m0nkey_Went to my first Hockey game tonight :) So much fun!04:24
daftykinsthat's been a while you've been there without having had your initiation!04:26
m0nkey_We had front row seats04:27
m0nkey_I watched the highlights on-line when I got back, I can see myself :D04:28
daftykinsi had pretty good seats at the baseball when i went back in Sept :>04:28
m0nkey_3 goals in 62 seconds in the 3rd period.04:28
m0nkey_Making a score of MTL 5, NYR 4.04:28
daftykinsi know a guy who works doing sport video editing, could probably get a good source clip04:29
m0nkey_If you find a clip, I was front row, just left of the right side goal, right behind the 'Pizza Pizza' advertising.04:37
daftykinsthe guys a big fan and always links to stuff, i find it impossible to follow or even understand where the puck is :>04:43
m0nkey_I've tried watching it on TV, I found it boring. Actually going there, watching it, having the mascot steal my popcorn, so much fun!04:44
daftykinswhat a dick!04:45
m0nkey_He gave it back04:45
daftykinsgoing to baseball isn't even about watching the game so much :>04:45
m0nkey_I went to a baseball game. Way to slow for me04:46
daftykinsme and a mate were off in the stands buying foot long hot dogs and heading up to the ale bar04:46
m0nkey_I had the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th stretch.04:46
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:16
SuperEngineerAnybody here installed Google Earth successfully on 16.04?12:16
SuperEngineerA person I've recently "converted" to 16.04 from windows was having trouble launching it.12:17
SuperEngineerI used a suggested a method from askubuntu and, for me, it worked just fine.12:18
SuperEngineerQ/  would Google Earth have worked if I didn't have Wine pre-installed, I wonder... should I advise the convert "install Wine"?12:18
brobostigonlast time i tried to install google earth, there was a native version, no wine required, so probably a while ago now.12:21
SuperEngineerThanks brobostigon - The  "no wine required" is good news as this askubuntu answer is a script which downloads & install a .deb of GE12:24
brobostigonah, :)12:24
SuperEngineer[& then does a chmod - but a safe one]12:25
brobostigon+x or something like that.12:25
SuperEngineerExactly!  "chmod +x google-earth.sh"12:26
* brobostigon grins.12:27
brobostigonMR grinalot.12:28
SuperEngineer& I can now hope for a quieter inbox ;-)12:28
brobostigonhopefully the weather will calm down, i hoping to give my local a visit this afternoon.12:29
SuperEngineercalming down here - hopefully your's will do so in time12:31
brobostigonfingers crossed.12:31
daftykinshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQUlJLjGl9U - the game "Portal" for the Apple II :)23:50
zmoylan-pionce you've fired up doom on a zx spectrum you've seen it all... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3v7cFGneuaw23:54
m0nkey_No way!23:59

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