floridagram3<KMyers> @RazPi / @SivaMachina - are you guys coming tomorrow morning so I can arrange transport?06:17
floridagram3<KMyers> I know Joel cannot come until later06:18
floridagram3<KMyers> @SivaMachina - are you free today?12:31
floridagram3<AdamOutler> I'm getting my kids ready and then leaving.13:09
floridagram3<KMyers> Same... Except the no kids part13:10
floridagram3<ahoneybun> xD13:19
floridagram3<ahoneybun> I'm still chilling out at home13:19
floridagram3<KMyers> You are close to it13:20
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Yep13:20
floridagram3<SivaMachina> Thanks Telegram for not notifying me that someone pinged me13:21
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Unless you have the phone on DND13:22
floridagram3<SivaMachina> Nope13:22
floridagram3<KMyers> @SivaMachina, There is still time for me to come and get you if you get ready13:22
floridagram3<KMyers> @SivaMachina - want to come?13:28
floridagram3<RazPi> @Ivoriesablaze @KMyers So I might be free today I have to wait to see what work says but if Joel wants to swing by military trail and summit I'm in that area now13:30
floridagram3<SivaMachina> Not this time. Things didn't pan out like I hoped.13:30
floridagram3<KMyers> @SivaMachina, See my PM13:32
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> I won't be available until around 1 or 2 @RazPi13:33
floridagram3<RazPi> Wait I'm confused, tomorrow morning?13:35
floridagram3<RazPi> I thought we were talking about today13:35
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> We are13:35
floridagram3<KMyers> No. Today13:35
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> I'm busy in the morning today13:35
floridagram3<RazPi> Yes depending on work I can be free in the afternoon13:35
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> Ah, okay, that might work then13:36
floridagram3<RazPi> I've never been to the west palm beach tri rail station13:36
floridagram3<RazPi> I'm scared.13:36
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> No different than any other if you ignore the drugs and prostitutes13:36
floridagram3<KMyers> Leaving now for Mojo. @SivaMachina - check your PM13:37
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> They're like bees, they're just as afraid of you as you are of them13:37
floridagram3<SivaMachina> @ahoneybun https://www.kryptowire.com/adups_security_analysis.html16:40
floridagram3<RazPi> I'm having caffeine withdrawals16:42
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Oh sbap16:42
floridagram3<ahoneybun> *snap16:42
floridagram3<AdamOutler> @SivaMachina that adups thing affects BLU and ZTE devices17:14
floridagram3<AdamOutler> For ZTE, only in China.17:14
floridagram3<SivaMachina> I know17:14
floridagram3<AdamOutler> I wrote a test for it about 2 months ago to test our devices.17:15
floridagram3<AdamOutler> There is something far, far worse out there, and it is likely installed on your device already.  But I can't talk about it.17:16
floridagram3<SivaMachina> Something something Google17:25
floridagram3<SivaMachina> ?17:25
floridagram3<SivaMachina> And I didn't realise Telegram has some implementation of Markdown.17:34
floridagram3<ahoneybun> hello17:35
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Nice17:35
floridagram3<SivaMachina> *test17:35
floridagram3<SivaMachina> *test*17:36
floridagram3<ahoneybun> *test*17:36
floridagram3<ahoneybun> @Ivoriesablaze @RazPi left yet?17:37
floridagram3<ahoneybun> #Header17:37
floridagram3<ahoneybun> #UbuntuHour17:38
floridagram3<RazPi> Sent @Ivoriesablaze my address so I'll let you know when17:59
floridagram3<RazPi> I'm guessing it'll be after 217:59
floridagram3<RazPi> I have a meeting at 2 as well18:00
floridagram3<RazPi> @AdamOutler does it also apply to devices rooted with butternoob?18:00
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> I'll be leaving the fair soon18:00
floridagram3<RazPi> South Florida fair?18:01
floridagram3<RazPi> I always forget that's about this time18:01
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> Yeah that's where I was performing18:01
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> Went horribly, actually18:01
floridagram3<RazPi> aw18:11
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Aww18:11
floridagram3<RazPi> I have a meeting in about 15 minutes then after that I'm free to go18:44
floridagram3<RazPi> What's the agenda tonight?18:44
floridagram3<SivaMachina> According to Keith Sushi!18:45
floridagram3<RazPi> oh yay18:47
floridagram3<KMyers> @Ivoriesablaze / @RazPi - let me know when you guys are in route19:21
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> okay, he's on his skype meeting right now19:22
floridagram3<AdamOutler> @ahoneybun That really brightened up my day for you to show me that ZTE.  I had been working on that device for the previous two weeks and then a month before that.  To know it is desirable is really cool.19:22
floridagram3<KMyers> @AdamOutler - he got it19:23
floridagram3<AdamOutler> I'm working on something else now, but it's really cool that you are considering that device, even if it's not the TracFone variant with extreme security.19:23
floridagram3<AdamOutler> he did?19:23
floridagram3<AdamOutler> cool!19:23
floridagram3<AdamOutler> How much?19:23
floridagram3<KMyers> ~$180 all in19:24
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Pretty old patch19:49
floridagram3<KMyers> https://community.zteusa.com/thread/1426219:55
floridagram3<KMyers> I had to install it on my shield tablet and pull the APK19:58
floridagram3<KMyers> I warn you. The application is crap with a ton of iOS stuff19:58
floridagram3<AdamOutler> The look on the plug's face says it all.19:58
floridagram3<AdamOutler> I don't think we have an emoji with open-mouth and one eye wider than the other.20:00
floridagram3<RazPi> @KMyers we're on our way driving down from West Palm it's at Miyako's restaurant right20:09
floridagram3<KMyers> OK. Let me know when you hit ft Lauderdale20:10
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Driving?20:11
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Damn this phone is slippy20:11
floridagram3<KMyers> @Ivoriesablaze is enjoying his car20:12
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Nice20:13
floridagram3<RazPi> We're meeting at Miyakos or somewhere else?20:19
floridagram3<KMyers> We can meet there. Just let me know so I can head there. Same with @ahoneybun20:20
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Well I'm getting Skylar at 420:23
floridagram3<KMyers> Still do that20:33
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Alright20:33
floridagram3<RazPi> What's the exit again @KMyers20:59
floridagram3<KMyers> Hallendale Beach is the best21:00
floridagram3<Ivoriesablaze> We're here21:14
floridagram3<KMyers> Same21:18
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Got skylar21:22
floridagram3<KMyers> OK. We will wait for you21:22
floridagram3<ahoneybun> Alright just got here where do we go21:56
floridagram3<ahoneybun> @KMyers21:56
floridagram3<KMyers> Have him call Chris21:56
floridagram3<KMyers> 786 571 536721:57
floridagram3<KMyers> And get over here. Hungry21:57
floridagram3<SivaMachina> http://blacknurse.dk22:00
floridagram3<AdamOutler> Not Affected, pfSense... YES!22:02

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