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Dreamanhttps://paste.ubuntu.com/23805248/   :)16:35
ikoniaDreaman: why do you keep posting this stuff ?16:44
Dreamanikonia  why not16:54
ikoniait's just noise that no-one really wants to see16:54
Dreaman5 hours not post in chanel16:55
ikoniaright ?16:55
Dreamaneni one16:55
ikoniaright, yes ?16:56
Dreamanikonia  post my unsteable ubuntu 17.04 with new kernel unteable16:56
Dreamanbig problem16:57
Dreamanthis chanel for unsteable ubuntu17:00
Dreamani install and past my things17:00
Dreamaneny problems with this17:01
Dreamanbann me17:01
ikoniawhat ?17:01
ikoniaI'm just asking you not to post random sysinfo scripts please (unless it's in relation to a problem of course, in which case it's helpful)17:01
Dreamanikonia you is developer oper or in ubuntu chanells17:02
Dreamanor just lame17:03
ikoniathere is no need for that17:03
ikoniait's pretty reasonable to just ask you not to keep posting your sysinfo stuff,17:03
Dreamansilence in hear i post my system17:03
ikoniaif you've got a problem/discussion point you want to discuss, it's really quite helpful, but just posting it randomly isn't17:03
Dreamanbig problem17:03
ikoniait's not a huge problem no, thats why I'm asking you not to17:04
ikoniayes, I'm aware there is silence17:04
ikoniathank you, thats helpful17:04
Dreamanikonia  you ar in ubuntu community17:17
Dreamanone lem17:17
Dreamanor developer17:17
Dreamanikonia  i see lame and see in posts17:25
Dreamanikonia  your system is17:25
Dreamanpost and learn some things17:27
Bluefoxicylol another mp3 encoder17:47
BluefoxicyDreaman, don't be an asshole17:48
Dreamani angry17:51
Dreamanone developer in hear to thel me ikonia is17:55
Dreamanin ubuntu community17:55
ikoniaDreaman: whatps up ?18:14
Dreamanikonia  fuck you bay18:18
ikoniaplease tone down the language18:19
ikoniathere is no need for it18:19
Dreamanще си пиша и на родния език18:19
ikoniaenglish only please18:19
Dreamani not see18:20
ikoniathe channels language is English18:21
Dreamanfusk english18:21
ikonialast request18:21
ikoniaplease stop with the bad language18:21
Dreamanbann me18:22
ikoniaI really don't want to18:22
ikoniaso either be quiet or use the channel properly18:22
Dreamanone post18:23
Dreamanbig problem18:23
ikoniawhat ?18:23
Dreamanmy pastebin post is only problem18:23
ikoniaI already said it wasn't a big problem18:23
ikonianot sure why you're pushing this18:23

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