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edmontI'm trying to solve some audio/video problems with my Intel Skylake platform18:34
edmontI tried many linux flavors and got the best results with latest LibreELEC alpha18:34
edmontbut I want a real OS, that's why I want to make it work with Ubuntu18:35
edmontcurrently I have installed Ubuntu Gnome 16.10, and upgraded to Zesty18:35
edmonthow to see which Intel drivers are included in my kernel?18:36
edmontand how to compare with the LibreELEC ones?18:37
apwedmont, intel drivers are in sync with upstream in zesty, sofrom 4.918:51
edmontapw: what's the difference with libreelec then?18:55
JanCI also have issues with Intel Skylake graphics, so this doesn't really surprise me...21:47
JanCbut then again, I haven't seen Intel graphics without issues in the last 3-4 years or so...21:48
JanCsometimes I doubt they do any serious testing at Intel...21:49

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