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MirvScottK: thanks for the find! I was also puzzled where the scandir would be - it turns out it's nowhere.07:56
Mirvand I was looking at only src:python-pathlib, not 207:56
infinityxnox: Indeed, nothing has changed, it's always required 3.2 on xenial.08:59
infinityxnox: It's a miracle if it's working.09:00
infinityxnox: Oh.  Except I have it set to 2.6.32 on x86, specifically for briandead OpenVZ.  So the preinst is lying.09:01
infinityxnox: Bother.09:01
infinityxnox: Err, nevermind.  I see what aurelien did here, and I support him 100%. :P09:03
infinityxnox: It didn't bomb out, right, it just told you that it might suck?09:03
infinityxnox: For versions between 2.6.32 and 3.2, we tell you that you're pretty much doing things at your own risk.  3.2 and up is supported.  Less than 2.6.32 and we'll refuse to work at all.09:04
MirvI think we have transition completion happening!09:20
Mirvthe downside is that I broke my promise to try to relax on the weekend09:20
acheronukMirv: great :)10:07
acheronuk+ you can relax better later knowing Qt has moved ;)10:08
Mirvyeah, that's the plus side :)10:08
acheronukMirv: and this zesty box now sees the new Qt in release and can upgrade10:30
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mwhudsonis anyone planning to do a /usr merge for ubuntu?21:21
jbichamwhudson: did you see the first bullet point at https://lists.debian.org/debian-devel-announce/2017/01/msg00004.html21:25
mwhudsonjbicha: oh heh, no i didn not21:25
jbichathat doesn't directly answer your question but Debian is hesitating a bit21:26
mwhudsonjbicha: it is super related to what i am actually doing though21:26
mwhudsonthe /usr merge breaks snapd on debian (if apparmor is enabled)21:26
mwhudsonor at least that's what this bug report says21:27
Son_Gokumwhudson, really? why?23:38
Son_GokuSUSE has UsrMerge with AppArmor and it's fine23:39
Son_Gokuis there that great of a policy difference?23:39
mwhudsonSon_Goku: and snapd works there?23:39
mwhudsoni don't know, i'm just saying what the bug report says :)23:39
Son_Gokuwell, in both SUSE and Arch, when we manually swap the kernel with Ubuntu ones, it's fine23:40
mwhudsonit may be something about the apparmor in debian's kernel i guess23:40
Son_Gokuas much as I don't like AppArmor, I really doubt it's AppArmor's fault23:40
Son_GokuI know that snapd does not work on Debian AppArmor because the AppArmor in upstream kernels does not match what snapd expects23:40
Son_Gokuit does not work in SUSE either23:41
Son_Gokuunfortunately, I've not seen much progress on the Ubuntu AppArmor team in upstreaming their changes to the mainline kernels that all other distros use23:41
Son_Gokumwhudson, if anything, it's most likely a break in Ubuntu's contributed AppArmor profiles23:42
Son_Gokudespite Ubuntu having thought about doing UsrMerge years ago, I doubt anyone really thought about it when the profiles were being written and upstreamed into Debian23:43
mbieblyou have to update the  individual apparmor profiles to support a merged usr system23:44
mbieblI assume suse has done that23:44
Son_Gokuthey did it a long time ago, yes23:45
mbieblbugs.debian.org/846966 is such an example23:45
Son_Gokuand Arch's AppArmor profiles are derived from SUSE's23:45
Son_Gokuand if Mageia decides to implement AppArmor, I will be importing SUSE's profiles23:45
Son_Gokujust like I import Fedora's for SELinux23:45
Son_GokuI don't know if you guys talk to the SUSE security team, but you might want to get in touch with them about synchronizing work on the profiles23:48
Son_Gokumbiebl: I'm disappointed that the latest release of d-i disabled usrmerge by default :(23:49
Son_GokuI was really looking forward to default usrmerge23:49
mbieblhttps://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=843073 was the reason why it was reverted23:53
ubottuDebian bug 843073 in dpkg-dev "dpkg-shlibdeps: broken on i386 with merged /usr" [Important,Fixed]23:53
Son_Gokubut it's fixed...?23:58
Son_Gokuso if it's fixed, it can be unreverted?23:58

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