new Nvidia card that has no support in 14.04 ( 16.04 picks it up ) .. and in 14.04 I must boot with the nomodeset boot parameter .04:09
benfitzpatrickim just frustrated because i've waited almost 20-30 minutes and no replies04:09
Ben64benfitzpatrick: being annoying isn't going to help04:10
benfitzpatrickBen64: well i understand that but waiting doesn't seem to do much either04:10
tatertotsbenfitzpatrick: relax, other might have or know a different or better way of doing what it is you want to do...but you'll have to observe long enough to be enlightened about that04:10
ArcaireBashing-om: welp04:11
Arcaireafter four hours04:11
Arcairesolved with nomodeset04:11
deeglazePeople in here aren't Best Buy Geek Squad folks to be yelled at.04:11
benfitzpatricktatertots: well i dont have all night to wait, i got things to do ..04:11
ekahi all, I have this windows 10 with a share for my user and from nautilus I try to copy a file and it says I can't copy it not even create a folder... but I login with my user credentials... and in windows is configured to give full access04:12
Ben64people here are volunteers, they don't work for you. if you pay someone then you'll get help faster04:12
Bashing-omArcaire: Now once installed a proprietary driver may work for ya where nouveau is not available .04:12
benfitzpatrickBen64: if i had money04:12
Ben64then be patient04:12
roboterdeeglaze: it was gnome-terminal - i figured it out by brute force, thank you for your help!04:15
roboterso im still interested how to look up the commands behind the entrys, even though its not important at the moment04:17
deeglazeThat I'm not entirely sure what to tell you since our window managers are different and I can't really divine what your setup looks like.04:18
deeglazeI use xfce, but I just happened to know that shortcuts and "keyboard" are paired in just about all the different window managers' settings control panel.04:19
metaresolveHi, I'm trying to follow this page and it's not working. I want to find a directory but egrep is not helping. Can someone please help?04:24
roboterthank you for help again, im going to sleep now04:24
deeglazemetaresolve: the "find" answer on that page may work for you.04:25
* metaresolve hangs head04:26
metaresolveyeah, i'm that dumb.04:26
metaresolvewhen I run find \ -name tutorial -type d it just hits return and doesn't do anything. please help?04:27
deeglazeforward slash / is your root directory. Starting there may take a while. Perhaps try find /home/[yourusername] -name tutorial -type d04:28
metaresolveI'm trying to find the tutorial data in the postgresql documentation page. but i didn't know where to start. it's acctually /src/tutorial04:29
metaresolveok, i jujst thought of something04:29
metaresolvewill be back04:30
metaresolveI don't think it's searching04:32
metaresolveor, i don't understand why it's just sending me back to the prompt.04:32
CuChulaindHello. I wish to use a different DNS server. I placed the 3 I want in /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf (uncommenting prepend section) however cat /etc/resolv.conf shows loopback and
deeglazebackslash is the wrong thing to use here.04:33
metaresolveshouldn't it deliver me an answer to find?04:33
CuChulaindwhere else do I need to make changes04:33
Bashing-omnetsnail: IIf the file is in your home directory try as ' find . -name tutorial ' .04:39
metaresolvei know, that/s why i wondered if that would work. however, that's what i was told to try04:40
JonelethIrenicuswhat is a good thin laptop that is powerful and you can connect an eGPU to it?04:40
metaresolvei just want to search the whole computer for the tutorial data in postgresql. where is my "program files" folder in ubuntu?04:40
metaresolvei give up. i was trying to find it through commands but i give up.04:41
metaresolveno, i don't give up, please, someone help me. it's so simple but i can't do it.04:43
tatertotsCuChulaind: you can set static ip settings in the gui network settings and or network manager04:44
metaresolveno, i hvaze another way. never mind.04:44
CuChulaindafter editing dhclient.conf adding 3 dns servers, restarting dhclient, cat /etc/resolv.conf doesn't show those address. where do I need to change the servers I use?04:47
tatertotsCuChulaind: is handling what dns servers get populated04:48
tatertotsCuChulaind: so if you want to use those DNS servers use static ip settings on the computer and specify those DNS servers...simple :)04:50
tatertotsCuChulaind: otherwise manage to function appropriately04:51
CuChulaindtatertots, Thank you. How can I then verify what DNS server I am using?04:52
tatertotsCuChulaind: for which type of lookups?04:53
tatertotsCuChulaind: for example ubuntu.com04:53
CuChulaindtatertots, yes04:53
CuChulaindtatertots, is my firewall, which should be set to different DNS other than my isp, looking to check04:54
tatertotsCuChulaind: nslookup ubuntu.com04:54
CuChulaindtatertots, it points to 192.16804:54
tatertotsCuChulaind: the responding server is listed then it's response04:55
tatertotsCuChulaind: are you using static ip settings? yes or no04:55
CuChulaindtatertots, I don't know, how can I tell?04:55
CuChulaindtatertots, as in DHCP leases?04:56
CuChulaindtatertots, if so, yes the machine I am on has a static address on my LAN, my ISP gives me a dynamic addy04:58
crazyhorse18if i was to install ubuntu from scratch.. should i be installing 16.04 or 16.1005:01
crazyhorse18i mainly do software development, node.js etc05:01
tatertotsCuChulaind: cat /etc/network/interfaces|nc termbin.com 999905:02
tatertotsCuChulaind: share url/link here05:02
CuChulaindtatertots, nslookup returns for Server and for address05:02
CuChulaindtatertots, http://termbin.com/ywol05:03
tatertotsCuChulaind: isn't your router? yes05:04
tatertotsCuChulaind: your router is handing out ip addresses masks and dns addresses to your computer05:06
tatertotsCuChulaind: you'll need to specify a static ip address if you don't want the network settings handed to you by your own router, or simply manage the router to use the DNS servers of your choice05:07
CuChulaindtatertots, In my router, I specified specific DNS servers (that are supposed to override my ISP's default), how can I tell that is working05:07
tatertotsCuChulaind: nmcli dev show|grep DNS|nc termbin.com 999905:09
DeeewayneI just completed a release upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS and now I can't start my apache2 service if I have authz_svn and dav_svn enabled in apache205:09
Deeewayneusing a2dismod authz_svn (and dav_svn) allows me to successfully start apache205:09
exotsyo soy hacker xdddddddddddd05:10
Deeewaynethere is are undefined symbols for dav_svn_get_repos_path205:10
CuChulaindtatertots, http://termbin.com/jla3
exotsi am hackerman05:10
Deeewayneanyone see this before ?05:10
exots:v alquien de aqui juega minecraft05:10
Deeewaynealso seeing an undefined symbol for dav_do_find_liveprop05:11
exotsalquien que hable español05:11
exotsalquien que hable español05:11
exotsalquien que hable español05:11
tatertotsCuChulaind: that's your router not obeying your settings05:12
exotsalquien habla español ?05:13
exotsalquien habla español ? x205:13
exotsalquien habla español ? x305:13
exotscomo entro al chat en español05:14
CuChulaindtatertots, Ah05:15
kbobis there and ubuntu channel in latino / spanish?05:15
tatertotsCuChulaind: it should be able to hand out 3x DNS servers to devices on the network, a primary, a secondary and a third05:15
wafflejock!es | kbob05:16
ubottukbob: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.05:16
crazyhorse18hey is updating linux from 15.04 to 16.04 relatively safe?05:16
tatertotsCuChulaind: you've only got a primary of the router meaning the router/modem is handling all name resolutions for the LAN05:16
kbobwafflejock: thanks05:17
xanguacrazyhorse18: you'd have to upgrade to 15.10 first05:17
kbobexots:  /join #ubuntu-es     te entiende?05:17
CuChulaindtatertots, I understand, which is okay, as long as it is using the servers I specified in the router (vs my original ? which was machine specific)05:18
ekaexots: trata con #ubuntu-es05:20
wafflejockCuChulaind, dig command will tell you which DNS server gave you the response for a DNS query05:21
wafflejockCuChulaind, chrome has a built in DNS cache too though if you're doing something through the browser and not seeing the change there would clear the DNS cache in the browser05:21
wafflejockcrazyhorse18, 16.04 is LTS 16.10 is not if you want the latest software and are okay with doing the upgrades every 6 months then 16.10 is fine but if you want something with support for more time 16.04 is a better option05:24
wafflejock!lts | crazyhorse1805:24
ubottucrazyhorse18: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Xenial (Xenial Xerus 16.04.1)05:24
CuChulaindwafflejock, Will try05:25
CuChulaindwafflejock, dig returned my router as well, I entered an address I hadn't gone to on this machine before (liveUSB recently created)05:26
oscar__de donde eres05:27
crazyhorse18wafflejock, ok i'll go with 16.0405:29
crazyhorse18i'm guessing 18.04 is going to be the next LTS?05:29
crazyhorse18so to do the release upgrade, i an just do sudo do-release-upgrade?05:30
crazyhorse18is there a chance that it breaks the OS?05:31
nedstarkcrazyhorse18, its always possible to break during a major update.  backing up 1st is a good idea. if you're going from 16.04 to 16.10 the instructions are here https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/upgrade05:34
nedstarkor you can just update 16.04 for its lifespan05:35
=== TuxCrazy is now known as CrazyTux
nchamberswhat is a good movie editor for ubuntu?05:40
wafflejocknchambers, kdenlive is a nice option05:41
=== happy is now known as Guest87373
CrazyTuxDoes Android OS work in Xubuntu through virtualization?05:43
wafflejockCuChulaind, read back and see you're looking to see if the router is resolving the addresses from the DNS you updated, you can try with dig +trace, to get some more details, I just tried a few times here and I don't always get the same result which is a bit strange but might help05:43
Phanesdoes ubuntu deviate at all from FHS 3.0 anywhere?05:44
nedstarkCrazyTux, you can use virtualbox with android x8605:44
CrazyTuxnedstark, I tried it yesterday on Xubuntu installed on my laptop. The Android OS inside the virtual box was unresponsive. But, another distro Sparky Linux didn't have any problem in running in Virtual Box.05:46
CuChulaindwafflejock, that returned the same thing05:46
PhanesCrazyTux, the descriptors you are using do not actually mean anything05:46
PhanesCrazyTux, try describing the process, and at each point describe what you expected, and what you saw instead05:47
CrazyTuxPhanes, the mouse coursor didn't move at all on Android OS installed inside the Virtual Box.05:47
Phanesalso was your android compiled for x86 or arm?  did the vbox guest arch match that?05:47
Phanesso you got a mouse cursor05:48
Phanesthat would be quite different than 'totally unresponsive', it means you cleared init05:48
CrazyTuxPhanes, it was for x86.05:48
CrazyTuxPhanes, yes. It was too sluggish to be called as responsive.05:48
Phanesoh, so it actually wasn't 'unresponsive' it was responding sluggishly.  that is also differnt.05:49
Phaneswords mean things05:49
Phaneswhat was your host cpu load when the vm was running05:49
CrazyTuxPhanes, yes. Too sluggish to even move the cursor to the appropriate place and change the language in the initial screen.05:50
Phanesdid you have virtualization settings enabled in your bios settings on the host?  was that in use in the vm guest config?05:50
Phanesdid you install the virtual guest display drivers?05:51
CrazyTuxPhanes, I tried another distro, a Debian based distro Sparky Linux. I didn't have any problem with it.05:51
PhanesCrazyTux, understood.  ill come back when you're answering the needed questions asked of you05:52
CrazyTuxThe settings for both Android and Sparky were the same.05:52
* Phanes goes to do something else05:52
=== nchambers is now known as assistantwch
Phanesbtw, anyone know if ubuntu is strict FHS 3.0 compliant or if there are deviations?  where would I find out?05:53
CrazyTuxMy new laptop supports virtualization and it was enabled in the bios settings.05:53
Phaneswhich settings?05:54
CrazyTuxdon't know. I am totally new to such things. I tried this Virtual Box for the first time yesterday.05:55
Phaneswas it a setting marked F_4-VTXLR?05:55
Ve0KVM forever!!!05:56
CrazyTuxPhanes, do Android and Sparky Linux need different settings enabled?05:56
PhanesCrazyTux, let me know when you'll ask what's asked of you answer what i actually asked.05:57
Phaneswhoa this clipboard hotkey got me05:57
CrazyTuxPhanes, I'll do one thing. I'll come back when I am on my new laptop. Now I'm using my old laptop.05:57
PhanesCrazyTux, the settings you checked were enabled, was it called F_4-VTXLR?05:57
CrazyTuxthanks for the help.05:57
Ve0Hi 2 all06:00
turistacan anyone tell me if I can use the android phone as ethernet/wiress adapter without using an app?¿06:01
CrazyTuxI tried with both Sparky and Android in Virtual Box with the same settings. Sparky worked but Android didn't.06:01
CrazyTuxWill come back later, with all the details.06:01
PhanesCrazyTux, i will no longer help you until you are actually checking things06:01
Phanesoh ok06:01
CrazyTuxPhanes, really sorry. My new laptop is not accessible now. Will come back later.06:02
newcoderDoes ubuntu have same name for a package like debian?06:02
PhanesCrazyTux, no worries, just requires boots on ground to fix things on ground06:02
zhou_xingyunewcoder, most of all is same06:03
Phanesturista, youve got a usb port that you want to use as a transport relay, you need application-layer support for that06:03
CrazyTuxanyway, thanks for the help. See you later.06:03
wafflejockPhanes, looks like FHS 2.3 based on the ubuntu-policy package in 16.0406:04
turistabut I though that was enough to enable the options in the phone06:04
Phaneswafflejock, thanks06:04
=== theWhisper_ is now known as Office__
wafflejockPhanes, no prob some clues here http://askubuntu.com/questions/187019/which-filesystem-hierarchy-standard-is-in-ubuntu06:04
Phaneswafflejock, im assuming lsb is way off too even for optional distro packages06:04
ItalianBreadhey guys! Quick question06:06
Phanesturista, check this out: https://www.howtoforge.com/using-an-android-smartphone-as-a-wlan-hotspot06:07
Phaneslooks like it's got some features06:07
Phanesbut this is offtopic06:07
ItalianBreadMy PC is powered by an NVIDIA GTX 1050 Mini, by ZOTAC. How do I know which NVIDIA driver to download?06:07
Phanesyou should be in #android06:07
turistathx by the link, gonna check it out06:07
ItalianBreadAny help on figuring this out?06:08
PhanesItalianBread, http://www.geforce.com/drivers06:08
Phanesit literally tells you06:08
ItalianBreadOh, okay. Last time I did this, I did it through terminal, and it screwed up the OS, making me reinstall it. Luckily I'm new to this so I had nothing to lose, haha06:09
PhanesItalianBread, you'll do that a hundred times before you're competent with less-than-browsing management of your system06:10
PhanesItalianBread, if you want to make that less times06:10
Phanesread the docs06:10
Phanesor ask06:10
Phanesand fix it06:11
Phaneswhen you break it06:11
ItalianBreadI don't have anything against Linux, lol. I purposely downloaded Ubuntu 16.04 as a dual boot system with Windows 10 to tinker with it :)06:11
Phanesi dont know what youre really trying to say06:12
ItalianBreadI dual booted Ubuntu with Windows 10. That was because I wanted to learn about Linux, so I'm fine with reinstalling it a few times06:12
ItalianBreadI had a 2TB Hard Drive anyway, might as well put it to some use.06:13
Phanesyou'll lose your windows install a few times that way06:13
ItalianBreadNah, I still have it on me xD06:13
ItalianBreaddual booting allocates 2 partitions so that your other OS stays unscratched06:14
Phanesthat's nice.  make sure and let everyone know you were warned when you bork your bootloader or misclick in the installer and overwrite data06:14
Phanesyou will06:14
Phanesuse separate disks not partitions, you'll thank me06:14
ItalianBreadjeez, such a downer xD this is a secondary OS. I'm not going to be using it nearly as much. And yeah, I'm planning on getting one of those soon06:15
