Philippe_MateGood Morning01:50
nick__Is it Ma Tay or May t02:04
nick__How do you say Mate02:04
randallanyway you want to nick__02:04
nick__Whats wimpies pronounciation02:05
nick__Do you know02:05
randallthe dev's pronounciation is ma-tay02:05
nick__I have been saying it wrong for awhile thanks you precious02:05
nick__Thats it02:06
putkohi, anyone here to help me with an ubuntu question?03:17
putko(I've never used this chat before)03:17
Astro7467!ask | pukto03:22
ubottupukto: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:22
putkoHow can I turn off my keyboard backlight?  I can turn it off with one of the function keys, but it keeps coming back on (e.g., when the screen dims if I don't type or click for a while)03:33
putkoI would like to turn it off permanently (and it would be nice to know how to reactive it also)03:34
tony_anyone know why my Ubuntu mate constantly locks screen except for the mouse?03:41
Astro7467putko - see if this helps; https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/keyboard-light-keeps-turning-on-after-login-and-or-unlock/6914/1203:43
Astro7467tony_ r u using compiz? I see that with compiz and never use it.03:44
putkoThank you, Astro03:45
tony_right now I am not using ccsm03:46
Astro7467tony_: alternative thoughts are to ensure you are on the latest kernel for your release03:49
Astro7467if it happens in LibreOffice apps, Cld be auto save causing the issue03:49
airportbumanybody know where i can download a movie? I need to check out vlc07:43
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klemensHey i cant start steam, i click on it but nothing will happen14:07
klemenscan someone help14:09
sixwheeledbeast^not used steam, is it showing in top have you tried a reboot?14:11
klemensits showed in the task manager as sleep14:12
sixwheeledbeast^Did you install from the boutique?14:13
sixwheeledbeast^I have just installed it, waiting while it does a large update14:15
klemensWill try to trinstall it.14:16
bumblefuzzSo, I have a few problems: 1.) Turning my volume up and down doesn't actually change the sound level15:34
bumblefuzz2.) I can't change my monitor brightness15:34
bumblefuzzactually, I think that's it15:35
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stephenbbbhow can I upgrade from mate 14.04 to 16.xx19:28
linuxmansalut à tous19:30
linuxmanil y à quelququ'un19:32
alberto_Hello everyone19:37
alberto_Hello everyone19:41
alberto_I'm having a problem with automatic remote folder mounting. I get two icons on my desktop of the same remote folder...19:42
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bray90820Hey I'm here trying to install ubuntu makte to an 8Gb SD card which the website says is the minimum required but the image is 8.0521:34
bray90820*Ubuntu mate21:35
Artemis3the image is 8? what image?21:40
bray90820Artemis3: the ubuntu mate system image21:43
HoppingMadManI really need to get a 16GB card so I can put mate on the pi221:44
Artemis3the iso should be around 1.521:44
HoppingMadManYou guys talking about images just reminded me of that... But good knows where I am going to get 16GB at the moment21:45
Artemis3or do a min install then add mate desktop afterwards21:45
Artemis3mini iso install i meant21:45
bray90820Artemis3: https://ubuntu-mate.org/raspberry-pi/21:46
Artemis3ah that21:46
bray90820Why is the decompressed image over 8GB if it says I can use an 8gb SD card21:48
HoppingMadManYeah that is the problem I ran into bray90822021:52
bray90820HoppingMadMan: What should I do about it?21:53
HoppingMadManGet a 16 GB21:54
bray90820Is that what you did?21:54
HoppingMadManWell planing to21:54
HoppingMadManWe had a riot the other week and all big shopping center where raided21:55
bray90820I'm trying one more thing to see if there isn't some free space at the end of the image21:56
bray90820Which would make it a non error21:56
HoppingMadManYeah, I am not that skilled22:01
HoppingMadManI thought of removing things like firefox and other packages I wouldn't use but I ended up breaking the image22:02
bray90820DD takes way to long22:10
Astro7467bray90820: just checked the img file I hv and it shows up at 7.5Gb22:31
Astro7467DD speed improves if you give it a block size for i/o ops. bs=4M is generally faster22:33
bray90820Astro7467: Why is mine over 8 GB then?22:58
bray90820Where did you get yours from22:58
Astro7467the ubuntu-mate.org link. looking at the file date, it is a few months old.23:01
Astro7467not at the machine to dd or download currently to verify23:02
bray90820What did you do to extract the xz file23:06
bray90820Or rather the omg from the xz23:06
bray90820Astro7467: I just extracted it again and it's 8.05GB23:19
bray90820How did you extract it?23:19

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