ice9ikonia, i noticed something, many of those emails are being sent to 'root' on my server which i don't use this as email user00:00
sypherI'm noticing an issue with a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 16.04 where the server will hang for several minutes during shutdown. Most recent message displayed is "[  OK  ] Stopped LVM2 metadata daemon."00:00
ikoniaice9: that should create a bounce though as undeliverable00:01
ice9ikonia, how can i make postfix log directly to mail.log?00:07
ikoniaice9: depends on your config00:08
ikoniaif this is a standard ubuntu install, the logging should be setup fine / standard out of the box00:08
ice9ikonia, so if removed the line syslog_name= from master.cf, it whould revert to the default behavior?00:09
ikoniadid you put it in ?00:10
ice9ikonia, i mean submission inet  n       -       y       -       -       smtpd00:11
ice9    -o syslog_name=postfix/submission00:11
ikoniadid you add that line ?00:11
ice9actually i don't remember if it was there by default or i configured it for syslog00:12
ice9i think i did it00:12
ikoniarevert then00:12
ikoniaas postfix maybe trying to write directly to syslog00:12
ikoniawhich will fail00:12
ice9ikonia, i removed it but i still see postfix is logging to syslog00:13
ikoniathere should be some logging to syslog by default as syslog will log mail events00:13
ice9ikonia, so postfix is logging fine to syslog, and syslog is logging fine to mail.log,etc; however it still complaining about log file00:15
ikoniaice9: postfix is not logging to syslog00:15
ikoniaice9: the syslog is picking up mail events00:15
ice9ikonia, ahh then i will disbable that in syslog conf and see00:16
ice9ikonia, i disabled all mail conf in syslog, restarted syslog, but still seeing postfix log in syslog00:18
ikoniaice9: no you're not00:19
ikoniaice9: postfix is not logging to syslog00:19
ikoniasyslog is picking up mail events - there is a difference00:19
ice9ikonia, i stopped the syslog service but postfix didn't log to any file in /var/log00:23
ice9ikonia, if i rebooted, will the queued mail be lost?00:29
vonsyd0wquestion: when I update a BIND dynamic zone with rndc freeze and thaw, do I need to increment the serial in the zone file as well?00:35
ice99ikonia, i found the issue, it was related to dovecot log file, i emptied it and everything worked again00:54
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iceyhow can I change the disk scheduler on a specific disk on a machine, permenantly? I can echo to the /sys/block... path but that won't persist after a reboot apparently and I don't want to change the global scheduler, is my only option a systemd OneShot to run that?09:18
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lordievaderGood morning09:34
lordievadericey: I'd say the tmpfiles.d is easier for that goal.09:35
lordievadericey: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/tmpfiles.d.html09:36
iceylordievader: cool, I have no idea how to use tmpfiles.d but it looks like it could solve the problem fairly elegantly09:37
lordievaderYes, you add a config file telling systemd to write something to a file.09:38
iceylordievader: looks like a systemd only thing? Technically this needs to support back to...trusty or precise09:38
iceyor just trusty if I take too long to make this change ;-)09:38
lordievaderYes, I thought so.09:38
iceyany suggestions then if trusty is a target for this change as well? I'm considering changing the global scheduler since I should basically be owning the machine's disks09:40
iceyexcept for the OS disk09:40
lordievaderIt might be possible that you can configure this through udev too.09:41
iceyit always comes back to udev doesn't it09:44
iceythanks for the rabbit hole to fall through lordievader!09:44
lordievaderMakes sense that it comes back to udev, right ;)09:46
iceyalways :)09:49
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bryanruiz...im trying to juju register to a controller on a new bare-metal machine to an existing machine with lxd-openstack on it..  it hangs and i cant figure out why20:49
m4xxafternoon all. i've installed 14.04 on a supermicro server and the network adapters don't seem to work after install21:28
m4xxi see them listed in lspci21:29
m4xxthey are 82575L if it makes a difference21:29
JanCm4xx:  what kernel are you using?21:36
m4xxnot sure, what ever the default is for 14.04 6421:36
m4xxuname -a shows 4.4.0-59-generic21:37
JanCso that's the xenial (16.04) kernel packaged for 14.04, which is fairly recent21:38
m4xxi installed from the mini.iso if that means anything21:38
m4xxwhat is weird is it worked durring install21:38
m4xxls mod shows that e1000e is loaded but https://downloadmirror.intel.com/20927/eng/e1000.htm says that's for pcie network cards21:40
JanCthose are often/usually on-board21:42
JanCdon't you see the network adapter or doesn't it get an IP address?21:43
m4xxifconfig -a show's enp6s0 and enp7s021:43