ItalianBreadI have enough money to actually make a secondary server, so I should be able to work on that soon.06:15
Phanesnot doubting your diligence06:16
ItalianBreadanyway, thanks Phanes. I'll make sure to stay more careful later on about this.06:16
Phanesit's just something everyone does when they come into it06:16
nedstarki dual boot on multiple pc's and my mbr rarely gets overwritten except for major windows updates and on macs. this bootable iso can usually restore grub on windows pc's https://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/06:16
ItalianBreadyep, thanks for the advice.06:17
ItalianBreadnow that I have the driver installer downloaded, do I just double click the .run file?06:18
Phanesno, next is reading the docs06:19
Phanesdont take driver blobs lightly06:19
PhanesItalianBread, the driver is actually a kernel module so it warrants that level of care06:20
ItalianBreadwhat do you mean?06:20
Phanesi mean read the install instructions06:20
=== yourname2 is now known as underd0g
wafflejockItalianBread, it's generally advisable to use the additional drivers dialog for installing the drivers or switching between the open source and closed source driver, if you install from a .run file it's outside the scope of what people will support here since it's software outside the repos06:21
wafflejockItalianBread, if you are missing something by not having the proprietary drivers on the latest version then you have to deal with installing and uninstalling .run files based on whoever you get them from06:22
Phanesim surprised its not supported if it's supplied by the same vendor as the card, but fair enough06:22
Phanesthe package should just be a bundled copy of the binary provided by nvidia, if it's not i'd like to know06:23
ItalianBreadI'm pretty sure it is06:23
wafflejockItalianBread, the stuff that comes from the Ubuntu repos is tested by canonical everything else is basically outside the bounds of their support, PPAs or anyone else bundling software can't really be "trusted"06:23
Phaneswhat an odd claim06:23
ItalianBreadokay, so what's my next step, then? I'm so confused at this moment06:24
nedstarkif you trust nvidia enough to run their card's firmware, then using their proprietary driver off their website isn't that big of a leap06:24
wafflejockPhanes, well say someone installs some new version of gtk packages by some third party but now things depending on that break because of something malicious or just plain faulty in that code that was never tested with other packages06:24
Phanesan nvidia-provided driver has a shorter chain of custody than an ubuntu-provided copy of that same driver, i never understood it (not arguing, just interested in the philosophy there)06:24
wafflejockI'm not saying you shouldn't trust them or should trust the repository copy of some closed source software but can't expect canonical to offer support for third party software really either06:25
ItalianBreadand can you maybe make this easier to understand? I'm still as new as can be to Linux, so, I'm sorry if I'm making this tedious.06:25
Phanesmeh.  i dont really see the diff between that and putting specialized ports on a laptop that can only be bought by the vendor of the laptop06:26
nedstarknvidia has support chat linked on their website, they support their cards06:26
wafflejockItalianBread, no worries I'm just telling you if you come here with some PPAs installed and ask for support or install a binary from somewhere else you'll be hard pressed to get support in here06:26
ItalianBreadwell, wafflejock, all I have so far is the .run file from the nvidia website.06:27
ItalianBreadis there a way to check whether the drivers are already installed by any chance?06:27
wafflejockItalianBread, yeah right now you can go to the launcher and type additional drivers, launch that gui and see what version of the driver you could just switch to in there06:27
ItalianBreadone unknown driver shows up06:28
ItalianBread"Unknown device" "This device is not working" "Using processor microcode for AMD CPUs from amd64-microcode (proprietary)"06:29
tatertotsItalianBread: hi i don't have as much patience as i used to, install inxi, it can be found in ubuntu official repositories making it easy to find, and easy to download using your favorite method, just let me know once you have inxi installed06:31
wafflejockItalianBread, that just means proprietary drivers aren't loaded for that device but surprised you don't see your gpu there as well06:31
ItalianBreadI'm just as surprised06:31
wafflejockItalianBread, you can run lspci -v, to show your devices and the kernel module loaded06:31
kostkonItalianBread, I'm guessing you have a optimus laptop and you are currently using your intel card06:31
ItalianBreadit's a prebuilt on steroids06:32
ItalianBreadHP Pavilion 500-164 with a GTX 1050, new PSU and case06:32
nedstarkyou need the nvidia-375 driver06:33
wafflejockItalianBread, for each device there will typically be a kernel module loaded which is similar to the drivers in Windows, the open source one for nvidia is called nouveau, there are packages for the proprietary ones in the repo... what nedstark said06:34
nedstarkthis explains how http://tipsonubuntu.com/2016/10/21/nvidia-375-10-linux-driver-adds-nvidia-1050-gpus-support/06:34
ItalianBreadI see 2 things referring to my GPU. The VGA Controller, and the audio device. @ wafflejock06:34
ItalianBreadAnd yeah, I have the .run file for version 375, wafflejock06:35
tatertotsItalianBread: ok well don't say nobody in #ubuntu tried to make your life easier....take care and good luck06:35
ItalianBreadwho said they haven't helped me06:36
ItalianBreadhad it not been for them, I would have quit tinkering with ubuntu a looong time ago06:36
VulcanJedinedstark: i just got here, but in case I need to check out that link, why would one need version 375 instead of 367 through ppa?06:36
ItalianBreadso, using a PPA would be easier? that's what I did last time but it didn't work out exceptionally06:36
nedstarkVulcanJedi, i'm just finding multiple guides saying 375 for that card06:37
nedstarkhere's another http://sourcedigit.com/21181-install-nvidia-375-10-linux-graphics-driver-on-ubuntu-systems/06:38
wafflejockItalianBread, you can do, apt-cache search nvidia*, to see what packages are available from the repos on your current version06:38
Phanesmake sure to keep an abacus near you in case you lose your wya06:39
mozammelHi, Looking for help, I try to install LBP2900 driver and try to make it work with my ubuntu 16.10,  I try cndrvcups-common-2.70-1 & cndrvcups-capt-2.70-1 deriver also i did try one modified driver, in all case I can add printer but cant print. any help will be highly appriciated.06:39
ItalianBreadI see a bunch of different packages06:39
VulcanJediis there a keystroke to bring up terminal?06:40
PhanesVulcanJedi, ctrl + alt + Fkey06:40
Phaneslol.  taking bets as to whether he's frantically hitting keys to get back to X06:41
wafflejockItalianBread, this site is helpful as well to search packages http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia&searchon=names&suite=all&section=all yeah there is an nvidia-current package but says it's basically the 304 driver http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/nvidia-current-updates you may want to try something newer if you see one listed or go with that one or try your luck with the .run file (if you choose but not my advice06:41
wafflejock:) )06:41
ItalianBreadthis is what my terminal shows https://paste.ubuntu.com/23796709/06:42
Phaneswhat version do the docs for the driver say06:43
Phanesemphasis on previous words: docs for the driver06:44
ItalianBreadPhanes, it says 375.26 on the Zotac website06:45
Phanesas in docs im referring to mfg-provided docs for your gfx card06:45
Phanesthere ya go06:46
Phanesyou have answered your question06:46
ItalianBreadokay, so...I have that exact version as a .run file06:46
ItalianBreaddo that or through PPA?06:46
Phanesyou also have it in the apt=cache command06:47
Phanesso install what's in the repo06:47
=== Bray90820_ is now known as bray90820
Phanesapt-get install nvidia-367 nvidia-467-dev06:48
VulcanJedi1ok, if i go into command line (not terminal, thank you) by hitting alt+ctl+Fkey, how do I get back to the desktop?06:48
PhanesVulcanJedi1, depends on the distro, not sure for ubuntu06:48
Phanescheck inittab if they still use that ( i honestly dont know )06:48
wafflejockVulcanJedi, try ctrl+alt+f2 or f706:48
lurkerhello, just installed lubuntu with a win10 box. I have no grub. I did disable fast boot and hibernate in win10 prior to install. No install errors. I have googled and found "bcdedit /set {bootmgr} path \EFI\ubuntu\grubx64.efi" to be a possible solution, however, some people reported problems regargarding this. Any advice? or a direction to look? The test drive of the install worked great ie: video , sound, touchpad. Thanks.06:49
VulcanJedi1those are just ways to run command line in parrallel06:49
wafflejockVulcanJedi, you on 16.04?06:49
VulcanJedi1i'd like to get back to my first session06:50
Phanesif youre looking for a vte thats a wm-specific thing06:50
wafflejockhrm yeah it was always F7 for before 16.04 when things switched to systemd but not sure how it works now was F2 last time I tried :)06:50
nedstarkthis bootable iso can usually restore grub on windows pc's https://sourceforge.net/projects/boot-repair-cd/06:50
VulcanJediwafflejock: it is F7, must be the only F key I didn't try06:51
ItalianBreadOkay so I tried to run the .run file through chmod +x06:51
Phaneswe need to stop telling people to dualboot on single-disk systems without informing them of the risks06:51
ItalianBreadit says that my X server appears to be running06:51
nedstarkwe aren't, they're coming here with dual boot systems06:51
Phanesi know you aren't06:51
Phanesim talking about all those terrible guides06:52
PhanesItalianBread, yes your06:52
PhanesX is running06:52
lurkernedstark: thanks I'll have a look.06:52
Phanesthat's your graphical display06:52
PhanesItalianBread, you'll need to change unit targets to a single user mode06:53
VulcanJedinow, is there a keystroke for the default terminal emulator?06:53
ItalianBreadhow do I do that?06:53
PhanesVulcanJedi, depends on the wm06:53
PhanesItalianBread, google "xenial systemd single user mode"06:53
ItalianBreadalright, thanks Phanes06:54
PhanesItalianBread, have a second PC for your irc connection when you start trying to do that06:54
ItalianBreadI really should haha06:55
Phanesim going to bed though06:55
ItalianBreadI'll also hold off this problem till tomorrow06:55
ItalianBreadIt's not too much of my concern06:56
ItalianBreadand thanks for giving me essentially everything that I needed to know xD06:57
Phanesjust enough to hate me06:57
PhanesX is the hardest part of the whole system06:57
tatertotshe left dood06:58
tatertotsu can stop now06:58
Phanesi can do whatever i feel like doing06:58
* Phanes flips dem tatertots 06:58
sector327Hey are any canonical employees online? Have a question about benefits I'm looking at07:06
daxsector327: they don't really hang out here. assuming you mean support contract stuff, https://www.ubuntu.com/support/contact-us is your best bet if you don't have one already07:13
dax(if you do i think they give you a contact person, but not 100% sure)07:13
sector327thanks dax. was actually considering applying to work at canonical. I see on glassdoor a review that says you provide your own laptop07:14
sector327seems weird07:14
daxoh, employment benefits, right07:14
sector327I've never heard of a company where you supply your own computer. (not the end of the world, but odd)07:15
daxit's slightly less weird when you consider that they tend to have remote-work employees from random countries07:15
dax#ubuntu-offtopic may have further opinions (since this isn't really tech support)07:16
Mornohello everyone! how are you all today? :) i just got fail2ban to work feels great! :D07:24
Mornothanks :D on monday i begin work as a keep stuff alive at work :P so im gonna manage alot of linux stuff feels good :D07:26
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abhi_just wanted to ask a few things07:40
abhi_I was going to download ubuntu07:41
abhi_When I reached the downloa page it showed me 16.04 release07:41
abhi_Why 17.04 was not shown07:41
abhi_please help me07:41
EriC^^abhi_: 17.04 isn't released yet07:42
abhi_you sure ?07:42
EriC^^there's 16.04 and 16.10, 16.04 is the lts version07:42
abhi_what is this then07:42
sector32717.04 means 2017, 4th month07:42
EriC^^abhi_: that's the daily image, it's the development version07:42
EriC^^^ yeah it'll be released in april07:43
abhi_so for dailyuse I need 16.04 or 16.1007:43
abhi_16.04 or 16.10 which one to use ?07:44
EriC^^i'd go for 16.0407:44
abhi_what's different in .10 ?07:44
EriC^^newer packages, it stops getting supported in 7months time though07:45
EriC^^so you'd need to upgrade to 17.04 when that comes out then 17.10 etc07:45
tatertotswhy isn't ubuntu version 20.04 listed on ubuntu.com yet?07:47
baizontatertots: why should it?07:50
atmosxhello, scripts in /etc/cron.hourly are executed with admin permissions?08:03
atmosxI think they do, but can't find any docs08:03
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testedanyone uses ubuntu gnome?08:13
testedi want to move min, maxi, close button to app window not in title bar08:15
testedin windows they're in app window not in titlebar08:15
testedthey're right side of file open edit menu08:16
testedpixal savor help a little but i want it app not in top bar08:17
testedi need to switch to cinnamon?08:21
zherlockI am running virtualbox on ubuntu. I added a isc-dhcp to listen on vboxnet0 host only IF by adding IP to it. When I reboot however things brake, no more vboxnet0 interface until I remove net config in ifup, edit network settings in virtualbox GUI and recreating host only vboxnet0 IF. Then I get the vboxnet0 without IP on it again08:57
tatertotszherlock: have you tried creating a new vboxnet# interface and configuring the routing to meet your needs or requirements?09:08
zherlocktatertots: I guess what I lack is understanding the relation between host only interface config in virtualbox and os level.09:09
zherlockIf I create vboxnet0 with IP in virtualbox, no IP is seen set on it on OS level and I can not start isc dhcp server to listen to it09:09
zherlockMaybe I should create a new interface on OS level and have vms use that as a regular interface rather than host only?09:10
zherlockHow do I go about doing that? I need to have the interface being there virtually first09:10
bumWhat's system image09:11
zherlockcreate an alias to localhost IF?09:11
EriC^^bum: in what context?09:11
EriC^^bum: what's the complete sentence?09:12
EriC^^it could be maybe a backup of the OS or maybe the kernel?09:12
bumWhat's system image of os?09:12
EriC^^backup of the OS i guess09:12
bumWhat does it mean?09:12
EriC^^no idea09:12
EriC^^not enough info09:12
tatertotszherlock: open terminal09:12
bumWhat is the file format of system image?09:13
bumIs it .exe or .ISO?09:13
tatertotszherlock:  vboxmanage list --long vms|nc termbin.com 999909:13
tatertotszherlock: press enter09:13
bumOr something else09:13
tatertotszherlock: share url/link here09:13
k1lbum: can you give more context?09:13
k1lbum: do you mean the install image for ubuntu? that is .iso.09:14
bumk1l:  can you ask specific query? So I can inform. I am not good with technical or English09:14
bumLet's put a case09:14
bumI have pc installed with Windows os09:14
maxxhello how to fix this - http://dpaste.com/3A8PNN3  using  Ubuntu 16.04 xenial xfce.. not able to apt-get upgrade09:15
bumThere's feature of system image09:15
EriC^^bum: you want to backup the OS?09:15
k1lmaxx: run a "sudo apt update" first09:15
EriC^^so you can clone it back at any time or to another hdd same size?09:15
bumWhen I create system image ; it will be saved into USB drive09:15
maxxk1l, yes i did09:15
bumEriC^^:  yes system image of os09:15
maxxk1l, its same as sudo apt-get update i guess ?09:16
EriC^^bum: it'll be a file that is the exact contents of the hdd, like a hdd on file09:16
k1lmaxx: yes, apt is the new apt-get09:16
bumEriC^^: it will help in case if os is crashed in future09:16
EriC^^bum: the "file format" doesn't exist09:16
