ibeardsleeNice work .. https://nzoss.org.nz/content/lenovo-laptops-available-for-linux-users22:20
ollyyeah, shame it's a few dollars more than the standard version though: http://www.ascent.co.nz/productspecification.aspx?itemID=43993722:25
mwhudsonoh nice22:26
ibeardslee.. and the PDF was created using MS Word ;)22:33
mwhudsonolly: three year warranty from silicon though22:33
mwhudsonoh, same from ascent /nm22:33
ibeardsleeI think the Silicon one has a 3 year lenovo, whereas the Ascent one has a 1 year from lenovo, expanded to 3 by Ascent .. .. but don't quote me22:35
ollyi wonder which is better...22:35
ibeardsleebut yeah still not ideal22:35
ollyit's sadly going to stay niche while that's the situation22:37
ollyi wonder what the licensing fees are22:37
ollyprobably subject to some labyrinthine agreement to try to avoid anti-monopoly laws22:38
ollyFWIW, ascent also includes delivery, the silicon offer doesn't22:42

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