JanCso they seem to be there21:43
m4xxif i try to restart networking i get an error21:43
m4xxsays it fails to stop21:43
m4xx"stop: Job failed while stopping" to be exact21:45
m4xxin syslog i get "networking post-stop process (1366) terminated with status 100"21:45
m4xxin /etc/network had eth0 as the primary network interface, i change it to enp6s0 and still no network21:57
m4xx_JanC: any ideas?22:05
JanCare both connected to the network?22:06
m4xx_just one22:06
JanCin that case I'd say add both, to make sure22:06
m4xx_i tried switching the ports22:06
m4xx_that didn't make a difference22:06
m4xx_still want me to dig out another wire?22:07
JanCand make sure it's configured correctly (fixed IP or DHCP, maybe routing)22:07
m4xx_it's all stock ootb22:08
m4xx_set to be dhcp22:08
JanCand you have DHCP on the network?22:08
m4xx_using on the laptop i'm on right now22:08
m4xx_my /etc/network/interfaces: auto enp6s0<newline>iface enp6s0 inet dhcp22:09
m4xx_ifquery --list --allow auto only show's l022:09
JanCI would add enp7s0 too in there22:10
m4xx_just did, rebooting22:11
m4xx_after reboot ifconfig only show's l022:11
JanCalthough you should be able to see with "ip link" which one is connected22:11
m4xx_looks like i get an ipv6 address22:13
JanCalthough if ifconfig shows only 'lo' that's strange, I guess22:13
m4xx_they also don't want to auto22:14
ironhalikhmm, is there any reason why a fresh installation of xenial would be listening on ports 25, 110, 143, 993, 995? (I can't see any processes listening on those ports with netstat, but I can see them when I nmap the server)22:30
ikoniaironhalik: nmap is not fact22:35
ikoniaironhalik: connect to the ports - see if there really is something listening22:35
ikoniamail - obviously yes22:35
ikonia993 - are you running ldap ?22:35
ikonia995 thats imaps (stands to reason if you're running mail)22:35
m4xx_those are all mail ports no?22:35
ikonia143....thats mail too22:35
ikoniaa clean install shouldn't set up things like imap services though22:36
ironhalikyeah, all mail ports22:36
ironhaliktried with ncat and could connect22:36
ikoniaironhalik: what was listening ?22:36
ironhalikdunno, noting answered - netcat reported that the connection was successful22:37
ikoniaironhalik: are you running an imap service ?22:37
ironhalikshouldn't be22:37
ironhalikit's a fresh install22:38
ikonianot "shoudln't be" are you22:38
ikoniathat seems unlikley22:38
ikoniahow did you do the install ?22:38
ikoniadid you use profiles, scripts etc22:38
ironhalikthe standard installer, selected base system + openssh server at package selection22:38
ironhalikok, so I nmapped other servers22:39
ironhalikand all are showing the same22:39
ikoniathere is no way on this planet a standard install should be running imaps services22:39
ironhalikthat was exactly my thought :)22:39
ikoniacheck what imap service is listening22:40
tomreynyou're either scanning the wrong server, mixing up nmap's resporting of 'open' and 'stealth' or using an hosting providers 'template' installation of ubuntu with these services pre-installed.22:40
ironhalikthats the thing, nothing shows up on netstat or lsof22:40
ikoniaironhalik: what is the netstat command you are running22:41
ironhaliknetstat -tulpn22:41
ikoniatomreyn: he said he can "connect"22:41
ikoniaironhalik: and what are you expecting to see with that ?22:41
tomreynit's a different system then, NAT or transparent proxy.22:42
ironhalikOk, so heres some data from my local server22:43
ironhalikie, home server running 16.04, it's not fresh but should be running amy mail services either22:43
ikonianot fresh ?22:43
ikoniayou just said a minute ago it was a clean install22:43
ironhalikIm scanning multiple servers22:43
ikoniaironhalik: show me the output of the scan in a pastebin please22:44
ironhalikhttp://pastebin.com/raw/h2zv9s7Y <-22:44
ikoniaironhalik: are you doing this on the same server you're scanning22:44
ikoniaas it's connecting to/from
ironhalikwhat the22:45
ironhalikhmm, just ran the nmap from one of the servers against another server and the output is as expected22:47
ironhalikssh and http open22:48
ikoniaand the rest ?22:48
ironhalikthey're not showing22:48
ironhalikcan nmap somehow show ports on the 'client' machine, as in the one Im scanning from?22:48
ikoniayou need to look at your setup/what you're doing as imap servers are not installed by default22:49
ikoniaironhalik: nmap will scan what you tell it to22:49
ikoniahowever based on your pastebin, it looks flawed as you're referencing localhost22:49
ironhalikyeah, something is not right22:50
ironhalikok, so a quick recap22:51
ironhalikhome mac -> xenial server scan shows mail ports22:51
ironhalikxenial server -> another xenial server shows everything in order22:51
ironhalikhome mac via backup gsm connection -> xenial server shows a crapton of open ports :)22:52
ironhaliklooks like something is wrong with macOS nmap port?22:53

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