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=== BlueShark_ is now known as BlueShark
maxxk1l, ah ok. so i did ran it first09:16
k1lmaxx: look at the system settings -> software and updates. then look if the security repos are enabled09:16
bumEriC^^:  why no file format?09:16
EriC^^bum: it will be like a snapshot of the OS when you made the image09:16
bumCan such back up os system image be fed to virtual box?09:17
EriC^^bum: because it's an image of the hdd itself, it has a mbr and partition table etc09:17
apestatei mounted an .img in /mnt/ now i want it umounted09:17
bumOr qemu?09:17
apestateumount -d just gave me a help listing09:17
apestatedid i break it09:17
k1lapestate: sudo umount /mnt/09:17
EriC^^bum: yeah, you can load it in virtualbox and it will boot if you cloned the whole hdd09:17
apestatethank u09:17
bumEriC^^:  when I try to open that USB drive it gave me an error09:18
apestatefreedos 1.2 is out09:18
EriC^^bum: what usb drive?09:18
k1lmaxx: if that is already enabled please put the output of "sudo apt update" into a pastebin and show it here please09:18
bumUSB drive which contain system image of os09:18
EriC^^bum: of ubuntu?09:18
k1lbum: i guess you have to ask ##windows for that windows support.09:19
EriC^^i've no idea how windows does it09:19
EriC^^what k1l said09:19
maxxk1l, http://dpaste.com/1DQH7VJ09:20
EriC^^bum: it might not clone the hdd, it possibly makes a file it can use to restore stuff09:20
k1lmaxx: hmm. please show a "apt-cache policy linux-headers-generic"09:20
maxxk1l, if i change server i get this "E:The package linux-headers-4.4.0-59-generic needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it." ok showing just a sec09:21
ghost778anyone who could help me on c++ graphics?09:21
maxxk1l, here http://dpaste.com/32FK7TG09:21
EriC^^ghost778: /join #c++09:21
k1lmaxx: hmm.09:22
k1lmaxx: hmm. please show a "apt-cache policy linux-generic"09:22
zherlockI added a upstart job in /etc/init/.. it is not being run at boot (run at startup in header). WHen I after boot do "start <thejob>" it starts and does what it should. Suggestions what I have forgotten or done wrong?09:22
maxxk1l, http://dpaste.com/04E7VR509:23
k1lmaxx: policy should link to 500 from 500 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-security/main amd64 Packages09:23
k1lmaxx: did you just install that ubuntu? is this a desktop?09:24
maxxk1l, this is an old installed. installed few months back.. inside virtualbox09:25
k1lmaxx: i would try a "sudo apt-get -f install" now. and see if that helps to resolve the issue.09:25
zherlocktatertots: Looks like when I start a vm first, I do get vboxnet0 and IP on it and thereafter I can start dhcp server on it09:25
maxxi tried to update it today and ran into these problems09:25
maxxk1l, ok09:25
maxxk1l, i get this "E: The package linux-headers-4.4.0-59-generic needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it." for sudo apt-get -f install09:26
cuddlecan someone suggest a music streamin app for ubuntu that is lightweight09:26
k1lmaxx: but i still dont get why its linking to those mixed dependencies. especially not listening the security repo updates in the policy09:26
cuddlethat either streams icloud or youtube09:27
k1lmaxx: is that a desktop? or server install? did you install some .deb packages manually?09:27
maxxk1l, its a desktop installed in virtualbox.. no i did not install from any .deb packages manually09:28
k1lmaxx: i really strange, that it doesnt list any repo at those apt-cache policy outputs you showed09:28
maxxk1l,  oh09:29
k1lmaxx: that is what it looks like for my 16.04 install http://termbin.com/5s3w09:29
k1lmaxx: can you try to change to the main servers in system-settings -> software and updates09:30
maxxk1l, can you show in some other paste site. termbin is banned here09:30
k1lmaxx: http://dpaste.com/26TEJXC09:30
maxxk1l, yes i have chose main server09:31
k1lthen please run sudo apt update again09:31
k1l(the paste you showed had the us servers in use)09:31
maxxk1l, yeah i chose it as soon as i got problems yeah trying to run apt update again09:32
maxxk1l, my current apt update- http://dpaste.com/1JJ7M1X09:33
k1lmaxx: "apt-cache policy linux-headers-generic" and see if that changed to the output before09:36
maxxk1l, yes it has changed now to this - http://dpaste.com/1H0GRHP09:37
k1lmaxx: now run "sudo apt full-upgrade"09:37
k1lmaxx: seems like that is a 32bit install and the mirror you were using didnt have 32bit packages.09:38
maxxk1l, linux-generic : Depends: linux-headers-generic (= but is installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try using -f.09:38
maxxk1l, yes its a 32bit install09:38
chosigHehe, did the Ubuntu-Mate automated "no hand" install, ended up with a 6.4Gb / and 17GB swap and 1TB /home09:41
k1lmaxx: sudo apt install --reinstall linux-headers-generic09:41
allagahello guys)))09:42
maxxk1l, yeah doing it. dont know why the progress is stuck at 7 %09:46
maxxfinally it progressed :D09:47
maxxk1l, its done. should i now run "sudo apt full-upgrade" ?09:48
resc_040b11_2593hi, someone here who would like to help?09:48
resc_040b11_2593 i am not able to boot windows. i have it in the boot menu but when i choose it, it tells me to repair with wind7dvd. but this does not work at all09:49
=== resc_040b11_2593 is now known as DJrime
zherlockThanks for rubberduck / help all in here. I got it all working by simply doing a rc.local for now to start everything :)09:53
maxxk1l, upgrade done. thank you :)10:03
k1lmaxx: np10:03
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marekw2143I've got a laptop with touchpad, and while typing on the keyboard my hands are on touchpad10:16
marekw2143and then mouse pointer moves - I've heard there are some tools to activate touchpad after some time of not typing on keyboard10:16
marekw2143do you kow of any?10:17
busylittlebeehow do i use rxvt font name10:21
busylittlebeewhere is the files for legal names10:22
wafflejockmarekw2143, you can modify the sensitivity typically or turn on palm detection on many touchpads10:22
wafflejockmarekw2143, are you familiar with the terminal?10:22
busylittlebeei use terminus i did xft:terminus:size=20 but it's an error?10:22
busylittlebeeso what's the actual name/?10:22
marekw2143wafflejock, a bit10:23
marekw2143wafflejock, I've just found answer here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/773595/how-can-i-disable-touchpad-while-typing-on-ubuntu-16-04-syndaemon-isnt-working10:24
busylittlebeehello? guys is do you want t oclarify??10:24
busylittlebeefor termius and other fonts what are the exact names allowed even a small letter vs a  capital lletter can make a big difference , so where can i see the fonts anf their official names?10:25
wafflejockmarekw2143, cool yeah those look like decent options one of them suggests xinput if you use that can list all the options and adjust things https://stevenkohlmeyer.com/fixing-palm-detect-ubuntu-14-04/ shows some steps to do that and setup a startup script10:25
wafflejockbusylittlebee, fc-list according to http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14186428/how-to-get-a-valid-font-name-on-linux-system-which-can-be-used-in-xresources-co10:28
MonkeyDustbusylittlebee  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts10:31
samratulangii want to ask something, can you help me?10:46
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:46
samratulangi i accidentally change password in etc/mysql/debian.cnf , and now i've got an error when install phpmyadmin10:46
samratulangithat made me stuck : After this operation, 0 B of additional disk space will be used. Setting up phpmyadmin (4:4.6.3-1) ... Determining localhost credentials from /etc/mysql/debian.cnf: succeeded. dbconfig-common: writing config to /etc/dbconfig-common/phpmyadmin.conf granting access to database phpmyadmin for phpmyadmin@localhost: already exists. creating database phpmyadmin: already exists. populating database via sql...  error10:47
samratulangiis that forum can help begineer like me?10:48
samratulangi"linux for human being" >> just a motto :(10:50
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selvodkaneed help http://i.imgur.com/klso0zX.jpg11:09
=== selvodka is now known as selkvodka
selkvodkaneed help pls http://i.imgur.com/klso0zX.jpg11:10
selkvodkashould just do a clean install ?11:11
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drvanonI tried to install a newly written service on systemd but now when I run: sudo systemd I get "Trying to run as user instance, but $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set." and when I use sudo systemd <anything at all> I get the error: Excess arguments.11:13
popeyselkvodka: looks like either sata cable or hard drive failure11:14
=== parallels is now known as es2ng
selkvodkapopey, so a clean install ?11:15
selkvodkai am able to login tty111:17
akhilqhi anone help me to connect raspberrypi to ubuntu with out router11:21
ikoniaakhilq: should just work, however, you may need a cross-over ethernet cable if your network cards don't handle the cross-over11:22
selkvodkaikonia, should a clean install work http://i.imgur.com/klso0zX.jpg11:22
ikoniaselkvodka: ?11:23
selkvodkahow to fix it ?11:23
ikoniaselkvodka: fix what ? sorry I'm missing context11:23
akhilqhi  ikonia i have cross over ethernet cable in my hand11:23
ikoniayou've just asked "should a clean install work"11:23
ikoniaakhilq: that useful11:23
ikoniaakhilq: try it without first11:23
ikoniaselkvodka: that looks like a failig hard disk or the controller it sits on11:24
selkvodkaso ?11:24
ikoniaselkvodka: so what ?11:24
akhilq cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases this command returns some hexa decimal numbers11:24
ikoniaselkvodka: sorry, I may bemissing part of the context here11:24
selkvodkaformating should work ?11:25
ikoniaselkvodka: not if it's failing11:25
selkvodkabut it could ?11:25
selkvodkai am able to login tty111:25
ikoniaselkvodka: no11:25
ikoniaselkvodka: not if it's failing11:25
akhilq cat /var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases this command returns some hexa decimal numbers11:25
ikoniaakhilq: why are oyu doing that ?11:26
akhilqto find ip address11:26
ikoniaakhilq: you don't need to find one11:26
ikoniaakhilq: it's point to point, not on a network11:26
ikoniaakhilq: just set an IP on one, and the IP+1 on the other11:26
akhilqsorry i am a begginner to bo please th pi and linux tell me how11:27
ikoniaakhilq: so just assign a network address (for example to one device, then assign the next one up, ( to the other device11:28
ikoniaakhilq: if you are just connecting them with a cable, they should see each other11:28
ubuntu-studioubuntu live flash drive is lagging af when i boot it in persistent mode is there a way to fix this?11:28
akhilqif i need to find ip address of raspberry pi how i do that?11:29
ikoniaakhilq: you set it11:29
cfhowlettubuntu-studio, do a proper install to the HDD11:30
ikoniaakhilq: you don't need to "find it"11:30
akhilq<ikonia> thanks am trying11:30
ubuntuIs it possible to run the latest unity on 16.04 LTS?11:34
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest91285
cfhowlett!lastest | ubuntu-studio11:34
dudejican i use genome 3 in ubuntu 16.04 LTS ? is it stable with 16.04?11:35
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.11:35
cfhowlett!newest | ubuntu11:35
EriC^^dudeji: yes11:35
ubottuubuntu: please see above11:35
Guest91285how is this an answer?11:35
ikoniaGuest91285: I'll give you a clearer answer11:36
ubuntu-studiocfhowlett installation to hdd this is not an option for me for some reasons at the moment, i have 8gb ddr3 ram and a intel i5 are there some boot options that could fix the lag?11:36
ikoniaGuest91285: Ubuntu only ships packages that it considers stable and supportable, while you can get packages or manual builds elsewhere to run any version you want or have the skill to build, there is no promise of compatability or stability on your ubuntu host11:37
cfhowlettubuntu-studio, first option: lighten the load.  unity is a hungry beast.  install lxde or xfce4 and use that instead11:37
Guest91285ikonia: i have added ppa for my ati radeon card that solved my tearing issues but I have nto found a ppa that has the unity updates11:37
ikoniaGuest91285: re-read what I said11:38
dudejiafter installing genome , does all  programs installed in system be available there also ?"11:38
ikoniadudeji: gnome is just the desktop11:38
Guest91285ikonia: i read it - so ppa's are not supported here?11:38
cfhowlett!ppa | Guest9128511:38
ubottuGuest91285: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:39
ikoniaGuest91285: no, they are supported by the PPA owners/maintainers11:39
wafflejockdudeji, you can get Ubuntu Gnome or you can install gnome desktop environment along side other desktop environments11:39
Guest91285what happend to the straightforward answers, gosh who is going to read that much?11:39
Guest91285alright thanks ikonia11:39
ikoniaGuest91285: it's important you understand about the software sources you are using, thats why it's a few lines of text11:40
dudejii think genome look cool than unity :p thats why i want to install11:40
wafflejockthought it was pretty concise ikonia :)11:40
ubuntu-studiocan i use the "toram" option together with persistent mode?11:45
dudejiany theme which gives transparent look in ubuntu11:51
ikoniadudeji: it's key to be clear "theme for what" as there are many components that make up a desktop11:51
k1ldudeji: look at gnome-look or such11:51
k1l!theme | dudeji11:52
ubottududeji: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy11:52
ikoniadudeji: (I don't know of themes by the way, just for people ho may know it's important to know what they are looking for)11:52
k1land yes, you need to look out for themes specific to you desktop in use.11:52
dudejiI am looking to impress my gf with some cool look in ubuntu she loves windows for no reason :p11:52
ikoniadudeji: I"m not sure thats really going to help anything11:53
FManmake it really pretty with flowers and turn it pink11:53
ikoniadudeji: people can like windows because it works for them or is a better fit for their needs, a fancy theme won't make it more useable for someone else11:53
dudejicurrently I am using unity 7 so if i install genome it should not affect any program installed in unity and they will be available both places correct ?11:55
ikoniadudeji: they will be available, there are very few components that are desktop specific11:55
Dreamank1l btrfs more stable with ext4 i reinstall alpha ubuntu error and renstall 16.1011:57
k1lDreaman: no. btrfs ist not more stable than ext411:57
glitchdhaving trouble getting dvd decrypter to work correctly in wine, anyone have any advice?11:57
ikoniaglitchd: talk to the wine guys11:58
ikoniaglitchd: they will know the situation/support of individual apps11:58
k1lDreaman: and for ubuntu alpha/beta please use the #ubuntu+1 channel11:58
Dreamank1l  i use and see11:58
Dreamannikolov@ubuntu-ivan:~$ inxi -F11:59
DreamanSystem:    Host: ubuntu-ivan Kernel: 4.9.3-040903-generic x86_64 (64 bit)11:59
Dreaman           Desktop: Unity 7.5.0  Distro: Ubuntu 16.1011:59
Dreamani use stable with new kernel11:59
cfhowlettdreaman please use pastebinit!12:00
ikoniaDreaman: not a good idea by default,12:00
yellow_viperI'm trying to send mail via php using a wp plugin. I'm getting a message sent successfully. My logs say it's sent OK and accepted by the google server..But the mail isn't showing up? > http://pastebin.com/6uVdcA6f12:00
glitchdcfhowlett, would you by chance have any experience with dvd decrypter?12:00
cfhowlettglitchd, none, thus my silence.  talk to wine folk12:01
glitchdcfhowlett, alrighty, thx12:01
ikoniayellow_viper: so google would be the people you need to talk to12:01
ikoniayellow_viper: at that point it's left your ubuntu box and is in the google mail relay setup12:02
yellow_viperhmm :/12:02
Dreamanhttps://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23797688/  cfhowlett  :)12:02
yellow_viperHow the hell do you publish google forms now?12:24
cfhowlettyellow_viper, supported and explained on ... google12:25
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SircleHow to run a command at ever boot? I want to do sudo chmod 777 /dev/kvm12:34
MonkeyDustSircle  first, careful with 77712:35
