studio-user281I see your on this list as well.00:32
krytarikstudio-user281: Then I'm sure you've seen this already?: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio00:33
krytarikstudio-user281: Do you have an Ubuntu One/Launchpad account yet?  You'll need one to make any contributions there.00:36
studio-user281I'm thinking something along the lines of full tutorials similar to wikihow or blog tutorials starting with simply getting programs open and working together. Killing pulseaudio if needed or at least getting  it under control if its missbehaving.00:37
studio-user281Yes I do.00:38
studio-user281I'm not the most knowledgable so I'll be needing some help from time to time. At least someone who knows better than I do to double check that I didn't fudge something up that will cause users problems or just reflect badly.00:40
krytarikYes, I'm sure we can help you with this.00:42
studio-user281afk brb00:43
studio-user281who do I need to contact on Launchpad?  The mailing list thing doesn't mean gmail does it?00:47
krytarikContact about what?00:48
studio-user281I can't just post it on the wiki can I ? Anyway I'd like someone to double check it before I made it public.00:50
krytarikWell, it's a wiki - people get notified on changes.00:50
krytarikBut pretty sure you can't do ones just yet.00:51
krytarikMind telling us your LP user name, btw?00:51
studio-user281Yea well I've never contributed to any wiki before and have no idea how this works. 00:52
krytarikPlease see the bit on here regarding gaining permission: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WikiGuide#Contributing00:56
krytarikAh, I see: https://launchpad.net/~aggravated100:58
studio-user281The user guide is what I want to help with. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UserGuide/Audio01:06
OvenWerksstudio-user281: That page looks like a bare start.01:08
studio-user281Really the whole thing needs done.01:08
studio-user281I've looked at the penguinproducer but that has Kxstudio reps added and adding those adds so many things that for a beginner like me it just becomes confusing.01:10
OvenWerks:) I wonder how falk feels about that...01:11
OvenWerksIt is all supposed to make things easier01:11
OvenWerksIn general, running jack from session start with a pa-jack bridge is the easiest way of doing things if the system is that way OOTB01:12
OvenWerkskxstudio is set that way, or can be set that way from Cadence01:13
studio-user281I've two laptop's with Ubuntu Studio on them one with Kxstudio and one without. The one with Kxstudio the sound for the browser stopped working and I'm probably just going to reinstall the whole system on it.01:14
studio-user281Never have gotten Guitarix working on the one with Kxstudio but it works fine on the one with just Ubuntu Studio.01:15
OvenWerksAh, PA to jack is one of those things either it is set just right or it doesn't work.01:15
studio-user281Anyway what I want to do for Ubuntu Studio is get the wiki user guide up to date and complete.01:17
OvenWerksstudio-user281: I have found that removing all alsa modules from pulse and using jack as it's only sound device is what works best.01:17
OvenWerksholstien used to run his desktop to internal audio out and from there back into his firewire io and back out to the audio playback... but that should not be needed for a long time.01:19
studio-user281For both with Kxstudio reps added and without?01:20
* OvenWerks is not so good with documentation.01:20
OvenWerkspersonally I don't use the kxstudio repos. I have built Carla for my own use (would like to see it packaged for debian/ubuntu)01:21
OvenWerksstudio-user281: I would start working on without. if you find time using kxstudio repos with UbuntuStudio could be added.01:22
studio-user281Well yea I wasn't going to mention Kxstudio I was just wanting to see Ubuntu Studio have a user guide.01:24
studio-user281but I've messed with it.01:24
OvenWerksI have played with it too. I like Carla, but not cadence01:25
OvenWerksI use my own script.01:26
* OvenWerks is on his way out to the movies with his family01:26
OvenWerksI'll be back later01:26
studio-user281okay enjoy01:26
studio-user281Okay so assuming I make a post on the wiki is it like in wordpress where it can be set for review before its public?01:33
krytarikstudio-user281: I don't think so - but don't worry, it's all versioned, and can always be improved later.01:40
krytarik(But of course, you still need permission first.)01:41
studio-user281I'll be on tomorrow. I logged into launchpad and requested to join. 01:41
studio-user281Thanks for the help krytarik01:44
krytarikSure - and thanks for your interest.  And we might have to expidate your acceptance to that team a bit. :P01:45
studio-user281Cool Beans cya tomorrow if your on01:46
studio-user281I'm out01:46
krytarikHave fun.01:47
eylulso uh.. 19:05
eylulthis apparently happened19:05
OvenWerkseylul: I think thats good?19:16
eylulit is!19:16
eylulI am not sure it made it to ubuntu side yet but we can sort that out, if kubuntu team didn't beat us to it19:17
OvenWerksSo we can get krita again.19:17
