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ochosiflocculant: meh, not again... could you try to reproduce with gnome-screensaver?07:50
ochosiin the past i noticed that the two behave pretty much the same07:51
flocculantmorning ochosi - yep will look at that08:31
flocculantochosi: ok so, suspend and unlock works, lock then unlock works, can't appear to get the machine to lock after 'a time' with g-s though08:49
flocculantchecking last one in vm08:56
flocculantnope - not locking after inactivity09:09
flocculantlight-locker does that - but you can't get back in ;)09:59
ochosiUnit193, bluesabre: ok, i have a pidgin emotes theme for you to package up :)10:06
* flocculant shall call ochosi watson for a while :)10:07
ochosias opposed to the status-icon theme this one can be cleanly installed without problems: https://github.com/shimmerproject/pidgin-elementary10:07
ochosialso included a makefile for testing10:08
ochosi(if you're interested, flocculant  or akxwi-dave)10:08
ochosiflocculant: sounds like an interesting trade-off between the tewo lockers :)10:09
flocculantochosi: I would of course - but pidgin is something I never use - in fact I remove it so it cuts out pointless updates10:09
flocculantochosi: ha ha :)10:09
ochosibbl, gotta get off that train10:09
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