SircleMonkeyDust: ok12:35
MonkeyDustSircle  anyone can do anything, also excluding you12:35
yellow_viperSircle: chron job?12:36
ubottucron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto12:36
Sircleyellow_viper:  how will I give sudo password to it?12:36
yellow_viperSircle: http://askubuntu.com/questions/173924/how-to-run-a-cron-job-using-the-sudo-command12:36
guest112233Hi. Any idea whay i can not open ubuntu software?12:38
guest112233i open it and it's closing directly12:38
FManmy guess is that it malfunctions somehow12:39
yellow_viperno way to publish google form publicly :/12:39
yellow_vipergoogle makes some terrible design decisions12:39
yellow_viperinbox for example12:39
guest112233FMan, thank you m8. :)12:40
FManyou are welcome12:40
cfhowlettyellow_viper,  not an ubuntu issue and off-topic so please continue in #ubuntu-offtopic12:40
yellow_viperchachasmooth: woops, sorry I thought this was my social channel.12:40
vltHello. I’m using Ubuntu and the MATE dektop. I wrote a script that works fine when executed from a terminal window. How can I create a starter button on the desktop that will basically do the same?12:43
MonkeyDustvlt  you have to create a .desktop file12:43
MonkeyDustvlt  this is a basic .desktop file12:45
MonkeyDustvlt  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23797838/12:45
vltMonkeyDust: I did: http://termbin.com/cla712:45
vltMonkeyDust: The problem is it behaves differently:12:46
MonkeyDustvlt  is it executable12:47
vltMonkeyDust: My script runs a vncserver. When run from terminal window manually, everything works fine,12:47
MonkeyDustvlt  there are twe 'Icon' lines in the file12:48
vltbut run from that starter icon the vncserver session "looses" x-window-manager as soon as the script finishes.12:49
vltMonkeyDust: That .desktop file was created by right click -> new starter ...12:49
vltThe second Icon line is for i18n, I guess.12:50
vltBut that doesn’t seem to be the problem here.12:50
SircleMonkeyDust:  yellow_viper  thanks but crontab isnt just working>.. https://pastebin.mozilla.org/896313212:50
tomreynmake the desktop file redirect your scripts' output to a file12:50
xphereshello I'm tryingin to install a .deb program and the library libqt5core5a version 5.5 is missing12:51
xphereslast version I have is 5.4 and I can not update12:51
vlttomreyn: How (and why)?12:51
xphereshow can I update the library?12:51
SircleMonkeyDust:  yellow_viper  the ls -la is at bottom https://pastebin.mozilla.org/896313412:51
FManyour cron probably doesn't have permission to chmod a file owned by root12:52
MonkeyDustSircle  what FMan says, try   sudo crontab -e12:53
SircleFMan:  the cronis is run by sudo crontab -e as mentioned on line 1 of my paste12:54
SircleMonkeyDust:  ^12:54
tomreynvlt: i don't understand what exactly you mean by "the vncserver session 'looses' x-window-manager", but since it behaves differently when you run it from a terminal and when you run it from the desktop file, it might be good to log the scripts' output to see whether there is any hint provided as to why it malfunctions.12:54
xphereshere is my screenshot:
FManI think the actual cron job is run by user 'cron' or sth, and it is probably not in your sudoers...12:54
xpheressorry it is in german but basically says my libqt5core is outdated12:55
tomreynvlt, to redirect output of an example command "mycommand" to a file "/tmp/myfile", you run it as: mycommand &> /tmp/myfile12:55
akishi all. i am running xubuntu 16.04.1 and i am using faenza icons for years (with earlier xubuntu distros). Is there any similar (faenza like) icons set available to be recommended?12:55
FManhave you done apt-get update && apt-get upgrade?12:55
tomreynvlt: i.e. change the command you run in your desktop file accordingly.12:55
xpherescan anyone remind my how was the command to install a deb file with missing dependencies?12:57
tomreynvlt: assiming your default shell is bash, you may also want to add this as first line in your script to make it behave similar to your terminal: #!/bin/bash12:58
tomreynxpheres: have you been told this is a bad thing to do, yet? and are you aware there are probably better ways to achieve the same?12:58
xpherestomreyn I don't know how to solve it and that's why I'm asking12:59
xpheresI tried to search for the solution myself first12:59
tomreynxpheres: what's the package you are trying to install, and which ubuntu version are you on?12:59
xpheresI just want to install a software and the dependencies are not fulfilled12:59
xpheresI'm trying to install polyphone 1.8 a soundfont editor13:00
SircleFMan: MonkeyDust yellow_viper https://pastebin.mozil13:00
xpheresmy ubuntu is13:00
tomreynxpheres: lsb_release -sd13:01
xpheresUbuntu 15.10 Release:15.10 Codename:wily13:01
cfhowlett!info polyphone13:01
ubottuPackage polyphone does not exist in yakkety13:01
tomreynxpheres: this ubuntu verison is no longer supported, you need to upgrade13:01
xpheresI think I did upgrade recently13:01
MonkeyDustxpheres  your ubuntu version is dead13:01
xpheressudo apt-get upgrade?13:01
FMantry a little harder with the pasting :)13:01
cfhowlettxpheres, 15.10 is dead and completely unsupported13:02
MonkeyDustSircle  dead link13:02
cfhowlett!eolupgrade | xpheres,13:02
ubottuxpheres,: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades13:02
SircleFMan: MonkeyDust yellow_viper  https://pastebin.mozilla.org/896313513:03
FManI missed the original, why do you have to use a cron to change file permissions?13:03
FManmaybe the permissions on /dev/kvm cannot be changed?13:05
=== me is now known as Guest41933
SircleFMan:  it auto rechanges . dont know why13:05
FManwell, I guess you could try to install Windows 1013:05
FManmaybe search the webs for the cause13:06
FMansorry, I am unable to help13:06
vlttomreyn: Thank you. I’ll try to add #!/bin/bash13:16
BluesKajHi folks13:21
k3asd`hi BluesKaj13:24
BluesKajhi k3asd`13:25
marekw2143syndaemon, when ran as follows:13:26
marekw2143syndaemon -i 1.0 -d -K13:26
marekw2143then seems to work fine for some time, but after some some time touchpad is active whiile typing on keyboard13:26
marekw2143anyone can tel me why ?13:27
TuxCrazycan we install Cinnamon DE on Ubuntu?13:36
cfhowlettTuxCrazy, yes13:36
TuxCrazygreat. Then, there is no need for Linux Mint.13:37
TuxCrazyWhy there is no Cubuntu?13:38
cfhowlettTuxCrazy, ?13:38
MonkeyDustTuxCrazy  what's holding you to create it13:38
BluesKajCinnabuntu :-)13:39
TuxCrazyI don't have that technical knowledge. I am just an end user.13:39
TuxCrazyBluesKaj, yes. Cinnabuntu.13:39
oneQHey guys, i got a question about the ubuntus "Dash" menu. Can i execute bash aliases with it?13:40
TuxCrazywhat is Dash, btw?13:40
EriC^^oneQ: maybe from alt+f213:40
oneQthe menu that pops up when tapping the super key13:40
EriC^^oneQ: nah13:41
lucianohhey, is UEFI better than legacy?13:41
cfhowlettlucianoh, it's complicated13:41
TuxCrazyok. I'm using Lubuntu. Only that can be run on my old laptop.13:41
lucianohbecause if i boot with uefi it is grey the screen13:41
lucianohbut with legacy works well13:42
cfhowlettso ... problem solved then13:42
ioriaoneQ, you can try with gmrun13:42
BluesKajlucianoh, you didn't install grub to the uefi boot partition13:43
=== scottt is now known as Guest34107
lucianohblueskaj: how to do it?13:43
BluesKaj!uefi | lucianoh13:44
ubottulucianoh: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:44
BluesKajlucianoh, just use legacy. if you don't need several partitions13:44
lucianohi have lots of partition13:45
oneQioria, i guess i could just write a script to run my alias and start it with alt+f2 right?13:45
ioriaoneQ, not sure13:46
ioriaoneQ,  it works in terminal13:46
BluesKajone store your alias in bash_aliases and it will start when you login13:46
EriC^^oneQ: possibly, if you put the script in a place it picks it up13:47
EriC^^maybe it uses the standard $PATH so try /usr/local/bin13:47
ioriaoneQ,  if you just want a 'quicker launche' then F2 you can try this http://paste.ubuntu.com/23798027/  not aliase do not work13:47
EriC^^oneQ: yes it works if you put it in /usr/local/bin13:52
oneQyes thanks guys13:52
NonatoGood afternoon I am with AD (AD) user authentication problem in the stations, the ubuntu in the station only let anything install with local admin users, could someone help me? I want ubuntu to allow AD admin users to also manage.13:54
EriC^^AD ?13:55
Nonatoactive diretory13:55
EriC^^isn't that a windows thing?13:55
tatertotsNonato: they will need to be in the sudoers file13:57
TBotNikAll: Having MySQL issue. Write up at: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?p=5654815#post5654815 . Need to fix, so can continue my development.  All help appreciated!13:57
NonatoI do not know, when I try to install it it opens a window, and only the local users appear in it, even though I have logged in with an AD admin user13:57
cipher6Anyone who can offer assistance w  vim? vimtutor? (I know it's not an ubuntu specific thing, i"ll be glad to move it to a private chat)13:57
ducassecipher6: why not try #vim?13:58
tatertotsNonato: do you have IT department for the MicrosoftAD side? maybe a help desk ?13:58
cipher6ducasse: I'm trying to learn vim, hence the vimtutor13:58
l0llip0pcipher6: good luck13:59
cipher6ducasse: Sorry i misunderstood, I've been to vim, their support is....lacking, for want of a nicer term13:59
ducassecipher6: yes, #vim might be a good place to get advice on that13:59
ducassecipher6: what do you need to know?14:00
Nonatotatertots, The Ad is on a Debian server, totally works, including, I have stations that have Windows, and when installing any program it asks for an admin user, I provide the administrator and it allows to install, already in the stations Ubuntu does not leave, just want to use the users Place.14:01
cipher6ducasse: vimtutor won't read my language file and display the vimtutor help info14:02
cfhowletta question for #networking perhaps, Nonato14:03
ducasseNonato: try #ubuntu-server14:03
cfhowlett+1 ^^14:03
NonatoI do not know if it is because sudoers did not map AD users14:04
ducassecfhowlett: sounds like a localization issue, something i know almost nothing about. are there any error messages?14:04
cfhowlettNonato, had the issue, not I ducasse14:05
ducassecipher6: sounds like a localization issue, something i know almost nothing about. are there any error messages?14:05
ducassecfhowlett: bad tab expand, sorry :)14:05
cfhowlettducasse, *ithappens14:06
tatertotsNonato: did you fix your /etc/sudoers file?14:07
Nonatotatertots, Sorry, but what kind of fix is made on sudoers?14:10
cipher6ducasse: it was literally a blank vi screen with the ~'s down the left side,14:11
Nonatotatertots, I think some msg went unperceived14:11
cipher6apparently vi =/= vim =/= vimtutor and to run vi correctly on ubuntu i had to run sudo apt-get vim-gtk14:12
ducassecipher6: vim-gtk will give you a regular vim binary with more features than the normal one in addition to gvim, iirc14:14
ducassecipher6: all i can tell you is that vimtutor seems to work here, if it fails with your locale i don't know what to suggest.14:17
varazirI have mounted a NFS share to folder /mnt/nfsshare , my problem is that I can open upp that folder as long as it's mounted (when I'm not root)14:20
ducasse!permissions | varazir14:29
ubottuvarazir: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions14:29
varazirducasse: as the folder ha sthe correct permissions before I mount the NFS I don't understand14:30
ducassevarazir: user ids on the server does not match user ids on the client, probably.14:31
varazirit's a NAS14:31
varazirthe server14:31
varazirand I can't modify them14:31
ducassevarazir: then modify the permissions14:32
varazirducasse: on what, I don't change them after I have mounted14:32
varazirI can't14:32
ducassevarazir: modify them on the server, or modify the user ids on the client to match14:33
varazirducasse: can't as I said it's a NAS14:33
varazirwell could see if I can temper with the id's on the client14:33
tatertotsguess he has no administrative control over the NAS services14:34
varazirnot on that level14:34
ducassevarazir: then you must modify the user ids on the client to match the server14:35
varazirif I understand the NAS right the id for the NAS user is 114:36
tatertotsvarazir: how did you mount it?...did you mount it through the gui?14:36
varazirtatertots: added it to the fstab14:36
varazirtatertots: /mnt/music nfs rw,hard,intr,nolock 0 014:37
ducassevarazir: if this is nfs4 you might also be able to use idmapd14:39
tatertotsvarazir: only root should be able to read/write to that14:39
varazirnsf4 yes14:39
varazirgood for you sir14:40
varazirducasse: tatertots ?14:41
humoroustwoI'm having an issue where network manager is showing 'wifi network device' not managed when I return from suspension14:42
humoroustwo*'wifi network device not managed'14:43
humoroustwoI'm on 16.1014:43
BluesKajhumoroustwo, try sudo dhclient14:44
humoroustwo"RTNETLINK answers: File exists14:45
humoroustwoDisabling and reenabling networking fixes the isuse14:45
humoroustwobut obviously it's annoying to have to do that every time :)14:45
BluesKajyeah, sudo systemctl start network-manager14:46
humoroustwodoes that command just start the network manager?14:48
humoroustwoDoes it restart it?14:48
humoroustwoalso I've run it14:49
BluesKajhumoroustwo, use restart in place of start14:50
gebruikerwhat is the difference between Unity from yakkety vs that of xenial ?14:51
humoroustwoBluesKaj, is there a script that's run when the system resumes? I could add it to that if so14:52
humoroustwomay be a workaround :P14:52
BluesKajgebruiker, your question is too general14:54
gebruikerBluesKaj: i just want to know if it is worth using yakkety for unity14:55
BluesKajhumoroustwo, put the above command in a textfile and add it to startup and shutdown if your desktop has such an option14:56
ducassegebruiker: minor, if any, i think.14:56
BluesKajgebruiker, dunno i use KDE14:56
jjulianhey there i want to execute a script / change routing table on connect disconnect of wifi through wpa_supplicant, any ideas?14:57
asauskeJe viens d'installer Ubuntu xd14:59
ducasse!fr | asauske14:59
ubottuasauske: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:59
MonkeyDustgebruiker  https://tweakers.net/downloads/38787/ubuntu-1610.html15:04
coffeeguyhi when i apt-get update i get this error: AppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors.15:05
coffeeguyis that something of concern?15:05
DeeewayneHas anyone come across an issue after upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04 where the apache2 service no longer starts due to undefined symbols in authz_svn and dav_svn ?15:05
DeeewayneIt looks like downgrading subversion to version 1.7.9 might be the fix15:06
gebruikerMonkeyDust: top!15:07
BluesKajDeeewayne, perhaps the transition to systemd wasn't as smooth as expected15:14
DeeewayneBluesKaj, mod_authz_svn.so has undefined symbol dav_svn_get_repos_path2 and mod_dav_svn.so has undefined symbol dav_do_find_liveprop15:16
DeeewayneI found this for the first undefined symbol: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=78690315:17
ubottuDebian bug 786903 in libapache2-mod-svn "/usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_authz_svn.so: undefined symbol: dav_svn_get_repos_path2" [Grave,Fixed]15:17
BluesKajDeeewayne, dunno much about that, but have you updated and upgraded since moving to 16.04?  i have to ask15:19
DeeewayneBluesKaj, yes I did15:20
wafflejockDeeewayne, you try reinstalling it?15:20
wafflejockDeeewayne, sudo apt-get install --reinstall libapache2-mod-svn15:20
BluesKajDeeewayne, then I suggest you ask in #httpd first15:22
wafflejockBluesKaj, yeah just upgraded a server from 14.04 to 16.04 have a few unit files to look at/fix it looks like, nothing catastrophic though15:22
BluesKajwafflejock, ok15:22
Deeewaynewafflejock, I just (unsuccessfully) tried to downgrade to 1.7.9 of subversion; now I just reinstalled the latest and it might be fixed.  confirming15:23
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RageButtholeanyone here on github want to do me a super low effort favor?15:45
=== giraffe is now known as Guest23983
poco_(Kubuntu 16.04) Despite having Chrome selected as my default browser, whenever I click on links, for example in hexchat, Firefox opens. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?15:57