eylul*ahem sorry* a bit excited about this19:17
OvenWerksI have moved the system side of -controls to /bin/sh BTW19:18
eylulwait where where they before?19:18
eylul*is confused*19:18
OvenWerksbut I have not done much still as I was working on adding personall  monitoring to Ardour (done) and redoing the manual (OSC part is done) it was using bash before.19:19
OvenWerksSorry, -control system side I had started with bash19:19
* eylul has no strong opinions on the matter19:19
OvenWerksOne of you suggested sh would be better19:20
OvenWerksmaybe it was krytarik 19:20
eylulprobably. I normally use bash, and I don't do a lot of elaborate shell scripting anyway19:20
OvenWerksanyway, sh allows more systems to use it19:20
OvenWerkssh is less flexable and maybe a little more secure... though probably not for what we are doing.19:21
eylul*nods* I see19:22
eylulI really need to pull off the UI and start working on it this week19:22
eylulnow that I survived the lets install ubuntu to a less than a year old laptop saga, more or less intact19:23
OvenWerkseylul: I should put up where it is these days :)19:23
eylul(IF you want me to work on it that is)19:23
OvenWerkseylul: I think if I have two *.glade files open I can drag and drop the container from one to the other. I am only working on two tabs19:25
eylulovenWerks: if that will work better, I can work with that too... I do find it easier to start drawing then move to glade anyway, so whichever works easier for you19:27
eylulkrytarik, OvenWerks also: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/krita19:37
OvenWerksI am assuming you are looking at tablet setup19:38
OvenWerkseylul: That should all end up in one container like a "box"19:40
eylulI do plan to go over the UI of audio side too, but it is probably better done once you are done with all the features.19:40
OvenWerksGTKBox to be exact.19:40
eylulI am not still entirely sure if we should keep wacom as part of the settings... or be split off to its own setting that can be launched from the ubuntustudio settings19:40
OvenWerksYeah, I have to do lots in Audio still.19:41
eylulwe are not aiming for zesty right?19:47
eylulat least with tablet side I am not aiming for zesty but.. 19:47
* OvenWerks doesn't know...19:47
eylulwell ok, it happens when it happens19:47
OvenWerkseylul: http://www.ovenwerks.net/paste/controls-audio.png19:50
OvenWerksleft side shows if audio is setup wrong right side is correct.19:50
OvenWerkseylul: there is no going back :) Basically it just fixes a bad install19:51
eylulespecially useful if somebody installs packages19:51
OvenWerksInstead of Real Time Permissions Enabled, I should probably have real Time properly installed or some such.19:52
eylulthey cannot switch back to normal kernel?19:52
OvenWerkseylul: yes but this is really about installing jack right19:53
OvenWerkseven with a generic kernel giving RT permissions helps jack run correctly19:53
eylulinstead of checkbox, I would have a button to fix it19:54
eyluland only a text line if it is fixed 19:54
OvenWerkseylul: sounds good19:54
OvenWerksI used a check box because.... it was that way before19:55
OvenWerksI did try to hide the whole check box line... it did not work.19:55
OvenWerksI can try boxing the whole thing and hide that. But the red text line is just changed to "" when not needed. I felt if I could not hide the check box there needed to be some text to explain it's presense19:56
eylulthat's fair19:57
OvenWerkswith a button I should be able to remove the border so even if it can't be hidden it won't be seen.19:57
eylulits just from a UI perspective. I'd rather see a button when it is not possible, a status text when done, but not sure if glade allows that19:58
eylulalso profiles :) 19:58
eylule.g. audio profiles19:58
eylulhttp://www.cosketch.com/Rooms/mvxbbyv (tries co-drawing tool)19:59
eylulsorry double linking19:59
OvenWerksit is taking a while to load19:59
eylulthis is temporary until I can find something self-hosted that does the same thing20:00
OvenWerksAll I see is two rectangles about the size of my whole png :/20:01
OvenWerksAh, now it is starting to draw20:01
eylulwow this thing is awful20:02
eylulno font size setting20:03
OvenWerksI would have the warning text in red as is with the button under. Once the user presses it the red text changes to tell the user they have to log out and back in for it to take effect and the button no longer is shown (one way or another) Then on next login that whole portion is not there.20:04
OvenWerksOr states it is correctly installed20:05
OvenWerksSo there is some indication when the user presses the button that something happened20:05
* OvenWerks is being called...20:06
eylulI am going to move this to a proper file, just brainstorming. 20:06
OvenWerksAnyway, I am going to spend some time with the family for a while. I will be back later or 2morrow.20:08
eylulAlright. I'll finish and email the drawing sketch to list20:09
eylulor I might just do it in glade20:09
eylulovenwerks, glade file and pngs are at the mail :)23:58

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