lotuspsychjegood morning guys05:02
daftykinsmornin' sir05:04
lotuspsychjehey daftykins how are you mate05:04
daftykinsnone too shabby cheers! just watching the end of this charity event05:04
daftykinswww.twitch.tv/gamesdonequick this one05:05
daftykinshow's your weekend going?05:05
lotuspsychjelets c05:05
lotuspsychjeworking week early shift, so great05:05
lotuspsychjeand bought me a gazelle electric bike05:05
daftykinsthat's cheating :D05:05
lotuspsychjeyeah its like a motorcycle lol05:06
lotuspsychjeit rocknrolls05:06
lotuspsychjeits like hacking the law05:07
lotuspsychjemy topspeed has been 27.9 km/h and the bike cant allow electric feed after 2505:07
daftykinsthat's quite the pace05:08
Ben64i've been wanting to get/build an electric bike05:08
daftykinspedalling ftw05:09
lotuspsychjeBen64: yeah ive seen instructions to do that, but the electric bike technology is evolute so fast now05:09
Ben64the bike path is down a big hill from where i'm at05:09
Ben64coming back up would be torturous05:09
Ben64just kick it into electric, bing bang boom05:09
lotuspsychjethe bike feels real light, has hydraulic brakes, and has an up-the-hill boost button lol05:09
daftykinsbut that's when the exercise is had05:10
daftykinshydraulics \o/05:10
Ben64i could add electric to my bike for ~$10005:10
Ben64hacker style05:10
lotuspsychjeprices are still high indeed05:10
lotuspsychjemine cost like 2100 euro, with the 10% sales discount05:11
lotuspsychjebut its real worth the money05:12
lotuspsychjeon the eco mode it can get 100km05:13
lotuspsychjeon the highest turbo around 45km05:13
lotuspsychjeBen64: i dont think home made can acchieve what these new technology can do05:14
lotuspsychjeframes are lighter build also05:14
lotuspsychjeits like a regular bike feeling05:14
lotuspsychjethey also say the bosch motors are the best05:14
lotuspsychjemorning cherwin and tamaros05:15
Ben64but i'd save a bunch of money05:15
* cherwin waves05:16
lotuspsychjeBen64: thats true for sure05:16
lotuspsychjeBen64: gazelle has also a anti-theft insurance, when stolen you can rebuy their bike for 10% of the total price05:17
lotuspsychjeaka 210 euro in my case05:17
Ben64can i steal yours? I'll pay you 250 euro05:20
lotuspsychjethere are few small letters also, like you cant leave it behind unlocked etc05:21
lotuspsychjenot leave it behind somewhere in night hours05:21
daftykinswithout a book to read05:21
Ben64that's fine05:21
lotuspsychjeBen64: i hope your equiped good for the steal :p05:21
Ben64i'll bring an air compressor and a cutoff tool05:21
lotuspsychjebought me a 14-security bike lock05:22
Ben64and wear high-vis jacket05:22
Ben64nobody questions you with one of them on05:22
daftykinsyou become... highly invis... ible05:23
lotuspsychjewell im not comfortable leaving the bike in city05:23
lotuspsychjeshiny black bike, with battery05:23
lotuspsychjereal eyecatcher05:23
lotuspsychjethats a bit how it looks05:26
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ducassegood $timeofday, all07:10
lordievaderGood morning09:34
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BluesKajHiyas all\13:07
ducasse\o BluesKaj, how's your weekend going? :)14:08
BluesKajhi ducasse , great, had a fun jam yesterday...how about you?14:09
ducassecurrently relaxing with tea + toast w/marmalade :)14:10
BluesKajright, morning coffee here14:13
ducassethe day's first cup of caffeine is definitely the best.14:15
ducassei'm wondering if the xbian people have patched kodi, some other programs i use have problems communicating with it.14:16
BluesKajwith the kodi servers ?14:19
ducassewith kodi on the rpi14:19
BluesKajyes but do any networks connect in kodi on the rpi14:26
BluesKajisn't that what you're asking?14:27
ducasseyes, kodi itself seems to work fine. the problem is with stuff that runs on my server that seems to have problems deciding which version of kodi this is.14:27
BluesKajkodi>system>system info, but how would your server need to know what version it is?14:43
BluesKajor why rather14:43
ducassei'm guessing because of api changes between versions. i'll take a closer look, file a bug if appropriate.14:55
BluesKajraspbian-jessie uses an older version of kodi iirc , I upgraded to 16.1-jarvis from a repository15:02
BluesKajnot sure which version is in the xbian repos15:25
ducasseiirc it's jarvis15:29
BluesKajok good15:29
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Bashing-omBack once more, Let's see what all the hate and dis-content is all about :)21:00
OerHekshi Bashing-om, those are just silly lonely people21:10
OerHekssorry, should not make fun of lonelyness21:10
Bashing-omOerHeks: Just gives me occassion to work on improving my attitude. But sure gets my goat when "they" look the gift horse in the mouth - and make no real effort to make things better .21:27
OerHeksDon't worry, users envy people with knowledge21:30
Bashing-omOerHeks: Huh !@ I suffer in that respect of a lot of knowledge . I works hard to rectify .. currently at a plataue in that learning curve .21:43
OerHeksno no no, you are an recognised volunteer, no one knows all ins and outs of ubuntu :-D21:45
OerHeks.. me still learning every day too21:45
Bashing-omOerHeks: LOL.. were not fishing .. just a statement of fact . I got to learn to "read the source" . and just do not the capability to arrange things to learn python . Patience is a virtue !21:52
Bashing-omFact is, the more I lnow the more I know how much I do not know , and the more I know the more I am impressed with this OS . A constant that I run into the stone wall of my ignorance.21:57
daftykinsi hear that22:04
Bashing-omdaftykins: A fount of our knowledge base has run off and left us . I feel so deprived :)22:07
daftykinsTJ you mean?22:10
Bashing-omwell yeah .. for one instance ( primarily ) . sad :(22:12
daftykinsit has been quite some time22:13
Bashing-omdaftykins: TJ, I am sure is a busy man with bigger things to take care of . But that does not take away my complaint that I do miss him .22:17
daftykinscould do with a few more of him :>22:19
Bashing-omThey be a few around like him. but few and far between . Seems they just move on ( and I hope up ) .22:20
daftykinsi can understand that, if you're the one helping everyone around you, you have to move on to pastures new :>22:30

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