heshghi... i want to back up my system using rsync to a sd card. out of the blister pack the sd card is vfat. should i reformat to a native linux type like ext415:58
yeatspoco_: try 'sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser15:59
=== cmdshftn_ is now known as cmdshftn
poco_yeats, Chrome is selected. good idea though15:59
ducasseheshg: if you want to preserve permissions etc, then yes.16:07
heshgducasse: thank you for your reply. it will be done16:08
ducasseheshg: i think you need to use rsync -a to actually save permissions, check the man page16:10
heshgducasse: actually i'll be using rsnapshot16:10
=== moz is now known as Guest16617
WuWui need a little help with wmv playback on ubuntu 16.0416:14
WuWui have install vlc but my wmv files refuses to play16:14
WuWui've also install ubuntu extras16:15
BlueSharkWuWu: other files play?16:17
WuWuhas me stumped16:18
WuWuwhen i play with videos app it says "the stream is encrypted and the decyrtion is not supported". when i play it in vlc  it cause the system to hang and i need to reboot16:20
tatertotsWuWu: are the wmv files protected by any form of DRM?16:25
ducasseWuWu: encrypted wmv files are unsupported on linux16:26
tatertotsWuWu: looks like you'll be using windows to enjoy those window media video files after all16:26
WuWuthere must be a way16:27
Southern_Gentlemtry vlc if not vlc will tell you if they drm16:28
WuWuit just causes system to hang and become unresponsive i have to reboot16:28
ducasseWuWu: there is no way, it's encrypted.16:31
WuWuwhat if i install windows media player in wine?16:31
Southern_Gentlemwell if he can find the libdvdcss then maybe16:31
alnrwhat is a good file manager that has both a tree explorer type of interface and also a preview pane?16:32
ducasseWuWu: it probably depends on a drm-protectted path to the hardware, which is only supported on windows16:32
ducasseSouthern_Gentlem: libdvdcss is to decrypt dvds, different algorithms.16:33
vuotoI need help changing console keymap in Metasploitable 2 which is Ubuntu based. I am missing all kinds of packages. Any takers?16:36
ducassevuoto: we only support ubuntu, try your distro's support channel16:37
vuotoducasse: Thank you for your answer16:37
ducassevuoto: we have no idea what repos they use etc, so we can't help.16:38
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=== b0be is now known as bobe
adacHow can I stream a video from command line to my upnp server?16:58
guillaume___hi, i'm using last nvidia drivers on ubuntu 16.04. I have a little problem of flickering in certain occasions and wanted to check the nvidia-settings, but when i try to launch it i have this error Inconsistency detected by ld.so16:58
vijuCan I connect I use vpnclient on ubuntu to connect to the network?17:02
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=== lethu_ is now known as lethu
ducasseadac: a single video? check the docs for cvlc, the command-line version of vlc17:06
ducasseadac: wait, your upnp _server_? you want that to stream it to clients?17:07
=== CoolGirl is now known as minionn
=== g2 is now known as g2[Falcs]
adacducasse, actually my tv has a rasberry pi connected, on which an Upnp server is running17:09
adacand I now wnat to stream from my laptop to the tvp17:09
inhahe_I'm running Ubuntu under VMware in Windows. I had to uninstall open-vm-tools to install vmware-tools in order to enable directory sharing between linux and Windows. But doing that broke my ability to paste from the Windows clipboard to the terminal. How do I get it back?17:09
ducasseadac: the rpi plays videos on the tv?17:10
inhahe_Actually I just realized i can still paste if i click on 'paste' in the vmware menu17:10
inhahe_I just used to be able to do it without having to do that17:10
adacactually yes. I want to send my videos from my notebook to the pi, which has an Upnp server running17:10
ducasseadac: if your rpi plays the videos it's a client, not a server. but still, see my first response.17:11
inhahe_and pasting with a keyboard layout set in Ubuntu other than qwerty doesn't work very well..17:12
adacducasse, hmm ok I see. I maybe misinterpreted this then17:13
l0llip0pSebthreeBQM10HD: hi17:19
apestatevoid's wiki has been compromised https://wiki.voidlinux.eu/Special:RecentChanges17:19
l0llip0papestate: compromised? what do you mean?17:21
l0llip0papestate: I mean what does the word mean17:21
mguyChrome crashed and then my terminal started display garbage for the results of 'ps aux', then I rebooted and was presented with a grub prompt17:32
mguyI booted to liveusb and my ssd shows up as Contents unkown17:33
wab00sehow to get Google Chrome with I have 32 bit not 6417:34
xanguawab00se: you don't17:35
dontknowwab00se, i think chrome doesn't support 32 bit anymore17:35
diogenes_wab00se, but you ca get slimjet which is pretty much google chrome17:35
xanguaSince like a year or more17:35
wab00seok thanks17:36
ekarlsohow can one avoid ERR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC_ALERT?17:37
ekarlsogetting it from some ilos17:38
ducassewab00se: chromium still has 32-bit builds, iirc, if those have not also been discontinued17:38
craptalkplease help i have this  error "The System Running In Low Graphics Mode’" after update17:40
craptalki got few desktop managers installed, does it cause the problem when updating17:41
RaulwynnI'm trying to install duck launcher on xubuntu. It keeps telling me "Unable to locate package duck-launcher"17:42
craptalkRaulwynn: it could mean that the name of your package is not correct17:43
ducasseRaulwynn: i can't find any such package, where did you get the name?17:44
madd_stepRaulwynn: sudo apt update17:44
madd_stepRaulwynn: make sure you added the correct repo: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:the-duck/launcher17:45
craptalkdid you google it?17:45
=== Richard_Cavell_ is now known as Richard_Cavell
RaulwynnLet me go back to the url17:45
RaulwynnSorry about that craptalk ducasse, http://www.noobslab.com/2014/05/duck-launcher-is-unity-like-dock-for.html17:45
craptalkcan anyone help me please?17:45
Dako300what's your question, craptalk?17:46
craptalkplease help i have this error "The System Running In Low Graphics Mode’" after update17:46
Dako300what's your graphics card?17:46
craptalkcurrently running ubuntu latest LTS version17:46
craptalki am reinstalling the driver17:47
craptalkfew things i have done17:47
Dako300How old is it?17:47
Dako300Or, better yet, what's the name of the card? nVidia is known for being terrible with Linux support17:47
craptalkhmm, i am sorry i am wrong, it is built in graphic17:48
Dako300Do you know the name of the internal graphics?17:48
craptalkintel or something?17:48
craptalkmust be17:49
Dako300Do you have shell access?17:49
Dako300on that machine specifically17:49
craptalki have, but now is reinstalling the driver17:49
craptalkwhat is the command to check?17:49
Dako300okay, can you post the output of "lspci | grep VGA"17:49
Dako300That tells us the specific make and model of your iGPU17:50
=== Carlo is now known as Guest55146
Dako300(assuming it is using it currently)17:50
Dako300craptalk: is this a laptop or a desktop? Some powersaving features on the laptops aren't well supported under Linux17:53
craptalkDako300: intel graphic 2nd generation17:54
craptalkthats the output of your command17:54
MOUDHey all17:54
RaulwynnCan I safely delete my /usr/games folder?17:54
craptalkDako300: laptop17:54
Raulwynnand how do I run that in terminal (if I can.)17:55
OerHeksIt depends how you installed the nvidia driver, manually from the site = reinstall after any kernel update17:55
Dako300So the laptop is using Intel graphics currently, but it also has a nVidia chip inside of it, but that isn't used right now (for powersaving or default), is that right?17:55
craptalkafter i purge it all, i do the sudo apt-get install nvidia-current17:55
craptalkDako300: has NVIDIA chip? does built in graphic card still have it??17:56
craptalki confused, but when i did that, it used to be solved17:57
MOUDWhat is .xseession-erros?17:57
abhi_Hi, is there a way to repair grub without a live cd17:57
abhi_[17:57] <abhi_> Hi, is there a way to repair grub without a live cd ??17:58
Dako300craptalk: a lot of old laptops that use nVidia graphics cards also have Intel integrated graphics, and the driver switches between them to save power. This has terrible support and is a big problem17:58
Raulwynnabhi, You hold shift when your computer boots17:58
RaulwynnIt will pull up grub (sometimes depending on your settings)17:58
abhi_already tried, its somehow gone missing17:58
abhi_windows loads auto17:58
abhi_even though ubuntu partition exists17:59
diogenes_abhi_, have you tried updating grub?17:59
RaulwynnYou'll have to either A) use windows software inside windows to re-enable it, or B) use a live CD17:59
MOUDabhi_, I used this tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair17:59
ducasse!fixgrub | abhi_17:59
ubottuabhi_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub217:59
craptalkDako300: i see17:59
EriC^^abhi_: which laptop model?18:00
craptalkkinda annoyed me so much when it comes to graphic card problem18:00
EriC^^abhi_: press f9 when the pc boots, then choose ubuntu18:00
Dako300craptalk: what's the laptop model?18:00
craptalksome graphic card doesnt do well on linux18:00
EriC^^abhi_: is it a fresh install?18:00
abhi_MOUD can I run it from windows ?18:00
craptalkLenovo G47018:01
Dako300craptalk: the nouveau drier works pretty well in my (limited) experience. I use an AMD 6450 and I haven't had any problems18:01
diogenes_lenovo is useless18:01
MOUDabhi_, no, only on linux18:02
abhi_EriC^^ i had dualbooted win 10 and ubuntu and I was testing my recovery options and on next boot win 10 sstrted loading automatically18:02
craptalkDako300: well i think nouveau driver was the last time before updating, now it sucks so much18:02
EriC^^abhi_: ok try that, when ubuntu boots type "sudo grub-install" then "sudo update-grub"18:02
MOUDis it safe to delete .xsession-errors? if so, where is located?18:02
EriC^^MOUD: it's in ~/.xsession-errors usually18:03
EriC^^it's ok to remove18:03
MOUDEriC^^, it's taking over 13GB18:03
abhi_EriC^^ how am I supposed to do it, I have only windows access currently, grub isnt dshowing itself18:03
EriC^^abhi_: press f9 when the pc boots18:04
EriC^^you'll get a boot options screen18:04
EriC^^MOUD: what error is it putting there?18:04
craptalkin some reference, they solved the problem by removing /var/lib/lightdm/.Xauthority, is the lightdm already a culprit?18:04
inhahe_i'm getting the message 'you are using pip version 8.1.1, however version 9.0.1 is available. you should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command.   but i did that already and i still get the message.18:04
abhi_I get boot device options on pressing f918:04
netcrimeHello. I really love Fiddler on Windows for easy UI (dont like wireshark) Can you recommend something similar to Fiddler on Ubuntu 16.04 ?18:05
OerHekscraptalk, wrong reference, ~/.Xauthority is in your homefolder18:05
EriC^^abhi_: is there "ubuntu" there?18:05
abhi_ALso where did you find so quickly the f9 key ?18:05
craptalkOerHeks: okay, then might it be the problem?18:05
EriC^^abhi_: i have 2 hp laptops18:06
abhi_Will have to chk it.18:06
abhi_I will hv to chk if ubuntu is there18:06
MOUDEriC^^, I have no idea. I just received a "low disk space" icon near the clock18:06
OerHekscraptalk,  you could try to remove it and login again, it is indeed a known issue after updates, but not for all of us18:06
EriC^^MOUD: try "tail ~/.xsession-errors"18:07
Frigid_CryotankI'm trying to do some i2c interface programming under ubuntu... having a tough time.  pulled the sources for i2cdetect (it's out of i2c-tools) and examined how that program accesses the i2c bus.18:07
=== Frigid_Cryotank is now known as MarkB2
MarkB2sorry about that.18:08
MOUDEriC^^, I don't have tail installed18:08
MarkB2I find that the i2c-tools user-land routines are using a collection of functions that have the word "smbus" in them.18:08
MarkB2I'm familiar with smbus.18:08
RaulwynnI am having a hard time getting this installed https://github.com/the-duck/launcher18:09
MarkB2But I can't find the header file containing the smbus* routines.18:09
EriC^^MOUD: try "head -n40 ~/.xsession-errors"18:09
MarkB2Rather smbus function declarations.18:09
EriC^^MOUD: sudo apt-get install --reinstall coreutils  (to install tail)18:10
EriC^^MOUD: are you sure tail isn't installed? try ls -l /usr/bin/tail18:10
MOUDEriC^^, it is, I wrote "trail" instead of tail, my bad18:10
RaulwynnIs xubuntu debian?18:11
OerHeksRaulwynn,  [Unmaintained] ... good luck with that, 2 year old project18:11
EriC^^Raulwynn: it's ubuntu with the xfce de, so yes18:11
MOUDEriC^^, http://pastebin.com/dpqky2LF18:11
RaulwynnOkay, maybe someone on here could help me then. I hate whiskers. I cant remove my icon and shutoff settings at the top, I can't make the background transparent, and I can't hide the categories panel. I want a launcher that will pop an empty box up with hotkey and only show programs when I start typing18:13
RaulwynnIs there a way to edit the programs code? If so, how? I have literally zero programming knowledge.18:13
abhi_guys, any idea about this error at boot, platform MSFT0101:00: failed to claim resource 118:13
jjulianhow and when to start wpa_cli in associtation with wpa_supplicant?18:14
EriC^^MOUD: no idea, is that the error msg that keeps repeating always? try tail -40 ~/.xsession-errors18:14
jjulianpre-up and post up does not seem to work.18:14
MOUDEriC^^, the only error message that I get is from a calendar program18:16
MOUDEriC^^, http://pastebin.com/vCRCbZmA18:17
SebthreeBQM10HDRaulwynn, with which interface?18:18
=== afru_ is now known as workfro
EriC^^MOUD: no idea, you could do "> ~/.xsession-errors" to empty it if you want and see how it goes18:19
MOUDEriC^^, I just deleted both files. There was a .xsession-errors.old too :/18:19
EriC^^that works too18:19
MOUDEriC^^, thanks for the help :)18:19
EriC^^no problem :)18:20
ducasseRaulwynn: how do you expect to edit code if you can't program? what are you after - a basic dock?18:21
Raulwynnducasse, I want an empty box that will populate programs (maybe files) when I start typing.18:22
RaulwynnLike unity but a small box in the corner and more material type theme18:22
ducasseRaulwynn: where you can search for installed programs and launch them?18:22
* ninisama someone knows how i can use xdebug though nano in the cli?18:23
ducasseRaulwynn: maybe rofi would suit you, it's not visible except when you press the hotkey18:23
Raulwynnducasse, I like dmenu if you've seen it but I want it to show the name and not the installed package I.E., Google Chrome instead of google-chrome-stable. I'm looking up rofi right now18:25
ducasseRaulwynn: then you want the 'drun' mode of rofi, check the man page.18:25
ducasseRaulwynn: you can get dmenu to do that as well, i have that on i3 but i much prefer rofi so that's what i actually use.18:26
morsnowskiI'm on 16.04 gnome-flashback and for some reson I'm unable to set a desktop background. It's stays black whatever I try18:27
RaulwynnI am watching videos on rofi it seems a little intensive.18:27
morsnowskianyone an idea what that is?18:27
ducasseRaulwynn: that's because it can be used for almost anything - what you want is built-in, ready to use. just install with apt and go.18:28
gebruikeranyone know where I can get themes for ubuntu unity?18:29
Raulwynnducasse, I'm willing to learn. The videos do a piss-poor job. Where can I find documentation on how to use it?18:29
ducasseRaulwynn: the man page is very good.18:29
ducasseRaulwynn: what you want is 'rofi -show drun'18:30
ducasseRaulwynn: just bind that to a hotkey18:30
RaulwynnLet me install. I may have some questions for you.18:31
ducasseRaulwynn: i'm heading out in a few minutes, but will be back in 20 minutes or so.18:31
Raulwynnducasse, Okay18:33
RaulwynnHere's a question. I have a hotkey bound to a program (Lets say chrome) how can I make it where if the program is opened and i hit the hotkey again, it will close all open instance of the application18:37
ninisamasomeone knows how i can use xdebug though nano in the cli?18:38
