studio-user694Hello anyone there?00:04
krytarikstudio-user694: Hi.00:05
studio-user694Cool last time I tried this I think everyone must have been passed out.00:05
studio-user694I was reading somewhere that Ubuntu Studio might get axed is this true?00:07
krytarikAxed by whom?  But yeah, low on contributors currently.00:09
studio-user694I like this OS and would like to help out with wiki tutorials.00:10
kerananwhi everybody, is there a software were I can mix and create 3d sounds based on head positions?00:12
studio-user694I don't remember the specifics just that I read that it might get cancelled. I know that one of the things that has driven me nuts has been constant Googling to figure things out and getting outdated and inaccurate results.00:15
studio-user694Hello sorry I have no idea.00:16
OvenWerkskerananw: non-mixer with the abisonics plugins.00:24
OvenWerksActually I guess anything that can load the abmisonic plugins, but non-mixer has the best display/GUI for it.00:25
kerananwok thanks OvenWerks, i will try this one out.00:26
studio-user281Hey krytarik00:30
krytarikstudio-user281: I suggest #ubuntustudio-devel if you are seriously interested to contribute.00:30
studio-user848Hello anyone on?20:58
Plex_DaveI have a file server that I also want to use to run a 24 hour stream of music via BUTT.  Is there any reason not to run my samba shares from ubuntu studio?21:55
studio-user394hey,  am  trying to install ubuntu studio 16.04 from dvd to an 8gb flash drive  and get message, 8.6gb required22:39
studio-user394is there anyway to convert the system on the flash drive to a regular ubuntu system unstead of the ubuntu installer system?22:40

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