ricotzjbicha, hi, btw, packaging gtk+4.0 is not a good idea yet, afaik there won't be a final release until October15:42
jbicharicotz: I thought 3.90 was going to be released in March https://wiki.gnome.org/Projects/GTK+/Roadmap18:39
jbichaI feel we need to get gtk4 in, in case some GNOME 3.23 app developer decides to depend on it at the last minute18:51
ricotzjbicha, right, although I guess devs are encouraged to look into porting after 3.90 is available18:55
ricotzregarding the packaging, I wouldn't expect the installed file-layout to change very much, although the API is a highly moving target18:59
ricotze.g. packaging 3.89.2 won't do any good19:00
jbicha3.89.2 is useful because things can get stuck in Ubuntu's new queue for a *long* time19:06

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