Dako300Raulwynn: you can probably use a combination of ps, grep, and kill18:43
wedgieor pkill.18:49
Dako300howdy ventri18:50
Ventricomo andan gente?18:50
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Phaneswhy does sudo want to do localhost name resolution18:56
=== beaver_ is now known as beaver
gebruikerunity feels like one of the most stable Desktop Environments I have been playing with18:58
* MarkB2 is going to luse his mind dealing with the various incarnations of i2c functions.18:59
MarkB2First there is wiringPi.18:59
MarkB2Then there is Intel's MRAA.18:59
MarkB2And finally there is the Real Deal: smbus functions.19:00
Dako300gebruiker: I've been using i3 for about a year now, and I haven't had a single problem with it19:00
enon__hi , on ubuntu 16.04 can I get grub to support usb flash drive startup on a machine that doesn't support usb boots?19:00
Dako300enon__: I think super grub disk might be able to handle that19:00
gebruikerDako300: man i3 - is that the keyboard designed wm?19:00
=== VerbalHologram is now known as lasersaber
Dako300enon__: I think you can do it with grub if you reconfigure grub with the USB drive in, but I haven't tried it yet19:01
Dako300gebruiker: yes. I especially like it on my laptop since I don't have much screen real-estate19:02
b100swhen i use ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop with separated monitor i prefer to sort windows by virtual desktops by set it through compiz; when i switch to laptop own monitor i have problem(even when i switch back) - windows has reorder : (19:02
b100swhat can i do to fix it and always see my order until i reboot system19:02
monolithI'm doing a cyber security contest and am having an issue in Ubuntu19:09
monolithNot cheating, but looking for help with a specific19:09
monolithI ran "awk -F: '($3 == "0") {print}' /etc/passwd19:10
monolithOnly root should have listed, but dbowie shows as well19:10
monolithdbowie isn't listed in the gui for managing users19:10
monolithCan't remove it because it's "required by process 1"19:10
monolithand I can't kill process 1 without shutting myself out19:11
monolithWhat can I do?19:11
lasersabermonolith: ##hackers19:13
monolithI guess19:13
monolithIt's invite only19:14
lasersabertwo hashes19:14
monolithSays I'm banned?19:15
monolithWeird, I've never joined before19:15
monolithMaybe my nick was used by someone else?  Pretty sure bans are IP based though19:15
lasersaber##linux is pretty active right now19:15
monolithAlright, have to register though19:16
BlueSharkmonolith: Bans can be based on anything, including your nickname. Bans based on hostnames, IPs, and account names are common as well.19:16
=== monolith is now known as TestTestTestUniq
=== TestTestTestUniq is now known as monolith
monolithStill banned19:17
J_B0N3I am running Xubuntu and trying to configure the trackpad settings.  Using the GUI I can modify the acceleration and sensitivity settings but they do not give me the 'acceleration ramp' I would like.  I know I can configure using the synaptics conf and cli but I don't know which variables to tune.  The man pages don't provide much detail. Any help would be appreciated.19:17
BlueSharkmonolith: kiwiirc clients are banned in that channel.19:20
=== rxc is now known as Guest94820
monolithI guess its' just snobbery19:20
Noideaneed help!19:20
Dako300Noidea: with what?19:21
MikerhinosHi guys. I'm using a website to do my financial/bank account management. Recently they started to have problems with adding my auto things, like electricity bill every month etc...So it messed up my maths for the end of the months lol. Is there any good Linux software to do this thing ? I tried Homebank but it can't get categories from my .csv export file :/19:28
ducasseMikerhinos: gnucash, maybe?19:29
J_B0N3Gnucash is probably the best FOSS option.19:30
MikerhinosOk I saw it on a review but it seemed more oriented to small business, I'll give it a shot so, thx ducasse and J_B0N3 :)19:31
J_B0N3It's like a stripped-down version of quickbooks.  It's a double-entry accounting system.19:31
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=== ignacio_ is now known as i5o
sulfasalAnybody here use Flacon. I made some flac files but where are they?19:38
sulfasalNo errors reported19:40
sulfasalNevermind, found 'em ;)19:42
Morno@sulfasal: try and use the find command :) try find urfilehere19:42
geirhathat's not the right way to use find19:43
Mornohow is the right way? :P im new to some of linux commands :)19:44
neptunepinkMy system is hanging while booting. I get this last line in the console: Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount19:44
geirhaAssuming it would be somewhere under your homedir (~):  find ~ -iname "*part-of-filename*"19:45
=== i5o is now known as ignacio
iorianeptunepink, have you installed uswsusp ?19:46
neptunepinkioria: How can I tell?19:47
iorianeptunepink, dpkg -l uswsusp , if you can login to a console or via recovery19:47
neptunepinkHmm, I could chroot in.19:48
neptunepinkI'm on a USB key.19:48
ignaciodo you fit in there? jk.19:48
iorianeptunepink, it should be a bug , workarounr remove uswsusp https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/156834119:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1568341 in linux (Ubuntu) "Boot hangs at: /scripts/local-premount/uswsusp" [Low,Triaged]19:48
neptunepinkgah, 32bit key19:49
iorianeptunepink, you can also try another kernel19:49
neptunepinkThat is something I forgot to try.19:49
zerohimselfhey guys, i need some mdadm raid 5 adivce.. first time setup (and yes w/ ubuntu), am i in the right place?19:50
neptunepinkMmm, yes, I did install & have been using hibernate stuffs.19:50
iorianeptunepink, check the link i posted, and see if it suits you19:51
nicholasthani try to install linux ultimate on usb, but it doesn't boot, what might i do wrong?19:52
ppfzerohimself: sure19:53
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:53
ppfnicholasthan: how does it not boot19:54
OerHeksNickG365, linux ultimate is not an officialubuntu version, not sure they have an irc channel19:54
yeatsnicholasthan: /join #UltimateEdition19:54
zerohimselfalright, does mdadm support more than 4 usb3 devices in arrays?19:55
nicholasthani create usb bootable with dd, but when i try to boot only blinking cursor19:55
zerohimself*in a raid 5 array19:55
Dako300nicholasthan: If i'm not mistaken, not all live CD ISOs can be burned to USB and booted. What image speficially are you flashing?19:57
RaulwynnIs anyone farmilliar with awesome?19:58
tomreynzerohimself: i have never tried, but i don't see why not. it won't perform that well, though, due to the nature of USB (especially the S in USB)19:58
nicholasthanultimate edition 5.119:58
OerHeksnicholasthan,  linux ultimate is not an officialubuntu version,  /join #UltimateEdition19:58
nicholasthanSorry, thank you19:58
zerohimselfi wasn't expecting real ata speed out of the setup.. just a big NAS with redundency19:58
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OerHeksnicholasthan, tip: 'sync' after dd, might help19:59
zerohimselfon a sbc that runs ubuntu19:59
=== Guest63558 is now known as Evan_G
=== Evan_G is now known as Evan_GG
Evan_GGso, is there a fork of xchat that still has tabs of the channels on the bottom?20:00
elichai2I've asked it a few days ago but didn't get a good answer20:00
Evan_GGoh here we go20:00
elichai2how can I change the maximum open files limit to non-root users?20:00
OerHeksEvan_GG, hexchat is a fork of xchat, it has that option20:00
nicholasthanOerHeks thank you, i will try20:01
tgm4883elichai2: what answer did you get?20:01
elichai2tgm4883, "why would you need that?"20:01
Raulwynn2Does anyone have any experience with Awesome Window Manager?20:02
tgm4883elichai2: because I don't want to bother giving you the same answer...20:02
elichai2I think it's 100% ok to want to change the limit from 1024 to 819220:02
elichai2tgm4883, I meant that was the answer lol20:02
ppf!ask | Raulwynn220:02
ubottuRaulwynn2: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:02
tgm4883elichai2: oh lol20:02
neptunepinkWell, let's see if I can upgrade the USB install to 64-bit while it's running 32-bit. Could be entertaining.20:02
ducasseRaulwynn2: there's a channel for it, #awesomewm or something similar20:02
tgm4883elichai2: I'm not sure who gave you that answer, but that's dumb. In any case, are you trying to increase it for a specific user?20:03
ppfducasse: isn't that over at oftc?20:03
OerHeksneptunepink, upgrading 32 to 64 means reinstall, iirc20:03
ducasseppf: the main channel, yes20:03
neptunepinkI unplugged it too early.20:04
OerHeksneptunepink, oh you mean making an usb, that should be possible from 32 bit20:04
tgm4883elichai2: or are you trying to just do it for all users system wide?20:05
elichai2tgm4883, doesn't matter, I have only one user other than root20:05
elichai2tgm4883, that's my /etc/security/limits.conf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23800101/20:07
fribmy touchpad doesn't tap-to-click anymore.  what can I do?  Thanks for help!20:07
welcesrCan you recommend a simple gui program to convert FLAC to MP3...I am a linux noob and not yet ready to do it with complicated stuff20:08
fribwelcesr, maybe avconvert?20:08
tgm4883elichai2: that looks fine to me, although I would put a file in /etc/security/limits.d/ instead of editing limits.conf directly. Is that not working for you?20:08
welcesrfrib: will give it a look thanks20:08
elichai2tgm4883, no20:09
zerohimselfanswer from the linux raid wiki about USB: "Do NOT use these as part of your array."20:09
=== EriC^ is now known as Guest72790
tgm4883elichai2: looks like you need to edit /etc/pam.d/common-session too20:09
tgm4883elichai2: http://askubuntu.com/questions/162229/how-do-i-increase-the-open-files-limit-for-a-non-root-user20:09
elichai2ulimit -a : http://paste.ubuntu.com/23800118/20:09
welcesrfrib: is the full name just "avconvert"? Having trouble finding...but probably my fault20:09
elichai2tgm4883, common-session:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/23800120/20:10
tgm4883elichai2: I didn't have to do that for my servers at work, although they aren't ubuntu20:10
fribwelcesr, me too, seems like they changed it again20:10
welcesrfrib: aha...at least it wasnt me being an idiot THIS time20:10
ducassewelcesr: try soundconverter20:10
welcesrducasse: thanks will look20:11
tgm4883elichai2: what version of ubuntu is this?20:11
fribwelcesr, sudo apt install libav-tools20:11
welcesrfrib:  is that a gui? I know its dumb but I tend to get overwhelmed by CL stuff at this stage in my learning20:12
fribwelcesr, i believe it is only cli yes20:12
Pinkamena_Dlooking for a command line tool to convert (almost) any format input music (ogg, mp4, etc) to mp3 output. Any suggestions?20:12
tgm4883elichai2: and you've rebooted?20:12
welcesrducasse: I apparently have soundvonverter installed and was intimidted by it or something as I didnt use it..should try again I guess20:12
fribMy touchpad is no longer able to tap to click.  So annoying!  Please help! thanks20:12
welcesrfrib: any other cui suggestions?20:13
OerHekselichai2, you need to edit 2 files, /etc/security/limits.conf and /etc/pam.d/common-session* >> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21515463/how-to-increase-maximum-file-open-limit-ulimit-in-ubuntu20:13
fribwelcesr, avconv is good though, you can find examples on google.  used to be called ffmpeg i believe20:13
fribit's not very complicated20:13
elichai2tgm4883, yes20:13
ducassewelcesr: i think soundconverter is the easiest gui program you will find20:13
elichai2OerHeks, you can see i've pastebin'd these files20:13
benpiccoHi, I get libncurses5 : Depends: libtinfo5 (= 5.9+20140118-1ubuntu1) but 6.0+20160625-1ubuntu1 is to be installed. When I run apt-get -f install it wants to remove essential system packages. How do I fix this?20:14
tgm4883elichai2: odd, let me finish this battle and I'll see if I can reproduce it20:14
neptunepinkAs a consolation prize, I was able to netcat the iso over to another box.20:14
OerHekselichai2, oh, my bad, carry on20:14
fribwelcesr, avconv -i "$song" -metadata album="$1" -metadata comment="Jingle" -b 192k "$output"20:14
welcesrok next question..I have a dual install with Elementary in front of Xubuntu....looks like this http://i.imgur.com/BC2dnSh.png and I want to remove Elementary and reclaim that 127gb for my Xubuntu install...but I get confused reading about it...is there a simple way that wont break the system since Xubuntu isnt on a bootable partiation?20:14
fribEASY AS PIE20:14
elichai2tgm4883, ok20:14
Guruhey all :)20:15
=== Guru is now known as Guest32623
Guest32623is there somone who could help me with20:15
welcesrive been advised a few differing things in the past and gave up due to contradictions and confusion20:15
welcesrbut am running out of space on Xubuntu side enough I need to fix it or just start over if Ihave no choice20:16
RaulwynnHow can I disable all panels in xubuntu? It won't let me delete the last one.20:16
benpicco(fixed it by installing libtinfo5 5.9+20140118-1ubuntu1 manually)20:17
ducasseRaulwynn: iirc, the last panel can't be disabled, but ask in #xubuntu to be sure. or make it as small as possible and set to hidden?20:18
tgm4883elichai2: hmm, works fine here. Do you see any error messages in /var/log/syslog ?20:19
Guru0123i have a small concern on my Laptop could somone help me out?20:19
ducasse!ask | Guru012320:19
ubottuGuru0123: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:19
Guru0123i have dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 10 but for some reason i am not able to enter the safe mode for windows , it gives a blank page when it loads20:19
elichai2tgm4883, sorry, i'm back20:21
tgm4883elichai2: any error messages?20:21
Guru0123Is there anyone who could help me out? :)20:22
tgm4883elichai2: I just made the two changes we discussed, rebooted and it works20:22
tgm4883Guru0123: that would seem to be a Windows issue right?20:22
tgm4883elichai2: yep20:22
elichai2what should i search for in syslog?20:22
ioriaGuru0123, old thread , but you can try http://askubuntu.com/questions/135509/how-would-i-boot-into-the-ubuntu-and-windows-recovery-modes-if-i-removed-the-opt20:22
Raulwynnducasse, I'm trying to get help on the #awesome IRC and I think their servers are down or something. Even the one on their webpage is dead. Anywho, I think that xfce isn't going to work well with awesome, What would anyone suggest?20:22
elichai2tgm4883, tried on a non-rooted system?20:23
tgm4883elichai2: hmm, maybe 'grep -i err /var/log/syslog' and see if any of that looks relevant20:23
ioriaGuru0123, <f8 key, they say20:23
ducasseRaulwynn: xfce does not work well with other wms in general20:23
tgm4883elichai2: my desktop is ubuntu mate 16.1020:23
Raulwynnducasse, I realized that quite quickly20:23
RaulwynnSo what would be a good replacement for XFCE20:24
elichai2tgm4883, wow, now as I saw it I need to clean my logs lol20:24
Guru0123Loria f8 for windiws 7 , is it possible for windows 10?20:24
elichai2i have logs from July20:24
elichai2does it make sense that the latest one is from Aug?20:24
ioriaGuru0123, seems valis also foe win8... nothing to loose20:24
tgm4883elichai2: you should have stuff from today in there20:24
tgm4883elichai2: is this a standard ubuntu desktop install?20:24
ducasseRaulwynn: that depends entirely on your habits and preferences, you will need to test a few things and see.20:24
elichai2without the error grep I have stuff from today20:25
ioriaGuru0123, http://superuser.com/questions/408309/make-grub-2-boot-windows-8-safe-mode20:25
tgm4883elichai2: is this a standard ubuntu desktop install? A server install? A rented VPS?20:25
elichai2standard desktop20:26
ducasseRaulwynn: my preference is just a good wm and the individual tools i want, if you want a full de you might find lxde more to your liking.20:27
tgm4883elichai2: not sure then. my desktop isn't far from standard20:27
=== Guest94820 is now known as rxc
elichai2tgm4883, how far?20:28
Raulwynnducasse, I want tiling. I use dmode or dword (Whatever it's called)20:28
Guru0123Loria ill give a try becuase i only have one system with  ubuntu working fine but i am dead in the water of windows due to WshShell.run error, Windows\run.vbs issue which i need to enter safe mode to end that process and unistall t20:28
