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bazhangI expected better from xangua than crossposting, and for elementary OS issues no less00:59
bazhangjust the crossposting I guess01:01
krytarikYes - but true.01:04
elkyi don't expect a whole lot from him since we had to explain to him why the longer n-word was inappropriate even if he is mexican.01:20
k1l_<OerHeks> BulkReefSupply, please don't spam in PM, thanks19:28
ubottuOerHeks called the ops in #ubuntu (BulkReefSupply spams in PM)19:33
OerHekshi , BulkReefSupply spams in PM ( #ubuntu)19:39
krytarikk1l_: Why don't you ban him then?  It's BRS-Ryan, just with a new account.19:45
krytarikHi OerHeks.19:47
OerHekshi krytarik, lets wait for action.19:47
Unit193OerHeks: Can you PM me a paste?19:49
OerHeksUnit193, i reported in #freenode also > jan 15 20:38:31 <BulkReefSupply>if u r looking for a fun chat room,...19:50
OerHeksoh, sorry, pm19:50
OerHeksThanks, have a nice evening19:52
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k1l_krytarik: i didnt know its the BRS guy and i did not get any spam from him to verify that.21:00

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