tgm4883elichai2: I've an updated mesa20:29
ducasseRaulwynn: then just find a tiling wm you like, i use i3, and set up the tools you need.20:29
Guru0123or is there anyway we can unistall an application which was installed in windows through Ubuntu? buy sorting out by date? or is there any option that way?20:30
elichai2tgm4883, how can I debug this? maybe change it more hard core?20:30
ioriaGuru0123, not very good in windows, but maybe the win rescue disk can help you20:30
neptunepinkThe chroot thing was a wee bit janky, but I got uswsusp removed. Thanks for the help!20:31
Guru0123i have a Pendrive with bootable windows 10 but again i am helpless how to move further20:31
ioriaGuru0123, #windows20:32
ducasseisn't it ##windows?20:33
ioriawill redirect, i guess20:33
Guru0123ioria: thanks20:33
Guru0123ioria: ill try to gather some information from thee20:33
fribmy touchpad shows up in both /proc/bus/input/devices and xinput -- I think my xorg configuration is messed up making 'tap-to-click' not work20:34
fribbut I dont know how to fix it.  please help, ty20:34
fribioria, the solution to the bluetooth issue was 'pactl load-module module-bluez5-discover'20:35
ioriafrib, good20:35
fribthe unity control app still can't initiate connections but I can through bluetoothctl20:36
fribi think maybe the unity app didn't upgrade to support bluez5 (apparently new?)20:36
cfoch_how do I disable OpenGL support?20:37
J_B0N3I am running Xubuntu and trying to configure the trackpad settings.  Using the GUI I can modify the acceleration and sensitivity settings but they do not give me the 'acceleration ramp' I would like.  I know I can configure using the synaptics conf and cli but I don't know which variables to tune.  The man pages don't provide much detail. Any help would be appreciated.20:37
tgm4883elichai2: what's the output of "cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max"20:37
fribhow can I fix my touchpad xorg configuration seeing as it does not click ?20:37
ioriafrib, i got issues with bt too, using another de solved, and for unity the cli has been usefull20:37
elichai2when i'm inside su I run 'ulimit -n 8192' and it works20:38
elichai2but I can't run it outside of su20:38
fribwhat is "De" ?20:38
ioriadesktop environment (unity, gnome, lxde , etc .etc )20:38
friboh ok20:38
J_B0N3frib: check out this page if you are using they synaptics driver https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics20:39
J_B0N3If you are comfortable using command line..20:39
ioriafrib, if you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf , you can try to backup it and restart20:39
tgm4883elichai2: do you have anything in /etc/security/limits.d/20:40
elichai2tgm4883, no, empty20:40
tgm4883elichai2: this is ubuntu desktop 16.10?20:40
fribioria, i dont.  but I do have /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/[lots of files]20:41
elichai2tgm4883, yes20:41
fribhow can I just reset the configurations to the defaults?20:41
ioriafrib, nope, that's different20:41
Guru0123ioria: god!, no responses in #windows20:41
ioriafrib, try another kernel from grub20:41
fribhow can I just reset to the 16.04 defaults?20:41
tgm4883elichai2: I'm not sure if it's worth the effort firing up a VM to test that it works. I'm pretty sure it's something with your system. Did you do some major changes?20:42
ioriaGuru0123, be patient20:42
fribioria, how do you catch grub menu again?20:42
Guru0123tgm4883: Yes looks like its  a windows issue but only thing is i just want to enter the safe mode in windows 1020:42
elichai2tgm4883, I do change stuff but I don't remember changing anything about file limits20:42
ioriaGuru0123, shift20:42
Guru0123ioria: did those20:43
Guru0123ioria: ill try again20:43
ioriaGuru0123, sy, that was for Frickelpit20:43
tgm4883elichai2: I mean like PPAs, custom kernel, 3rd party packages?20:43
ioriaGuru0123, sy, that was for frib20:43
elichai2tgm4883, sure, I have lots of PPA and 3rd patry packages, but no custom kernels20:44
elichai2tgm4883, sorry20:45
elichai2<elichai2> tgm4883, sure, I have lots of PPA and 3rd patry packages, but no custom kernels20:46
fribioria, changing kernel doesn't seem to have done anything20:46
fribi believe the synaptics driver is loaded and xorg can see it (xinput lists it)20:46
ioriafrib, are your updated ?20:46
fribioria, idk20:46
fribhow do you do that20:47
ioriafrib, cat /etc/issue20:47
fribsays Ubuntu 16.04 LTS \n \;20:47
HiddenDjinndoes anyone use alpine for their email?20:47
ioriafrib, uname -r20:47
HiddenDjinnif so, i could use someone's google-fu...getting confused by something i used to do easily20:47
elichai2tgm4883, what do you think about putting it inside bash profile? https://stackoverflow.com/a/8285278/162192720:48
frib(usually i use 59)20:48
ioriafrib, current is 5920:48
fribioria, yeah because you told me to try a different kernel this time20:48
ioriafrib, yes20:48
fribso that's why i'm in 57 now20:48
ioriafrib, ok, when stopped working  ?20:48
fribi'd say a couple months ago20:49
fribi was trying to configure the touchable area adding options in /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d20:49
fribbut they didn't work and I didn't even notice when it messed up the clicking ability20:49
tgm4883elichai2: you already said that doesn't work20:49
elichai2sorry, my connectivity is bad20:49
elichai2tgm4883, I haven't tried appending it into profile20:50
fribbut even if i take out those changes it doesn't seem to revert to working!  which is why I wanted to reset all those config files to the defaults20:50
=== solvemetare is now known as metaresolve
elichai2when I run 'su - elichai2'  it does work20:50
=== zaphod is now known as Guest81386
ioriafrib, if you don't have a xorg.conf or installed something weird , or set some  compiz options there is few to reset20:51
fribioria, then what do i do?20:52
stoner19alright ubuntu friends...I needed a new computer ASAP so the best option was to go snag one from one of the big box retailers. Obviously this comes preinstalled with another OS. Is it possible to just install Ubuntu to a separate partition, wipe that other OS and then merge the partitions so that Ubuntu utilizes the full HDD?20:52
tgm4883elichai2: I just copied and pasted the lines you used into mine, swaped our usernames and it still works for me. Not sure why it's not working for you. As for the bash_profile thing, it depends on what your end goal is. If you need to increase the open file limit because of something you're trying to run, then it's possible that fix won't work for you20:52
ioriafrib, you can try Recovery and Resume20:52
tgm4883stoner19: why wouldn't you just install over the top of the other OS20:52
fribioria, why this then? http://askubuntu.com/questions/290009/how-do-i-make-my-synclient-settings-stick20:53
elichai2tgm4883, it's a python script I run sometimes20:53
stoner19tgm4883 I need to get ubuntu rolling right now, get everything going. but if for some reason this PC isn't enough I would return it and get a different one20:53
ioriafrib, you said you removed those file20:53
tgm4883stoner19: if the PC isn't enough? Sounds like you need to research more for your needs20:54
stoner19but the store I'm sure won't take it back if I give it back to them with windows missing from it20:54
tgm4883elichai2: out of curiosity, what does it do?20:54
elichai2open lots of threads and talk with a lot of nodes.20:54
elichai2I know that's not how you should do it but it's not my script20:54
fribioria, no there were a lot of files there. i only edited 1.  but i'm not sure if i am reverting back exactly to how it was before i made changes.20:54
elichai2and I can't really change it20:54
HiddenDjinnstoner19, how about this: try ubuntu with a usb boot...if everything appears to work(wifi, sound, etc), it is enough and you can, at your leisure, install it20:54
tgm4883elichai2: eh, sounds a bit wonky but it sounds like the bash_profile thing would work for you20:55
stoner19HiddenDjinn can I install everything and still run it from the USB? Does booting it from a USB utilize all hardware?20:55
tgm4883elichai2: really though it sounds like the script needs fixed20:55
fribioria, brb20:55
HiddenDjinnstoner19, if you have a large enough live file, you can install stuff onto the live os and run from usb20:56
elichai2tgm4883, I know, but that's not up to me really20:56
HiddenDjinnstoner19, and running from usb will utilize all hardware it can see20:56
tgm4883well, not the SSD/Hard Drive obviously20:56
HiddenDjinntgm4883, and for obvious reasons20:57
stoner19hmmm, actually it probably isn't a big deal to remove windows now that I think about it. HDD is 1TB, which I'll never come close to filling up for my needs20:57
stoner19maybe I just leave the windows partition and allocate 500GB to ubuntu and call it good.20:57
HiddenDjinnstoner19, and if you want to sell or give the computer, with windows, to another person, deleting ubuntu and restoring it to a full windows system is not a big deal20:58
Guru0123ioria: no luck on f8 and Shift f820:58
HiddenDjinnstoner19, assuming you don't delete the recovery partition20:59
soeeis there any ppa with xorg 1.19 for Xenial ?20:59
stoner19yeah, that may just be the best option. Thanks for listening HiddenDjinn ;)20:59
ioriaGuru0123, iirc, there is a rescue console  in the win disk20:59
HiddenDjinnstoner19, no problem20:59
Guru0123ioria: sorry?21:00
ioriaGuru0123, you need to remove an app from windows, right ?21:00
Guru0123ioria: Yes21:01
ioriaGuru0123, so try the rescue disk21:01
Guru0123ioria: from?21:01
winpenhello guys, did someone already install windows 7 over ubuntu ?21:01
Guru0123ioria:  i dont have any Rescue disk21:02
HiddenDjinnioria, most machines don't come with rescue disks nowadays21:02
ioriaGuru0123, you said you had a rescue usb...21:02
Guru0123ioria: i have tried that , its of no use21:02
Guru0123ioria:  i mean i created a windows bootable disk21:02
Guru0123ioria: which shows repair your computer , when i recover , it says your drive is locked21:03
ioriaGuru0123, locked ?21:03
Guru0123Yeah it gave me something like that21:04
ioriaGuru0123,  i'd keep asking in #windows21:04
Guru0123ioria: probably because there is login credentials for windows 1021:04
ioriaGuru0123, no idea sorry21:04
Guru0123ioria: i am doing the same , no response mate21:04
Guru0123ioria: feeling so ignored21:05
ioriaGuru0123, come on...21:05
Guru0123ioria: lol21:05
ioriaGuru0123, find out why you can't use the rescue disk21:05
Guru0123ioria: okay will try21:06
ioriaGuru0123, good luck21:06
n4no`or rm -rf and compile debian21:06
=== g2[Falcs] is now known as g2[ATL]
welcesrAnyone have advice how to repartition without screwing up? I have Elementary in front of Xubuntu but the Xubuntu isnt a bootable partition...like this http://i.imgur.com/BC2dnSh.png21:17
welcesrI want to remove Elementary and get that spce back for Xubuntu21:17
hwpplayer1is here a place that i can argue "gamifying or not gamifying the community " project ?21:20
hwpplayer1there *21:20
ducassewelcesr: linux does not care whether partitions are bootable or not21:21
welcesrducasse: so can I just used Disks to remove the dev/sda1 elementary bootable one and enlarge the sda2 Xubuntu one after? Grub will fix itself and I will be able to boot into Xubuntu?21:22
Bashing-omwelcesr: Of the 2 partitions - sda1 and sda6 - do you know which partition is the xubuntu ?21:22
OerHekswelcesr, use a live iso to remove elementary, the disk should be unmounted to do so21:22
welcesrBashing-om: its the 123gb one with Xubuntu...I thought it was sda2 let me look21:23
welcesrI guess I am not sure...I thought sda2 was xubuntu and sda6 and the swap were under that21:24
welcesrI know that the sda1 127 is elementary21:24
welcesrobviously I dont understand partitioning well21:24
welcesrsince sda 2 is 123gb and sda6 and swap add up to that I thought those were subdivisions of sda2?21:25
welcesrdo I need to make sda2 extended bigger first and then make sda6 bigger?21:27
Bashing-omwelcesr: Gow this works is that sda2 is an "extended" partition . extended being a container to hold "logical" partitions . here your logical partitions are sda5 (swap) and sda6 .21:28
ducassewelcesr: you first increase sda2, yes, then the partitions 'inside'21:28
welcesrbashing I remembered some of that...since it can only have so many partitions you make extended and then it can have unlimited inside it right?21:28
welcesras a workaround to having multiple bootable ones21:28
Bashing-omwelcesr: Well .. if ya want to call 128 logical partitions unlimited .. yeah :)21:29
welcesrsorry I mean there is a limit on logical ones right? so the extended allows more21:29
welcesrso how do I make sda 2 larger? just expand it over sda1?21:29
welcesrcant even find options for that21:30
ducassewelcesr: delete sda1, then expand21:31
welcesrok and this must be done in live usb right? cant do it when using sda6 Xubuntu?21:31
V7Could you help me with Desktop Effects in KDE Neon 5.8 ?21:31
ducassewelcesr: live usb, yes21:31
V7THey're not working .. :(21:31
V7Also ...21:31
V7This one http://i.imgur.com/WYz5ZuX.png21:31
ducasseV7: neon is unsupported here, try their channel21:32
V7Which one ?21:32
Bashing-omwelcesr: Were me I would want my primary system on sda1 . The quick way here is just to RE-install xubuntu with the install option " erase disk and install ubuntu ' . Giving you a standard install . Npw if ya want th larning experience, that is something else .21:32
V7Also ... neon is based on Ubuntu21:32
welcesrducasse: so I will end up with only one extended parition...sda2 with sda6 and swap inside it right? is that ok? do I need to select "bootable" or anything for sda2?21:32
V7Linux v7-x3 4.4.0-47-generic #68-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 26 19:39:52 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:32
ducasseapestate: #kde-neon, it seems21:32
welcesrBashing-om: I was trying to avoid a resintall and fiddling with modifying everything again21:32
V7Thank you ...21:33
V7I hope they will answer me21:33
welcesrthings are failry stable now and I didnt want to rock the boat and spend a day fixing everything...just need more space21:33
Bashing-omwelcesr: Sure as ducasse says, you can delete sda1, expand sda2 into that now unallocated space, and then expand sda6 . 'buntu happily boots from within a logical partition . Pay attention to /etc/fstab what UUIDs get changed .21:36
Bashing-omwelcesr: 121 Gigs is a lot of space ! .. What is the reason that more is required ? A thumb mark for ubuntu is 30 Gigs .21:38
welcesrand I never use Elementary21:38
Bashing-omwelcesr: Yeah .. that do say it all .. takes a lot of space .21:38
Bashing-omwelcesr: Be aware in moving the partition left into what was sda1 one is also moving the paprtition table . Bad things can happen ! Be prepared with backups in the event of catastarophy .21:40
welcesrall backed up21:41
welcesrdata anyway....not configs etc as I dont know what to save and what will take problems with me if I change...so i just manually backup deta and media21:42
Bashing-omwelcesr: K; be aware that in GParted, will need to "swap off " . to mess with the extended partition .21:43
V7#kde-eon #kde-neon doesn't help me ...21:43
V7They said: they don't know (c)21:43
ducasseV7: well, neither do we, as you're not using ubuntu... 'based on' does not mean 'the same as'.21:44
breadhey guys! Needed help with conky21:45
breadI'm extremely new to ubuntu and conky, but it looked cool so I downloaded it21:45
breadit kinda screwed up because it didn't download a couple of files so i want to reinstall it21:46
breadhow do I do that?21:46
ducassebread: sudo apt install --reinstall conky21:46
breadi get this: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?21:47
mozammelhi, there is a process called "history.daemon'' eating up my cpu power, even I kill it from termial with root access, still its cant stop, the moment I kill it its just start with different PID. I'm using ubuntu 16.10.21:47
ducassebread: is the ubuntu software thingy or something similar open?21:47
breadnot really, just my internet browser21:48
breadlet me retry21:48
breadoh wait, it somehow works now21:48
breadhow weird21:49
breadokay, so after reinstalling conky, I usually got this setup screen21:50
breadit doesn't do that now21:50
breaddo I simply restart my system?21:50
ducassebread: setup screen? for what - conky?21:51
=== dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
breadyeah ducasse21:52
breadusually it would ask me for my location, or something21:52
ducassebread: no such thing here. which ubuntu version?21:52
Plex_Davehey guys.  i have a file server in my living room with a small ssd for the os and another larger drive for my home folder.  i want to reinstall the os as it's acting hinky but I want to make sure to preserve my home folder.  all of what i have found on google is instructions for keeping a home folder on the same drive/partition.21:52
breadhmm okay21:54
breadbecause I want to make my desktop more "utilitarian" in a sense. Like, it'd be cool to have weather and such21:56
franzerbread, are you mistaking conky with conky-manager?21:56
franzerif i recall, conky-manager is the GUI program21:56
breadagain, I am pretty much a newbie to this kind of stuff, so I wouldn't know the difference21:56
franzerif you're looking to get into conky, i would just search github, or r/unixporn for some good examples21:57
xanguabread: what desktop?21:59
breadwhat do you mean, xangua?22:00
xanguabread: what desktop environment you use?22:01
breadI'm planning on using Google Now or conky-vision22:02
breadusing conky22:02
breadHarmattan also looks pretty guud22:03
greuhHey everyone! Are some of you using F.LUX software? I would really like to adjust my screen brightness in addition to running f.lux. My screen brightness is set to maximum when I launch it..22:16
Plex_Davehey guys.  i have a file server in my living room with a small ssd for the os and another larger drive for my home folder.  i want to reinstall the os as it's acting hinky but I want to make sure to preserve my home folder.  all of what i have found on google is instructions for keeping a home folder on the same drive/partition.22:17
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wafflejock!flavors | bread22:18
ubottubread: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. The current list is: !Edubuntu, !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, Ubuntu !Kylin, !Lubuntu, !Mythbuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, !Xubuntu, and Ubuntu !MATE22:18
wafflejockbread, there are different desktop environments or graphical shells for the operating system, Unity is the default with regular Ubuntu, other popular ones are Gnome, KDE, XFCE, Mate, the list of flavors are distributions that start with those desktop environments22:19
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wafflejockgreuh, personally use redshift not sure about that issue redshift seems to always just be based on the current time when I launch it22:20
greuhIt's funny because I just tried Redshift and it is the exact same issue22:26
greuhthe filter is applied but brightness can not be adjust22:26
wafflejockPlex_Dave, would just do the install with the 1 drive hooked up then copy the new home folder over to the external drive after everything is running on the system and update the /home to mount it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving22:28
greuhbrightness is set to maximum so it produces more light than without22:28
wafflejockgreuh, yeah don't think it is actually supposed to touch the brightness just the warmth -"Redshift has a brightness adjustment setting, but it does not work the way most people might expect. In fact it is a fake brightness adjustment obtained by manipulating the gamma ramps, which means that it does not reduce the backlight of the screen. Preferable only use it if your normal backlight adjustment is too coarse-grained."22:32
greuhBut on my windows laptop I can reduce my backlight in addition to running f.Lux who adjust the gamma ramps22:34
greuhon my Ubuntu 16.04 it is just damaging my eyes22:34
greuhFULL backlight with warms colors still burns your eyes .. lol22:34
wafflejockheh yeah I'd take the backlight dimming over the tint personally22:35
wafflejockon my system it doesn't seem to affect the backlight dimming though so must be some driver/hardware related thing22:35
Plex_Davegotcha, thanks!22:37
jnoob22After having done an upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04, I see there are about 1200+ packages that have not been upgraded. What can I do to get these installed?22:42
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, that sounds about right22:49
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, or kind of22:50
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, actsually really would probably expect it to upgrade like everything on upgrade22:50
SebthreeBQM10HDhowever even so may be some or moe updates to install after woulds22:50
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, are you sure it really upgraded?22:50
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, between 14.04 and 16.04 there would be quite a few changes, so having 1402 packages to upgrade may actsually be more for a whole new version of Ubuntu22:51
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases22:51
SebthreeBQM10HDno no that, there's a command to check the version22:52
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »22:52
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, also nothing you can do really, but to install those packages, which will take time of course22:52
bray90820Do you think ubuntu would be a good platform to use for a router22:55
bear_Ubuntu Budgie is a official flavour23:00
bear_why doesn't it have a irc channel?23:00
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, no Ubuntu budgie is nearly an offical flavour23:00
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, as of 17.04 it will become offical23:01
bear_Stupid question time.23:01
bear_for Ubuntu flavours in general, is it safe to do a apt-get dist-upgrade from version to version23:01
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, support for it, can then happen here proerply as well. there's a ppa for 16.04 and 16.10 though I belive23:01
bear_So from 16.10 -> whatever is next23:02
SebthreeBQM10HDbut as long as you only do lts to lts23:02
SebthreeBQM10HDor non lts to the next non lts23:02
SebthreeBQM10HDno trying to skip some in between non lts versibion23:02
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, also n trying to downgrade versions, thats totally not supported and ma ybreak your system as the bot uhmm is about to uhmm23:03
SebthreeBQM10HDtell you23:03
ubottuAttempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported and may break your system.23:03
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, 16.10 to 17.04 when releaed is ok23:03
SebthreeBQM10HDto upgrade23:03
SebthreeBQM10HDtrying to upgrade from 16.04 to 17.04 on the other hand,  is not supported,  your meant to go through 16.10 first23:03
bear_SebthreeBQM10HD, why did you go on about downgrating then...?23:04
SebthreeBQM10HDand trying to go back some version, is not supported23:04
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, 3 things in 1.  the 3rd you werebn't really asking about, but thought would be good to put in as well, since quite related23:04
jnoob22SebthreeBQM10HD, well it *showed* as upgrade when you run cat /etc/issue23:04
jnoob22but obviously not all packages were done.23:04
jnoob22running it now (dist-upgrade)23:05
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, could you pastebin the terminal out put ?23:05
PasNoxEvening, I’m having issue crossbuilding Qt for windows via MinGW32 on ubuntu 16.04, this cause internal compiler error (cc1plus), this issue is reproducible with both Ubuntu 15.10 and 16.04 ? This kind of invocation make it crash: https://paste.kde.org/pfp0ldhex/wol88s - Any idea ?23:05
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:05
bear_SebthreeBQM10HD, I know I can't go back23:05
jnoob22SebthreeBQM10HD, too late now ;-)23:05
bear_well, I can and I can't.23:05
bear_It depends on the mechanism I use23:05
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, well there is a way to do the unsupported things I expect, but yes not a good idea23:05
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, ok so it's upgrading the new packages, or already done ?23:06
bear_SebthreeBQM10HD, snapshots23:06
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, just make suer it's all up to date and should be fine23:06
elkybear_: it does have a channel. it's #ubuntu-budgie. it doesn't have many people in it though, their dev team is on a gitter (no i don't know the details sorry)23:06
bear_What is gitter?!23:06
bear_; - ;23:07
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, I meant otherwise, but sure,  if had btfs, which is also not default file system.  would possibly have snapshots23:07
bear_SebthreeBQM10HD, iirc XFS has it as well23:07
bear_I can also use ZFS23:07
jnoob22SebthreeBQM10HD, thanks (y)23:08
bear_Only a fool would use BTRFS in it's current state23:08
bray90820Does ubuntu sport the AWUS036NH wifi adapter?23:08
kk4ewtand lvm can do snapshoots23:08
bear_bray90820, what's the chipset?23:08
bear_kk4ewt, ye :)23:08
bear_I always do a encrypted LVM setup23:08
kk4ewtbray90820,  what chipsets does that have23:08
bray90820kk4ewt: No idea but the manufacture is alfa23:08
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_, well that's all debatlabe how ready it is or not to be a default file system.  one mobile LInux based os at least has done it, and I think, one dekstop Linux disro so far,  but this is off topic now23:08
BlueSharkPlugging in your laptop to power 24x7 is bad for the battery?23:09
bear_SebthreeBQM10HD, It's not debatable.23:09
bear_BTRFS's own developers declare it not production ready because it has a very bad habit of loosing data without warning23:09
SebthreeBQM10HDjnoob22, ok everything upgraded now then ?23:10
jnoob22SebthreeBQM10HD, still going23:10
bear__I'm back23:11
bear__my connection dropped after I said BTRFS isn't debatable stability wise23:11
bear__now I'm wondering, is there a nice tool to make snapshots of my disk in the event I need to roll back?23:12
bear__by nice tool I mean with a GUI.23:13
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_ no don't th8ink so or s such23:13
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_ its more a file system thing i think23:13
Peppernrinoanybody know the IP of ppa.launchpad.net?23:13
Peppernrinofor adding to hosts23:13
bear__SebthreeBQM10HD, remember if you don't know the answer never answer the question23:13
SebthreeBQM10HDbear_ roll back eh.  even if I had snap shots I don't think I would need to use usally at all really, especially with seperate /home23:14
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SebthreeBQM10HDbear_ a  bit like with Virualbox the snapshot option is thre, but never had much of a reason to use that if at all really so far23:14
bear__SebthreeBQM10HD, I have reason to use it23:15
bear__I've trashed my setup a few times now23:15
bear__I don't think I've ever backed up / maintained a linux box I've worked on23:17
bear__I've also never used it as my daily driver due to shit hardware compatibility with my desktop23:18
welcesrTrying to get mp3 plugin for soundconverter but the appplication's site instrucitons dont work and the askubuntu solutution here dont work as it says that package is no longer available sudo apt-get install gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly23:26
welcesrPackage gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source23:26
welcesrfrom this link https://askubuntu.com/questions/740736/how-to-add-mp3-encoder-in-sound-converter-ubuntu-15-10-14-10-or-14-0423:26
Dako300welcesr: try apt-cache search gstreamer and see if there is a newer version available23:26
Dako300Also, you may need to enable some extra repositories (uncomment deb lines in /etc/apt/sources.list)23:27
matsascwelcesr: what version of ubuntu are you running?23:27
welcesrxubuntu 16.0423:27
welcesrcan I pastebin you the output? I have no idea which would be the correct one as a few have similar strings23:28
Dako300sure, just post a link here23:28
matsasctry gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly it's in the repos23:28
welcesrDako300: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23801218/23:28
Dako300welcesr: listen to matsasc23:29
welcesrgiving that a shot thanks23:29
welcesrmy apt update is stuck here 0% [Connecting to us.archive.ubuntu.com (]   is that bad?23:31
welcesrim a monkey typing things in without the smarts to know whay all the time23:31
matsascjust give it time, if it times out try and use another mirror23:32
welcesrok thanks23:32
welcesrcool that plugin worked...how did you know which one in that output to use? There were several variations of plugiins23:33
ice9i have postfix and rsyslog, I'm getting "failed  to write to log file" in both syslog and mail.log, all mails are queued and not deliverd.23:33
matsascwelcesr: the name of the package is the same except the version number23:34
matsascice9: give the user that runs postfix permissions to write to the logfiles23:35
welcesrso is there a way to make sure apt pulls the most current automatically?23:35
welcesrof just doing the apt-cache search is the best way?23:36
Dako300Typically, there are packages that redirect to the latest version, not sure if that's a thing with gstreamer23:36
inrahello everyone, I was looking for the commands first to get a list of all installed packages in my current system, and then to install all of them at once on another system. online posts about this seem to offer different answers, so I'd like to make sure here which one works smooth23:39
inraand, if possible, packages that are installed by me only23:40
bray90820If I were to run this command "sudo ddrescue -D --force '/media/data/ubuntu-mate-16.04-desktop-armhf-raspberry-pi.img' /dev/sdd" would it choose sdd1?23:41
turistahow can I see the links in the repository?¿23:44
metaresolveI need help. I'm following the postgresql tutorial and it's telling me about a file called "advanced.sql" that's in a folder somewhere named "tutorial." I've been trying the find command to find the file but I don't know what directory it's in at all. Can someone help?23:45
Dako300find | grep advanced23:46
tomreyninra: dpkg --get-selections > ~/Package.list; sudo dpkg --set-selections < ~/Package.list; dselect23:46
ikoniametaresolve: by any chance is this so you cn create virtual users in postfix ?23:47
tomreyn...the first command you run on the system which already has your desired softwar einstallted. the remaining two (separated by ';') you run on the system where you'll install your software on.23:47
tomreyninra: http://askubuntu.com/questions/9135/how-to-backup-settings-and-list-of-installed-packages for details. you might also want to store the debconf questions you had responded to when you installed those packages instially: debconf-get-selections >> file; debconf-set-selections << file23:49
HetachiHi guys, I have an issue with cronjob, I am not pro at linux ubuntu, so I really hope someone can help me out, I can't figure out how to make sure cronjobs are running23:53
PasNoxAccording to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mingw-w64, there is a version 4.0.4-2 available for xenial, but i only have old 4.0.2-4, and i’m up to ate. how i cna get this update ?23:54
beneterHetachi: What's your issue?+23:55
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Hetachibeneter, the issue is, I have no idea wether the crontab is failing or it does not run the command at all23:56
beneterHetachi: try it: * * * * * touch ~/test23:57
beneterand wait one minute23:58
Hetachibeneter, should I remove my own line ?23:58
Hetachior commenting it out would do the trick too23:58
metaresolveikonia, I don't understand?23:58
beneterHetachi: Commenting should be enough23:58
beneterHetachi: you know, you should always use "crontab -e" right?23:59
ikoniametaresolve: that file is not a standard postfix file23:59
ikoniametaresolve: so I'm assuming the tutorial is trying to do something like setup virtual users into a rdbms or something like that23:59
metaresolveno, i think it's just a bunch of tables23:59
Hetachibeneter, yes that is the only way I edit it23:59

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